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Updated 6-12-24  THE RESTORATION SCRIPTURES TRUE NAME EIGHTH EDITIONS SERVING YHUH AND YAHUSHA SINCE 2004. Twenty Years Of Restoring The Scriptures! Mining Hiddden New Gold Regularly!


Most Messianic Hebraic versions [yes including true name ones] are KJV, Textus Receptus based and copied. Ours is not! We did the homework of restoration, that Messiah's personally trained Scribes were ordained to do! Read Matthew 13:52, 23:34! He trained His own scribes and commissioned them! Did they just dissappear? Does the world no longer need them? Where are they today? Most Hebraic bibles [yes most sacred name ones as well] are just reprints of Jewish and Christian lies and their own fossilized scribal customs. The RSTNE is continuing the work the Master started, by His personally sent and called out scribes, so men would not have to settle for THEIR false lying scribes. Jerimiah 8:8. He took action and began the Restoration Scriptures. We are walking in those same kadosh set apart footsteps and are contnuing that calling! We thank YAHUSHA for that! Yochanan-John 15:16

Welcome Home To The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Editions© Online. Updated Regularly Unlike All Other Translations That Refuse To Obey Daniel 12:4! This work is the result of over 20 years of hard work and intense ongoing daily research and is copyrighted material.

The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Editions© is the only version ever produced that inserts improvements and clarifications regularly, as new light and evidence are discovered, from the most recent findings of ancient manuscripts, without distorting the intended plain context.

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We use The Dead Sea Scroll fragments, The Aramaic Peshitta written by the apostles themselves, in the First Covenant to fix Pharisaic changes-errors and the Newer Covenant to reveal Eloha YAHSUHA fully. The Alepo Hebrew Codex without added rabbinical vowels, The reliable Septuagint-LXX also used by Messiah while on earth, as well. The Hebrew Matthew, The Syriac and the traditional Greek that was used for The Geneva Scriptures, are also used when needed. We also use the highly reliable Samaritan-Shomronite Torah unlike any other version! 

The RSTNE online version is from  the hardcover multicolor and hardcover black font versions. The unique term  YAHUSHA-YHUH used in the online version, is found only in the Living Vine Version hardcover book. The term Yaa'srahal is found only in the Living Vine Version. The online version uses the more traditional Yisrael.

YHUH - The Tetragrammaton-Yud-Hay-Wav-Hey. The True Name of The Father, as it appears in the First Covenant Hebrew Text almost 7,000 times and inserted into the Renewed Covenant text based on scholarship, consistency and the Torah command of Exodus 3:15. Used throughout The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern Apocrypha©.

YAHUSHA - Yud-Hay-Wav-Shen-Ayen in Hebrew. The True Name of The Only Begotten Son, The Messiah. Used throughout The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern Apocrypha©. Both forms Yahusha and Yahoshua are valid, as both have been found in ancient reliable manuscripts.

YAHUSHA-YHUH - A dynamic term, showing that Messiah is YHUH, as seen clearly in Isaiah 43:11, where YHUH alone is the only Savior-Messiah.

Ahlohim - Aleph-lamed-hay-yud-mem in Hebrew, Ahlaheem, a title YHUH often uses for Himself. In the ancient Paleo Hebrew, the Alef was pronounced AH not EH and was  changed later by the rabbinical leaders through vowel pointing. The proper pronunciation is Ahlaheem and refers to YAH often, depending on the context. Upper case "A" refers to YHUH.

ahlohim - aleph-lamed-hay-yud-mem in Hebrew. Lower case "a" indicates a false or false deities. 

Ahloha - Aleph-lamed-wav-hay in Hebrew. Ahloha, a singular title for Ahlaheem in Aramaic, Syriac and in Paleo Hebrew. Used to affirm YHUH's oneness in Echad. Refers to YHUH when used with an upper case "A". Used throughout the Living Vine Version. Appears in the Peshitta throughout.

ahloha - aleph-lamed-wav-hay in Hebrew. Refers to false deities when used with a lower case "a".

The Emet - The Truth, The Messiah YAHUSHA.

Color Codes - Text Black, Chapter Markers & First Verse of Each Chapter Purple, Torah Portions Dark Green. Red Letters For Messiah YAHUSHA's Words In The Renewed Covenant. Red Letters For Abba YHUH's Words For The Entire First Covenant. 

Resources Used For The RSTNE Text

LXX - Septuagint (The Greek translation of the actual Hebrew Tanach, done circa 200-150 BCE by 70 Hebraic scholars from Jerusalem). Far more reliable than the doctored rabbinic anti-Messiah Masoretic text.

Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran Fragments.

Peshitta - The Aramaic Renewed Covenant. Most likely the original Renewed Covenant language.

Shem Tov Matthew - Middle Age Hebrew text, claiming to be derived directly from the ancient original Hebrew Matthew.

Old Syriac- A middle age Aramaic translation derived from a Greek manuscript. Not having the authority, or legitimacy of the Aramaic Peshitta, possibly the original documents of the Renewed Covenant.

Aramaic Targumim - Ancient Aramaic paraphrases of the Hebrew texts, in wide circulation at the time of Messiah, such as seen in Genesis Chapter 15 verse 1 in the RSTNE. A very reliable and credible source, to confirm the ancient true concept of "The Word-The Memra", as a perfect alignment to New Covenant declarations [John 1:1]. 

SP - Samaritan Pentateuch-Torah. The manuscript most venerated by the Samaritans, from which all other copies are reported to originate. This copy was written by Joshua son of Nun, as seen in Joshua 8:32-34. It is claimed to be the first Torah written in the Holy Land. Its reputed antiquity, traced back to the very earliest days of the Israelite experience, gives the scroll a place of honor within the Samaritan community and is reported to be the oldest known Paleo Hebrew Torah. Many verses match the LXX and DSS far better than the Masoretic.

XIV - Quattuordecim or the translation of the 14, including Ezra. See Nehemiah 8:7-8. The 14 translated the Paleo Hebrew into Aramaic block letters in 445 BCE, as Hebrew was mostly no longer understood after the Babylonian captivity. All modern manuscripts in all languages, including the LXX & the Masoretic Text, come from the XIV. Only the Paleo Hebrew Torah preserved by the Samaritans differs. The Samaritans did not keep any other books, only the Torah. Ezra and the XIV made many key changes to the SP, as confirmed in the DSS and sometimes in the LXX.

CIC - Cambridge India Collection-Hebrew Jude, James & Revelation - Hebrew Revelation 0o1.16,  Hebrew James and Jude 0o.1.32 from Cochin India Synagogue, Buchanan discovery 1806, housed at Cambridge University Library UK.

JTS Breslau 233 - Housed at Cambridge University Library UK.

Background On Our Work Since 2002

Please see: for the latest updates and a compelling history of the RSTNE. 

X-The last letter of the ancient Paleo Hebrew alphabet, The Tau-Taf, used to indicate the end of a scroll in The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Editions©.

Study Notes are now found on the bottom of each book page and are updated regularly, as is the main text, sharing the latest insights, discoveries & understandings, as provided by YHUH to Dr. Sholiach-Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky based on 40 years of research and study. 


Genesis (Beresheeth)

Exodus (Shemoth)

Leviticus (Wayiqra)

Numbers (Bamidbar)

Deuteronomy (Devarim)

Joshua (Yahoshua)

Jasher (Yahshar1-25

Jasher (Yahshar) 26-49

Jasher (Yahshar) 50-74

Jasher (Yahshar) 75-91

Judges (Shophtim)

Ruth (Root)

First Samuel (Shmuel Alef)

Second Samuel (Shmuel Bet)

First Kings (Melechim Alef)

Second Kings (Melechim Bet)

Isaiah (Yeshayahu)

Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu)

Ezekiel (Yechezkel)

Daniel (Daniyel)

Hosea (Husha)

Joel (Yoel)

Amos (Ahmos)

Obadiah (Ovadyah)

Jonah (Yonah)

Micah (Mikha)

Nahum (Nachum)

Zephaniah (Tzephanyah)

Habakkuk (Chabakook)

Haggai (Chaggai)

Zechariah (Zecharyah)

Malachi (Malaki)

Psalms (Tehillim)

Proverbs (Mishle)

Job (Iyov)

Song of Songs (Shir HaShirim)

Lamentations (Echah)

Ecclesiastes (Koheleth)

Esther (Hadasah)

Ezra (Ezrah)

Nehemiah (Nechemyah)

First Chronicles (Divre HaYamim Alef)

Second Chronicles (Divre HaYamim Bet)