Background On Our Work Since 2002

Meeting The Need 

In order to meet the needs of this growing remnant community, The Father ordained the vision for this edition around the year 2000 CE. We did not act upon the vision at that time for many reasons. One being that the task was so monumental and daunting for us, due to the fact that we would have to self-publish any such “two-house Scriptures.” However, after the strong and increasing frequency of the prompting by the Set-Apart Spirit, we decided that we could no longer postpone YHUH’s will. He desired a translation that would edify and confirm the renewed Yisraelite heritage and identity of many believers in The Moshiach Yahusha, who desired to live out their lifestyle as part of the true Commonwealth of Yisrael. Once we decided to obey our Father's orders, the world’s first two-house true Name Scriptures has now become a wonderful living reality.

Underlying Text 

To publish the unique Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition, we used the Masoretic Text, along with The Aramaic Peshitta, The LXX-Septuagint, The Aramaic Targumim, The Dead Sea Scroll fragments and the Samaritan Torah for the First Covenant Tanach. We do not rely on the Masoretic text alone, as most other translations have done.

We then proceeded to correct obvious anti-Yahusha redactions, shamefully tampered with by the Masoretic editors. Moreover, we reinserted the true Names back into this foundational source. For the Renewed Covenant, we have used many greatly appreciated and widely accepted sources. After prayerful consideration and scholarship, we have used key sources such as the Aramaic Peshitta, which we believe to be the actual autographs, holding to the strong view of Aramaic primacy, The Matthew Shem Tov, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Septuagint-LXX, the Shomronite-Samaritan Torah, along with consulting many other legitimate later Greek sources. Most of the sources were Semitic, since we believe the Renewed Covenant was inspired in the Semitic languages of Aramaic and Hebrew. 

Our Purpose Our purpose in publishing The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition is to give all Yisraelite believers a translation that first and foremost uplifts and proclaims The True Names of YHUH and Yahusha-Yahoshua, as it originally appeared in the First Covenant almost 7,000 times, as well as restoring it in the Renewed Covenant directly from the Aramaic Peshitta (Mar-Yah) and the Greek (Kurios) and other reliable Semitic historical sources. Additional insertions were based on the consistency and immutability of The Heavenly Father, whose Name did not change (Exodus 3:14-15) just because His Son came into the world and was greatly misunderstood. No other translation we know of have set out to focus on the true, central and primary meaning of the message of the kingdom. Rather, they have presented the Good News (Evangel) as a message for the whole world, without any true understanding, or discernment of YHUH’s intense compassionate heart for His nation Yisrael and their scattered sheep. The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition have corrected what we believe to be the wrong emphasis of other translations that discount Yisrael in one form, or another. More specifically, they have altogether discounted the ten tribes of the north returning through The Good News. That unbalance is corrected in The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition displaying that Yahusha’s primary mission was first to reunite Yisrael (Judah and Joseph-Efrayim) and only then to reach out to those from the nations – not the other way around. Mah-Nishtana?

What's The Difference?

Our vision as given to us by Father-YHUH was to publish the world’s first and only known two-house restoration scriptures. As such, our overriding aim was to show the following clearly and without disputation: That YHUH has one elect people called Yisrael and that all His words and actions are eternally centered on that special chosen nation in both covenants. The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition therefore have taken extra special care to preserve the same message of YHUH towards Yisrael in both the First and Renewed Covenants. In order to do that, there are times when we have added a word, or a phrase in order to capture the consistency and eternal commitment of YHUH’s message to Yisrael. By adding a word, or phrase , we manage to show that Rav Shaul (Paul) was writing to Yisraelite assemblies in exile, even as Yahusha Himself attended to the regathering of all Yisrael, thereby capturing The Father’s consistency and immutability, along with His covenant faithfulness. One such example is found in Qorintyah Alef-First Corinthians 1:2: To the Yisraelite congregation of YHUH which is at Qorintyah, to them that are kadosh in The Moshiach Yahusha, called to be Yisraelite kidushim, with all that in every place call upon the Name of Yahusha Ha Moshiach our Master, both theirs and ours: 

Dispensationalist Traps Have Been Removed

The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition are a translation of YHUH’s Word, that is “dispensationalist protected.” That means that by studying The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition, one cannot be trapped, or deceived by such man-made and unscriptural issues as Law versus Grace, Old versus New Testament, Church versus Synagogue, Replacement, or Separate Entity Theology, or the “Torah has been nailed to the cross” theology, that are all kissing cousins of dispensationalist falsehoods. The core of dispensationalism is that Yisrael was YHUH’s people at one time, but are now no longer His chosen and that born-again Yisraelites are no longer part of Yisrael, but part of a “new economy” called “church grace,” or the “dispensation of grace.” Following and studying The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition should help to clear up that abominable falsehood, to those seeking true and lasting spiritual healing and truth, for their own “hidden man of the heart.” 

Two-House Message Reclaimed

Another main purpose of The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition is to fully capture and reclaim the centrality of the two-house message as vital to even a basic understanding of the Word of YHUH. The absence of any known translation that emphasizes the return of all 12 tribes of Yisrael by Moshiach Yahusha is alarming. By studying most modern day Bibles, one is left with the feeling that the ten northern tribes of Yisrael are lost and are never going to return. Moreover, that YHUH somehow doesn’t care to find, or restore them. Since the entire message of the Word Of YHUH, is YHUH’s covenant promise and covenant-keeping ability, any translation that does not declare the manner in which YHUH has kept covenant with Yisrael by His Son, is a flawed translation, regardless of how literal, or “word for word” it may claim to be. Knowing this, we have decided to capture YHUH’s heart and His mind as seen in His covenant faithfulness to a single people called Yisrael and to all who by their own volition choose to join that single redeemed people. For the purposes of the latter-day move of the Set-Apart Spirit, a translation was needed that truly lays hold of YHUH’s plans towards us, the redeemed of YHUH, as He places us back into the nation birthed at Sinai. The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition have at long last captured and laid hold of His heart and His mind for His nation. For that reason, this “thought for thought” translation will serve His people best, simply because no translation in existence has purposed to override the ongoing scourge of “Separate Entity” and “Replacement Theology,” as have The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition. By capturing YHUH 's mind, we can bypass the bias in many other translations that subtly fuel – rather than eliminate – these problems. 

The Father & The Messiah’s Words In Bold Italic Letters

We also have highlighted both The Father's and Son's Words in bold italics, in both covenants, for easy identification purposes. This is done in contrast to most translations, where the Words of YHUH and Yahushua are not highlighted, or worse yet, where Yahushua’s Words are but The Father’s are not (in either covenant). All the Words of both The Father and His Son & Their Spirit are in bold italics from Genesis-Revelation & The Modern English Apocrypha. 

The Ancient Letter “Waw”

In order to remain consistent with the correct pronunciation of YHUH as Yahuwah, with the ancient letter “waw” being pronounced as a “whh,” or “woo,” rather than as “v,” or “ve,” we have restored ancient pronunciations such as Lewi and Dawid, rather than the post Babylonian Hebrew pronunciation of  Levi and David. Paleo-Hebrew, going back about 5,000 years, has always had three letters that are ‘semi-vowels’, which is to say, sometimes they are consonants and sometimes they act as vowels, as opposed to the English A-E-I-O-U, which always function as vowels.  These dual-use Hebrew letters are Alef, Waw and Yud and it is the second of these that has created confusion in the believing community. Some insist that the letter is a W and others that it is a V. The fact is the Vav-ish tendency is a relatively recent one when compared with the long history of ‘waw’ or oow,  in both Hebrew and Aramaic. The ‘waw’ sound has been constant from the beginning simply because of its use as an ‘o,’ or ‘oo,’ and the way those sounds morphed when paired with other letters in a word. As a result, a formation like beyt-waw could be sonically rendered as either ‘bo,’ or more correctly, ‘bow,’ but the sounds often merged, creating a shorter aspirated ‘bw.’ So when Yahusha The Moshiach teaches His famous prayer beginning with ‘Our Abba who is in heaven,’ the Aramaic of His day renders ‘Our Abba’ (spelled aleph-beyt-waw-noon) as ‘Ab-w-oon. From there, we can track this same sound through even the later western Aramaic that arose around the year 200 CE and became very popular about three centuries later. As for ‘vav,’ it seems to have its roots in Mishnaic and later forms of biblical Hebrew, since it was the Masorites, perhaps beginning as early as about the year 500 CE, who added the dots (vowel pointing) that hardened the ‘waw-oow’ into ‘vav.’ Since the Masoretic Text is the standardized received version of the First Covenant for Orthodox Jews and many believers, that convention became fixed in the minds of a significant group of lay and religious authorities. As this issue relates to the True Sacred Name, much of this evidence is contained in the traditions of many Hebrew names in the First Covenant-Tanach.  For examples, look at these names: Yeshayahu (Isaiah), or Eliyahu (Elijah), or Yahu (Jehu), or Tzidkiyahu (Zedekiah), or Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah). Obviously in this case the HEY is followed by a WAW and the meaning of the truncated phrase is rendered as “YAH is.” The pronunciation of "YHUH " includes a kind of aspirated "oo" that is rushed past and slurred into "YAHooWAH," in effect sandwiching the verb "is" (hoo) as we might use a contraction like “don't” instead of “do not” in English.  The end result of this truncation/aspiration of the middle part of the phrase extends its very minor "oo" for a fraction of a second, so that it becomes nearly indistinguishable from the final syllable, hence the proper sonic rendering of “Yahuwah.” As can be seen the correct way to use the “waw” is as a “Woo” not a “V.” This would be the pronunciation of the patriarchs and ultimately Yahusha Himself. The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition have restored this ancient truth throughout its pages. 

Order of The RSTNE Scrolls 

The order of the scrolls as listed in The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition is such that it highlights YHUH and His eternal covenants with all Yisrael, from the days of the betrothal on Sinai, the united nation under Dawid and Solomon, through the exiles and all the way to The Good News brought by Yahusha to both houses. The Good News was declared to the nation’s leaders, then the renewed assembly and ultimately to the final generation of Yisraelites in the Scroll of Revelation. The order of the scrolls as presented also helps to dispel any myths of dispensationalist understanding.

Use of Key Hebrew Words 

In this  translation, The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition desires to preserve key Hebrew words and phrases to add to the Hebraic flavor of the translation. These key Hebrew words used as nouns, give added insight into the full restoration message. Towards that end, we have inserted key Hebrew words from the ancient texts. However, we have chosen not to preserve variations-conjugations of words in their past, future, or verb forms. To do so would create huge problems in exact wording and an overabundance of Hebrew words, thus obscuring the basic English text with some Hebraic flavoring. We maintained the Hebrew root of a given word, in the simple present tense. In this manner, the reader can easily process the Hebrew with his, or her own comprehension of both the text and the Hebraic thoughts of YHUH towards His people Yisrael.
 Transliterations Some Hebrew words transliterated from Hebrew to English are transliterated differently, depending on the preference of the publisher. Since these words are being transliterated into English, there is no standard or commonly accepted spelling, since transliteration is not an exact science. Transliteration is done by matching sounds as closely as possible. There is no standard transliteration tool such as a dictionary, or a thesaurus, for consultation, clarity, or uniformity. As such, much of the transliteration chosen, was at the sole discretion of the publisher. 


All non-English words appearing in the actual body of the text have been listed in the Glossary, to promote quick and easy comprehension. A few key proper names in the body of the text appear in the Glossary as well. Over 20 pages. 

Prophetic Emphasis

In light of the fast moving current events of our day, The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition places a fresh view on Yisrael’s two-house regathering, concurrent with the strengthening of the prophesied end-time beast empire. Understanding who Yisrael is, it is also incumbent to grasp the identity of the prophesied end-time beast empire. That empire is the prophesied enemy of Yisrael during Jacob’s Trouble. The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition grant the student insight into these crucial and unfolding end-time events. 

Portions Start & End In A Biblical Year For The Torah Times Of Heaven & Angels 

The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition have the weekly readings of the Torah (Five books of Moses) and the Brit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant) neatly interwoven into the Torah text based on the biblical year starting in Aviv-Spring. The first weekly parsha is read on the first weekly Shabbat annually. This work is the only one that contains a Torah and Brit Chadasha annual reading cycle based solely on the Scriptures, as seen in Exodus chapter 12, along with the  times of Genesis chapter one and not on man-made calendars, or traditions. Messiah's behavior and actions in the text show us the correct time of the heavens and angels, gifted to man as revelation. This will greatly assist the reader who desires to follow the weekly portions designed to cover the full Torah and Brit Chadasha in a biblical year. This added blessing will greatly enhance all those desiring a true commitment to their new life in Yisrael, as they no longer have to trust man made calendars to seek out the weekly portions. 

Declared Agenda

Unlike many crafty translators and their translations that do not admit to an underlying agenda in their publications, The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition has an overriding and clear agenda in publishing this project. We admit that! It is our most sincere desire and heartfelt prayer, that this translation will help end the exile of our people, by bringing believers from all backgrounds into their Hebraic heritage. We desire that The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition will lead to a repentance and return to YHUH for many, so as to experience life in His sight as  practicing Torah-keeping born-again Yisraelites. We can see the days when many will study His Word as preserved in The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition and will come to have the same love for the restoration of our people that the eleven disciples had in their final question to our Master, when they asked “Master; will You at this time restore the kingdom to Yisrael (Acts1:6)?” It is our earnest expectation that not only will the reader adopt this same burden but will also become aware of their own special place in that promised restoration. 

The Theme of Torah Marriage

The theme of marriage throughout Scripture is of paramount importance. As such we can be sure that the devil has twisted Yahusha’s Words through men's minds, desires and mistranslations [men that may have led perverted lives in their abuse of the institution of marriage along with translators that have misunderstood basic Torah]. These translators have either unknowingly or with mal intent, twisted Yahusha’s teachings on marriage and divorce. Torah differentiates between divorce (Sefer Kirituth) and “sending” or “putting away” (shalach). Failure to grasp this, like the ancient Pharisees and scribes, has caused a major problem. The problem being that faulty translations make it look like Moshiach contradicts the Torah which He Himself wrote. Not to mention that it confuses adultery with fornication, the first being a female sin and the second a male sin. Moreover, if we go by the standard translations, we are left with the chilling, yet erroneous, fact that Yahusha's teachings on marriage and divorce do not line up with Torah, making Him appear to be a false teacher and Torah breaker, who did not know the difference between “divorce” and “putting away”. Since we know that this cannot possibly be the case, we have FULLY restored the KEY and often challenging, teachings on marriage and divorce for the believer into a plain, easy-to-grasp language, that fully and correctly lines up with Torah. By restoring the texts in Matthew 5:32, Mark 10:11-12 and Matthew 19:7-9 to fully line up with Deuteronomy 24:1-2 in Torah, we have brought a reconciliation between the endless conflicts, regarding what exactly Yahusha meant. We see that Messiah clarified Torah, not changed it, as the Christians and even some well-meaning, Messianic groups teach. We know Messiah merely clarified Torah in order to reveal Torah in its intended fullness, not amend it, as translators have made it seem. This is one of the newest and most important features found only in The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition. Technically, the penalty for adultery (for the woman) and fornication (for when a man had relations with a married woman) was death for both, as we see in Yochanan-John Chapter 8. However, stoning had ceased to be practiced shortly after the death of Moses, just as Sukkot had stopped being practiced after the time of Joshua. In the Brit Chadashah-Renewed Covenant texts regarding marriage and divorce, Messiah was not attempting to reinstitute the death penalty. The culture had shown mercy toward adulterers and fornicators in times past. He is not rebuking their “no stoning” violations.  He is merely rebuking their putting away wives, without the dignity of legal divorce and without their willingness to not utilize the allowance for divorce in the Torah. Messiah is dealing with the situation as it was being practiced and addresses the circumstances of His time and our time. 

Recent LXX , DSS & Shomronite-Samaritan Torah Discoveries 

Some of the more amazing discoveries we have found in the LXX-Septuagint that match the Dead Sea Scrolls, have been added to the text and also footnoted in this latest printing. Examples would be Isaiah-Yeshayahu 9:6 and Proverbs-Mishle 30:4. A joy that will be crystal clear, as you find these missing prophetic verses regarding Yahusha that existed before later Masoretic redactors. This feature is brand new to the Eighth edition. Many textual verses from the Shomronite-Samaritan Torah, copied by Joshua son of Nun himself are used, as seen in Joshua Ch. 8 and Deuteronomy 27. The location of Joshua's Altar On Mt. Gerazim has been restored & many other verses from the oldest manuscript have been included.

“Works Of Law” Finally Explained 

Just added, found in no other translation. The correct terms and understanding of Miqsat Maaseh Ha-Torah (Hebrew) meaning A Few Of The Key Torah Precepts [as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls]. This finally addresses the age old question of what the Sholiach-Apostle Paul meant by the term "works of law.”

The Modern English Apocrypha 

Through 37 years of study, we realized that many books considered Scripture at one time were missing from most modern translations for varying religious reasons or perhaps some anti-Messiah or anti-Hebraic biases. We also realized that there was much argumentation over the so-called Apocrypha [hidden] books. After much prayer and deliberation, we have added the “traditional” Apocrypha,  along with others not in the traditional Apocrypha collection. The Apocrypha books contain bold italic letters for The Father and The Son's Words throughout, with The True Names in Paleo Hebrew. Enoch Restored We have restored Enoch with the True Names along with some key study notes. This book is referred to many times by Messiah and His apostles, literally and thematically and it is now restored in an easier to read format, with shorter modernized verses, as opposed to the long run on sentences in most non true name versions. The English has been modernized from the KJV English, for a much easier read. 

Ezra's Scribal Errors Corrected In The Torah 

Yes! You read that right! We have now brought to light serious intentional changes and the reasons why, by Ezra, and his team 0f 14 translators, from the Paleo Hebrew of Samuel's day, to his compilations after Babylon. We  here at RSTNE.COM call that the XIV. You will see the reasons clearly within the text itself. No other Hebraic roots Scriptures has done the needed homework to make these urgent restoration changes [Acts3:21]. These updates are significant and are not found in any other version. The repairs are found in  the text itself.

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Sholiach Apostle Dr. Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky General Editor/Publisher-The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Editions©. 2002-2023.