The Difference In The Living Oracles

How The Living Word Differs From The Word-How Your Old Bible is Not The Living Oracles

Shalom There,

Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between the Word of YHUH and The Living Word or the Living Oracles. In Acts 7:37-38 we are told that YHUH's Words are living oracles or as Messiah said 'life itself.'

37 This is that Moshe, who said to the children of Yisrael, A Navi shall The Master HWHY your Eloha raise up to you from your Yisraelite brothers, like me; to Him shall you listen. 38 This is he, that was in the eidta-ekklesia-kehilla of Yisrael in the wilderness with The Malach-HWHY who spoke to him on Har Senai and with our ahvot: who received the Living Words to give to us. RSTNE Eighth Edition.

Steven likens the Word of YHUH as living, in conjunction with Messiah "The Prophet" like Moshe/Moses, that would give us Living Words of life. We see the connection between the Torah, The Messiah and Words of Life/Chayim! Now what does that have to do with our RSTNE?

A secular definition of LIFE is: "the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Once we as believers die, we are raised in the ultimate change; a new life in His presence, as we awake in His presence and ultimately His likeness. John/Yochanan 12:24.

So as we have learned in 39 years of service to the Master, let us explain how this translates to our RSTNE. Yours and ours!

As we near the end of the age, the LIVING WORDS OR LIVING ORACLES live and breath as never before. Anything living undergoes growth and change. The Word of YHUH cannot change. However, what does change is the new breath or wind or holy fire that brings the Words of "The Prophet" like unto Moses, into a new living Hebraic Messiah based Light. The new light, whether by divine revelation, divine infilling, restored Hebraic texts, archeology, or by ancient manuscripts unearthed, all have served and will continue to serve as LIVING ORACLES. These findings do not change His Words settled forever in heaven and earth! But they do, however, turn them into LIVING WORDS-ORACLES for the end of the age, which become more functionally active and revelatory, with hundreds of burning restored insights. In a nutshell, we have both sought and accomplished this miracle in the RESTORATION SCRIPTURES TRUE NAME EIGHTH EDITION, progressively since 2002.

Now you may be thinking, 'of course, we already know and support this!' Ah yes! But many do not know this already and most believers seem to believe there is little difference in most mainstream translations and the one that has been in the family for four generations is 'good enough'.

And yet, what everyone needs to know is this SHOCKING TRUTH! If the above statements and claims are true, which they clearly are, then ANY TRANSLATION THAT DOES NOT, CANNOT OR REFUSES TO UPDATE THE ANCIENT TRANSALTIONS, WHERE KNOWLEDGE WAS LIMITED, is not a truly updated living oracle. And, if not a living oracle, it does not meet either the biblical definition or even the secular definition of life! Any translation not willing to update or rework a verse, when end of the age data requires it, is DISQUALIFIED AS THE PROHESIED LIVING ORACLE, no matter how sincere or even pure their motive is. Even most Hebraic bibles out there have the KJV, the Masoretic Text, or something similar as their base text, full of rabbinic and church redactions. Yet the very biblical updates that are required and verified, LIVING ORACLES, they withhold out of fear of somehow changing YHUH's Words. This was the very accusation levied against the apostles, when writing the Renewed Covenant Scriptures! They were accused of changing the bible and the faith of Jewry. Acts chapter 7:51 [look it up], reminds us that our Yisraelite fathers acted the same way, ALWAYS resisting the life and revelation of the Set Apart Spirit, the author of living oracles! Yet, YHUH has not give us this unclean spirit of fear but one of Power, Love and a Sound Mind! The very mind of Messiah!

All these other translations, all of them, are mere reprints of texts that have been around for 300-500 or more years, with absolutely zero updates based on new information and end of age discoveries. These biblical discoveries do not bring us a new bible or a new Word that has been changed but necessitates and cries out for a constantly restored and updated project. Any translation that does not change former errors is not a living oracle!

In other words, if the discoveries about ancient Hebraic texts and findings are not updated into the TEXT ITSELF, then my friends, all you have are reprints of the exact same information available to scholars and translators for the last 3 to 5 hundred years, making Daniel, Stephen and Messiah out to be all liars.

YHUH FORBID! And we also know, that many of these men were anti Torah, anti Semitic, ecclesiastical church loyalists and even homosexuals.

We all know, that as new discoveries about ancient texts emerge, we will see more and more errors and biases in the same old recirculated reprints, the ones that refuse to repair and restore.

So we here at RSTNE.COM are blessed to be able to say our texts have been updated several times each year, to always reflect the latest information found or literally unearthed! That is actually our goal, as men with WILLING circumcised hearts [Acts 7:51]! That is why in part, there have been so many editions, in case you thought that it was mainly about money! No, it was all about accuracy and being obedient to the Set Apart Clean Spirit of YHUH!


In that stubbornness of approach, lies all translations in English at least, that refuse to update and upgrade their accuracy, based on the latest impeccable evidence of 2-3 legitimate scholarly witnesses. Brethren, this is no small problem! Listen please! In order to preserve the traditions of men, these translations have not changed one comma in 500 years! Think about that! These are by and large the ones you own and are on your shelves or smart phones!

This sad reality, is what most people have today, The Word or should we say, A Word, is not fully active and not fully alive, by BREATHING OUT RESTORED FIERY REVELATION AND A FULLER CLEARER UNDERSTANDING. Daniel 12:4 cautions us that The Word will be sealed until, the end of the age, when knowledge and understanding of His Word will increase. That increase requires adjustments from the translators and editors. If that is true, and it is, then that increase must be recorded accurately and texts updated periodically, as the time of the unsealing is now over.

The RSTNE is the only version in existence today that does not shy away from updating texts, not based on stale and often erroneous reprints, with a few Hebraic concepts thrown in, but rather that brings and includes each and every new found update from all languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Greek & the Samaritan dialect, into restored light.

In this fearless approach we can honestly thank YHUH and say that we here at RSTNE.COM have proven the Words of Messiah, Steven and Daniel to be true, as they speed to their ultimate fruition. See Acts 3:21. The RSTNE alone, has responded to the High calling of restoring the Word of YHUH, into the LIVING AND ACTIVATED ORACLES OF THE MOST HIGH, without fear and with HIS blessed assurance and shalom, that passes all human understanding!

We have heard and we continue to obey! BHY!

Isaiah-Yeshayahu 58:12 - And they that shall be from among you shall rebuild the old ruined places, you shall restore the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called, Gadar-Peretz, the restorer of paths to live in.

Sholiach-Apostle Dr. Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky 1-24-23