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Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Red Letter Editions

Yahshua-Jesus, Jews and Jihad

Yahshua-Jesus, Jews and Jihad

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By Dr. Marvin Yakos- I must say as a fellow scholar, about this sick end time beast and web of death, your book is concise, exact, forthright and easy to understand! You quote extensively from the Koran and show beyond a shadow of a doubt the spirit BEHIND Islam. Your boldness and willingness to shine YHWH's light on a situation that most people either deny, or do not want to entertain due to the painful consequences this system manifests in the sinful human experience/nature, you boldly proclaim and shout without a spirit of fear, or reprisal from these fanatics. I applaud you from here all the way to Jerusalem and the Great Wall of China. You are already a top Muslim scholar in my eyes! This book will help dispel the gross misunderstandings that have become stumbling blocks to America and the free world

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