The Time Has Come To Tell The Truth About Other Hebraic Versions

The time has come to be open and honest with all those who seek to know exactly which translation of Scripture is the best. While there are many criteria, some basic fundamentals will help you decide easily, what is best and what has been the best since its inception 20 years ago.

The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition is based on a multitude of source texts and a multitude of sources in the Hebraic Scriptures making it unique in the Hebraic roots Scriptures market. There are several choices as many of you know. However, all translations, whether they be geared toward Christians or geared toward Messianics or Torah honoring believers, are all based on the redactions and the anti-Messiah, anti Yahusha agendas of the traditional rabbis and or the church fathers.

None of these translations have looked for a more accurate way to present the actual Scriptures used by our Savior the Messiah Yahusha and His disciples. We here at RSTNE.COM will briefly touch on the issues with all these other pretenders, to show you clearly and without controversy, beyond a shadow of a doubt, why humble people and scholars alike, have proclaimed the Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition the granddaddy of them all, the best ever translated. We can assert that if we keep in mind that as new information has come to light through archaeology and through other historical discoveries, we have not and we do not hesitate to update the living oracles. We do not treat the Word of Yahuah as cemented and dead but as alive and living. Therefore when better translations and better fundamental documentation becomes available, we do not hesitate to update things, to better the Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition and that is completely opposite of all the others, who think that Scripture was given to rabbis and an English King and that they cannot be improved upon, especially when found to be blatant lies and falsehoods! Jeremiah Yirmeyahu 8:8.

People think that other translations are our competitors but honestly and frankly, that is comical, as they are not at all. All  the Messianic or Hebraic rabbinical based evangelical Christian based translations are each other’s competitors, not the RSTNE’s. All alleged Hebraic translations are a combination of the Masoretic Middle Aged rabbinic anti Yahusha, anti-true Name texts, as well as the Christian Greek Textus Receptus. The Textus Receptus is the name given to a series of Byzantine based Greek texts of the New Testament, printed between 1500 and 1900. Other translations are based on the Majority Text in the Greek basically the same as the Textus Receptus with a few differences. The Majority Text is similar to the Textus Receptus, but it corrects those readings which have little or (occasionally) no support in the Greek manuscript tradition.

Other main Hebraic bibles, include no LXX, Dead Sea Scrolls or other foundational Hebraic or Aramaic manuscripts as source texts! They are all reprints of the worst base texts, sprinkled with a few true names, deceiving you the consumer. This is due to their adamant refusal to turn cemented lies over the centuries into the living oracles that make sense for fear that they are somehow changing or adding or deleting His Word. What they do not see or realize, is that by continuing to use these non-Semitic ­or rabbinical sources, they are affirming the changes and additions made by those with an evil agend­a in times past! To keep either Messiah or Torah from the people. Moreover, changes may mean loss of their income, as most believers are pursuing religion and a relief from guilt, rather than a full restoration of truth!

We do not consider them here at the Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition to be any sort of competitor. They are all based on the editing and the redaction of the anti Yahusha redacting scribes and rabbis and the Greek Textus Receptus anti-nomian errors. All except The Cepher that is. We will address that work a little later.­­­

The “BYNY” Besorah Of Yahusha Natsarim Version Bible is Masoretic and King James based, with little to no differences. Lew White was one of the main proponents of the RSTNE, acted as a distributor for us at one time,  until he found it more profitable to manufacture his own rabbinic and Greek based translation, a mere copy and paste job! Now keep in mind most of the Hebraic roots Scriptures we are mentioning here, are based on the King James and the Masoretic text, with a few changes thrown in, so that it appears to be more Hebraic and not copied and pasted. But in fact, every one of these translations other than the gold standard RSTNE is based on those poor base texts and in large degree copy and paste King Jimmy jobs.

If you take away the Hebraic flowering and Hebraic perfume, a careful consideration will show you that all these so-called Hebrew roots bibles, even true name bibles, are nothing but The King James Version with all its anti nomian and anti Torah bias partially, not fully cleaned up. Did you know that King James never consulted the Hebrew or Greek? He didn’t speak either. His wife was known as bloody Mary, a murderess and he was a homosexual. Welcome to the text that most of you use even though the publishers disguise this well! These can be confirmed by seeing that there are virtually no changes of content, just a dress up of the same sources!

The RSTNE collection it's not a copy and paste of the King James, the Geneva Bible,  the Masoretic text, or any other existing Scriptures. It is a wide ranging and wholesome compilation of the best available resources complied in honesty, integrity and without an agenda!

The RSTNE uses the Dead Sea Scrolls, we use the Septuagint, we use the Aleppo Hebrew Codex, which was not doctored with the rabbinical vowel pointing, as is the Leningrad Codex, which is the basis of the Masoretic text. We use the Aramaic Peshitta, we use the Syriac, we use the Hebrew Matthew, and other parts that were written in Hebrew. We use the LXX for the Tanach based on the ancient Hebrew from which the LXX was compiled, some 200 years before Messiah and some 600 years before work began on the Masoretic text. The Masoretic text was begun around the 6th century AD and completed in the 10th century AD, by so called scholars, at  The Talmudic academies in Babylonia and Palestine, in an effort to reproduce, as far as possible, the original text of the Hebrew Old Testament. So then, in essence all Hebraic translations are Talmudic, in so much that its’ compilers were Talmudic! Including The Cepher, apparently growing in popularity!

The RSTNE compiles the best sources that mankind can collect into the precious, precious volume most of us call the best translation, Hebraic or Christian ever made. At least in English. So, the BYNY is a King James version Masoretic based translation, not worthy of any further discussion. No errors have been corrected.

The Complete Jewish Bible by David Stern has been around the longest and is full of Christian errors, full of misunderstandings and Scriptures that that do not use, preserve or restore the true names. It is also Talmudic friendly, Masoretic based and does not use any of the most recent discoveries.

Another Masoretic Text, Textus Receptus based work out there, that some use is the so-called Alef-Taf Scriptures, where some folks get very excited, as it claims to highlight all the numerous times that The Alef Taf appears in the Hebrew. Now while it's true The Alef Taf in context when referring to a personal noun can refer to the Messiah Yahusha being The Alpha and The Omega, where the Alef and the Taf in context allows for it, like in Zachariah 12:10. They will look at Me Alef Taf whom they have pierced.

On the other hand, the Alef Taf Scriptures are a bad joke being  played on the body of Messiah. Why do we say this? Well, they tried to take the Alef Taf and allege that it refers to Messiah all over the place, embedded in the Hebrew text. Most of these times, however, Alef Taf is used as a definite non-human article. Like YHUH sent the ALEF TAF plague. Is the plague Alef Taf? No! It translates as THE Plague. Alef Taf lev Pharoh; the [Alef Taf] heart of Pharoh. Is Pharoh’s heart Alef Taf Messiah? Or a heart of or for Alef Taf Messiah? These wanton insertions, show the basic lack of Hebraic language comprehension and they are pulling the wool over innocent truth seekers!

These Alef Taf insertions are to take advantage of people who don’t know Hebrew and is not scholarly or intellectually honest.  It is gross negligence to make you think that every time the Alef Taf is used that it is somehow Messianic, referring to the Messiah. Definite articles are used to define nouns as one particular thing; they are not common nouns as is a person, a place, or a thing! Both The Alef Taf Scriptures and The Cepher engage in the same erroneous practice.

We also have the Aramaic English New Testament Peshitta translation by Andrew Gabriel Roth, which completely neglects the actual texts used by the Messiah and His disciples, when we examine the prophetic quotations from the Renewed Covenant quoting the Old Testament. Many of the verses you may have noticed do not match, because they totally ignore the Greek, as does Roth’s personal bible. It is based on the Peshitta not the Peshito, which includes the western 5 missing books in the Peshitta. The truth is 5 books in the Aramaic are missing and they were preserved in Greek and then translated back to Aramaic, to create the complete Peshitta. So, this translation is not fully Aramaic now, is it? He freely admits this in his notations. It is a compilation work, as is the RSTNE, using more than one source. His work lacks veracity, as he doesn’t not have all the multiple sources or witnesses as required by Torah. The translation also states a very strong bias against the patriarchal marriage lifestyles of the fathers of Yisrael and condemns all with more than one wife, even though YHUH never reprimanded them. At one time Roth called the RSTNE the greatest translation ever produced and promoted it up big time. Then, like Lew White, he discovered that it was better $$$$ to produce his own. Obviously the entire Tanach, The Older Covenant, is missing from his work. There are more issues, but we will move forward for now.

Now it seems to many who are not sure about any of these things that The CEPHER is a valuable resource. Well, we're going to comment about a few major deficiencies and errors in the publication known as The Cepher and again we don't mean to offend, we don't mean to disparage, we are simply comparing from a scholarship perspective, what is best for the born-again Torah honoring follower of Messiah Yahusha. Not all translations are created equal or  done equally well. There are vast deficiencies in all the so-called Hebrew roots bibles and yes even true name versions.

#1 The Cepher does not really restore the true names as they record them in the English. That’s correct! You will see the true name translated as Yahuah and Yahusha in English. The problem with that is, the two names that were removed over 7,000 times in the Old Testament and 2,000 times in the New Testament, were not in English but in Paleo Hebrew. In order to restore the True Names, as they first appeared, you have to restore the Hebrew Paleo letters in the Hebrew language, regardless of how many wrong ways people pronounce them and regardless of how little Hebrew people may know.

Many including Hebraic works have a reckless dishonor of the true Names of Yahuah and Yahusha, as they have failed to restore the true names over 9000 times, if we take the Old Testament and the New Testament together.

The Cepher does not restore the true names as many believe; so, to claim that The Cepher is the equal of the RSTNE is really a bad joke! The Cepher is not a “restoration of the Name” bible,  because it spells the name in English, and it was not the English translation that was removed from the text. In order to restore something, you must restore it to its original language and context.

#2 The publishers of The Cepher are moon watchers. They go by the rabbinical times of the Hillel the third calendar, made by man’s inventions. Solar-Lunar based. The Book of Jubilees, the Book of Enoch and the Torah itself [all by the way included in The Cepher], warned us that if we try to tell time by the moon, or using the moon in any way, shape, or form, we will be celebrating common days on holy days and holy days on common days. Why do they include these books, if they refuse to obey the words and instructions they contain? Don’t they believe in their own compilation?

That is why YHUH said In Isaiah, I hate your new moon-based feasts. The Cepher is fully behind moon watching, barley sniffing signs, that the rabbis gave us, also promoted by unsaved Jerusalem moon watchers. Without any correction whatsoever in their verses or study materials. The publishers of The Cepher completely reject the Zadokite authority over the true eternal priesthood. Instead, they have gone along with rabbinic Judaism, in so many ways and in so many of their writings, they overturn Scripture, by advocating against the Zadokites, who alone are those who are to teach Israel, yesterday, today and forever. That includes the millennial Kingdom. The publishers of The Cepher are a mere continuation of the rabbinic stranglehold on large parts of the Messianic believing community. They reject the leadership of the Zadokite records and the authority of the Zadokites. They do not use the true Names as recorded in the Paleo Hebrew and on top of all that, they are Talmudic in many of their views.

They place a great weight and emphasis on the Talmud and the sayings of the sages, while ignoring the true priesthood. In doing so they elevate man's writings and opinions, even above the amazing discoveries of the Word of Yahuah preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran. In addition, they consider the Septuagint-the LXX, a fallacious document. There is very little usage in The Cepher of the Septuagint, as they consider it unreliable, so they can preserve the rabbinic Masoretic anti Yahusha, anti-Messiah texts. As stated earlier, by analyzing the words of the New Testament, we can see that the apostles were quoting the Septuagint, word for word. The Cepher is not something to be used, when compared to the gold standard and the living oracles found in the Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition, the granddaddy of all translations.

The failure of all other translations to change when error is discovered, Jewish error, rabbinical error and church error, is astounding. They consider that once something is recorded, it is thus cemented that it cannot be changed, even when obvious errors and contradictions are glaring. Pride and arrogance and profit motivation require this kind of cementation in their unwillingness to present The Word as living oracles. Adon Yahusha Himself, took the dead letters and breathed new life and understanding into them; and they became The Living Word, in His mouth, as opposed to the cemented word the Pharisees offered the people. The reason He taught differently and with the authority of The Abba that the Pharisees lacked is because He knew the living oracles must speak to and meet the needs of every generation when they required a fresh tweak here and there.

 If in fact YHUH is restoring ancient texts and moving by His Spirit upon men to do so, they are found to be resisting Him, just like our forefathers!

So if you don't mind spending $140 or $150 dollars on the translation that makes no attempt to put the Hebrew names back in the text, no attempt to remove itself from the rabbinical solar lunar calendar and no attempt to rightfully honor and restore the Zadokite ways as the priests appointed to lead our people, then go ahead and use it.

However, an honest evaluation will see that is not a translation to even be entertained, let alone purchased.

In addition, The Cepher elevates manuscripts that are questionable, while ignoring other manuscripts such as the Septuagint, such as Barnabas, such as Clement, which are historically grounded, and sound in so many ways and most importantly in finished work categorical doctrine.

Now if all those issues already mentioned are not enough to make you realize that the RSTNE is a cut above these translations and worthy of your support and worthy of your partnership and worthy of your hard-earned money, not much more can be said. The price for The Cepher is astoundingly high. In the world it would be called a complete rip-off. The RSTNE is free online and can be gotten for as little as $68 in a single copy or $58 per copy in a quantity discount!

In addition, the font in the Cepher is so small that you basically need a magnifying glass to read The Cepher and many including our family have returned it. Our return rate is 00000.1 % The price is ridiculous and it's taking advantage of people who think they're buying a restored Hebraic bible and think they're getting the best product. Of all these attempts at translating a Hebraic roots translation, none of them are free and online in copy and paste format. Only the RSTNE is provided free and online, with constant updates, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, so that those who cannot afford the best translation, or who are having a tough time economically, can still access the best translation ever made into the English of any Hebrew or Christian Bible. They can access it free of charge, instantaneously online, with the most current discoveries and updates included. They do not have to purchase a scripture that is cemented in error, where the translators are fearful of updating anything because they would lose money or support. You cannot get access to The Cepher without spending close to $150.00 or much more. The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition is free, because freely we have received and freely, we give to all people, who see how set apart and honorable is the excellency of this translation, the RSTNE, drawing from many semitic sources and compiled for the most accurate printed translation.

We ask friends and supporters to support the RSTNE PROJECT to keep it free and updated and they're encouraged to order softcover and hardcover books because many people prefer printed books. And by purchasing the printed copies, we were able to keep the online version totally free for all to see and use. And when people see the free online version, invariably, they order the printed version, because they see we have nothing to hide, and we make our work free and available. Once they examine the difference, they usually run to order their own printed copy or copies.

Right on The Cepher homepage they claim to use the restored Alef-Taf over 2,000 times and as mentioned earlier, in order to do this, they turn a definite article into a constant reference to Messiah, when many times it is not. Through this deception they make you think all Alef-Taf references refer to Yahusha, when many times it is simply a definite article, like a hand or heart. In addition, on the very same home page, they tell you that 61 or 66 of their books are the same as the Textus Receptus that led to The King James Version. Of course, since they refuse to use the Septuagint-LXX, Greek for sure but have no issue using the erroneous Majority Church texts. The Septuagint was translated by 72 scholarly Hebrew speakers into Greek in Egypt for Egyptian Jews, despite the website’s misrepresentation about its origins.

Other pertinent manuscripts such as the Aramaic Peshitta and Peshito along with the Syriac, the Hebrew Matthew are all ignored, as is the Samaritan Torah, which many scholars claim is most likely the oldest Torah text we have. Additionally, in this restoration work of theirs, they continue to mispronounce and incorrectly spell the Hebrew word allohim. The AH or ALEF is not pronounced EH. That comes from the Babylonian Talmud as well as the Leningrad codex, which turned the AH into an EH sound by crafty rabbinic vowel pointing. Therefore, their use of the term elohim or Elohim or El rather than AL or Ahlohim is incorrect in all forms of ancient Hebrew. It is the rabbinic Ezra Aramaic block letters and subsequent vowel pointing of those block letters, which is also used to turn YHUH into Adonai by rabbinical Jews.

These glaring errors and an unwillingness to change them or their sources to include modern updates, disqualify The Cepher as a legitimate restoration work.

The Cepher also totally ignores the credibility questions surrounding the Book of Jasher, pretending that there are no serious issues and giving it a clean bill of certification. The RSTNE cannot verify the modern Book of Jasher, as we have it today, as Scripture, for there are far too many errors for it to be considered accurate. In fact, in just the first few chapters alone, the timelines are completely anachronistic, meaning they completely are out of order, people living past when the Torah says they lived. People living different lifespans than the Torah states and certain people's lives overlapping other lives when that overlap is not seen in Torah. These things  are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the problems with The Cepher. Anyone choosing that version thinks they are doing well but in fact it is unchanged from the errors of the past.

The only thing that can be truly said is they have added many books outside the traditional cannon. That does not make it a good translation. But the basic text remains as erroneous as any KJV. Finally, as mentioned earlier, right on their home page, they teach the rabbinical calendar, thus undermining the authority of the restored order of Melchezedek. In addition, there are alarmingly open references to RASHI, a Talmudic commentator and his interpretation of some verses in 2nd Samuel, showing their affirmation of the rabbinical view in many things.

We could say much more but finally to end this brief presentation, all these translations have many things in common such as rabbinic redactions, and Textus Receptus errors, left as is for centuries. They contain no updates, no changes and no corrections, to the basic texts, other than an added word here and there, or some added books, which they themselves do not abide by. Their works have been cemented for thousands of years ignoring important recent discoveries and updates given to us by the Abba Himself.

As a final example all these translations teach the Sunday morning resurrection by refusing to properly translate resurrection passages such as Matthew 28 verse one. But in the RSTNE 8th edition, we point out clearly that the word first does not appear and neither does the word week appear. The resurrection is on Saturday morning or Shabbat morning and only in the Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition, by removing these added words that were added by the lying pen of the pro Sunday translators, do we see clearly that the resurrection was on the weekly Shabbat morning. In such places as Matthew 28 verse one, we see there are two shabbats. One after the annual shabbat of Aviv 15 they rested; and then they came to the tomb three days later, Mia Ton Sabaton, on one of the weekly Shabbats and found the Master risen. There are two shabbats in Matthew 28 verse one. But no other translation will even attempt to restore these things and most of these doctrines such as Sunday morning resurrection, have the Feast of First Fruits always being on the Sunday allegedly the same day He rose during Passover week. The biblical and Zadokite records record memacahart Ha Shabbat as the day after the weekly Shabbat of Aviv 25 for First Fruits [plural] only after day 7 Of Unleavened Bread is over; not the Sunday during the 7-day celebration. No other version corrects those errors except the RSTNE. The RSTNE even gives you the exact Torah dates for passion week, so there is no need to guess or stay confused. Other translations leave you confused and guessing with first day of the week references.

Now before we close, we will make a couple of brief comments regarding The Scriptures from South Africa and The Halleluyah Scriptures. The Scriptures from South Africa once again is the King James Scriptures with Hebraic flowering. It refuses to touch other restored books, no apocrypha availability, no real study material, just a simple translation based on the Masoretic and Textus Receptus, with all the wonderful rabbinical Masoretic errors included, in their thirty years plus years on the market. They have not made a single change, while restoration discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, Enoch, Jubilees and other works, are being completely and totally ignored to this day. They remain unchanged from the translator who passed years ago and was not even around for some of the most recent manuscript findings! The Scriptures from South Africa are the exact same work seen 30 + years ago as if ignoring The Father’s moving among the Remnant.

And finally, the Halleluyah Scriptures from New Jersey, which was plagiarized and found to be fraudulent, with court cases and litigation, and which has been lifted word for word from The Scriptures from South Africa. So, if you don't mind a stolen document with copyright violations, who continue to mislead folks, and keep the same base texts, then you can use The Halleluyah Scriptures. The issue that we have with them is that they also are not being truthful to this day. First, they tell you that The Halleluyah Scriptures cannot be bought or sold. But turns out there is a price tag for all the different versions of The Halleluyah Scriptures. When you go on their website, there's a suggested price tag or a minimum donation amount for each kind of book they produce. Without the minimum donation, they will not send you your books. So,  a price tag is a price tag, regardless of how it is presented. They have duped most believers into thinking that all their bibles are free.

The truth is the only free version is their paperback. Everybody else must pay. They are lying when they say it's free. The RSTNE is free online, truly free. The problem with the free Halleluyah Scriptures paperback or soft cover, is that there's a waiting list and if you write to the Halleluyah Scriptures to get 5 or 10 free copies for your group, you're not going to get the Scriptures for free at all. You may get one copy, or you may get 2 copies but even that, someone else is paying for. So, they really don't offer anything free, other than their paperback which sometimes is not shipped, and orders of multiple copies are on a waiting list.

So, in closing we suggest you come out of darkness, you come out of error, you come away from those who continue the sad tradition of not being honest, which is also known as lying to the people who are seeking truth. Folks like you were ready to spend all kinds of money to get what you thought was the best translation, only to discover the same errors remain uncorrected that have been craftily perpetuated for some 2,600 years.

Thank you for your attention and thank you for considering the Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition found at RSTNE.COM as your source for all things accurate and balanced. Shalom.