Does The RSTNE Violate Proverbs 30:6 By Adding To The Word?

Does The RSTNE Add To His Words?

Mishle 30:6 Add not to His Words, lest He reprove you and you be found a liar. RSTNE

QUESTION! Now the scriptures are clear. We cannot add or take away from His Word; that would make someone a liar and liars do not inherit eternal life. That begs the question; do the Restoration Scriptures True Name Editions add to the Word? Take Proverbs chapter 30 verse four as an example. In proverbs chapter 30 verse 4 which I'm going to read, it does not read exactly like that in the Masoretic or in the  Septuagint-LXX. Granted, it reads differently. But is that adding and violating Proverbs 30 verse 6 , making us liars?

NOT AT TALL! No, because we're taking two different traditions and offering them together in the same verse  in order to #1 To give you a fuller picture, #2 We don't know which one was original or which one is the most accurate; so, we offer both manuscripts in a single verse!

So, for instance in proverbs chapter 30 verse 4, we provide both the Masoretic and the Septuagint into one complete thought, simply because we don't know which one was the original and which one was the addition, as we're dealing with two different manuscript traditions.

You see friends, that's not changing the Word or adding to the Word! It is actually preserving the Word in the most recognized forms all together, just in case someone else, like the lying translators who had an agenda, have installed their agenda by adding to the Word. Without you even knowing that what you are reading is actually an addition!

Therefore, as in the case above, we often present both major manuscript readings in a single verse. We do the same in Isaiah 53, where we take the Masoretic and combine it with the LXX, so that the dead Messiah SEES RESURRECTION LIGHT AGAIN! If we did not combine the verses into a single verse, we would lose the prophecy of Messiah, a dead person, seeing LIGHT! We expose the Masoretic anti Messiah agenda by using both traditions! Is that adding to the Word? Only in the heads of some spiritually blind folks!

This is how we are restoring and recovering the ancient texts, so that we get a complete picture without adding or subtracting anything. Actually, it's just the opposite; we are fixing their additions, that always, not sometimes but always, favor one erroneous translation over another, due to a preexisting bias. We have these rescue combined verses in many key spots in the RSTNE.

Let's look closer at Proverbs chapter 30 verse six, for there is the warning.

Now go up to Proverbs 30 verse 4 you'll see that we have that translated as what is His name and what is His Son's name, if you can tell? That is from the Masoretic text. Then you'll see it says, “and what are his children's name?” Does that mean we have violated proverbs chapter 30 verse 6 and the admonition not to add to His word? All we have done is to take the literal text of the Masoretic  tradition and combined it with the literal text of the LXX tradition, to show the true Names but also that His children, the remnant of Yisrael, will also carry the family Name YHUH!

Some say the Masoretic is the valid original. Others say the Septuagint-LXX  is the valid original. So, what manuscript is doing the adding? What is being added to what? By putting both major traditions in a single verse, we are not removing, we are not ignoring, and we are not adding, because we do not know and neither do you, and neither does anyone else, which is the more accurate of the two translation traditions. By combining them into a single verse, giving a full picture, we actually can eliminate bias and agendas of the translators! There are times we actually combine 3-4 sources into a single verse, so no bias can hide! NO OTHER TRANSLATION SEES THE WISDOM AND HAVE NOT SEEN FIT TO DO SO! Well, we have done exactly that AND will not apologize for that wisdom that Abba has granted us!

So, let’s put this to rest. If you are content with certain limited translations that walk-in fear and not faith, that have not restored anything in 600 years, have at it. We know before YHUH and man, we have not created or manufactured a single letter on our own, but have recovered them from various reliable manuscripts, even when some with an agenda do not appreciate that! Remember even at the time of Yahusha, His teachings seemed NEW and NOT TRADITIONAL and were rejected. The consequences of that approach serve as a warning to us all! Stephen encourages us not to be like our fathers from prior generations with uncircumcised hearts, that received the Word, BUT rejected the ongoing LIVING ORACLES Acts 7:38-50!

Dr. Koniuchowsky On Behalf Of The RSTNE Advisory Board 5-12-24