A Vital Consideration When Choosing A Version of Scripture

A Vital Consideration When Choosing A Version of Scripture

By Dr. Sh­oliach-Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky 4-22-24

Shalom, And Hello Dear Friends!

By now you know there are many different translations out there. By now you know there are many different claims out there. By now you know there are many deceivers out there, claiming that their copy of the Scriptures or their translation is the best. As a matter of fact, even today I saw a YouTube video, claiming that in Matthew 5:19 those who keep the least of the commandments and teach others to keep the least of the commandments do not get into the kingdom. Yet in all our research, we could not find the word from with the prefix MEH OR FROM the kingdom, but in all the Hebrew sources the prefix is BEH, meaning IN the Kingdom. This is the kind of misinformation that is out there, waiting to trip you up. So, I told the person who posted this video, that after checking all the Hebrew base sources, there is no evidence for the claim. So those of us who desire to study and come closest to the original meanings, have a real battle on our hands.

The battle goes far beyond theological issues. Beyond studying the Hebrew, the Greek, or the Aramaic. There are many different debates out there, with just as many different views regarding the base text used, whether it be the Septuagint the Masoretic or any other. And we have­ covered that in great detail. But here's something else for you to think about. Most people, when considering what Scriptures to trust and use, as their go to version, so to speak, do not ever consider something that even the sincerest truth seeker needs to consider seriously. Once we get beyond the discussions of the best version to use, one of the criteria that is hardly ever considered, is perhaps the most crucial consideration. So, this brief video will bring to your attention a very important, ignored criteria, that each of us should be using, when we consider what Scriptures to use as our main ‘go to’ favorite translation. We here at RSTNE.COM have given you hundreds of reasons why the RSTNE Is the best translation. So, you don't need another video to prove that. But we believe there is one criterion that very rarely, if ever is considered. We want to briefly address that.

Have you ever considered the lifestyles of the translator/s? Who they were, what they were involved with, what they believed and how they lived their lives? For instance, does it matter that the translators were Freemasons or members of the Illuminati? Did you know almost all English translations come from Francis Bacon an occultist, freemason, as did the Geneva Bible and the King James Version? https://sirbacon.org/francis-bacon-and-the-kjv-bible/

Who Were these scoundrels? Don’t you want to know before you call a version true or Hebraic? Before you defend the indefensible? Would you trust these men more than The Torah and the prophetically ordained Sons of Kohath, the Zadokites, and the ‘order of Messiah’ the ‘order of Melchezedek?’ These translators handed down to us the infamous Textus Receptus, which includes the rabbinic Masoretic doctored texts void of the Father’s True Name, making all English translations based on them virtually the same thing, sold to you as different from one another! The mirage being that they are all different, so you have choices.

Does it matter to you if the translators were plagiarists and murderers? Some spoke no Hebrew or Greek? For example, King James a homosexual and his wife ‘bloody Mary’ who was a murderer? Does to matter to you, that the texts were changed to justify the British crown, as all supreme, in places like First Peter 2:17, so that the so-called Authorized Version was not authorized by heaven but by the crown? Does it matter to you that the ones behind the Geneva Bible for instance were occultists? Does it matter to you that the Masorites were Talmudic rabbis, determined to remove Messianic Scriptures and prophecies that pointed to Messiah Yahusha of Nazareth? Does it matter to you that some of the translators of the many ‘Johnny come lately Hebraic versions’, are mere copies of Bacon’s occultist Authorized version? Does it bother you that these modern Hebraic Bible creators, openly and subtlety, deny the divinity of the Messiah Yahusha? Does it matter to you if some of the translators of the modern Hebraic versions believe that the gentiles don't have to keep the Torah? Does it bother you that some of them don't use the True Names? What about those translators who are anti Messiah because according to First John chapter 2:22, that whoever does not confess both The Father and The Son as YHUH, that person has the spirit of the anti-Messiah and translated or more likely copied into English, with the help of unclean spirits?

Now the problem with only considering language text and the antiquity of a manuscript and forgetting about the personality traits and lifestyles and beliefs of the translators, is that it opens a door for the devil to confuse, empower and mislead others, through the lying pen of the scribe i.e. the translator. This is not a new phenomena, according to Jeremiah chapter 8 and verse 8. We believe that this consideration regarding what the translators believed, what they practiced, what occultism or pedophilia or any other abominable behavior they participated in, is and should be a major criterion, before choosing a translation. We certainly don't have the time to go into a long explanation.

Suffice it to say that the Scriptures make it clear that a person that denies the divinity of the Messiah or does not confess both The Father and The Son is an unclean demon, an unclean spirit and now you're reading their translation, digesting it into your mind and temple. When you find out that a translator was an occultist, don’t you think the enemy has entered into that work of man? All English translations that come from the King James like the NIV the NAS or any other one that you can think of, comes from these dubious men. You are not only reading manuscripts that contradict the manuscripts that Yahusha used, you are reading the translations of men, who will not even be in the Kingdom, who had and have demonic spirits moving through them, and moving through their translations, and moving through their interpretations, in order to deceive themselves, and all those who study and value those translations. Does it bother you that many of these same translators believed that the Greco Roman church was the bride replacing Yisrael?

You see friends, spirits move, unclean spirits move, they move from person to person, they move through contact with and within objects, they move through familiarity, and when you read a Bible, just because you like it, or just because it's a little bit easier to read, or just because it has simple English, and yet do not take into consideration the demonic spirits, the freemasonry, the occultism, the pedophilia, the immorality, of those individuals, then the unclean spirits are being transferred to you and your house, in order to confuse you doctrinally. Enough lies to confuse you right out of the Kingdom! So, these unclean spirits behind these early English translators, are called demons and are the very translations that confuse you and pull you away from the True Name, from Torah and from many other vital restoration truths, such as the bride of Yahusha being Israel, yesterday, today and forever.

Therefore, as we close, we leave you with these thoughts. Did you know most translators can be found falling into one of those deviant behaviors? Did you know that unclean spirits anti-Torah spirits, rebellious spirtis, spirits of Mammon and Cain, anti Yahusha spirits, occultism, deity denial of Yahushua’s preexistence as The Word-Miltha, all these wicked lifestyles have now come into your life, have come into your home, have come into your office, unknown to you! You have been victimized in your search for Truth! You being an innocent bystander, simply seeking the best translation. Price and linguistics and arguments over what are the original autographs are not the only criteria to be considered!

 We here at the RSTNE are your contemporaries; we have used the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Septuagint, The Hebrew Matthew, The Aramaic Peshitta, The Samaritan Torah and many other multiple resources, so we do not rely on one single resource, or one man. The ancient sources we use are free of these unscrupulous men and their nehparious motives and occult ties! What if you discovered that the translators did not even believe in the inspiration of Scripture, the very book they were dishing out to you as inspired? What if you are using a translation, where the translators deny the supernatural miracles of the Scriptures? Did you know, most fall into these categories by their own admission, when you listen carefully to their words? Fear, doubt and unbelief have been sown into the pages of the translations they have done! What if you discovered that Moses was a transvestitie? Would that affect how you saw his revelations? So character in life does matter and in  Scripture translation it matters far more!

Now in closing, we are known to you as the translators of the RSTNE, yours truly, and also, we are your contemporaries. You know us, we walk with you, we walk with the Messiah and Torah and trust manuscripts from heaven and in the earth, not produced in the church! Among us there's no secret hidden darkness, there's no Kabbalah being practiced in the dark, there's no reliance on Talmud for doctrine, there's no involvement with the occult or freemasonry, or anything remotely similar.

How important is it to you that you are able to speak to and interview and discern the beliefs of the translators behind any valid translation. We are a message away! The lives of the RSTNE translators are open books. My friends, I bring to you and place before your eyes this consideration, a consideration hidden from most history, a history that has recorded the abominable practices of the majority of the translators of the English Scriptures. To be holy means to be set apart and we personally would not spend $2.00 or $1.00 on any translation, where demons or unclean spirits motivated the translators to do what they did, in their translations. This is a vital consideration that needs to be brought to the forefront, when deciding what a clean translation is and what a clean translation is not. Once we get past the doctrinal differences and the various interpretations in the literal, maybe the more important question should be ‘were these men open doors for demons to steal, kill and destroy, obuscate and confuse in darkness? Let the people of Yahuah place this consideration to the forefront of their thinking and understanding, when choosing a biblical version and whether that version is clean or unclean. Yes, my friends. The dubious lifestyles of most of these translators are seen even today. Most are producing bibles that deny The Father and The Son, deny the divinity, deny the inspiration of Hebrews, deny the inspiration of Paul's letters, yet they are making good money selling you their books, the unclean books that existed since the 1500s, with some Hebrew lipstick thrown in, to deceive you into thinking that theirs is different! Theoretically, even if a translation were to be perfect, when such an individual is involved with the work and with the translation, there is no doubt, that that translation remains unclean for the Natsarim remnant of Israel.

Coming soon: Where Does The Word Come From? What Realm or Realms! What happens when one or two realms are ignored?