Lives Changed With The RSTNE

  • These Scriptures are by far the greatest Hebraic Apostolic Resource ever produced for hungry disciples. Pastor T. J. Holmes Baltimore Maryland USA. 

  • The purity of the RSTNE text is unimpeachably priceless and valuable beyond description. Blessed are they who can obtain a copy of this most sacred book. Moshiach be praised for every Word. This specific translation is a Tree of Life for the hungry. Barchu-Et-Shem YHUH. There is no book like it in existence in every sense of The Word. Thank you for this , which is a pleasure to read and study. Hodu! Pastor Randy Orris Avondale, Arizona USA.

  • I have used the RSTNE along with my husband, a minister of the Torah faith of & in our Savior Messiah Yahusha, for over 20 years! The RSTNE 8th Edition With awesome updates is the best one yet! Yahalomha & Mordechai Ramos Pt. Charlotte, Florida USA.

  • Thank you! My late husband a bible teacher loved your Scripture book the most. He taught from it on Hebrew Nations Radio and promoted it to everyone who would ask which one he recommended and would promote it on his website and Facebook pages. I can see why he had such high regard for your ministry. I look forward to receiving these precious Oracles of Life! Ann McKenzie Casper Wyoming USA.

  • The RSTNE is the Golden Standard when it comes to Hebraic Roots' Scriptures. Truly, the most up to date & without any ill-intentioned agenda. Praise YHUH for this 30+ year long project! Yoshiyahu Ben Moshe Biblical Translator Camanducaia Brazil.

  • The RSTNE is what I call the GRANDADDY of all translations. Apostle Peter Martinez Arizona.

  • By Elder Gera'el Toma (Gerald W Thomas) What the RSTNE has meant to me through the years. Nearly 14 years ago, when I began this walk of the Ancient Paths we are walking out today, it has been the influence of the RSTNE that has kept me on the Straight and Narrow. When I began this journey I was introduced by a very lovely sister the RSTNE 3rd Edition and the Study of Two House Restoration of Israel by N. B. Parrish I took 2 years to study out these two documents and found them to be sound and answered a lots of my questions I’ve been seeking for the majority of my life. It was the RSTNE that introduced me to Father and Son’s True Name, Taught me about the Feasts and the Solar Calendar that was used by the Temple Priest prior to the Babylonian Captivity and a whole host of important information I desperately needed to know. Later, after deep examination of the RSTNE and the Two House Study I knew what I had to do and cut the cord to Babylon and her religious systems for good. Later, we gotten ourselves 2 copies of the 4th Edition and gave one to my son. We worked out of the 4th Edition till we were gifted with the RSTNE 7th Edition which I am currently using now. The 8th With Apocrypha is the best most updated yet! I cherish this book and it’s my go to book if I have any questions arise. The RSTNE is my Fact Checker. What We Need Is: RESTORATION. An Examination of Pagan Influences in Christianity and the Need for SCRIPTURAL RESTORATION! This Is My Fact Checker.

  • By Pastor Liam Doyle When it comes to seeking the living Word and full counsel of the Most High this publication takes all the honors! If your a seeker of the Truth and want as must honesty in translation as possible this is a must have! Nothing else can compare to understanding the Word through an Hebraic understanding it enriches and expands and brings into intimacy the intention and love of our Father. Having the Apocryphal text and other writings Enoch , Yashar and Jubilees/ Yobelim as witness are invaluable witnesses which will deepen and enlighten your understanding. As a student and lover of the Word for many years and Pastor and researcher in the Faith I high recommend RSTNE's Publications it is the Gold Standard !