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Tracking The Seed Of The Woman Through The Generations

Tracking The Seed Of The Woman Through The Generations

INTRODUCTION-There are multitudes in the body of Messiah who unfortunately are ignorant or unlearned in regard to the Hebraic roots of the gospel message. This work of the Master was compiled to fill what I believe is a void in the BELIEVING ASSEMBLY  concerning the Biblical evidence that the gospel was not conceived in the Gospel of Matthew but rather in Genesis.

These pages contain an overview of gospel history and are not intended to focus in on any one particular aspect of it. The reader will receive insight into the different ways and methods which YHUH chose to present the gospel plan to Older Covenant men and women, who where faithful to His purpose. It is the author's aim to portray the missionary zeal of YHUH, as He commissioned His people to take His love to the entire globe. In this book, I pray that the Ruach HaKadosh (Holy Spirit) will reveal to the reader that YHUH Almighty had a divine plan, preordained, to bring forth salvation to the whole world (Isaiah 52:10). Within the hallowed pages of YHUH's Word is His revelation of how He kept this plan alive throughout man's history. Each individual, each man of YHUH, each fallen angel, each circumstance and each catastrophe pointed to the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. Renewed Covenant Israel is, in fact, YHUH's last days mechanism to spread the gospel of salvation. Renewed Covenant Israel is the arms, legs and mouthpiece of YHUH, to proclaim the salvation message of the Master, Yahusha the Messiah. Almighty YHUH has entrusted each regenerate child of Messiah to be an ambassador to a lost and dying world. In each portion of Biblical history, YHUH committed the gospel to a chosen few. Its message has always been the same: "Go and teach!" Though there were few, there was always a remnant. The reader will come to understand that the Gospel-Besorah message existed long before Matthew 28:18-20 in the mind of YHUH. This book deals with YHUH's choice of Israel to bring forth the Messiah. We have traced this aspect of man's history beginning in YHUH's Garden, through the patriarch Abraham and through the twelve children of Jacob. Moses and the Exodus were also important, as were YHUH's dealings with Joshua and the Judges. Even Israel's demand for an earthly king became a Messianicly significant event. The reign of David will be covered, as well as Messianic implications finding their fulfillment in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.Old Testament types that foreshadow YHUH's salvation in Messiah shall be touched upon. Each Hebrew festival had a significant road to Calvary within its purpose as well and will be covered in a special way. Finally, YHUH's strategy for the way in which the body of Messiah is to carry out YHUH's commission to proclaim the gospel will be outlined. Early Renewed Covenant Israelite history will be traced, along with YHUH's direct commission to Renewed Covenant Israel and the Biblical basis of missions. The post-apostolic age, today's plan for the spreading of the gospel, as well as the individual's all important role in missions will be discussed. The often unpopular topic of Christian anti-Semitism will also be addressed. A concrete blueprint for action will be presented to help the reader overcome the problem of dealing with this touchy subject.Ultimately, the Great Commission and the promised Seed of The Woman existed before Genesis I: 1. May Yahusha enlighten your precious spirit to this marvelous truth. Ahmein.

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