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The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern Apocrypha

The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern Apocrypha

Color & Quantity

​Use Shop Pay @ checkout and make 4 easy, small, monthly payments. Order single copies or a discounted case of 2, 3, 5, or 10 copies, now made easier with Shop Pay! -THE GOLDEN STANDARD EDITION-​The Living Oracles!  Larger Print, Better Quality. 

​-All Using The True Paleo Hebrew Names & The Words of YAH & Messiah His Son in bold ITALIC Letters.

-Modern language in the Apocrypha has replaced ancient archaic English text. New books included in the Apocrypha not found elsewhere. Now under one cover in a single book as many have requested and longed for! OUR NEW # ONE BESTSELLER!

-Nothing like this has ever been seen. Unlike recent other Hebraic versions, we do not rely solely on the problematic Masoretic rabbinic text as a basic text, as it has been doctored by the unbelieving scribes and rabbis, against the real Messiah, our Savior! Almost all versions of Scripture, use the Masoretic text as their base text. WE DO NOT because our Messiah and His disciples did not!

-Front Dedication Page With YAH's Great Name For Yourself Or To A loved One As A Gift.

-We use The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Septuagint used by Messiah while on earth, as well as The Aramaic Peshitta & The Hebrew Matthew. We also us the highly reliable Samaritan-Shomronite Torah unlike any other version!

-Abba YAH and His Son's Words in Italics from Genesis-Revelation & In The Apocrypha.

-Abba YAH and Messiah's Names in Paleo Hebrew! Pronounce them as you prefer.

-Extensive Hebrew-English Glossary In Back.

-Learn key Hebrew words in Torah, without getting overwhelmed by them.

-Weekly Torah & Renewed Covenant Portions Embedded in the Torah.

-Missing Mid Year Feasts Restored In The Actual Text From Reliable Sources!

-New Updated Textual Changes Based On Enoch, The Shomronim-Samaritans, Joshua's Altar, David's Rebellion, The End Times, Heavenly Time Keeping, Torah Marriages, The Restoration of the order of Melchezedek, Prophecy & Other Key Topics.

NEW!-Major parts of The Book of Hebrews restored to give clarity to the Word of YAH that met Avraham!

-Example of Topics Addressed & Corrected in the RSTNE text found nowhere else:

-Corrections from the LXX & DSS.

-Location of Joshua's Altar On Gerazim.

-The eternal significance of Shiloh and the place that YAH had already chosen way before Jerusalem.

-Zipporah asking for Moses to circumcise her heart not her son.

-Passages stating that the coming Messiah will not sin, unlike Solomon.

-Rabbinic doctoring of ancient texts exposed and fully corrected.

-Dividing the land of Israel by angels and men.

-David's rebellion in building a House for YAH.

-Samaritan Torah Restorations.

-The Ezra & XIV Redactions against the House of Yisrael.

-The Two Houses of Israel with scores of restored texts and understanding.

-Corrections of the mistranslations regarding Yisrael being kings, as opposed to priests in a kingdom

NEW!-The missing spirit in Isaiah 11 and its connection to Shabbat.

-Resurrection references restored in Isaiah 53.

NEW!-The True Name of YAH found in ancient LXX Esther manuscripts now fully restored.

-The powerful restoration of Psalm 110.

-The correct understanding of "My Word" Melchezedek, as opposed to according to the "order" of Melkezedek.

-Clear revelation of the Melchezedek that met Abraham.

-David and his sons trying to fill the Melchezedek role.

-The rebuilding of the altar at Salem where the Dabar YAH used to hold sacrifices.

-The city of David & the altar of Melchezedek.

-The lineage of Melchezedek in Luke.

-Competing genealogies.

-The missing person in Matthew's genealogy.

-The curse on Jeconiah and Zerubbabel both reversed, along with the timelines and their messianic implications.

-Why Zerubbavel could not be king after the exile from Babylon.

-The dividing of the nations by angels and men.

-Nimrod being a fallen giant nafal hunter himself.

NEW!-Understand how the Shema was amended & why Messiah expanded it, without really changing it plus so much more!

NEW!-Pagan names of months have been removed & corrected.

-New Four Column Format For Easier Reading.

-The 18 Books of the Modern English Apocrypha include: Baruch, The Three Guards, Bel & The Dragon, The Prayer of Azariah, Susanna, Sirach, Toviyah, Book of Wisdom, Judith, Prayer of Menasheh, Didache, Barnabas, Clement, Enoch, Jubilees, First & Second Maccabees & Third Corinthians.

NEW!-The missing throne of David and kingdom references at the end of Didache Chapter 16 has been restored. No Other translation does that.

-Gorgeous Glossy Blue Or Red Covers. 

-5 Color Ribbon Bookmark With Every Copy.

-Spine Cloth Decorative Trim.

-Each Copy individually bubble wrapped for safekeeping in transit.

-Book Dimensions 8.5 x 11 x 2.

-Order these as gifts for family and friends as you build His Kingdom.

-Cases of 2, 5 or 10 copies at a reduced cost!

-8.5" by 11", 50 lb. White Offset Paper, 12 + Point Black Font, Bold Easy To Read Text, 1,043 Pages. 6 pounds per book.

-Same Day Shipping When In Stock!

-We ship domestically and internationally. Shipping cost will be calculated at easy checkout. We offer many shipping options.

See our discounts for quantity purchases. Buy a case of 2, 5 or 10 RSTNEs, save money and spread the Good News in a pure Hebraic context!

-Gorgeous Royal Blue Or Red Covers!


**Please note regarding the RSTNE 8th Large Print Edition-If we do not have the color you select in stock, we will automatically send you what is in stock, so that there is no delay in your order. This is rare but can occur. It will be either a blue or red cover. Both are the same exact book, so not to worry! 

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