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The Restoration Scriptures Eighth Edition Study Guide-Larger Print-ALL LEVELS

The Restoration Scriptures Eighth Edition Study Guide-Larger Print-ALL LEVELS

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A Study Tool For The Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Edition

Scholarship & Notes by Dr. Sholiach Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky. Includes all updates as of March 2024! NOW IN LARGER PRINT!

A Study Guide Equivalent To A Four Year Bible College Education! Study Notes By Dr. Sholiach-Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky, a recognized scholar of Hebraic biblical studies, walking in the Ruach-Spirit of YAH, for over 40 years! He is the compiler of the best English language translation known as The Restoration Scriptutres True Name Eighth Edition, restoring hundreds of verses to their original intenet and meaning. The Study Guide features:
-Corrections from the LXX, Aramaic, Syriac, Dead Sea Scrolls & Hebrew Matthew.
-Location of Joshua's Altar On Gerazim.
-The eternal significance of both Gerazim Shiloh and the places that YHUH had already chosen way before He allowed Jerusalem.
-Zipporah asking for Moses to circumcise her heart not her son.
-Passages stating that the coming Messiah will not sin, unlike Solomon.
-Rabbinic doctoring of ancient texts exposed and fully corrected. Church anti Torah errors removed.
-Dividing the land of Israel by angels and men.
-David's rebellion in building a House for YHUH.
-Samaritan Torah Restorations.
-The Ezra & XIV Redactions against the House of Yisrael exposed.
-The Two Houses of Israel with scores of restored texts and understanding.
-Corrections of the mistranslations regarding Yisrael being kings, as opposed to simply priests in a kingdom
-The missing ruach-spirit in Isaiah 11 and its connection to Shabbat.
-Resurrection references restored in Isaiah 53.
-The True Name of YHUH found in ancient LXX Esther manuscripts now fully restored, along with missing parts of the scroll.
-The powerful full restoration of Psalm 110.
-The correct understanding of "My Word" Melchezedek, as opposed to according to the "order" of Melkezedek.
-Clear revelation of the Melchezedek that met Abraham.
-David and his sons trying to fill the Melchezedek role.
-The rebuilding of the altar at Salem where the Dabar YHUH used to hold sacrifices.
-The city of David & the altar of Melchezedek.
-The lineage of Melchezedek in Luke.
-Competing genealogies clarified.
-The missing person in Matthew's genealogy.
-The curse on Jeconiah and Zerubbabel both reversed, along with the timelines and their messianic implications.
NEW!-Why Zerubbavel could not be king after the exile from Babylon.
NEW!-The dividing of the nations by both angels and men.
NEW!-Nimrod being a fallen giant nafal hunter himself.
NEW!-Understand how The Shema was amended & why Messiah expanded it, without really changing it. 
NEW!-Pagan names of months have been removed & corrected for the first time in any Scripture version.
NEW! Isaiah 9:6 restored to its original meaning before rabbinic redactions.
NEW! Isaiah 14:12 repaired and corrects the evil lie of the so called Greco-Latin Lucifer!
NEW! True Meaning of Second Timothy 2:15 restored from all corruption.
NEW! Key Textual corrections in Revelation 1:6 and 5:10.
NEW! Proper understanding of Women Keep Quiet In The Assembly, in First Corinthians 14:34-35.
NEW! Explanation of the mixed multitude in Exodus 12:38 and so very much more!

***Please note! This is the study notes & guide softcover book, not the actual Scriptures which can be ordered separately.  

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