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Restoration Scriptures True Name Eighth Editions

The Rebirth Of Yisraelite Marriage

The Rebirth Of Yisraelite Marriage

A manual that will turn generational hang-ups into liberating truths. The Rebirth of Yisraelite Marriage-Sexual Freedom of Torah is the only book ever written to date on kosher marriage alternatives from a Torah based Nazarene Yisraelite - Messianic point of view.

Your Contents -A Beware-The Leaven of Herod-Chapter One-Ultimate Goal- Honor the Marital Covenant At All Costs -Chapter Two-Adam, Lilly and Eve-The First Original Plural Family -Chapter Three-Echad-Khad and Leaders in Yisrael-Chapter Four-Torah Based Single and Plural Marriages -Chapter Five-The Church’s Gift to Us -Chapter Six-The Orthodox Jewish View of Single and Plural Marriages-Chapter Seven A More in Depth View - Covering All the Bases -Chapter Eight-Even Deeper-Chapter Nine-The Two Houses - A Picture of One Nation and Two Brides-Chapter Ten-Yisraelite or Gentile Sex?-YHUH the Progressive One-Chapter Eleven-Three Standout Counterfeits -Chapter Twelve-Nudity-Who Draws the Line? -Chapter Thirteen-The Media Obstacle to Torah-Chapter Fourteen-Niddah in Israelite Marriage-Chapter Fifteen-The Divorce on Demand Horror Show-Chapter Sixteen-The Ultimate Decision - Disciple or Torah Fan? -Chapter Seventeen-A Typical Dialogue -Chapter Eighteen-The Islam Factor & the Messianic Movement-Chapter Nineteen-Restoration of Israelite Patriarchy-Chapter Twenty-Marriage and Sex in the Millennial Kingdom-Chapter Twenty One-Cutting through Koheleth-Ecclesiastes-

Addendum One- The Law of the Land - Is Patriarchy Illegal?
-Addendum Two-Scientific Study on Mandated Monogamy
-Addendum Three-Shetach & the Biblical Hebraic Marriage.

Again, do you think that we still need to keep defending and apologizing to you [about the truths of this book]? We speak before YHUH in the Moshiach; but we do all things, dearly beloved, for you [Israelites] to be built up [and sexually healed].” Second Corinthians-Qorintyah Bet 12:19.The term polygyny has sadly become associated with modern abuse and religious cults in the minds of many. The devil has thrown this word around loosely to pervert truths revealed in YHUH’s Word. Therefore we use the more Scriptural term “patriarchal marriage,” seeing that the remnant of Israel is all about the restoration of the faith and lifestyle of our patriarchs. The terms “plural marriage or polygyny,” are also used in these pages to refer to patriarchal marriage, or the marriage option practiced by Abraham, Jacob, Moses and others. This end time prophetic work is not necessarily pro anything. Not pro monogamy, pro patriarchal marriage, or pro any other sexual agenda. It is solely PRO TRUTH, as found in Scripture, seeking and then presenting the healing for the confused, hurt, frustrated and hopeless myriads of born again believers, needing clear answers. This is your answer!

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