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The Final Exodus

The Final Exodus

The Final Exodus an in depth look at radical Islam. The primary focus of the book is the end time prophesies and movements of Islam, as seen in Scripture. This work will confirm and reveal beyond any shadow of doubt, that Islam is seen in many pages of Scripture, as we delve into the personality, name and place of origin of the "mahshiach neged," or anti messiah.

-The FINAL EXODUS using Scriptures from Revelation and Micah and other books, unveil the upcoming events of the end time beast empire with pinpoint accuracy, even as it has predicted the current news events in Iraq and Syria some 6-7 years ahead of time. The human heart and makeup is worse today than it was in the dark days of National Socialist Germany. It is an ideology that is ready to kill billions, not mere millions, if they do not take the mark of the beast! All believers and non Muslims have been targeted to take that mark with the pledge of allegiance to Allah through the "shaheedah". And most shocking is that believers can take it unintentionally through political brainwashing. The Final Exodus lays out the days we are in now leading up to the return of Moshiach!

Published by RSTNE.COM

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