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The Dangers of A Dual Natured Messiah

The Dangers of A Dual Natured Messiah

DANGERS OF A DUAL NATURED MESSIAH By Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

In this ground breaking affirming work on Messiah Yahusha's deity, we expose the works and workings of darkness, that have turned Messiah into a hybrid deity, humanized to carry a human nature like ours from dust. The concept of His humanity, makes His offering both cannibalism and a human sacrifice, both strictly forbidden in Torah! This alleged "theanthropos" is not the Savior of the Scriptures and many resting comfortably in their false confession of His supposed dual nature are not even saved because religion has leavened the true WHOLE WHEAT UNLEAVENED BREAD FROM HEAVEN! If you study one topic this year, make sure this is the one! Your true salvation from sin may depend on it!

Chapter 1- The Whole Wheat Unleavened Bread- P. 1

Chapter 2- Declaring the Bread of YHUH’s Face- P. 16

Chapter 3- Truth Is Still Opposed By the Religious- P. 26

Chapter 4- The Shavuot Exchange & the Missing Link- P. 35

Chapter 5- Torah Sacrifices Did Not Become Human-The Problem of Human Sacrifice- P. 45

Chapter 6- Dangers of A Dual Natured Messiah- P. 48

Chapter 7- Seed of The Woman? Yes And No!- P. 64

Chapter 8- The Term Son of Man- P. 71

Chapter 9- Where’s Mom?- P. 80

Chapter 10- Heresies of Our Past – A Rabbinical Exchange- P. 85

Chapter 11- The Whole Wheat Unleavened Showbread- P. 88

Chapter 12- What The First 12 Apostles Believed- P. 91

Chapter 13-The Fourth Man-P.95

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