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YHUH - The Tetragrammaton-Yud-Hay-Ooo-Hey. The True Name of The Father, as it appears in the First Covenant Hebrew Text almost 7,000 times and inserted into the Renewed Covenant text based on scholarship, consistency and the Torah command of Exodus 3:15. Used throughout The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern Apocrypha ©.

YAHUSHA- Yud-Hey-U-Shen-Ayen in Hebrew. The True Name of The Only Begotten Son, The Messiah. Used throughout The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern Apocrypha ©. Both forms Yahusha and Yahoshua are valid, as both have been found in ancient reliable manuscripts.

Ahlohim –  Aleph-Lamed-Hey-Yud-Mem in Hebrew, Ahlaheem, a title YHUH often uses for Himself. In the ancient Paleo Hebrew, the Alef was pronounced AH not EH and was  changed later by the rabbinical leaders. The proper pronunciation is Ahlaheem and refers to YAH often, depending on the context. 

ahlohim-Lower case a indicates a false or false deities.

Ahloha - Aleph-Lamed-Vav-Hey in Hebrew. Ahloha, a singular title for Ahlaheem in Aramaic, Syriac and in Paleo Hebrew.

Resources Used For The Text

LXX - Septuagint (The Greek translation of the actual Hebrew Tanach, done circa 200-150 BCE by 70 Hebraic scholars from Jerusalem). Far more reliable than the doctored rabbinic anti-Messiah Masoretic text.

Peshitta - The Aramaic Renewed Covenant.

Shem Tov Matthew - Middle Age Hebrew text, claiming to be derived directly from the ancient original Hebrew Matthew.

Old Syriac - A middle age Aramaic translation derived from a Greek manuscript. Not having the authority, or legitimacy of the Aramaic Peshitta, possibly the original documents of the Renewed Covenant.

SP - Samaritan Pentateuch-Torah. The manuscript most venerated by the Samaritans, from which all other copies are reported to originate. This copy was written by Joshua son of Nun, as seen in Joshua 8:32-34. It is claimed to be the first Torah written in the Holy Land. Its reputed antiquity, traced back to the very earliest days of the Israelite experience, gives the scroll a place of honor within the Samaritan community and is reported to be the oldest known Paleo Hebrew Torah. Many verses match the LXX and DSS far better than the Masoretic.

XIV - Quattuordecim or the translation of the 14, including Ezra. See Nehemiah 8:7-8. The 14 translated the Paleo Hebrew into Aramaic block letters in 445 BCE, as Hebrew was mostly no longer understood after the Babylonian captivity. All modern manuscripts in all languages, including the LXX & the Masoretic Text, come from the XIV. Only the Paleo Hebrew Torah preserved by the Samaritans differs. The Samaritans did not keep any other books, only the Torah. Ezra and the XIV made many key changes to the SP, as confirmed in the DSS and sometimes in the LXX.

Background On Our Work Since 2002

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 X - The last letter of the ancient Paleo Hebrew alphabet, The Tau -Taf, used to indicate the end of a scroll in The Restoration Scriptures True
Name 8th Large Print Edition With Modern
Apocrypha ©.

Recent LXX Discoveries

Some of the more amazing discoveries we have found in the LXX that match the Dead Sea Scrolls, have been added and included in the text. Examples would be Isaiah-Yeshayahu 9:6 and Proverbs-Mishle 30:4. A joy that will be crystal clear, as you find these missing Yahusha verses that existed before later rabbinic redactions.

“Works Of Law” Explained

Just added, found in no other translation. The correct terms and understanding of Miqsat Maaseh Ha-Torah (Hebrew) meaning A Few Of The Key Torah Precepts [as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls]. This finally addresses the age old question of what the Apostle Paul meant by the term "works of law.”

Latest Textual Updates Found Only In The Golden Standard Edition

Many textual verses from the Shomronite-Samaritan Torah, copied by Joshua son of Nun, as seen in Joshua Ch. 8. The location of Joshua's Altar On Mt. Gerazim.

Corrections about Enoch & the Shomronim-Samaritans.

David's Rebellion in building a House for YAH.

The End Times, Heavenly Time Keeping & Torah Marriages.

The seven Spirits of Messiah restored & its connection to Shabbat.

The latest corrections from the errors of Ezra the scribe, & The XIV.

Rabbinic anti Messiah errors & redactions have been fully removed & the texts restored to the original readings.

Missing Mid Year Feasts Restored In The Actual Text.

The eternal significance of Shiloh & the place that YAH had already chosen way before Jerusalem.

Zipporah asking for Moses to circumcise her heart not her son.

Passages stating that the coming Messiah will never sin, unlike Solomon.

Dividing the land of Israel by angels, according to Israel’s sons.

The Two Houses of Israel with scores of restored texts & understandings.

Corrections of the mistranslations regarding Yisrael being kings, as opposed to priests in a kingdom.

Resurrection references restored in Isaiah 53.

The powerful full restoration of Psalm 110.

The correct understanding of "My Word"  Melchezedek, as opposed to according to the "order" of Melkezedek.

Clear revelation of the identity of The Melchezedek that met Abraham & the restored order of Melkezedek.

David & his sons trying to fill the Melchezedek role but not qualified to do so.

The rebuilding of the altar at Salem where the Dabar YAH used to hold sacrifices.

The city of David & the altar of Melchezedek.

The lineage of Melchezedek clarified in Luke. Competing genealogies solved.

The missing person in Matthew's genealogy.

The curse on Jeconiah & Zerubbabel both reversed, along with the timelines & their messianic implications.

Why Zerubbavel could not be king of Judah after the exile from Babylon.

Nimrod being a fallen giant hunter himself.

How the Shema was amended & why Messiah expanded it, without really changing it.

Missing Didache Ch. 16 kingdom verses restored.

Restored Book of Esther containing YAH’s Name in Paleo.

Names of pagan rabbinical, Roman and Chaldean months removed.