Psalms-Tehellim 151-155

PSALMS 151-155-DSS



Kuf Nun Aleph

151 I was small among my brothers and youngest in my abba’s bayit: I tended my abba’s sheep.

2 My hands formed a musical instrument and my fingers tuned a guitar.

3 And who shall tell my YHUH? The Master Himself, He Himself will hear.

4 He sent forth His heavenly malach and took me from my abba’s sheep and He anointed me with the oil of His anointing.

5 My brothers were handsome and tall; but YHUH did not take pleasure in them.

6 I went forth to meet the Plishti; and he cursed me by his idols.

7 But I drew his own sword and beheaded him and removed reproach from the children of Yisrael. 

The prayer of Hezekiah, when enemies surrounded him.

 Kuf Nun Bet

152  With a loud voice, glorify Ahlohim; in the assembly of many proclaim His esteem.

2 Amid the multitude of the tzadikim esteem His tehilla; and speak of His esteem with the tzadikim.

3 Join your nephesh to the tov and to the perfect, to esteem Al Alyon.

4 Gather yourselves together to make known His strength; and be not slow in showing forth His deliverance and His strength and His esteem to all children.

5 That the honor of YHUH may be known, cochmah has  been given; and to tell of His works it has been made known to men:

6 To make known unto children His strength and to make them that lack binah to comprehend His esteem;

7 Who are far from His entrances and distant from His gates:

8 Because The YHUH of Yaakov is exalted and His esteem is upon all His works.  

9 And a man who glorifies Al Alyon, in him, will He take pleasure; as in one who offers fine meal and as in one who offers male goats and calves;

10 And as in one who makes fat the altar with a multitude of ascending olah offerings; and as the smell of incense from the hands of the tzadikim.

11 From your upright gates shall be heard His voice and from the voice of the upright admonition.

12 And in their eating shall they be satisfied in emet and in their drinking, when they share as echad.

13 Their dwelling is in the Torah of Al Alyon and their speech is to make known His strength.

14 How far from the wicked is talk about Him and from all transgressors to know Him!

15 See, the eyes of YHUH takes pity on the tov ones, and unto them that esteem Him, will He multiply rachamim and from the time of evil, will He deliver their nephesh.

16 Blessed be YHUH, who has delivered the wretched from the hand of the wicked; who raises up a Horn out of Yaakov and a Shophet of the nations out of Yisrael;

17 That He may prolong His dwelling in Tsiyon and may adorn our age in Yahrushalayim.

When the people obtained permission from Koresh to return home.

Kuf Nun Gimel

153 O YHUH, I have cried unto You; listen to me.

2 I have lifted up my hands to Your kadosh dwelling place; incline Your ear unto me.

3 And grant me my request; my tefillah withhold not from me.

4 Build up my nephesh and destroy it not; and lay it not bare before the wicked.

5 Them that repay evil things, turn them away from me, O Shophet of Emet.

6 O YHUH, do not give mishpat to me according to my sins, because no basar is innocent before You.

7 Make plain to me, O YHUH, Your Torah and teach me Your mishpathim;

8 And many shall hear of Your works and the nations shall give tehillot for Your esteem.

9 Remember me and forget me not; and lead me not into things that are too hard for me.

10 The sins of my youth make you to pass from me, and in my chastisement, let them not be against me.

11 Cleanse me, O YHUH, from the evil leprosy and let it no more come to me.

12 Dry up its roots in me and let not its leaves sprout within me.

13 Great are you, O YHUH; therefore my request  shall be fulfilled from before You.

14 To whom shall I complain that he may give to me? And what can the strength of men add to me?

15 From before You, O YHUH, is my confidence; I  cried to YHUH  and He heard me and healed the breaking of my lev.

16 I slumbered and slept; I dreamed and was helped, and YHUH sustained me.  

17 They sorely pained my lev; I will return hodu, because You YHUH delivered me.  

18 Now will I rejoice in their shame; I have tikvah in You and I shall not be ashamed.

19 I give You esteem, even le-olam-va-ed.

20 Deliver Yisrael your elect and them of Beit Yaakov your proven one.

Spoken by David when he was contending with the lion and the wolf, which took a sheep from his flock.

Kuf Nun Daled

154 O Ahlohim, O Ahlohim, come to my aid; help me and save me; deliver my nephesh from the slayer.

2 Shall I go down to Sheol by the mouth of the lion? Or shall the wolf confound me?

3 Was it not enough for them that they lay in wait for my abba's flock and tore in pieces a sheep of my abba's drove, but they were wishing also to destroy my nephesh?

4 Have pity, O YHUH, and save your kadosh one from  destruction; that he may rehearse your esteem, in all his times and may give tehillah to your great Name:

5 When You have delivered him from the hands of the destroying lion and of the ravening wolf and when You have rescued my captivity from the hands of the wild beasts.

6 Quickly, O my YHUH, send from before You A Deliverer and draw me out of the gaping pit, which imprisons me in its depths.

Spoken by David when returning thanks to YHUH, who had delivered him from the lion and the wolf and he had slain both of them.

Kuf Nun Hey

155 Give tehillot to YHUH, all you nations; glorify Him and bless His Name:

2 Who rescued the nephesh of His elect, from the hands of death and delivered His kadosh one from destruction:

3 And saved me from the nets of Sheol and my nephesh from the pit that cannot be imagined.

4 Because, before my deliverance could go forth from before Him, I was almost torn in two pieces by two wild beasts.

5 But He sent His Malach YHUH and protected me from their gaping mouths and rescued my life from destruction.

6 My nephesh shall esteem Him and exalt Him, because of all His kindnesses which He has done and will do unto me. X