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STUDY GUIDE-The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition Study Guide Genesis - Revelation With Modern Apocrypha

STUDY GUIDE-The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition Study Guide Genesis - Revelation With Modern Apocrypha

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THE RESTORATION SCRIPTURES TRUE NAME LARGE PRINT EDITION STUDY NOTES GENESIS - REVELATION WITH MODERN APOCRYPHA. A SCRIPTURAL STUDY GUIDE. Scholarship & Notes by Sholiach Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky. Includes all updates as of February 24,2023!  Get it here and you can make 4 small easy payments & no interest with Shop Pay!   

Over 7,000 Study Notes including on the Apocrypha. Never before released in a separate book. A complimentary book to the THE RESTORATION SCRIPTURES TRUE NAME 8TH LARGE PRINT EDITION WITH MODERN APOCRYPHA. Equivalent to a four year Bible College education. Order a single copy or save on a case of 3, 5 or 10. Whatever you choose, make sure to get enough copies for your home group or Scripture study group, so you can all be on the same page. If you are a group leader, there is enough insights to form sermons for decades with insights and revelations up to date, available through the Set Apart Spirit and assembled in this study guide! Over 38 years of teaching study notes included by a leading prophetic scholar of the Living Active Word, Sholiach Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky.  

Example of Topics Addressed in the RSTNE Study Notes Book-found nowhere else:

-Corrections from the LXX & DSS.
-Location of Joshua's Altar On Gerazim.
-The eternal significance of Shiloh and the place that YAH had already chosen way before Jerusalem.
-Zipporah asking for Moses to circumcise her heart not her son.
-Passages stating that the coming Messiah will not sin, unlike Solomon.
-Rabbinic doctoring of ancient texts exposed and fully corrected by multiple witnesses.
-Dividing the land of Israel by angels and men.
-David's rebellion in building a House for YAH.
-Samaritan Torah Restorations.
-The Ezra & XIV Redactions against the House of Yisrael.
-The Two Houses of Israel with scores of restored texts and understanding.
-Corrections of the mistranslations regarding Yisrael being kings, as opposed to priests in a kingdom
-The missing spirit in Isaiah 11 and its connection to Shabbat.
-The True Name of YAH found in ancient LXX Esther manuscripts now fully restored.  
-New! Ahlaheem-Elohim as a title for YHUH also now in Paleo Hebrew.    
-Pagan names of months removed.
-Resurrection references restored in Isaiah 53.
-The powerful full restoration of Psalm 110.
-The correct understanding of "My Word"  Melchezedek, as opposed to according to the "order" of Melkezedek.
-Clear revelation of the Melchezedek that met Abraham.
-David and his sons trying to fill the Melchezedek role but not able.
-The rebuilding of the altar at Salem where the Dabar YAH used to hold sacrifices.
-The city of David & the altar of Melchezedek.
-The hidden lineage of Melchezedek in Luke.
-Competing genealogies solved.
-The missing person in Matthew's genealogy.
-The curse on Jeconiah and Zerubbabel both reversed, along with the timelines and their messianic implications.
-Why Zerubbavel and others from his royal  seed could not be king of Judah after the exile from Babylon.
-The dividing of the nations by angels and men.
-Nimrod being a fallen giant nafal hunter himself.
-Understanding how the Shema was amended and why Messiah expanded it, without really changing it. Fresh insights into The Shema taught by Messiah and how it differs from the letter of the law.
-The restored missing verses in Didache Chapter 16 restored & explained+++ so much more! 

Receive insights you never before realized even existed due to rabbinical and church nefarious activity to hide and alter the set apart Hebraic books. All these insights are found in this handsome Study Softcover book.

280 pages 8.5 by 11, softcover gloss, 50 lb. white paper 1.8 lbs. 12 point font, purple covers. 

The Study Notes are also available free online HERE! 

***Please note! This is the study notes & guide softcover book, not the actual Scriptures. Thus, the softcover by popular request.

The RSTNE Scriptures are available HERE! 

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