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Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Red Letter Editions

KEYCHAIN- 2-SIDED On Leather: YHUH in Paleo Hebrew (Front) & Menorah (Back)

KEYCHAIN- 2-SIDED On Leather: YHUH in Paleo Hebrew (Front) & Menorah (Back)

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KEYCHAIN-2-SIDED LEATHER PIECE: YHUH in Paleo Hebrew (On Front) & Black Menorah (On Back)

Excellent Gift Idea for ANY Believing Friend.

Beautiful, Minimalist, yet with POWERFUL REMINDERS to help you witness your FAITH To All you meet on The Way of LIFE!

Practical to SERVE YOU as a PRAYER TRIGGER at any point throughout your schedule/activities!!!!

Ergonomic as the shape fits comfortably & securely in your hand.

High-Quality, Hand-Made: This piece is hand-cut, tooled, dyed, and coated leather to last you a long time.

Maintenance Tip: For extended life, keep from getting wet or being in moisture.

Thank you for visiting our store. Come again; Bring A Friend & Shalom!


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