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The Complete Restoration Of Our People Yisrael

The Complete Restoration Of Our People Yisrael


Over 30 Years of Intense Research Proving That The 12 Tribes of Israel Are Being Regathered In Our Lifetime By The Son of Yah-Messiah Yahusha! All In One Book!

Written & Presented By One Of The Leading Scholars On The 10 Lost Tribes & The Israelite Heritage of All Believers in Messiah Yahusha!

We have proven and you can discover in this 272 page softcover 8.5 by 11 perfect bound 11 point font book, that you too are a literal and physical part of the Olive Tree of Israel.

Crucial Topics Covered:

  • Chapter 1- You Came From Jacob P.2

  • Chapter-2- The Work Is Underway P.13

  • Chapter-3- The End Time Solution to Replacement Theology P.23

  • Chapter-4- What Judaism Says About Joseph’s Seed! P.35

  • Chapter-5- The Olive Tree Mystery P.48

  • Chapter-6- Under Whose Tents Shall We Dwell? P.59

  • Chapter-7- Another Place Appointed P.64

  • Chapter-8-180 Degrees Apart! P.68

  • Chapter-9- Marching Orders! P.81

  • Chapter-10- Circumcision Liberty For New Covenant Yisrael P.83

  • Chapter-11- A Stumbling Block To Restoration P.88

  • Chapter-12- The Building Of Our Nation P.103

  • Chapter-13- General Overview Of The Yisraelite Movements P.111

  • Chapter-14- Moses Seat & Nazarene Yisraelites P.120

  • Chapter-15- So What? P.130

  • Chapter-16- The 2nd Worst Sale In History! P.141

  • Chapter-17- The Role Of The Zadokites & Levites-A Third

  • Party Witness P.152

  • Chapter-18- No Israelite Adoptions! P.157

  • Chapter-19- A Celebration Of Renewed Life P.167

  • Chapter-20- When Will We Be One? P.172

  • Chapter-21- The Glue That Holds The Promise P.181

  • Chapter-22-The Mystery Of The Hidden Scepter P.197

  • Chapter-23-A Fresh Look At Just Who Is Yisrael? P.204

  • Chapter-24- Did The Patriarchs Know YHUH’s True Name? P.210

  • Chapter-25- Let’s Not Break The Third Commandment! P.212

  • Chapter-26- Ishmael Sons In Yisrael P.221

  • Chapter-27- The Mount OF Reversal 225

  • Chapter-28- Torah For All Returning Israelite Nations P.230

  • Chapter-29- Children of Salt-A Covenant of Salt Forever P.238

  • Chapter-30- From Kingdom Life To Conversion Death P.245

  • Chapter-31- The True Polygynous Nature of YHUH P.256

  • Chapter-32- Bloodline Theology Or Adoption? P.261

  • Chapter-33- Restoring Our Nation to Light P.264

  • Chapter-34- Nearing The Nation By Nivrechu P.269


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