To Our Forefathers Yisrael

Torah Parsha 1 Shavuah-Week 1-Beresheeth-Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 1-4. Renewed Covenant Mattityahu-Matthew chapters 1-6.

1 Beresheeth bara Ahlohim Aleph-Tau ha shamayim v-et ha-aretz.

2 And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the surface of the deep mayim. And The Ruach of Ahlohim moved upon the face of the mayim.

3 And Ahlohim said, Let there be Ohr: and Ohr was.

4 And Ahlohim saw The Ohr, that it was tov: and Ahlohim divided The Ohr from the darkness.

5 And Ahlohim called The Ohr, Daytime, and the darkness He called Lyla. And the evening and the boker were Yom Echad.

6 And Ahlohim said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the mayim and let it divide the mayim from the mayim.

7 And Ahlohim made the firmament and divided the mayim that were under the firmament from the mayim that were above the firmament: and it was so.

8 And Ahlohim called the firmament Shamayim. And the evening and the boker were Yom Shanee.

9 And Ahlohim said, Let the mayim under the shamayim be gathered together to one place and let the dry land appear; and it was so. And the mayim under the shamayim gathered to their gatherings and the dry land appeared.

10 And Ahlohim called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the mayim He called Seas: and Ahlohim saw that it was tov.

11 And Ahlohim said, Let the earth bring out grass, the herb yielding zera and the fruit eytz yielding fruit after its kind, whose zera is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

12 And the earth brought out grass and herb yielding zera after its kind and the eytz yielding fruit, whose zera was in itself, after its kind: and Ahlohim saw that it was tov.

13 And the evening and the boker were Yom Shlishi.

14 And Ahlohim said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the shamayim to divide the yom from the lyla; and let them be for signs-witnesses and for moadeem and for yamim and years:

15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the shamayim to give ohr upon the earth: and it was so.

16 And Ahlohim made-asah two great lights; the greater ohr to rule the yom and the lesser ohr to rule the lyla: therefore namely the cochavim.

17 And Ahlohim set them in the firmament of the shamayim to give ohr upon the earth,

18 And to rule over the yom and over the lyla and to divide the ohr from the darkness: and Ahlohim saw that it was tov.

19 And the evening and the boker were Yom Revee.

20 And Ahlohim said, Let the mayim bring out abundantly the moving creatures that have chayim and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of the shamayim.

21 And Ahlohim created great whales and every living creature that moves, which the mayim brought out abundantly, after their kind and every winged fowl after its kind: and Ahlohim saw that it was tov.

22 And Ahlohim blessed them, saying, Be fruitful and multiply and refill the mayim in the seas and let fowl multiply in the earth.

23 And the evening and the boker were Yom Chameeshe.

24 And Ahlohim said, Let the earth bring out the living creature after its kind, cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth after its kind: and it was so.

25 And Ahlohim made the beast of the earth after its kind and cattle after their kind and every thing that creeps upon the earth after its kind: and Ahlohim saw that it was tov.

26 And Ahlohim said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

27 So The Word of Ahlohim created man in His own image, in the image of Ahlohim He created him; male and female He created them.

28 And Ahlohim blessed them and Ahlohim said to them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.

29 And Ahlohim said, See, I have given you every herb bearing zera, which is upon the face of all the earth and every eytz, which is the fruit of an eytz yielding zera; to you it shall be for food.

30 And to every beast of the earth and to every fowl of the air and to every thing that creeps upon the earth, in which there is chayim, I have given every green herb for food: and it was so.

31 And Ahlohim saw every thing that He had made; and see; it was very tov. And the evening and the boker were Yom Sheshi.

2 So the shamayim and the earth were finished and all their hosts.

2 And on the sixth yom Ahlohim ended His work that He had made; and He rested on the seventh yom from all His work that He had made. 

3 And Ahlohim blessed the seventh yom and set it apart: because in it He had rested from all His work that Ahlohim created and made.

4 These are the generations of the shamayim and of the earth when they were created, in the yom that YHUH Ahlohim made the earth and the shamayim,

5 And every plant of the field before it was in the earth and every herb of the field before it grew: for YHUH Ahlohim had not caused it to rain upon the earth and there was not a man to till the ground.

6 But there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.

7 And YHUH Ahlohim formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils The Ruach of chayim; and man became a living nephesh.

8 And YHUH Ahlohim planted a garden eastward in Ayden; and there He put the man whom He had formed.

9 And out of the ground made YHUH Ahlohim to grow every eytz that is pleasant to the sight and tov for food; the eytz chayim also in the midst of the garden and the eytz of the da’at of tov and evil.

10 And a river went out of Ayden to water the garden; and from there it parted and became four riverheads.

11 The name of the first is Pishon: that is the one surrounding the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

12 And the gold of that land is tov: bdellium is there and the onyx stone.

13 And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same one that surrounds the whole land of Ethiopia.

14 And the name of the third river is Tigris: that is the one that goes toward the east of Ashshur. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

15 And YHUH Ahlohim took the man and put him into Gan Ayden to work it and to guard it.

16 And YHUH Ahlohim commanded the man, saying, Of every eytz of Gan Ayden you may freely eat!

17 But of the eytz of the da’at of tov and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the yom that you eat from it, you shall surely die.

18 And YHUH Ahlohim said, It is not tov that the Adahm should be alone; I will make for him a helper as his counterpart ezer-ke-negdo.

19 And out of the ground YHUH Ahlohim formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air; and brought them to Ahdahm to see what he would call them: and whatever Ahdahm called every living creature; that was the name of it.

20 And Ahdahm gave names to all the cattle and to the fowls of the air and to every beast of the field; but for Ahdahm there was not found a helper as his counterpart-ezer-ke-negdo.

21 And YHUH Ahlohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon Ahdahm and he slept: and He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place;

22 And with the rib that YHUH Ahlohim had taken from man, He made a woman and brought her to the man.

23 And the Ahdahm said, Now this time, this one, is now bone of my bones and this one, is now flesh of my flesh: to this one, she shall be called Isha because this one was taken out of Ish.

24 Therefore shall an Ish leave his abba and his eema and shall be joined to his Isha: and they shall be basar echad.

25 And they were both naked, the ish and his isha and were not ashamed.

3 Now the serpent was craftier than any beast of the field that YHUH Ahlohim had made. And he said to the woman, Is it emet? Has Ahlohim really said, You shall not eat of every eytz of the garden?

2 And the woman said to the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the eytzim of the garden:

3 But of the fruit of the eytz which is in the midst of the garden, Ahlohim has said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.

4 And the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die:

5 For Ahlohim does know that in the yom you eat of it, then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be like Ahlohim, knowing tov and evil.

6 And when the woman saw that the eytz was tov for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and an eytz to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit of it and did eat and gave it also to her husband with her; and he did eat.

7 And the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves breeches.

8 And they heard the voice of YHUH Ahlohim walking in the garden in the cool of the yom: and Ahdahm and his isha hid themselves from the presence of YHUH Ahlohim among the eytzim of the garden.

9 And YHUH Ahlohim called to Ahdahm and said to him, Where are you?

10 And he said, I heard Your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.

11 And He said, Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the eytz that I commanded you that you should not eat?

12 And the man said, The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the eytz and I did eat.

13 And YHUH Ahlohim said to the woman, What is this that you have done? And the woman said, The serpent deceived me and I did eat.

14 And YHUH Ahlohim said to the serpent, Because you have done this, you are cursed above all cattle and above every beast of the field; upon your belly shall you go and dust shall you eat all the yamim of your chayim:

15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your zera and her Zera; He shall crush your head and you shall be gazing up at His heel.

16 Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; in sorrow you shall bring out children; and your desire shall be to your husband and he shall rule over you.

17 And to Ahdahm He said, Because you have listened to the voice of your isha and have eaten of the eytz, of which I commanded you, saying, You shall not eat of it: cursed is the ground for your sake; in sorrow shall you eat from it all the yamim of your chayim;

18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring out for you; and you shall eat the herb of the field;

19 By the sweat of your face shall you eat lechem, until you return to the ground; for out of it were you taken: for dust you are and to dust shall you return.

20 And Ahdahm called his isha's name Chavah; because she was the eema of all living.

21 Unto Ahdahm also and to his isha did YHUH Ahlohim make coats of skins and clothed them.

22 And YHUH Ahlohim said, See, the man-Ahdahm has become as one of Us, to know tov and evil: and now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the eytz chayim and eat and live le-olam-va-ed:

23 Therefore YHUH Ahlohim sent him out from Gan Ayden, to work the ground from where he was taken.

24 So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of Gan Ayden cheruvim and a flaming sword that turned in every direction, to guard the derech back to the eytz chayim.

4 And Ahdahm had known Chavah his isha; and she conceived and bore Qayin and said, I have gotten a man from YHUH.

2 And she again bore his brother Hevel. And Hevel was a guardian of sheep, but Qayin was a tiller of the ground.

3 And in process of time it came to pass, that Qayin brought from the fruit of the ground an offering to YHUH.

4 And Hevel, also brought of the bechorot of his flock and of its fat. And YHUH had respect for Hevel and his offering:

5 But to Qayin and to his offering He had not respect. And Qayin was very angry and his face displayed hate.

6 And YHUH said to Qayin, Why are you angered and annoyed? And why is your face displaying hate?

7 If you do well, shall you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at your door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.

8 And Qayin talked with Hevel his ach: Let us go out into the plain. And it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Qayin rose up against Hevel his brother and killed him.

9 And YHUH said to Qayin, Where is Hevel your ach? And he said, I don’t know: Am I my ach's guardian?

10 And He said, What have you done? The voice of your brother's dahm cries to Me from the ground.

11 And now are you cursed from the earth, that has opened its mouth to receive your brother's dahm from your hand;

12 When you till the ground, it shall not from now on yield to you its strength; a fugitive and a wanderer shall you be in the earth.

13 And Qayin said to YHUH, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

14 See, You have driven me out this yom from the face of the earth; and from Your face shall I be hidden; and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that finds me shall try and kill me.

15 And YHUH said to him, Therefore whoever kills Qayin, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And YHUH set a mark upon Qayin, lest any finding him should kill him.

16 And Qayin went out from the presence of YHUH and dwelt in the land of Nod, to the east of Gan Ayden.

17 And Qayin knew his isha; and she conceived and bore Chanoch: and he built a city and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Chanoch.

18 And to Chanoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehuya-El: and Mehuya-El begat Methusa-El: and Methusa-El begat Lamech.

19 And Lamech took two wives: the name of one was Adah and the name of the other Zillah.

20 And Adah bore Yaval: he was The Abba of such as dwell in tents and of such as have cattle.

21 And his brother's name was Yuval: he was The Abba of all such as handle the harp and organ.

22 And Zillah, she also bore Tuval-Qayin, an instructor in every kind of brass and iron tool: and the sister of Tuval-Qayin was Naamah.

23 And Lamech said to his wives, Adah and Zillah, Shema to my voice; you wives of Lamech, listen to my speech: for I have slain a man to my own wounding and a young man to my hurt.

24 If Qayin shall be avenged seven times, truly Lamech seventy seven times.

25 And Ahdahm knew his isha again; and she bore a son and called his name Sheth: For Ahlohim, she said, has appointed me another zera instead of Hevel, whom Qayin killed.

26 And to Sheth, also there was born a son; and he called his name Enosh: then men began to call upon the Name of YHUH.

Torah Parsha 2 Shavuah-Week 2-Ahdahm v’Chawa Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 5-8. Renewed Covenant Mattityahu-Matthew chapters 7-11.

5 This is the scroll of the generations of Ahdahm. In the yom that Ahlohim created man, in the likeness of Ahlohim He made him;

2 Male and female He created them; and blessed them and called their name Ahdahm, in the yom when they were created.

3 And Ahdahm lived a hundred thirty years and begat a son in his own likeness, after his own image; and called his name Sheth:

4 And the yamim of Ahdahm after he had begotten Sheth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:

5 And all the yamim that Ahdahm lived were nine hundred thirty years: and he died.

6 And Sheth lived a hundred five years and begat Enosh:

7 And Sheth lived after he begat Enosh eight hundred seven years and begat sons and daughters:

8 And all the yamim of Sheth were nine hundred twelve years: and he died.

9 And Enosh lived ninety years and begat Kenan:

10 And Enosh lived after he begat Kenan eight hundred fifteen years and begat sons and daughters:

11 And all the yamim of Enosh were nine hundred five years: and he died.

12 And Kenan lived seventy years and begat Mahalal-El:

13 And Kenan lived after he begat Mahalal-El eight hundred forty years and begat sons and daughters:

14 And all the yamim of Kenan were nine hundred ten years: and he died.

15 And Mahalal-El lived sixty-five years and begat Yared:

16 And Mahalal-El lived after he begat Yared eight hundred thirty years and begat sons and daughters:

17 And all the yamim of Mahalal-El were eight hundred ninety five years: and he died.

18 And Yared lived a hundred sixty-two years and he begat Chanoch:

19 And Yared lived after he begat Chanoch eight hundred years and begat sons and daughters:

20 And all the yamim of Yared were nine hundred sixty two years: and he died.

21 And Chanoch lived sixty-five years and begat Metushelach:

22 And Chanoch had his halacha with Ahlohim after he begat Metushelach three hundred years and begat sons and daughters:

23 And all the yamim of Chanoch were three hundred sixty five years:

24 And Chanoch had his halacha with Ahlohim: and he was not; for Ahlohim took him.

25 And Metushelach lived a hundred eighty seven years and begat Lamech:

26 And Metushelach lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred eighty two years and begat sons and daughters:

27 And all the yamim of Metushelach were nine hundred sixty nine years: and he died.

28 And Lamech lived a hundred eighty two years and begat a son:

29 And he called his name Noach, saying, This one shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands because of the ground that YHUH has cursed.

30 And Lamech lived after he begat Noach five hundred ninety five years and begat sons and daughters:

31 And all the yamim of Lamech were seven hundred seventy seven years: and he died.

32 And Noach was five hundred years old: and Noach begat Shem, Ham and Yahpheth.

6 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them,

2 That the sons of Ahlohim saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful; and they took for themselves wives of all which they chose.

3 And YHUH said, My Ruach shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his yamim shall be one hundred twenty years.

4 There were Nephilim in the earth in those yamim; and also after that, when the sons of Ahlohim came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them, the same became gibborm-giants who were of old, men of fame.

5 And Ahlohim saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his lev was only evil continually.

6 And it bothered YHUH that He had made man on the earth and it grieved Him in His lev.

7 And YHUH said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man and beast and the creeping thing and the fowl of the air; for it bothers Me that I have made them.

8 But Noach found chen in the eyes of YHUH.

9 These are the generations of Noach: Noach was a tzadik man and perfect in his generations and Noach had his halacha with Ahlohim.

10 And Noach begat three sons, Shem, Ham and Yahpheth.

11 The earth also was corrupt before Ahlohim and the earth was filled with violence.

12 And Ahlohim looked upon the earth and, see, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted its derech upon the earth.

13 And Ahlohim said to Noach, The end of all flesh has come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, see, I will destroy them with the earth.

14 Make a tayvah of gopher wood; rooms you shall make in the tayvah and shall cover it inside and outside with tar.

15 And this is the design that you shall make it: The length of the tayvah shall be three hundred cubits, the width of it fifty cubits and the height of it thirty cubits.

16 A window shall you make to the tayvah and in a cubit shall you finish it above; and the door of the tayvah shall you set in the side of it; with lower, second and third stories shall you make it.

17 And, see, I, even I, do bring a flood of mayim upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, in which is The Ruach of chayim, from under the shamayim; and everything that is in the earth shall die.

18 But with you I will establish My brit; and you shall come into the tayvah, you and your sons and your isha and your sons' wives with you.

19 And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shall you bring into the tayvah, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female.

20 Of the fowl after their kind and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after its kind, two of every sort shall come to you, to keep them alive.

21 And take for you all food that is eaten and you shall gather it to you; and it shall be for food for you and for them.

22 So Noach did according to all that Ahlohim commanded him; so he did.

7 And YHUH said to Noach, Come you and all your bayit into the tayvah; for you have I seen tzadik before Me in this generation.

2 Of every clean beast you shall take by sevens, the male and the female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and the female.

3 Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep all zera alive upon the face of all the earth.

4 For in seven yamim, I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty yamim and forty laylot; and every living substance that I have made I will destroy from off the face of the earth.

5 And Noach did according to all that YHUH commanded him.

6 And Noach was six hundred years old when the flood of mayim was upon the earth.

7 And Noach went in and his sons and his isha and his sons' wives with him, into the tayvah because of the mayim of the flood.

8 Of clean beasts and of beasts that are not clean and of fowls and of every thing that creeps upon the earth,

9 They went in two by two to Noach into the tayvah, the male and the female, as Ahlohim had commanded Noach.

10 And it came to pass after seven yamim, that the mayim of the flood was upon the earth.

11 In the six hundredth year of Noach's chayim, in the second chodesh, the seventeenth yom of the chodesh, the same yom were all the fountains of the great deep broken up and the windows of the shamayim were opened.

12 And the rain was upon the earth forty yamim and forty laylot.

13 In the same yom entered Noach and Shem and Ham and Yahpheth, the sons of Noach and Noach's isha and the three wives of his sons with them, into the tayvah;

14 They and every beast after its kind and all the cattle after their kind and every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth after its kind and every fowl after its kind, every bird of every sort.

15 And they went in to Noach into the tayvah, two by two of all flesh, in which is The Ruach of chayim.

16 And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as Ahlohim had commanded him: and YHUH shut him in.

17 And the flood was forty yamim upon the earth; and the mayim increased and lifted up the tayvah and it was lifted up above the earth.

18 And the mayim prevailed and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the tayvah went upon the face of the mayim.

19 And the mayim prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills that were under the entire shamayim were covered.

20 Fifteen cubits upward did the mayim prevail; and the mountains were covered.

21 And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl and of cattle and of beast and of every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth and every man:

22 All in whose nostrils was The Ruach of chayim, of all that was in the dry land, died.

23 And every living substance was destroyed that was upon the face of the ground, both man and cattle and the creeping things and the fowls of the shamayim; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noach only remained alive and they that were with him in the tayvah.

24 And the mayim prevailed upon the earth one hundred fifty yamim.

8 And Ahlohim remembered Noach and every living thing and all the cattle that were with him in the tayvah: and Ahlohim made a wind to pass over the earth and the mayim subsided;

2 The fountains also of the deep and the windows of shamayim were stopped and the rain from the shamayim was restrained;

3 And the mayim returned from off the earth continually: and after the end of the hundred fifty yamim the mayim were abated.

4 And the tayvah rested in the seventh chodesh, on the seventeenth yom of the chodesh, upon the mountains of Ararat.

5 And the mayim decreased continually until the tenth chodesh: in the tenth chodesh, on the first yom of the chodesh, were the tops of the mountains seen.

6 And it came to pass at the end of forty yamim, that Noach opened the window of the tayvah that he had made:

7 And he sent out a raven, which went out back and forth, until the mayim were dried up from off the earth.

8 Also he sent out a yonah from him, to see if the mayim were abated from off the face of the ground;

9 But the yonah found no rest for the sole of her foot and she returned to him into the tayvah, for the mayim were on the face of the whole earth: then he put out his hand and took her and pulled her in to him into the tayvah.

10 And he stayed yet seven more yamim; and again he sent out the yonah out of the tayvah;

11 And the yonah came in to him in the evening; and, see, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off: so Noach knew that the mayim were abated from off the earth.

12 And he stayed yet seven more yamim; and sent out the yonah; which returned not again to him anymore.

13 And it came to pass in the six hundred first year, in the first chodesh, on the first yom of the chodesh, the mayim were dried up from off the earth: and Noach removed the covering of the tayvah and looked and, see, the face of the ground was dry.

14 And in the second chodesh, on the twenty-seventh yom of the chodesh, the earth was dried.

15 And Ahlohim spoke to Noach, saying,

16 Go out from the tayvah, you and your isha and your sons and your sons' wives with you.

17 Bring out with you every living thing that is with you, of all flesh, both of fowl and of cattle and of every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth; that they may breed abundantly in the earth and be fruitful and multiply upon the earth.

18 And Noach went out and his sons and his isha and his sons’ wives with him:

19 Every beast, every creeping thing and every fowl and whatever creeps upon the earth, after their kinds, went out of the tayvah.

20 And Noach rebuilt an altar to YHUH; and took of every clean beast and of every clean fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar.

21 And YHUH smelled a sweet fragrance; and YHUH said in His lev, I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake; for the imagination of man's lev is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite anymore every living thing, as I have done.

22 While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat and summer and winter and yom and lyla shall not cease.

Torah Parsha 3 Shavuah-Week 3-Vayevarech Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 9-12. Renewed Covenant Mattityahu-Matthew chapters 12-6.

9 And Ahlohim blessed Noach and his sons and said to them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.

2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moves upon the earth and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.

3 Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.

4 But flesh with the chayim in it, which is its dahm, shall you not eat.

5 And surely the dahm of your lives I will require; at the hand of every beast will I require it and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the chayim of man.

6 Whosoever sheds man's dahm, by man, shall his dahm be shed: for in the image of Ahlohim He made man.

7 And you, be fruitful and multiply; bring out abundantly in the earth and multiply in it.

8 And Ahlohim spoke to Noach and to his sons with him, saying,

9 And I, even I, will establish My brit with you and with your zera after you;

10 And with every living creature that is with you, the fowl, the cattle and every beast of the earth with you; from all that go out of the tayvah, to every beast of the earth.

11 And I will establish My brit with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off anymore by the mayim of a flood; neither shall there be a flood anymore to destroy the earth.

12 And Ahlohim said, This is the sign of the brit that I make between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

13 I do set My bow in the cloud and it shall be for a sign of a brit between the earth and Me.

14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

15 And I will remember My brit, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the mayim shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting brit between Ahlohim and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.

17 And Ahlohim said to Noach, This is the sign of the brit, which I have established between My Word and all flesh that is upon the earth.

18 And the sons of Noach that went out from the tayvah were Shem and Ham and Yahpheth: and Ham is The Abba of Kanaan.

19 These are the three sons of Noach: and from them was the whole earth filled.

20 And Noach began to be a man of the soil and he planted a vineyard:

21 And he drank of the wine and became drunk; and he was uncovered within his tent.

22 And Ham, The Abba of Kanaan, saw the nakedness of his abba and told his two brothers outside.

23 And Shem and Yahpheth took a garment and laid it upon both their shoulders and went in backwards and covered the nakedness of their abba; and their faces were backward and they saw not their abba's nakedness.

24 And Noach awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done to him.

25 And he said, Cursed be Kanaan; an eved of avadim shall he be to his brothers.

26 And he said, Barchu-et-YHUH Ahlohim of Shem; and Kanaan shall be his eved.

27 Ahlohim shall enlarge Yahpheth and YHUH shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Kanaan shall be his eved.

28 And Noach lived after the flood three hundred fifty years.

29 And all the yamim of Noach were nine hundred fifty years: and he died.

10 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noach, Shem, Ham and Yahpheth: and to them were sons born after the flood.

2 The sons of Yahpheth; Gomer and Magog and Madai and Yavan and Tuval and Meshech and Tiras.

3 And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz and Riphath and Togarmah.

4 And the sons of Yavan; Elishah and Tarshish, Chittim and Dodanim.

5 By these were the isles of the goyim divided in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their mishpachot, in their goyim.

6 And the sons of Ham; Kush and Mitzrayim and Phut and Kanaan.

7 And the sons of Kush; Seba and Havilah and Savtah and Raamah and Savtecha: and the sons of Raamah; Sheva and Dedan.

8 And Kush begat Nimrod: he began to be a giant in the earth.

9 He was a giant hunter before the face of YHUH: That is why it is said, Even as Nimrod the giant hunter before the face of YHUH.

10 And the beginning of his malchut was Bavel and Erech and Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

11 Out of that land went out Ashshur, who built Ninveh, and the city Rehovoth and Calah,

12 And Resen between Ninveh and Calah: the same is a great city.

13 And Mitzrayim begat Ludim and Anamim and Lehavim and Naphtuhim,

14 And Pathrusim and Kasluchim, out of whom came Plishtim and Kaphtorim.

15 And Kanaan begat Tzidon his bachor and Cheth,

16 And the Yevusite and the Amorite and the Girgashite,

17 And the Hivite and the Arkite and the Sinite,

18 And the Arvadite and the Zemarite and the Hamathite: and afterward were the mishpachot of the Kanaanites spread abroad.

19 And the border of the Kanaanites was from Tzidon, as you come to Gerar, to Azah, as you go, to Sedom and Amorah and Admah and Zevoim, even to Lasha.

20 These are the sons of Ham, after their mishpachot, after their tongues, in their countries and in their goyim.

21 Unto Shem also, The Abba of all the children of Ever, the brother of Yahpheth the elder, even to him were children born.

22 The children of Shem; Eylam and Ashshur and Arphaxad and Lud and Aram.

23 And the children of Aram; Uz and Hul and Gether and Mash.

24 And Arphaxad begat Kaynan and Kaynan begat Salah; and Salah begat Ever.

25 And to Ever were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his yamim was the earth divided; and his brother's name was Yoktan.

26 And Yoktan begat Almodad and Sheleph and Hazar-Maveth and Yourah,

27 And Hadoram and Uzal and Diklah,

28 And Oval and Avima-El and Sheva,

29 And Ophir and Havilah and Yovab: all these were the sons of Yoktan.

30 And their dwelling was from Mesha, as you are going to Sephar a har of the east.

31 These are the sons of Shem, after their mishpachot, after their tongues, in their lands, after their goyim.

32 These are the mishpachot of the sons of Noach, after their generations, in their goyim. By these mishpachot were the goyim divided in the earth after the flood.

11 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.

2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

3 And they said one to another, Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone and slime had they for mortar.

4 And they said, Come, let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach to the shamayim; and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

5 And YHUH came down to see the city and the tower that the children of men built.

6 And YHUH said, See, the people are echad and they all have one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

7 Come, let Us go down and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

8 So YHUH scattered them abroad from there upon the face of all the earth: and they ceased to build the city.

9 Therefore its name is called Bavel; because YHUH did there confuse the language of all the earth: and from there did YHUH scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

10 These are the generations of Shem: Shem was a hundred years old and begat Arphaxad two years after the flood:

11 And Shem lived after he begat Arphaxad three hundred thirty five years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

12 And Arphaxad lived one hundred thirty-five years, and begat Cainan:

13 And Arphaxad lived after he begat Cainan three hundred thirty years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

And Cainan lived one hundred and thirty years and begat Salah. And Cainan lived after he begat Salah three hundred and thirty years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

14 And Salah lived one hundred thirty years and begat Ever:

15 And Salah lived after he begat Ever three hundred thirty years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

16 And Ever lived one hundred thirty four years and begat Peleg:

17 And Ever lived after he begat Peleg three hundred seventy years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

18 And Peleg lived one hundred thirty years and begat Reu:

19 And Peleg lived after he begat Reu two hundred and nine years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

20 And Reu lived one hundred thirty two years and begat Serug:

21 And Reu lived after he begat Serug two hundred seven years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

22 And Serug lived one hundred thirty years and begat Nachor:

23 And Serug lived after he begat Nachor two hundred years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

24 And Nachor lived seventy nine years and begat Terach:

25 And Nachor lived after he begat Terach one hundred twenty nine years and begat sons and daughters and he died.

26 And Terach lived seventy years and begat Avram, Nachor and Charan.

27 Now these are the generations of Terach: Terach begat Avram, Nachor and Charan; and Charan begat Lot.

28 And Charan died in the presence of his abba Terach in the land of his nativity, in Ur of the Chaldees-Ur Chasdim.

29 And Avram and Nachor took wives: the name of Avram's isha was Sarai; and the name of Nachor's isha, was Milcah, the daughter of Charan, he was The Abba of Milcah and The Abba of Yiscah.

30 But Sarai was barren; she had no child.

31 And Terach took Avram his son and Lot the son of Charan his son's son and Sarai his daughter in law, his son Avram's isha; and they went out with them from Ur of the Chaldees-Ur Chasdim, to go into the land of Kanaan; and they came to Charan and dwelt there.

32 And the yamim of Terach in Charan were two hundred five years: and Terach died in Charan.

12 Now YHUH had said to Avram, Get out of your country and from your mishpacha and from your abba's bayit, to a land that I will show you:

2 And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a bracha:

3 And I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all mishpachot of the earth be blessed mixed.

4 So Avram departed, as YHUH had spoken to him; and Lot went with him: and Avram was seventy-five years old when he departed out of Charan.

5 And Avram took Sarai his isha and Lot his brother's son and all their substance that they had gathered and the beings that they had gotten in Charan; and they went out to go into the land of Kanaan; and into the land of Kanaan they came.

6 And Avram passed through the land to the place of Shechem, to the plain of Moreh. And the Kanaanites were then in the land.

7 And YHUH appeared to Avram and said, To your zera will I give this land: and there he built an altar to YHUH, who appeared to him

8 And he moved from there to a har on the east of Beth-El and pitched his tent, having Beth-El on the west and Ai on the east: and there he rebuilt an altar to YHUH and called upon the Name of YHUH.

9 And Avram journeyed, going on still toward the south.

10 And there was a famine in the land: and Avram went down into Mitzrayim to sojourn there; for the famine was severe in the land.

11 And it came to pass, when he was come near to enter into Mitzrayim, that he said to Sarai his isha, See now, I know that you are a beautiful woman to look upon:

12 Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Mitzrim shall see you, that they shall say, This is his isha: and they will kill me, but they will save you alive.

13 Please say you are my sister: that it may be well with me for your sake; and my being shall live because of you.

14 And it came to pass, that, when Avram came into Mitzrayim, the Mitzrim beheld the woman that she was very beautiful.

15 The princes of Pharaoh also saw her and commended her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's bayit.

16 And he treated Avram well for her sake: and he had sheep and oxen and male donkeys and male avadim and female avadim and female donkeys and camels.

17 And YHUH plagued Pharaoh and his bayit with great plagues because of Sarai Avram's isha.

18 And Pharaoh called Avram and said, What is this that you have done to me? Why did you not tell me that she was your isha?

19 Why did you say, She is my sister? So I might have mistakenly taken her to me as my isha: now therefore see your isha, take her and go your derech.

20 And Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him: and they sent him away and his isha and all that he had.

Torah Parsha 4 Shavuah-Week 4-Vayaal Avram. Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 13-16. Renewed Covenant Mattityahu- Matthew chapters 17-21

13 And Avram went up out of Mitzrayim, he and his isha and all that he had and Lot with him, into the south.

2 And Avram was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold.

3 And he went on his journeys from the south even to Beth-El, to the place where his tent had been at the beginning, between Beth-El and Ai;

4 To the place of the altar, which he had made there at the first: and there Avram called on the Name of YHUH.

5 And Lot also, who went with Avram, had flocks and herds and tents.

6 And the land was not able to bear them so that they might dwell together: for their substance was great, so that they could not dwell together.

7 And there was strife between the herdsmen of Avram's cattle and the herdsmen of Lot's cattle: and the Kanaanites and the Perizzites dwelt then in the land.

8 And Avram said to Lot, Let there be no strife, please, between you and me and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen, for we are brothers.

9 Is not the whole land before you? Separate yourself, please, from me: if you will take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if you depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.

10 And Lot lifted up his eyes and beheld all the plain of Yarden, that it was well watered everywhere, before YHUH destroyed Sedom and Amorah, even as the Gan Ayden of YHUH, like the land of Mitzrayim, as you come to Tzoar.

11 Then Lot chose for himself all the plain of the Yarden; and Lot journeyed east: and they separated themselves from one another.

12 Avram dwelt in the land of Kanaan and Lot dwelt in the cities of the plain and camped his tent toward Sedom.

13 But the men of Sedom were wicked and sinners before YHUH exceedingly.

14 And YHUH said to Avram, after Lot was separated from him, Lift up now yours eyes and look from the place where you are northward and southward and eastward and westward:

15 For all the land which you see, to you will I give it and to your zera le-olam-va-ed.

16 And I will make your zera as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then your zera also can be numbered.

17 Arise, walk through the land in the length and in the width, for I will give it to you.

18 Then Avram removed his tent and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre, which is in Chebron and built there an altar to YHUH.

14 And it came to pass in the yamim of Amraphel melech of Shinar, Arioch melech of Ellasar, Chedarlaomer melech of Eylam and Tidal melech of goyim,

2 That these made war with Bera melech of Sedom and with Birsha melech of Amorah, Shinav melech of Admah and Shemever

melech of Zevoiim and the melech of Bela, which is Tzoar.

3 All these were joined together in the vale of Siddim, which is the Salt Sea.

4 Twelve years they served Chedarlaomer and in the thirteenth year they rebelled.

5 And in the fourteenth year came Chedarlaomer and the melechim that were with him and smote the Rephalim in Ashteroth Karnayim and the Zuzims in Ham and the Emims in Shaveh Kiryat-Aim,

6 And the Horites in their Har Seir, to El-Paran, which is by the wilderness.

7 And they returned and came to En-Mishpat, which is Kadesh and smote all the country of the Amalekites and also the Amorites that dwelt in Hatzazon-Tamar.

8 And there went out the melech of Sedom and the melech of Amorah and the melech of Admah and the melech of Zevoiim and the melech of Bela (the same is Tzoar) and they joined battle with them in the vale of Siddim;

9 With Chedarlaomer the melech of Eylam and with Tidal melech of goyim and Amraphel melech of Shinar and Arioch melech of Ellasar; four melechim against five.

10 And the vale of Siddim was full of tar pits; and the melechim of Sedom and Amorah fled and fell there; and they that remained fled to the har.

11 And they took all the items of Sedom and Amorah and all their food and went their derech.

12 And they took Lot, Avram's brother's son, who dwelt in Sedom and his items and departed.

13 And there came one that had escaped and told Avram the Ivri; for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eschol and brother of Aner: and these were in a brit with Avram.

14 And when Avram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained avadim, born in his own bayit, three hundred and eighteen and pursued them to Dan.

15 And he divided himself against them, he and his avadim, by lyla and smote them and pursued them to Hovah, which is on the left hand of Dameshek.

16 And he brought back all the items and also brought again his brother Lot and his items and the women also and the people.

17 And the melech of Sedom went out to meet him after his return from the slaughter of Chedarlaomer and of the melechim that were with him, at the Valley of Shaveh, which is the melech's valley.

18 And Malki-Tzedek melech of Shalem brought out lechem and wine: and He was the kohen of El-Elyon.

19 And He blessed him and said, Blessed be Avram to El-Elyon, Possessor of the shamayim and earth:

20 And blessed be El-Elyon, who has delivered your enemies into your hand. And he paid Him the ma’aser of all.

21 And the melech of Sedom said to Avram, Give me the persons and take the items to yourself.

22 And Avram said to the melech of Sedom, I have lifted up my hand to YHUH, El-Elyon, the Possessor of the shamayim and earth,

23 That I will not take from you a thread, or even a shoe latchet and that I will not take anything that is yours, lest you should say, I have made Avram rich:

24 Except what the young men have eaten and the portion of the men who went with me. Aner, Eshcol and Mamre. Let them take their portion.

15 After these things The Word of YHUH came to Avram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Avram: I AM YHUH, your shield and your exceeding great reward.

2 And Avram said, Master YHUH, what will You give me, seeing I go childless and the steward of my bayit is this Eliezer of Dameshek?

3 And Avram said, See, to me You have given no zera: and, see, one born in my bayit is my heir.

4 And, see, The Word of YHUH came to him, saying: This shall not be your heir; but he that shall come out of your own bowels shall be your heir.

5 And He brought him out abroad and said, Look now toward the shamayim and count the cochavim, if you are able to number them: and He said to him, So shall your zera be.

6 And he believed in The Word of YHUH; and He counted it to him as tzedakah.

7 And He said to him, I AM YHUH that brought you out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give you this land to inherit it.

8 And he said, Master YHUH, how shall I know that I shall inherit it?

9 And He said to him, Take a heifer three years old and a female goat three years old and a ram three years old and a turtledove and a young pigeon.

10 And he took for Him all these and divided them in the midst and laid each piece one against another: but the birds he divided not.

11 And when the fowls came down upon the carcasses, Avram drove them away.

12 And when the shemesh was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Avram; and, see, a horror of great darkness fell upon him.

13 And He said to Avram, Know of a certainty that your zera shall be gerim in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;

14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.

15 And you shall go to your ahvot in shalom; you shall be buried in a tov old age.

16 But in the fourth generation they shall come here again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.

17 And it came to pass, that, when the shemesh went down and it was dark, see a smoking furnace and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces.

18 In the same yom YHUH made a brit with Avram, saying, To your zera have I given this land, from the river of Mitzrayim to the great river, the River Euphrates:

19 The land of the Kenites and the Kenizzites and the Kadmonites,

20 And the Hittites and the Perizzites and the Rephayim,

21 And the Amorites and the Kanaanites and the Girgashites and the Yevusites.

16 Now Sarai Avram's isha bore him no children: and she had a handmaid, a Mitzri, whose name was Hagar.

2 And Sarai said to Avram, See now, YHUH has restrained me from bearing: Please, go in to my maid; it may be that I may obtain children by her; And Avram listened to the voice of Sarai.

3 And Sarai Avram's isha took Hagar her maid the Mitzri, after Avram had dwelt ten years in the land of Kanaan and gave her to her husband Avram to be his isha.

4 And he went in to Hagar and she conceived: and when she saw that she had conceived, her mistress was despised in her eyes.

5 And Sarai said to Avram, My wrong is upon you: I have given my maid into your bosom; and when she saw that she had conceived, I was despised in her eyes: YHUH judge between me and you.

6 But Avram said to Sarai, See, your maid is in your hand; do to her as it pleases you. And when Sarai dealt harshly with her, she fled from her face.

7 And The Malach-YHUH found her by a fountain of mayim in the wilderness, by the fountain on the derech to Shur.

8 And He said, Hagar, Sarai's maid, Where did you come from? And where will you go? And she said, I flee from the face of my mistress Sarai.

9 And The Malach-YHUH said to her, Return to your mistress and submit yourself under her hands.

10 And The Malach-YHUH said to her, I will multiply your zera exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude.

11 And The Malach-YHUH said to her, See, you are with child and shall bear a son and shall call his name Yishma-El; because YHUH has heard your affliction.

12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brothers.

13 And she called on the Name of YHUH that spoke to her, You are El-Roi: for she said, Have I even here looked upon Him that sees me?

14 Therefore the well was called Beer-Lahai-Roi; and it is between Kadesh and Bered.

15 And Hagar bore Avram a son: and Avram called his son's name, which Hagar bore, Yishma-El.

16 And Avram was eighty-six years old, when Hagar bore Yishma-El to Avram.

Torah Parsha 5 Shavuah-Week 5-Va’yhee Avram. Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 17-20. Renewed Covenant Mattityahu-Matthew chapters 22-26.

17 And when Avram was ninety-nine years old, YHUH appeared to Avram and said to him, I AM YHUH Al-Shaddai; have your halacha before Me and be perfect.

2 And I will make My brit between Me and you and will multiply you exceedingly.

3 And Avram fell on his face: and Ahlohim talked with him, saying,

4 As for Me, see, My brit is with you and you shall be The Abba of many goyim.

5 Neither shall your name anymore be called Avram, but your name shall be Avraham; for The Abba of many goyim I have made you.

6 And I will make you exceedingly fruitful and I will make goyim from you and melechim shall come from you.

7 And I will establish My brit between My Word and you and your zera after you in their generations as an everlasting brit, to be an Ahlohim to you and to your zera after you.

8 And I will give to you and to your zera after you, the land in which you are a ger, all the land of Kanaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their Ahlohim.

9 And Ahlohim said to Avraham, You shall keep My brit therefore, you and your zera after you in their generations.

10 This is My brit that you shall keep, between Me and you and your zera after you; every male child among you shall enter brit-milah.

11 And you shall perform brit-milah on the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a sign of the brit between you and Me.

12 And he that is eight yamim old shall become brit-milah among you, every male child in your generations, he that is born in the bayit, or bought with the money of any ger, which is not of your zera.

13 He that is born in your bayit and he that is bought with your money, must enter brit-milah: and My brit shall be in your flesh for an everlasting brit:

14 And the male child whose flesh of his foreskin is not made brit-milah, that being shall be cut off from his people; he has broken My brit.

15 And Ahlohim said to Avraham, As for Sarai your isha, you shall not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name.

16 And I will bless her and give you a son also by her: And I will bless her and she shall be an eema of goyim; melechim of peoples shall be from her.

17 Then Avraham fell upon his face and laughed and said in his lev, Shall a child be born to him that is a hundred years old? And shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear?

18 And Avraham said to Ahlohim, O that Yishma-El might live before You!

19 And Ahlohim said, Sarah your isha shall bear you a son indeed; and you shall call his name Yitzchak: and I will establish My brit with him for an everlasting brit and with his zera after him.

20 And as for Yishma-El, I have heard you: See, I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he bring forth and I will make him a great nation.

21 But My brit will I establish with Yitzchak, whom Sarah shall bear to you at this set time in the next year.

22 And He stopped talking with him and Ahlohim went up from Avraham.

23 And Avraham took Yishma-El his son and all that were born in his bayit and all that were bought with his money, every male among the men of Avraham's bayit; and performed brit-milah in the flesh of their foreskin on the very same yom that Ahlohim had spoken to him.

24 And Avraham was ninety-nine years old when he performed brit-milah in the flesh of his foreskin.

25 And Yishma-El his son was thirteen years old, when he performed brit-milah in the flesh of his foreskin.

26 In the very same yom did Avraham perform brit-milah and Yishma-El his son also.

27 And all the men of his bayit, born in the bayit and bought with money of the ger, received brit-milah with him.

18 And YHUH appeared to him in the plains of Mamre: and Avraham sat in the tent door in the heat of the yom.

2 And Avraham lifted up his eyes and looked and see, three men stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them at the tent door and bowed himself toward the ground,

3 And Avraham said, YHUH; if now I have found chen in Your sight, please do not leave Your eved:

4 Please let a little mayim be taken and wash Your feet and rest yourselves under the eytz:

5 And I will get a morsel of lechem and so comfort Your levavot; after that You shall go Your derech: for this is why You have come to Your eved. And they said, Go do, as you have said.

6 And Avraham ran into the tent to Sarah and said, Make ready quickly three measures of fine flour, knead it and make cakes.

7 And Avraham ran to the herd and took a tov tender calf and gave it to a young man; and he hurried to prepare it.

8 And he took butter and milk and the calf that he had prepared and set it before them; and he stood by them under the eytz and they did eat.

9 And they said to him, Where is Sarah your isha? And he said, See; in the tent.

10 And He said, I will certainly return to you according to the time of chayim; and, see; Sarah your isha shall have a son. And Sarah heard it in the tent door that was behind Him.

11 Now Avraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age; and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women.

12 Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am grown old shall I have pleasure, my master being old also?

13 And YHUH said to Avraham, Why did Sarah laugh, saying, Shall I of a certainty bear a child, seeing I am old?

14 Is any thing too hard for YHUH? At the time appointed I will return to you, according to the time of chayim and Sarah shall have a son.

15 Then Sarah denied it, saying, I laughed not; for she was afraid. And He said, No; but you did laugh.

16 And the men rose up from there and looked toward Sedom: and Avraham went with them to bring them on the derech.

17 And YHUH said, Shall I hide from Avraham that thing which I must do;

18 Seeing that Avraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation and all the goyim of the earth shall be blessed in him?

19 For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him and they shall keep the halacha of YHUH, to do mishpat and justice; that YHUH may bring upon Avraham that which He has spoken about him.

20 And YHUH said, Because the cry of Sedom and Amorah is great and because their sin is very severe;

21 I will go down now and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come to Me; and if not, I will know.

22 And the men turned their faces from there and went toward Sedom: but Avraham still stood before YHUH.

23 And Avraham drew near and said, Will You also destroy the tzadikim with the wicked?

24 Suppose there are fifty tzadikim within the city: will You also destroy and not spare the place for the fifty tzadikim that are in it?

25 That be far from You to do after this manner, to kill the tzadikim with the wicked: and that the tzadikim should be as the wicked, that be far from You: Shall not The Shophet of all the earth do right?

26 And YHUH said, If I find in Sedom fifty tzadikim within the city, then I will spare the entire place for their sakes.

27 And Avraham answered and said, See now, I have taken it upon me to speak to YHUH, who am but dust and ashes:

28 Suppose there shall lack five from the fifty tzadikim: will You destroy the whole city for lack of five? And He said, If I find forty-five, I will not destroy it.

29 And he spoke to Him yet again and said, Suppose there shall be forty found there. And He said, I will not do it for forty's sake.

30 And he said to Him, Oh let not YHUH be angry and I will speak: Suppose thirty shall be found there. And He said, I will not do it, if I find thirty there.

31 And he said, See now, I have taken it upon me to speak to YHUH: Suppose there shall be twenty found there. And He said, I will not destroy it for twenty's sake.

32 And he said, Oh let not YHUH be angry and I will speak yet this once more: Suppose ten shall be found there. And He said, I will not destroy it for ten's sake.

33 And YHUH went His derech, as soon as He had left communing with Avraham: and Avraham returned to his place.

19 And there came two heavenly malachim to Sedom at evening; and Lot sat in the gate of Sedom: and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them; and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground;

2 And he said, See now, my masters, turn in and stay here, Please, into your eved's bayit and stay all lyla and wash your feet and You shall rise up early and go on your derech. And they said, No; but we will stay in the street all lyla.

3 And he pressured them greatly; and they turned in to stay with him and entered into his bayit; and he made them a moed and did bake matzah and they did eat.

4 But before they laid down, the men of the city of Sedom, surrounded the bayit all round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter:

5 And they called to Lot and said to him, Where are the men who came in to you this lyla? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.

6 And Lot went out of the door to them and shut the door behind him,

7 And said, Please, brothers, do not do this wickedness.

8 See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; let me, please, bring them out to you and do to them as you desire: only to these men do nothing; because they came under the shadow of my roof.

9 And they said, Stand back; And they said again, This one fellow came in here to sojourn and he desires to be a shophet: now will we deal worse with you, than with them. And they leaned heavily upon Lot and came close to breaking down the door.

10 But the men put out their hands and pulled Lot into the bayit to them and shut the door.

11 And they smote the men that were at the door of the bayit with blindness, both small and great: so that they struggled to find the door.

12 And the men said to Lot, Do you have anyone else here? A son-in-law and your sons and your daughters and whoever else you have in the city, bring them out of this place:

13 For we will destroy this place because their sinful cry has grown great before the face of YHUH; and YHUH has sent us to destroy it.

14 And Lot went out and spoke to his sons in law, who married his daughters and said, Get up, get out of this place; for YHUH will destroy this city. But he seemed as one that mocked to his sons in law.

15 And when the boker dawned, then the heavenly malachim hurried Lot, saying, Arise, take your isha and your two daughters, who are here; lest you be consumed in the punishment of the city.

16 And while he lingered, the men laid hold upon his hand and upon the hand of his isha and upon the hand of his two daughters; YHUH being full of rachamim to him: and they brought him out and placed him outside the city.

17 And it came to pass, when they had brought them out, that he said, Escape for your chayim; look not behind you and do not stay in any part of the plain; escape to the har, lest you be consumed.

18 And Lot said to them, Please don't, my master:

19 See now, your eved has found chen in your sight and you have magnified your rachamim, which you have showed to me in saving my chayim; and I cannot escape to the har, lest some evil overtake me and I die:

20 See now, this city is near to flee to and it is a little one: Oh, let me escape there is it not a small matter and my nephesh shall be rescued.

21 And he said to him, See, I have accepted you concerning this thing also, that I will not overthrow the city, about which you have spoken.

22 Hurry and escape there; for I cannot do anything until you get there. Therefore the name of the city was called Tzoar.

23 The shemesh had risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Tzoar.

24 Then The Word of YHUH rained upon Sedom and upon Amorah brimstone and fire from YHUH out of the shamayim;

25 And He overthrew those cities and all the plain and all the inhabitants of the cities and that which grew up from the ground.

26 But his isha looked back from behind him and she became a pillar of salt.

27 And Avraham got up early in the boker to the place where he stood Before YHUH:

28 And he looked toward Sedom and Amorah and toward all the land of the plain and beheld and, see, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.

29 And it came to pass, when Ahlohim destroyed the cities of the plain, that Ahlohim remembered Avraham and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow, when He overthrew the cities where Lot dwelt.

30 And Lot went up out of Tzoar and dwelt in the har and his two daughters with him; for he feared to dwell in Tzoar: and he dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters.

31 And the bechora said to the younger, Our abba is old and there is not a man in the earth to come in to us after the manner of all the earth:

32 Come, let us make our abba drink wine and we will lie with him, that we may preserve zera for our abba.

33 And they made their abba drink wine that lyla: and the bechora went in and lay with her abba; and he did not perceive when she lay down, or when she arose.

34 And it came to pass the next yom, that the bechora said to the younger, See, I lay last lyla with my abba: let us make him drink wine this lyla also; and you go in and lie with him, that we may preserve zera for our abba.

35 And they made their abba drink wine that lyla also: and the younger arose and lay with him; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose.

36 So both the daughters of Lot were with a child by their abba.

37 And the bechora bore a son and called his name Moav: the same is The Abba of the Moavites to this yom.

38 And the younger, she also bore a son and called his name Ben-Ammi: the same is The Abba of the children of Ammon to this yom.

20 And Avraham journeyed from there toward the south country and dwelt between Kadesh and Shur and sojourned in Gerar.

2 And Avraham said of Sarah his isha, She is my sister: and Avimelech melech of Gerar sent and took Sarah.

3 But Ahlohim came to Avimelech in a dream by lyla and said to him, See, you are but a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken; for she is a man's isha.

4 But Avimelech had not come near her: and he said, YHUH, will You kill also a tzadik nation?

5 Didn’t he say to me, She is my sister? And she, even said herself, He is my brother. In the integrity of my lev and innocence of my hands have I done this.

6 And Ahlohim said to him in a dream, Yes, I know that you did this in the integrity of your lev; for I also withheld you from sinning against Me: therefore I allowed you not to touch her.

7 Now therefore restore the man to his isha; for he is a navi and he shall make tefillah for you and you shall live: and if you restore her not, know that you shall surely die, you and all that belongs to you.

8 Therefore Avimelech rose early in the boker and called all his avadim and told all these things to them: and the men were very afraid.

9 Then Avimelech called Avraham and said to him, What have you done to us? And how have I offended you that you have brought on me and on my malchut a great sin? You have done deeds to me that ought not to be done.

10 And Avimelech said to Avraham, What were you thinking seeing that you have done this thing?

11 And Avraham said, Because I thought, Surely the fear of Ahlohim is not in this place; and they will kill me for my isha's sake.

12 And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my abba, but not the daughter of my eema; and she became my isha.

13 And it came to pass, when Ahlohim caused me to wander from my abba's bayit, that I said to her, This is your chesed which you shall show to me; in every place where we shall come, say about me, He is my brother.

14 And Avimelech took sheep and oxen and male avadim and female avadim and gave them to Avraham and restored him to Sarah his isha.

15 And Avimelech said, See, my land is before you: dwell where it pleases you.

16 And to Sarah he said, See, I have given your brother a thousand pieces of silver: see, he is to you a covering of the eyes, to all that are with you and with all others: by this she was reproved.

17 So Avraham made tefillah to Ahlohim: and Ahlohim healed Avimelech and his isha and his female avadim; and they bore children.

18 For YHUH had closed up all the wombs of the bayit of Avimelech because of Sarah Avraham's isha.

Torah Parsha 6 Shavuah-Week 6-V’YHUH Paqad. Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 21-24. Renewed Covenant Mattityahu-Matthew chapters 27-28.

21 And YHUH visited Sarah as He had said and YHUH did to Sarah as He had spoken.

2 For Sarah conceived and bore Avraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which Ahlohim had spoken to him.

3 And Avraham called the name of his son that was born to him, whom Sarah bore to him, Yitzchak.

4 And Avraham performed brit-milah upon his son Yitzchak being eight yamim old, as Ahlohim had commanded him.

5 And Avraham was one hundred years old, when his son Yitzchak was born to him.

6 And Sarah said, Ahlohim has made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.

7 And she said, Who would have said to Avraham, that Sarah would nurse children? For I have born him a son in his old age.

8 And the child grew and was weaned: and Avraham made a great feast the same yom that Yitzchak was weaned.

9 And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Mitzri, whom she had birthed for Avraham, mocking.

10 So she said to Avraham, Cast out this bondwoman and her son: for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, Yitzchak.

11 And the thing was very severe in Avraham's sight because of his son.

12 And Ahlohim said to Avraham, Let it not be severe in your sight because of the lad and because of your bondwoman; in all that Sarah has said to you, listen to her voice; for in Yitzchak shall your zera be called.

13 And also of the son of the eved woman will I make a nation, because he is your zera.

14 And Avraham rose up early in the boker and took lechem and a bottle of mayim and gave it to Hagar, putting it on her shoulder, along with the child and sent her away: and she left and wandered in the wilderness of Beer-Sheva.

15 And the mayim was used up in the bottle and she cast the child under one of the shrubs.

16 And she went and sat down opposite him a tov derachot off, about the distance of a bowshot: for she said, Let me not see the death of the child. And she sat opposite him and lifted up her voice and wept.

17 And Ahlohim heard the voice of the lad; and The Heavenly Malach of Ahlohim called to Hagar out of the shamayim and said to her, What is the matter with you, Hagar? Fear not, for Ahlohim has heard the voice of the lad where he is.

18 Arise, lift up the lad and hold him in your hand; for I will make him a great nation.

19 And Ahlohim opened her eyes and she saw a well of mayim; and she went and filled the bottle with mayim and gave the lad drink.

20 And Ahlohim was with the lad; and he grew and dwelt in the wilderness and became an archer.

21 And he dwelt in the wilderness of Paran: and his eema took for him an isha out of the land of Mitzrayim.

22 And it came to pass at that time, that Avimelech and Phichol the chief captain of his army spoke to Avraham, saying, Ahlohim is with you in all that you do:

23 Now therefore swear to me here by Ahlohim that you will not deal falsely with me, nor with my son, nor with my son's son: but according to the chesed that I have done to you, you shall do to me and to the land in which you have sojourned.

24 And Avraham said, I will swear.

25 And Avraham reproved Avimelech because of a well of mayim, which Avimelech's avadim had violently taken away.

26 And Avimelech said, I don’t know who has done this thing: neither did you tell me, neither did I hear of it, until today.

27 And Avraham took sheep and oxen and gave them to Avimelech; and both of them made a brit.

28 And Avraham set seven ewe lambs of the flock by themselves.

29 And Avimelech said to Avraham, What do these seven ewe lambs mean that you have set by themselves?

30 And he said, For these seven ewe lambs shall you take of my hand, that they may be a witness to me, that I have dug this well.

31 So he called that place Beer-Sheva; because there both of them swore.

32 So they made a brit at Beer-Sheva: then Avimelech rose up and Phichol the chief captain of his army and they returned into the land of the Plishtim.

33 And Avraham planted a grove in Beer-Sheva and called there on the Name of YHUH, El-Olam.

34 And Avraham sojourned in the Plishtim’s land many yamim.

22 And it came to pass after these things, that Ahlohim did test Avraham and said to him, Avraham! and he said, See, Hinayne.

2 And He said, Take now your son, your only beloved son Yitzchak, whom you love and get into the land of Moriyah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains of which I will tell you.

3 And Avraham rose up early in the boker and saddled his donkey and took two of his young men with him and Yitzchak his son and cut the wood for the burnt offering and rose up and went to the place that Ahlohim had told him on the third yom.

4 And Avraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place far off.

5 And Avraham said to his young men, Stay here with the donkey; and I and the lad will go over there and worship and come again to you,

6 And Avraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it upon Yitzchak his son; and he took the fire in his hand and a knife; and they went both of them together.

7 And Yitzchak spoke to Avraham his abba and said, My abba: and he said, Hinayne, my son. And he said, See, the fire and the wood: but where is The Lamb for a burnt offering?

8 And Avraham said, My son, Ahlohim will provide Himself a [The] Lamb for the burnt offering: so they went both of them together.

9 And they came to the place that Ahlohim had told him about; and Avraham rebuilt an altar there and laid the wood in order and bound Yitzchak his son and laid him on the altar upon the wood.

10 And Avraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to kill his son.

11 And The Malach-YHUH called to him out of the shamayim and said, Avraham, Avraham! And he said, Hinayne.

12 And He said, Lay not your hand upon the lad, neither do anything to him: for now I know that you fear Ahlohim, seeing you have not withheld your son, your only beloved son from Me.

13 And Avraham lifted up his eyes and looked and saw behind him a ram caught in a thicket by its horns: and Avraham went and took the ram and offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son.

14 And Avraham called the name of that place YHUH -Yireh: as it is said to this yom, On the har YHUH is and will be seen.

15 And The Malach-YHUH called to Avraham out of the shamayim the second time,

16 And said, By Myself have I sworn, says YHUH because you have done this thing and have not withheld your son, your only son:

17 That in the bracha I will bless you and in multiplying I will multiply your zera as the cochavim of the shamayim and as the sand that is upon the seashore; and your zera shall possess the cities and gates of its enemies;

18 And in your zera shall all the goyim of the earth be blessed-mixed; because you have obeyed My voice.

19 So Avraham returned to his young men and they rose up and went together to Beer-Sheva; and Avraham dwelt at Beer-Sheva.

20 And it came to be after these things, that it was told Avraham, saying, See, Milcah, she has also born children to your brother Nachor;

21 Huz his bachor and Buz his brother and Kemu-El The Abba of Aram,

22 And Chesed and Hazo and Pildash and Yidlaph and Bethu-El.

23 And Bethu-El begat Rivkah: these eight Milcah did bear to Nachor, Avraham's brother.

24 And his concubine, whose name was Reumah, she bore also Tevah and Gaham and Thahash and Maachah.

23 And Sarah was one hundred twenty seven years old: these were the years of the chayim of Sarah.

2 And Sarah died in Kiryath-Arba; the same is Chebron in the land of Kanaan: and Avraham came to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her.

3 And Avraham stood up from before his dead and spoke to the sons of Cheth, saying,

4 I am a ger and a dweller with you: give me a possession for a burial-place with you, that I may bury my dead out of my sight.

5 And the children of Cheth answered Avraham, saying to him,

6 Hear us, my master: you are a mighty sar among us: in the choicest of our sepulchers bury your dead; none of us shall withhold from you his sepulcher, so that you may bury your dead.

7 And Avraham stood up and bowed himself to the people of the land, even to the children of Cheth.

8 And he communed with them, saying, If it be your mind that I should bury my dead out of my sight; listen to me and inquire for me to Ephron the son of Tzohar,

9 That he may give me the cave of Machpelah, which he has, which is at the end of his field; for as much money as it is worth he shall give it me for a possession for a burial-place among you.

10 And Ephron dwelt among the children of Cheth: and Ephron the Hittite answered Avraham in the audience of the children of Cheth, even all those that went in at the gate of his city, saying,

11 No, my master, hear me: the field I give you and the cave that is in it, I give it to you; in the presence of the sons of my people I give it to you: bury your dead.

12 And Avraham bowed down himself before the people of the land.

13 And he spoke to Ephron in the audience of the people of the land, saying, But if you will give it to me, Please, hear me: I will give you money for the field; take it from me and I will bury my dead there.

14 And Ephron answered Avraham, saying to him,

15 My master, listen to me: the land is worth four hundred shekels of silver; what is that between you and me? Bury therefore your dead.

16 And Avraham listened to Ephron; and Avraham weighed for Ephron the silver, which he had named in the presence of the sons of Cheth, four hundred shekels of silver, current money with the merchant.

17 And the field of Ephron, which was in Machpelah, which was before Mamre, the field and the cave that was in it and all the eytzim that were in the field, that were in all the borders all around, were made sure,

18 Unto Avraham for a possession in the presence of the children of Cheth, before all that went in at the gate of his city.

19 And after this, Avraham buried Sarah his isha in the cave of the field of Machpelah before Mamre: the same is Chebron in the land of Kanaan.

20 And the field and the cave that is in it, were deeded to Avraham for a possession of a burial-place by the sons of Cheth.

24 And Avraham was old and well stricken in age: and YHUH had blessed Avraham in all things.

2 And Avraham said to his eldest eved of his bayit, that ruled over all that he had, Please put your hand under my thigh:

3 And I will make you swear by YHUH, the Ahlohim of the shamayim and the Ahlohim of the earth, that you shall not take an isha for my son of the daughters of the Kanaanites, among whom I dwell:

4 But you shall go to my country and to my mishpacha and take an isha for my son Yitzchak.

5 And the eved said to him, Suppose the woman will not be willing to follow me to this land: do I need to bring your son again to the land from where you came?

6 And Avraham said to him, Beware that you bring not my son there again.

7 YHUH Ahlohim of the shamayim, who took me from my abba's bayit and from the land of my mishpacha and who spoke to me and that swore to me, saying, Unto your zera will I give this land; He shall send His Malach before you and you shall take an isha for my son from there.

8 And if the woman will not be willing to follow you, then you shall be clear from this oath: only bring not my son there again.

9 And the eved put his hand under the thigh of Avraham his master and swore to him concerning that matter.

10 And the eved took ten camels from the camels of his master and departed; for all the items of his master were in his hand: and he arose and went to Mesopotamia, to the city of Nachor.

11 And he made his camels to kneel down outside the city by a well of mayim at the time of the evening, even the time that women go out to draw mayim.

12 And he said, O YHUH, Ahlohim of my master Avraham, Please, send me with Your bracha this yom and show chesed to my master Avraham.

13 See, I stand here by the well of mayim; and the daughters of the men of the city come out to draw mayim:

14 And let it come to pass, that the young girl to whom I shall say, Please let down your pitcher, that I may drink; and she shall say, Drink and I will give your camels drink also: let the same be she that you have appointed for your eved Yitzchak; and thereby shall I know that you have showed chesed to my master.

15 And it came to pass, before he had done speaking, that, see, Rivkah came out, who was born to Bethu-El, son of Milcah, the isha of Nachor, Avraham's brother, with her pitcher upon her shoulder.

16 And the young girl was very beautiful to look at, a virgin, neither had any man known her: and she went down to the well and filled her pitcher and came up.

17 And the eved ran to meet her and said, Please let me drink a little mayim from your pitcher.

18 And she said, Drink, my master: and she hurried and let down her pitcher upon her hand and gave him drink.

19 And when she had done giving him drink, she said, I will draw mayim for your camels also, until they have done drinking.

20 And she hurried and emptied her pitcher into the trough and ran again to the well to draw mayim and drew for all his camels.

21 And the man wondering about her held his silence, to see whether YHUH had made his journey prosperous, or not.

22 And it came to pass, as the camels had done drinking, that the man took a golden earring of half a shekel weight and two bracelets for her hands of ten shekels weight of gold;

23 And said, whose daughter are you? Please tell me: is there room in your abba's bayit for us to lodge?

24 And she said to him, I am the daughter of Bethu-El the son of Milcah that she bore to Nachor.

25 She said moreover to him, We have both straw and fodder enough and room to lodge.

26 And the man bowed down his head and worshipped YHUH.

27 And he said, Barchu-et-YHUH Ahlohim of my master Avraham, who has not left my master destitute of His rachamim and His emet: I was traveling in the derech and now YHUH has led me to the bayit of my master's brothers.

28 And the young girl ran and told those of her eema's bayit these things.

29 And Rivkah had a brother and his name was Lavan: and Lavan ran out to the man,to the well.

30 And it came to pass, when he saw the earring and bracelets upon his sister's hands and when he heard the words of Rivkah his sister, saying, This is what the man spoke to me; then Lavan came to the man; as he stood by the camels at the well.

31 And he said, Come in, you blessed of YHUH; Why do you stand outside? For I have prepared the bayit and room for the camels.

32 And the man came into the bayit: and he undressed his camels and gave straw and fodder for the camels and mayim to wash his feet and the men's feet that were with him.

33 And there was set food before him to eat: but he said, I will not eat, until I have told of my errand. And he said, Speak on.

34 And he said, I am Avraham's eved.

35 And YHUH has blessed my master greatly; and he is become great: and He has given him flocks and herds and silver and gold and male avadim and female avadim and camels and donkeys.

36 And Sarah my master's isha bore a son to my master when she was old: and to him has he given all that he has.

37 And my master made me swear, saying, You shall not take an isha for my son of the daughters of the Kanaanites, in whose land I dwell:

38 But you shall go to my abba's bayit and to my mishpacha and take an isha for my son.

39 And I said to my master, Suppose the woman will not follow me?

40 And he said to me, YHUH, before whom I have my halacha, will send His Malach with you and prosper your derech; and you shall take an isha for my son from my mishpacha and from my abba's bayit:

41 Then shall you be clear from this oath, when you come to my mishpacha; if they give you no one, you shall be clear from my oath.

42 And I came this yom to the well and said, O YHUH, Ahlohim of my master Avraham, if now You do prosper my derech in which I go;

43 See, I stand by the well of mayim; and it shall come to pass, that when the virgin comes out to draw mayim and I say to her, Please give me a little mayim from your pitcher to drink;

44 And she says to me, Drink and I will draw for your camels too; let therefore the same one be the woman whom YHUH has appointed for my master's son.

45 And before I had done speaking in my lev, see, Rivkah came out with her pitcher on her shoulder; and she went down to the well and drew mayim: and I said to her, Please let me drink.

46 And she hurried and let down her pitcher from her shoulder and said, Drink and I will give your camels drink also: so I drank and she gave the camels drink also.

47 And I asked her and said, Whose daughter are you? And she said, The daughter of Bethu-El, Nachor's son, whom Milcah bore to him: and I put the earring upon her face and the bracelets upon her hands.

48 And I bowed down my head and worshipped YHUH and blessed YHUH Ahlohim of my master Avraham, who had led me in the right derech to take my master's brother's daughter to his son.

49 And now if you will deal kindly and truly with my master, tell me: and if not, tell me; that I may turn to the right hand, or to the left.

50 Then Lavan and Bethu-El answered and said, This thing proceeds from YHUH: we cannot speak to you bad, or tov.

51 See, Rivkah is before you, take her and go and let her be your master's son's isha, as YHUH has spoken.

52 And it came to pass, that, when Avraham's eved heard their words, he worshipped YHUH, bowing himself to the earth.

53 And the eved brought out jewels of silver and jewels of gold and clothing and gave them to Rivkah: he gave also to her brother and to her eema precious things.

54 And they did eat and drink, he and the men that were with him and stayed all lyla; and they rose up in the boker and he said, Send me away to my master.

55 And her brother and her eema said, Let the young girl stay with us a few yamim, at least ten; after that she shall go.

56 And he said to them, Do not hinder me, seeing YHUH has prospered my derech; send me away that I may go to my master.

57 And they said, We will call the young girl and ask her.

58 And they called Rivkah and said to her, Will you go with this man? And she said, I will go.

59 And they sent away Rivkah their sister and her nurse and Avraham's eved and his men.

60 And they blessed Rivkah and said to her, You are our sister, now become the eema of thousands of millions, and let your zera possess the gate of those who hate them.

61 And Rivkah arose and her young girls and they rode upon the camels and followed the man: and the eved took Rivkah and went his derech.

62 And Yitzchak came from the derech of the well Lachai-Roei, for he dwelt in the south country.

63 And Yitzchak went out to meditate in the field in the evening: and he lifted up his eyes and saw and, see, the camels were coming.

64 And Rivkah lifted up her eyes and when she saw Yitzchak, she was lifted from off the camel.

65 For she had said to the eved, What man is this that walks in the field to meet us? And the eved had said, It is my master: therefore she took a veil, and covered herself.

66 And the eved told Yitzchak all things that he had done.

67 And Yitzchak brought her into his eema Sarah's tent and took Rivkah and she became his isha; and he loved her: and Yitzchak was comforted after his eema's death.

Torah Parsha 7 Shavuah-Week 7-Vayoseph Avraham. Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 25-28. Renewed Covenant Yochanan Moshe-Mark chapters 1-5.

25 Then again Avraham took an isha and her name was Keturah.

2 And she bore him Zimran and Yokshan and Medan and Midyan and Ishvak and Shuah.

3 And Yokshan begat Sheva and Dedan. And the sons of Dedan were Ashurim and Letushim and Leummim.

4 And the sons of Midyan; Ephah and Epher and Hanoch and Avida and Eldah. All these were the children of Keturah.

5 And Avraham gave all that he had to Yitzchak.

6 But to the sons of the concubines, whom Avraham had, Avraham gave gifts and sent them away from Yitzchak his son, eastward, to the east country.

7 And these are the yamim of the years of Avraham's chayim that he lived, one hundred seventy five years.

8 Then Avraham gave up the ruach and died in a tov old age, an old man and full of years; and was gathered to his people.

9 And his sons Yitzchak and Yishma-El buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Tzoar the Hittite, which is before Mamre,

10 The field that Avraham purchased from the sons of Cheth: there was Avraham buried and Sarah his isha.

11 And it came to pass after the death of Avraham, that Ahlohim blessed his son Yitzchak; and Yitzchak dwelt by the well Lachai-Roei.

12 Now these are the generations of Yishma-El, Avraham's son, whom Hagar the Mitzri, Sarah's handmaid, bore to Avraham:

13 And these are the names of the sons of Yishma-El, by their names, according to their generations: the bachor of Yishma-El, Nevayoth; and Kedar and Adveel and Mivsam,

14 And Mishma and Dumah and Massa,

15 Hadar and Tema, Yetur, Naphish and Kedemah:

16 These are the sons of Yishma-El and these are their names, by their towns and by their settlements, twelve princes according to their tribes.

17 And these are the years of the chayim of Yishma-El, one hundred thirty seven years: and he gave up the ruach and died; and was gathered to his people.

18 And they dwelt from Havilah to Shur that is before Mitzrayim, as you go towards Ashshur: facing their brothers did they settle.

19 And these are the generations of Yitzchak, Avraham's son: Avraham begat Yitzchak:

20 And Yitzchak was forty years old when he took Rivkah to be his isha, the daughter of Bethu-El the Aramean of Padan-Aram, the sister of Lavan the Aramean.

21 And Yitzchak sought YHUH for his isha because she was barren: and YHUH was found by him and Rivkah his isha conceived.

22 And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it is so, why am I like this? And she went to inquire of YHUH.

23 And YHUH said to her, Two goyim are in your womb and two kinds of peoples shall be separated from your bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.

24 And when her yamim to be delivered were fulfilled, see, there were twins in her womb.

25 And the first came out red, all over like a hairy garment; and they called his name Esav.

26 And after that came out his brother and his hand took hold on Esav's heel; and his name was called Yaakov: and Yitzchak was sixty years old when she bore them.

27 And the boys grew: and Esav was a skilled hunter, a man of the field; and Yaakov was a plain man, dwelling in tents.

28 And Yitzchak loved Esav because he did eat of his venison: but Rivkah loved Yaakov.

29 And Yaakov cooked pottage: and Esav came from the field and he was faint:

30 And Esav said to Yaakov, Please feed me with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom.

31 And Yaakov said, Sell me this yom your bechora.

32 And Esav said, See, I am at the point of death: so what profit shall this bechora be to me?

33 And Yaakov said, Swear to me this yom; and he swore to him: and he sold his bechora to Yaakov.

34 Then Yaakov gave Esav lechem and a pottage of lentils; and he did eat and drink and rose up and went his derech: so Esav despised his bechora.

26 And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the yamim of Avraham. And Yitzchak went to Avimelech melech of the Plishtim to Gerar.

2 And YHUH appeared to him and said, Go not down into Mitzrayim; dwell in the land that I shall tell you about:

3 Sojourn in this land and I will be with you and will bless you; for to you and to your zera, I will give all these countries and I will perform the oath which I swore to Avraham your abba;

4 And I will make your zera to multiply as the cochavim of the shamayim and will give to your zera all these countries; and in your zera shall all the goyim of the earth be blessed;

5 Because Avraham obeyed My voice and kept My charge, My mitzvoth, My chukim and My Torot.

6 And Yitzchak dwelt in Gerar:

7 And the men of the place asked him about his isha; and he said, She is my sister: for he feared to say, She is my isha; lest, said he, the men of the place should kill me for Rivkah; because she was beautiful to look at.

8 And it came to pass; when he had been there a long time that Avimelech melech of the Plishtim looked out at a window and saw Yitzchak playing with Rivkah his isha.

9 And Avimelech called Yitzchak and said, See, of a certainty she is your isha. So why did you say, She is my sister? And Yitzchak said to him, Because, I said otherwise I will die because of her.

10 And Avimelech said, What is this you have done to us? One of our people might have unknowingly lain with your isha and you would have brought guilt upon us.

11 And Avimelech charged all his people, saying, He that touches this man, or his isha shall surely be put to death.

12 Then Yitzchak sowed in that land and received in that same year a hundredfold return: and YHUH blessed him.

13 And the man grew great and went forward and grew until he became very great:

14 For he had possessions of flocks and possessions of herds and a great supply of avadim: and the Plishtim envied him.

15 For all the wells that his abba's avadim had dug in the yamim of Avraham his abba, the Plishtim had stopped them and filled them with earth.

16 And Avimelech said to Yitzchak, Go from us; for you are much mightier than us.

17 And Yitzchak departed from there and camped his tent in the Valley of Gerar and dwelt there.

18 And Yitzchak dug again the wells of mayim, which they had dug in the yamim of Avraham his abba; for the Plishtim had stopped them after the death of Avraham: and he called their names by the names that his abba had called them.

19 And Yitzchak's avadim dug in the valley and found there a well of running mayim.

20 And the herdsmen of Gerar did strive with Yitzchak's herdsmen, saying, The mayim is ours: and he called the name of the well Esek; because they strove with him.

21 And they dug another well and strove over that one also: and he called the name of it Sitnah.

22 And he moved from there and dug another well; and for that one they strove not: and he called the name of it Rehovoth; and he said, For now YHUH has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land.

23 And he went up from there to Beer-Sheva.

24 And YHUH appeared to him the same lyla and said, I AM YHUH the Ahlohim of Avraham your abba: fear not, for I AM YHUH with you and will bless you and multiply your zera for My eved Avraham's sake.

25 And he built an altar there and called upon the Name of YHUH and pitched his tent there and Yitzchak's avadim dug a well.

26 Then Avimelech went to him from Gerar and Ahuzzath one of his chaverim and Phichol the chief captain of his army.

27 And Yitzchak said to them, Why do you come to me, seeing you hate me and have sent me away from you?

28 And they said, We saw certainly that YHUH was with you: and we said, Let there be now an oath between us, even between us and you and let us make a brit with you;

29 That you will do us no harm, as we have not touched you and as we have done to you nothing but tov and have sent you away in shalom: you are now the blessed of YHUH.

30 And he made for them a feast and they did eat and drink.

31 And they rose up early in the boker and swore one to another: and Yitzchak sent them away and they departed from him in shalom.

32 And it came to pass the same yom that Yitzchak's avadim came and told him concerning the well that they had dug and said to him, We have found mayim.

33 And he called it Shevah: therefore the name of the city is Beer-Sheva to this yom.

34 And Esav was forty years old when he took his isha Yehudite the daughter of Beeri the Hittite and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite:

35 Which caused grief of mind to Yitzchak and to Rivkah.

27 And it came to pass, that when Yitzchak was old and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see, he called Esav his eldest son and said to him, My son: and he said to him, See, hinayne.

2 And he said, See now, I am old; I know not the yom of my death:

3 Now please take your weapons, your quiver and your bow and go out to the field and find me some venison;

4 And make me tasty meat, such as I love and bring it to me, that I may eat it; that my being may bless you before I die.

5 And Rivkah heard when Yitzchak spoke to Esav his son. And Esav went to the field to hunt for venison and to bring it.

6 And Rivkah spoke to Yaakov her son, saying, See, I heard your abba speak to Esav your brother, saying,

7 Bring me venison and make me tasty meat, that I may eat and bless you before YHUH before my death.

8 Now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to that which I command you.

9 Go now to the flock and get me from there two tov kids of the goats; and I will make from them tasty meat for your abba, such as he loves:

10 And you shall bring it to your abba, that he may eat and that he may bless you before his death.

11 And Yaakov said to Rivkah his eema, See, Esav my brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man:

12 My abba will feel me and I shall seem to him as a deceiver; and I shall bring a curse upon me and not a bracha.

13 And his eema said to him, Upon me be your curse, my son: only obey my voice and go get them for me.

14 And he went and took and brought them to his eema: and his eema made tasty meat, such as his abba loved.

15 And Rivkah took nice clothing from her eldest son Esav, which were with her in the bayit and put them upon Yaakov her younger son:

16 And she put the skins of the kids of the goats upon his hands and upon the smooth parts of his neck:

17 And she gave the tasty meat and the lechem, which she had prepared, into the hand of her son Yaakov.

18 And he came to his abba and said, My abba: and he said, Hinayne; who are you, my son?

19 And Yaakov said to his abba, I am Esav your bachor; I have done accordingly as you told me: Please arise sit up and eat of my venison, that your being may bless me.

20 And Yitzchak said to his son, How is it that you have found it so quickly, my son? And he said, Because YHUH your Ahlohim brought it to me.

21 And Yitzchak said to Yaakov, Please come near so that I may feel you, my son, whether you are really my son Esav, or not.

22 And Yaakov went near to Yitzchak his abba; and he felt him and said, The voice is Yaakov's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esav.

23 And he discerned him not because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esav's hands: so he blessed him.

24 And he said, Are you really my son Esav? And he said, I am.

25 And he said, Bring it near to me and I will eat of my son's venison, that my being may bless you. And he brought it near to him and he did eat: and he brought him wine and he drank.

26 And his abba Yitzchak said to him, Come near now and kiss me, my son.

27 And he came near and kissed him: and he smelled the smell of his clothing and blessed him and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field that YHUH has blessed:

28 Therefore Ahlohim give you from the dew of the shamayim and the fatness of the earth and plenty of grain and wine:

29 Let people serve you and goyim bow down to you: be master over your brothers and let your eema's sons bow down to you: cursed be every one that curses you and blessed be he that blesses you.

30 And it came to pass, as soon as Yitzchak had made an end of making the bracha upon Yaakov, that Yaakov had just gone out from the presence of Yitzchak his abba and see, Esav his brother came in from his hunting.

31 And he also had made tasty meat and brought it to his abba and said to his abba, Let my abba arise and eat of his son's venison, that your being may bless me.

32 And Yitzchak his abba said to him, Who are you? And he said, I am your son, your bachor Esav.

33 And Yitzchak trembled very exceedingly and said, Who? Where is he that has taken venison and brought it me and I have eaten of all before you came and have blessed him? Yes and he shall be blessed.

34 And when Esav heard the words of his abba, he cried with a great and exceedingly bitter cry and said to his abba, Bless me also, O my abba.

35 And he said, Your brother came with subtlety and has taken away your bracha.

36 And he said, Is not he rightly named Yaakov? For he has supplanted me these two times: he took away my bechora; and, see, now he has taken my bracha! And Esav said, Have you not reserved a bracha for me?

37 And Yitzchak answered and said to Esav, See, I have made him your master and all his brothers have I given to him for avadim; and with grain and wine have I sustained him: and what shall I do now for you, my son?

38 And Esav said to his abba, Have you not just one bracha, my abba? Bless me, even me also, O my abba. And Esav lifted up his voice and wept.

39 And Yitzchak his abba answered and said to him, See, your dwelling shall be away from the richness of the earth and away from the dew of the shamayim from above;

40 And by your sword shall you live and shall serve your brother; and it shall come to pass when you shall have the dominion, that you shall break his yoke from off your neck.

41 And Esav hated Yaakov because of the bracha with which his abba blessed him: and Esav said in his lev, The yamim of mourning for my abba are at hand; then will I kill my brother Yaakov.

42 And these words of Esav her elder son were told to Rivkah: and she sent and called Yaakov her younger son and said to him, See, your brother Esav, concerning you, does comfort himself by purposing to kill you.

43 Now therefore, my son, obey my voice; and arise, flee to Lavan my brother to Charan;

44 And stay with him a few yamim, until your brother's anger turns away;

45 Until your brother's anger turns away from you and he forgets what you have done to him: then I will send and get you from there: why should I be deprived of both of you in one yom?

46 And Rivkah said to Yitzchak, I am weary of my chayim because of the daughters of Cheth: if Yaakov takes an isha from the daughters of Cheth, such as these who are of the daughters of the land, what tov shall my chayim be to me?

28 And Yitzchak called Yaakov and blessed him and charged him and said to him, You shall not take an isha of the daughters of Kanaan.

2 Arise, go to Padan-Aram, to the bayit of Bethu-El your eema's abba; and take an isha from there from the daughters of Lavan your eema's brother.

3 And El-Shaddai bless you and make you fruitful and multiply you and you shall become a kehilla of nations-goyim;

4 And El-Shaddai give you the bracha of Avraham, to you and to your zera with you; that you may inherit the land in which you are a ger, which Ahlohim gave to Avraham.

5 And Yitzchak sent Yaakov away: and he went to Padan-Aram to Lavan, son of Bethu-El the Aramean, the brother of Rivkah, Yaakov's and Esav's eema.

6 When Esav saw that Yitzchak had blessed Yaakov and sent him away to Padan-Aram, to take him an isha from there; and that as he blessed him he gave him a charge, saying, You shall not take an isha from the daughters of Kanaan;

7 And that Yaakov obeyed his abba and his eema and had gone to Padan-Aram.

8 And Esav seeing that the daughters of Kanaan did not please Yitzchak his abba;

9 Then went Esav to Yishma-El and took besides the wives that he already had Mahalath the daughter of Yishma-El Avraham's son, the sister of Nevayoth, to be his isha.

10 And Yaakov went out from Beer-Sheva and went toward Charan.

11 And he came upon a certain place and stayed there all lyla because the shemesh was set; and he took of the stones of that place and used them for his pillows and lay down in that place to sleep.

12 And he dreamed and see a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached to the shamayim: and see the heavenly malachim of Ahlohim ascending and descending on it.

13 And, see, YHUH stood above it and said, I AM YHUH, YHUH Ahlohim of Avraham your abba and the Ahlohim of Yitzchak: the land where you lie, to you will I give it and to your zera;

14 And your zera shall be as the dust of the earth and you shall break out abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south: and in you and in your zera shall all the mishpachot of the earth be blessed.

15 And, see, I YHUH, AM with you and will keep you in all the places where you are going and will bring you again into this land; for I will not leave you, until I have done that which I have spoken to you.

16 And Yaakov awoke out of his sleep and he said, Surely YHUH is in this place; and I knew it not.

17 And he was afraid and said, How awesome is this place! This is no other place but Beit Ahlohim and this is sha-ar ha shamayim.

18 And Yaakov rose up early in the boker and took the stone that he had put for his pillow and set it up for a pillar and poured oil upon the top of it.

19 And he called the name of that place Beth-El: but the name of that city was called Luz first.

20 And Yaakov vowed a vow, saying, If The Word of Ahlohim will be with me and will keep me in this derech that I go and will give me lechem to eat and clothing to put on,

21 So that I come again to my abba's bayit in shalom; then shall The Word of YHUH be my Ahlohim:

22 And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be Ahlohim 's Bayit: and of all that You shall give me I will surely give the ma’aser to You.

Torah Parsha 8 Shavuah-Week 8-Vayesah Yaaqov Raglav Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 29-32. Renewed Covenant Yochanan Moshe-Mark chapters 6-10.

29 Then Yaakov went on his journey and came into the land of the people of the east.

2 And he looked and saw a well in the field and, see, there were three flocks of sheep lying by it; for out of that well they watered the flocks: and a great stone was upon the well's mouth.

3 And there were all the flocks gathered: and they rolled the stone from the well's mouth and watered the sheep and put the stone again upon the well's mouth in its place.

4 And Yaakov said to them, My brothers, where are you from? And they said, From Charan are we.

5 And he said to them, Do you know Lavan the son of Nachor? And they said, We know him,

6 And he said to them, Is he well? And they said, He is well and see, Rachel his daughter comes with the sheep.

7 And he said, See, it is still bright, neither is it time that the cattle should be gathered together: give mayim to the sheep and go and feed them.

8 And they said, We cannot, until all the flocks are gathered together and until they roll the stone from the well's mouth; then we may give mayim to the sheep.

9 And while he yet spoke with them, Rachel came with her abba's sheep: for she kept them.

10 And it came to pass, when Yaakov saw Rachel the daughter of Lavan his eema's brother and the sheep of Lavan his eema's brother, that Yaakov went near and rolled the stone from the well's mouth and watered the flock of Lavan his eema's brother.

11 And Yaakov kissed Rachel and lifted up his voice and wept.

12 And Yaakov told Rachel that he was her abba's relative and that he was Rivkah's son: and she ran and told her abba.

13 And it came to pass, when Lavan heard the tidings of Yaakov his sister's son, that he ran to meet him and embraced him and kissed him and brought him to his bayit. And he told Lavan all these things.

14 And Lavan said to him, Surely you are my bone and my flesh. And he abode with him about a chodesh.

15 And Lavan said to Yaakov, Because you are my relative, should you therefore serve me for nothing? Tell me, what shall your wages be?

16 And Lavan had two daughters: the name of the elder was Leah and the name of the younger was Rachel.

17 Leah’s eyes were tender; but Rachel was beautiful and well favored.

18 And Yaakov loved Rachel; and said, I will serve you seven years for Rachel your younger daughter.

19 And Lavan said, It is better that I give her to you, than that I should give her to another man: stay with me.

20 And Yaakov served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed to him but a few yamim, for the ahava he had for her.

21 And Yaakov said to Lavan, Give me my isha, for my yamim are fulfilled, that I may go in to her.

22 And Lavan gathered together all the men of the place and made a feast.

23 And it came to pass in the evening, that he took Leah his daughter and brought her to him; and he went in to her.

24 And Lavan gave to his daughter Leah, Zilpah his maid for a handmaid.

25 And it came to pass, that in the boker, see, it was Leah: and he said to Lavan, What is this you have done to me? Did I not serve with you for Rachel? Why then have you deceived me?

26 And Lavan said, It must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the bechora.

27 Fulfill her seven years and we will give you Rachel also for the service that you shall serve with me yet seven more years.

28 And Yaakov did so and fulfilled her seven years: and he gave him Rachel his daughter for an isha also.

29 And Lavan gave to Rachel his daughter Bilhah his handmaid to be her maid.

30 And he went in also to Rachel and he loved also Rachel more than Leah and served with him yet seven more years.

31 And when YHUH saw that Leah was hated, He opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.

32 And Leah conceived and bore a son and she called his name Reuven: for she said, Surely YHUH has looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me.

33 And she conceived again and bore a son; and said, Because YHUH has heard that I was hated, he has therefore given me this son also: and she called his name Shimon.

34 And she conceived again and bore a son; and said, Now this time will my husband be joined to me because I have born him three sons: therefore was his name called Lewi.

35 And she conceived again and bore a son: and she said, Now will I hallel YHUH: therefore she called his name Yahudah; and ceased bearing.

30 And when Rachel saw that she bore Yaakov no children, Rachel envied her sister; and said to Yaakov, Give me children, or else I will die.

2 And Yaakov's anger was lit against Rachel: and he said, Am I in Ahlohim 's place; who has withheld from you the fruit of the womb?

3 And she said, See my maid Bilhah, go in to her; and she shall bear upon my knees that I may also have children by her.

4 And she gave him Bilhah her handmaid to be his isha: and Yaakov went in to her.

5 And Bilhah conceived and bore Yaakov a son.

6 And Rachel said, Ahlohim has judged me and has also heard my voice and has given me a son: therefore she called his name Dan.

7 And Bilhah Rachel's maid conceived again and bore Yaakov a second son.

8 And Rachel said, With great strife have I wrestled with my sister and I have prevailed: and she called his name Naphtali.

9 When Leah saw that she had left bearing, she took Zilpah her maid and gave her to Yaakov to be his isha.

10 And Zilpah Leah's maid bore Yaakov a son.

11 And Leah said, A troop comes: and she called his name Gad.

12 And Zilpah Leah's maid bore Yaakov a second son.

13 And Leah said, Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed: and she called his name Asher.

14 And Reuven went in the yamim of wheat harvest and found love-apples in the field and brought them to his eema Leah. Then Rachel said to Leah, Please give me some of your son's love-apples.

15 And Leah said to her, Is it a small matter that you have taken my husband? And would you take away my son's love-apples also? And Rachel said, Therefore let him lie with you tonight for your son's love-apples.

16 And Yaakov came out of the field in the evening and Leah went out to meet him and said, You must come in to me; for surely I have hired you with my son's love-apples. And he lay with her that lyla.

17 And Ahlohim listened to Leah and she conceived and bore Yaakov the fifth son.

18 And Leah said, Ahlohim has given me my hire because I have given my maiden to my husband: and she called his name Yissachar.

19 And Leah conceived again and bore Yaakov the sixth son.

20 And Leah said, Ahlohim has endued me with a tov dowry; now will my husband dwell with me because I have born him six sons: and she called his name Zevulon.

21 And afterwards she bore a daughter and called her name Dinah.

22 And Ahlohim remembered Rachel and Ahlohim listened to her and opened her womb.

23 And she conceived and bore a son; and said, Ahlohim has taken away my reproach:

24 And she called his name Yoseph; and said, YHUH shall add to me another son.

25 And it came to pass, when Rachel had born Yoseph, that Yaakov said to Lavan, Send me away, that I may go to my own place and to my country.

26 Give me my wives and my children, for whom I have served you and let me go: for you know my service that I have done for you.

27 And Lavan said to him, Please, if I have found chen in yours eyes, stay: for I have learned by experience that YHUH has blessed me for your sake.

28 And he said, Appoint me your wages and I will give it.

29 And he said to him, You know how I have served you and how your cattle were with me.

30 For it was little which you had before I came and it is now increased to a multitude; and YHUH has blessed you since my coming: and now when shall I provide for my own bayit also?

31 And he said, What shall I give you? And Yaakov said, You shall not give me anything: if you will do this thing for me, I will again feed and keep your flock:

32 I will pass through all your flock today, removing from there all the speckled and spotted cattle and all the brown cattle among the sheep and the spotted and speckled among the goats: and those shall be my hire.

33 So shall my tzedakah answer for me in time to come, when it shall come for my hire before your face: every one that is not speckled and spotted among the goats and brown among the sheep, that shall be counted as stolen with me.

34 And Lavan said, See, I would it might be according to your word.

35 And he removed that yom the male goats that were ring streaked and spotted and all the female goats that were speckled and spotted and every one that had some white in it and all the brown among the sheep and gave them into the hand of his sons.

36 And he set three yamim' journey between himself and Yaakov: and Yaakov fed the rest of Lavan's flocks.

37 And Yaakov took rods of green poplar and of the hazel and chesnut eytz; and rounded white streaks in them and made the white appear that was in the rods.

38 And he set the rods that he had rounded before the flocks in the gutters in the watering troughs when the flocks came to drink, that they should conceive when they came to drink.

39 And the flocks conceived before the rods and brought out cattle ring streaked, speckled and spotted.

40 And Yaakov did separate the lambs and set the faces of the flocks toward the ring streaked and all the brown in the flock of Lavan; and he put his own flocks by themselves and did not put them in Lavan's cattle.

41 And it came to pass, whenever the stronger cattle did conceive, that Yaakov laid the rods before the eyes of the cattle in the gutters, that they might conceive among the rods.

42 But when the cattle were feeble, he put them not in: so the feebler were Lavan's and the stronger Yaakov's.

43 And the man increased exceedingly and had much cattle and female avadim and male avadim and camels and donkeys.

31 And he heard the words of Lavan's sons, saying, Yaakov has taken away all that was our abba's; and of that which was our abba's has he gotten all this tifereth.

2 And Yaakov beheld the face of Lavan and, see, it was not towards him as before.

3 And YHUH said to Yaakov, Return to the land of your ahvot and to your mishpacha; and I will be with you.

4 And Yaakov sent and called Rachel and Leah to the field to his flock,

5 And said to them, I see your abba's face that it is not toward me as before; but the Ahlohim of my abba has been with me.

6 And you know that with all my power I have served your abba.

7 And your abba has deceived me and changed my wages ten times; but Ahlohim did not allow him to hurt me.

8 When he said, The speckled cattle shall be your wages; then all the cattle bore speckled: and when he said so, The ring streaked shall be your hire; then all the cattle bore ring streaked.

9 So Ahlohim has taken away the cattle of your abba and given them to me.

10 And it came to pass at the time that the cattle conceived, that I lifted up my eyes and saw in a dream and, see, the rams that leaped upon the cattle were ring streaked, speckled and grizzled.

11 And The Malach-Ahlohim spoke to me in a dream, saying, Yaakov!; And I said, Hinayne.

12 And He said, Lift up now your eyes and see, all the rams which leap upon the cattle are ring streaked, speckled and grizzled: for I have seen all that Lavan does to you.

13 I AM YHUH, the Al of Beth-Al, where you anointed the pillar and where you vowed a vow to Me: now arise, get out from this land and return to the land of your mishpacha.

14 And Rachel and Leah answered and said to him, Is there yet any portion, or inheritance for us in our abba's bayit?

15 Are we not counted as gerim by him? For he has sold us and has fully devoured our money also.

16 For all the riches that Ahlohim has taken from our abba, that is ours and our children's: now then, whatever Ahlohim has said to you, do.

17 Then Yaakov rose up and set his sons and his wives upon camels.

18 And he carried away all his cattle and all his items that he had gotten, the cattle of his labor, which he had gotten in Padan-Aram, to go to Yitzchak his abba in the land of Kanaan.

19 And Lavan went to shear his sheep: and Rachel had stolen the images that were her abba's.

20 And Yaakov went away without telling Lavan the Aramean, in that he told him not that he fled.

21 So he fled with all that he had; and he rose up and passed over the river and set his face toward Har Gilad.

22 And it was told to Lavan on the third yom that Yaakov had fled.

23 And he took his brothers with him and pursued after him a seven yamim' journey; and they overtook him in the Har Gilad.

24 And Ahlohim came to Lavan the Aramean in a dream by lyla and said to him, Take heed that you speak not to Yaakov either tov, or bad.

25 Then Lavan overtook Yaakov. Now Yaakov had camped his tent in the har: and Lavan with his brothers camped in the Har of Gilad.

26 And Lavan said to Yaakov, What have you done, that you have gone away without telling me and carried away my daughters, as captives taken with a sword?

27 Why did you flee away secretly and deceive me; and did not tell me, so that I could have sent you away with simcha and with shirim, with tabret and with harp?

28 And you have not allowed me to kiss my sons and my daughters? You have now done foolishly in so doing.

29 It is in the power of my hand to do you harm: but the El of your abba’s bayit spoke to me last lyla, saying, Take heed that you speak not to Yaakov either tov, or bad.

30 And now, you have gone because you greatly long for your abba's bayit, but why have you stolen my ahlahim?

31 And Yaakov answered and said to Lavan, Because I was afraid: for I said, Suppose you would take by force your daughters from me.

32 With whoever you find your ahlahim, let him not live: before our brothers discern what is and isn’t mine and take it with you. For Yaakov knew not that Rachel had stolen them.

33 And Lavan went into Yaakov's tent and into Leah's tent and into the two female avadim's tents; but he found them not. Then went he out of Leah's tent and entered into Rachel's tent.

34 Now Rachel had taken the images and put them in the camel's furniture and sat upon them. And Lavan searched the entire tent, but found them not.

35 And she said to her abba, Let it not displease my master that I cannot rise up before you; for the custom of women is upon me. And he searched, but found not the images.

36 And Yaakov was angry and contended with Lavan: and Yaakov answered and said to Lavan, What is my trespass? What is my sin; that you have so hotly pursued after me?

37 Why you have searched all my items, what have you found from all your household items? Set it here before my brothers and your brothers, that they may judge between us both.

38 These twenty years have I been with you; your ewes and your female goats have not cast their young and the rams of your flock have I not eaten.

39 That which was torn of beasts I brought not to you; I bore the loss of it; of my hand did you require it, whether stolen by yom, or stolen by lyla.

40 So I was; in the yom the drought consumed me and the frost by lyla; and my sleep departed from my eyes.

41 Therefore have I been twenty years in your bayit; I served you fourteen years for your two daughters and six years for your cattle: and you have changed my wages ten times.

42 Except the Ahlohim of my abba, the Ahlohim of Avraham and the Fear of Yitzchak, had been with me, surely you would have sent me away now empty. Ahlohim has seen my affliction and the labor of my hands and rebuked you last lyla.

43 And Lavan answered and said to Yaakov, These daughters are my daughters and these children are my children and these cattle are my cattle and all that you see is mine: and what can I do this yom to these my daughters, or to their children which they have born?

44 Now therefore come, let us make a brit, you and I; and let it be for a witness between you and me.

45 And Yaakov took a stone and set it up for a pillar.

46 And Yaakov said to his brothers, Gather stones; and they took stones and made a heap: and they did eat there upon the heap.

47 And Lavan called it Yegar-Sahadutha: but Yaakov called it Gal-Ed.

48 And Lavan said, This heap is a witness between you and me this yom. Therefore was the name of it called Gal-Ed.

49 And Mitzpah; for he said, YHUH watch between you and me, when we are absent one from another.

50 If you shall afflict my daughters, or if you shall take other wives beside my daughters, no man is with us; see, Ahlohim is witness between you and me.

51 And Lavan said to Yaakov, See this heap and see this pillar, which I have set between you; and me;

52 This heap be a witness and this pillar be a witness, that I will not pass over this heap to you and that you shall not pass over this heap and this pillar to me, for harm.

53 The Ahlohim of Avraham and the Ahlohim of Nachor, the Ahlohim of their abba, judge between us. And Yaakov swore by the Fear of his abba Yitzchak.

54 Then Yaakov offered sacrifice upon the har and called his brothers to eat lechem: and they did eat lechem and stayed all lyla in the har.

55 And early in the boker Lavan rose up and kissed his sons and his daughters and blessed them: and Lavan departed and returned to his place.

32 And Yaakov went on his derech and the heavenly malachim of Ahlohim met him.

2 And when Yaakov saw them, he said, This is Ahlohim 's army: and he called the name of that place Machanayim.

3 And Yaakov sent messengers before him to Esav his brother to the land of Seir, the country of Edom.

4 And he commanded them, saying, So shall you speak to my master Esav; Your eved Yaakov says this, I have sojourned with Lavan and stayed there until now:

5 And I have oxen and donkeys, flocks and male avadim and female avadim: and I have sent to tell my master, that I may find chen in your sight.

6 And the messengers returned to Yaakov, saying, We came to your brother Esav and also he comes to meet you and four hundred men with him.

7 Then Yaakov was greatly afraid and distressed: and he divided the people that were with him and the flocks and herds and the camels, into two camps–groups;

8 And said, If Esav comes to the one camp and smites it, then the other camp that is left shall escape.

9 And Yaakov said, O Ahlohim of my abba Avraham and Ahlohim of my abba Yitzchak, YHUH who said to me, Return to your country and to your mishpacha and I will deal well with you:

10 I am not worthy of the least of all the chesed and of all the emet, which You have showed to Your eved; for with just my staff I passed over this Yarden; and now I have become two camps of peoples.

11 Please deliver me from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esav: for I fear him, lest he will come and smite me and the eema with the children.

12 And You did say, I will surely do you tov and make your zera as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.

13 And he lodged there that same lyla; and took of that which came to his hand a present for Esav his brother;

14 Two hundred female goats and twenty male goats, two hundred ewes and twenty rams,

15 Thirty milk camels with their colts, forty cows and ten bulls, twenty female donkeys and ten foals.

16 And he delivered them into the hand of his avadim, every drove by themselves; and said to his avadim, Go ahead of me and put a space between drove and drove.

17 And he commanded the foremost, saying, When Esav my brother meets you and asks you, saying, Whose are you? And where are you going? And whose are these before you?

18 Then you shall say, They are your eved Yaakov's; it is a present sent to my master Esav: and, see, also Yaakov is behind us.

19 And so in like manner he commanded the second and the third and all that followed the droves, saying, In this manner shall you speak to Esav, when you find him.

20 And say also, See, your eved Yaakov is behind us. For he said, I will appease him with the present that goes before me and after that I will see his face; I suppose he will then accept me.

21 So the present went before him: and he himself lodged that lyla in the company.

22 And he rose up that lyla and took his two wives and his two female avadim and his eleven sons and passed over the ford Yavok.

23 And he took them and sent them over the brook and sent over what he had.

24 And Yaakov was left alone; and there wrestled a Man with Yaakov until the breaking of the yom.

25 And when the Man saw that He prevailed not against him, the Man touched the hollow of Yaakov’s thigh; and the hollow of Yaakov's thigh was out of joint, as the Son of Man wrestled with Yaakov.

26 And the Man said, Let Me go, for the yom breaks. And Yaakov said, I will not let You go, except You bless me.

27 And the Man said to Yaakov, What is your name? And he answered, Yaakov.

28 And the Man said, Your name shall no longer be called Yaakov, but Yisrael: for as a sar you have power with Ahlohim and with men and have prevailed.

29 And Yaakov asked Him and said, Please tell me Your Name. And He said, Why is it that you do ask about My Name? And He blessed him there.

30 And Yaakov called the name of the place Peni-El: for I have seen Ahlohim panayim-el-panayim and still my chayim has been preserved.

31 And as he passed over Peni-El the shemesh rose upon him and he limped on his hip.

32 Therefore the children of Yisrael eat not of the sinew which shrank, that is upon the socket of the thigh, to this yom: because He touched the socket of Yaakov's thigh in the sinew of the hip.

Torah Parsha 9 Shavuah-Week 9-Vayesah Yaaqov Einav Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 33-36. Renewed Covenant Yochanan Moshe-Mark chapters 11-16.

33 And Yaakov lifted up his eyes and looked and, see, Esav came and with him four hundred men. And he divided the children to Leah and to Rachel and to the two handmaids.

2 And he put the handmaids and their children in the front and Leah and her children after them and Rachel and Yoseph in the back.

3 And he passed over before them and bowed himself to the ground seven times, until he came near to his brother.

4 And Esav ran to meet him and embraced him and fell on his neck and kissed him: and they wept.

5 And Esav lifted up his eyes and saw the women and the children; and said, Who are those with you? And Yaakov said, The children that Ahlohim has by His unmerited chen given to your eved.

6 Then the handmaidens came near, they and their children and they bowed themselves.

7 And Leah also with her children came near and bowed themselves: and after came Yoseph near with Rachel and they bowed themselves.

8 And he said, What do you mean by all this company that I met? And Yaakov said, These are to find chen in the sight of my master.

9 And Esav said, I have enough, my brother; keep what you have for yourself.

10 And Yaakov said, No, Please, if now I have found chen in your sight, then receive my present from my hand: because I see your face towards me, as though I had seen the face of Ahlohim and you were pleased with me.

11 Please take my bracha that is brought to you; because Ahlohim has dealt with me through unmerited chen and because I have enough. And he urged him and Esav took it.

12 And he said, Let us take our journey and let us go and I will go before you.

13 And he said to him, My master knows that the children are tender and the flocks and herds with young are with me: and if men should overdrive them one yom, all the flock will die.

14 Please let my master pass over before his eved. And I will journey on gently, according to the pace of the cattle that goes before me and the pace that the children are able to endure, until I come to my master to Seir.

15 And Esav said, Let me now leave with you some of the folks that are with me. And Yaakov said, What need do I have for them? Let me find chen in the sight of my master.

16 So Esav returned that yom on his derech to Seir.

17 And Yaakov journeyed to Sukkot and built himself a bayit and made booths for his cattle: therefore the name of the place is called Sukkot.

18 And Yaakov came intact and healed to a city of Shechem, which is in the land of Kanaan, when he came from Padan-Aram; and camped his tent before the city.

19 And he bought a parcel of a field, where he had spread his tent, at the hand of the children of Chamor, Shechem's abba, for one hundred pieces of money.

20 And he erected there an altar and called it El-Elohei-Yisrael.

34 And Dinah the daughter of Leah, whom she bore to Yaakov, went out to see the daughters of the land.

2 And when Shechem the son of Chamor the Hivite, sar of the country, saw her, he took her and lay with her and defiled her.

3 And his being did cleave to Dinah the daughter of Yaakov and he loved the young girl and spoke kindly to the young girl.

4 And Shechem spoke to his abba Chamor, saying, Get me this young girl to be my isha.

5 And Yaakov heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter: now his sons were with his cattle in the field: and Yaakov held his silence until they had come.

6 And Chamor The Abba of Shechem went out to Yaakov to commune with him.

7 And the sons of Yaakov came out of the field when they heard it: and the men were grieved and they were very angry because he had done folly in Yisrael in lying with Yaakov's daughter; which thing should not to be done.

8 And Chamor communed with them, saying, The being of my son Shechem longs for your daughter: Please give her to him to be his isha.

9 And make many marriages with us and give your daughters to us and take our daughters to you.

10 And you shall dwell with us: and the land shall be before you; dwell and trade in it and get possessions in it.

11 And Shechem said to her abba and to her brothers, Let me find chen in your eyes and what you shall say to me I will give.

12 Ask me much dowry and gift and I will give it according as you shall tell me: but give me the young girl to be my isha.

13 And the sons of Yaakov answered Shechem and Chamor his abba deceitfully because he had defiled Dinah their sister:

14 And they said to them, We cannot do this thing, to give our sister to one that has not performed brit-milah; for that would be a reproach to us:

15 But in this request we will consent to you: If you will be as we are, that every male of yours performs brit-milah;

16 Then will we give our daughters to you and we will take your daughters to us and we will dwell with you and we will become one people.

17 But if you will not listen to us, to perform brit-milah; then will we take our daughter and we will be gone.

18 And their words pleased Chamor and Shechem Chamor's son.

19 And the young man did not hesitate to perform brit-milah because he delighted in Yaakov's daughter: and he was more honorable than all in the bayit of his abba.

20 And Chamor and Shechem his son came to the gate of their city and communed with the men of their city, saying,

21 These men are in shalom with us; therefore let them dwell in the land and trade in it; for look at the land; it is large enough for them also; let us take their daughters to us for our wives and let us give them our daughters.

22 Only in this manner will the men consent to dwell with us, to be one people, if every male among us performs brit-milah, as they are in brit-milah.

23 Shall not their cattle and their substance and every beast of theirs become ours? Only let us consent to them and they will dwell with us.

24 And to Chamor and to Shechem his son listened all that went out of the gate of his city; and every male performed brit-milah including all that went out of the gate of his city.

25 And it came to pass on the third yom, when the men were still sore, that two of the sons of Yaakov, Shimon and Lewi, Dinah's brothers, took each man his sword and came upon the city boldly and killed all the males.

26 And they killed Chamor and Shechem his son with the edge of the sword and took Dinah out of Shechem's bayit and went out.

27 The sons of Yaakov came upon the slain and plundered the city because they had defiled their sister.

28 They took their sheep and their oxen and their donkeys and that which was in the city and that which was in the field,

29 And all their wealth and all their little ones and their wives they took captive and plundered even all that was in the bayit.

30 And Yaakov said to Shimon and Lewi, You have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Kanaanites and the Perizzites: and I being few in number, they shall gather themselves together against me and kill me; and I shall be destroyed, I and also kol Beit Yisrael.

31 And they said to Yaakov, Should he deal with our sister as with a harlot?

35 And Ahlohim said to Yaakov, Arise, go up to Beth-El and dwell there: and make there an altar to El, that appeared to you when you fled from the face of Esav your ach.

2 Then Yaakov said to his household and to all that were with him, Put away the strange ahlahim that are among you and be clean and change your garments:

3 And let us arise and go up to Beth-El; and I will make there an altar to El, who answered me in the yom of my distress and was with me in the derech which I went.

4 And they gave to Yaakov all the strange ahlahim that were in their hands and all their earrings that were in their ears; and Yaakov hid them under the oak which was by Shechem.

5 And they journeyed: and the terror of Ahlohim was upon the cities that were around them, so that they did not pursue after the sons of Yaakov.

6 So Yaakov came to Luz, which is in the land of Kanaan, that is, Beth-El, he and all the people that were with him.

7 And he built there an altar and called the place El-Beth-El: because there Ahlohim appeared to him, when he fled from the face of his brother.

8 But Devorah Rivkah's nurse died and she was buried beneath Beth-El under an oak: and the name of it was called Allon-Bachuth.

9 And Ahlohim appeared to Yaakov again, when he came out of Padan-Aram and blessed him.

10 And Ahlohim said to him, Your name is Yaakov: your name shall not be called anymore Yaakov, but Yisrael shall be your name: and He called his name Yisrael.

11 And Ahlohim said to him, I AM YHUH, Al-Shaddai: be fruitful and multiply; a nation-goy; and a kehilla of goyim-kahal-goyim; shall come from you and melechim shall come out of your loins;

12 And the land that I gave Avraham and Yitzchak, to you I will give it and to your zera after you will I give the land.

13 And Ahlohim went up from him in the place where He talked with him.

14 And Yaakov set up a pillar in the place where He talked with him, even a pillar of stone: and he poured a drink offering on it and he poured oil on it.

15 And Yaakov called the name of the place where Ahlohim spoke with him, Beth-El.

16 And they journeyed from Beth-El; and there was just a little derech to go to Ephrath: and Rachel travailed and she had hard labor.

17 And it came to pass, when she was in hard labor, that the midwife said to her, Fear not; you shall have this son also.

18 And it came to pass, as her chayim was leaving, for she died that she called his name Ben-Oni: but his abba called him Benyamin.

19 And Rachel died and was buried on the derech to Ephrath, which is Beth-Lechem.

20 And Yaakov set a pillar upon her grave: that is the pillar of Rachel's grave to this yom.

21 And Yisrael journeyed and spread his tent beyond the tower of Edar.

22 And it came to pass, when Yisrael dwelt in that land, that Reuven went and lay with Bilhah his abba's concubine: and Yisrael heard of it. Now the sons of Yaakov were twelve:

23 The sons of Leah; Reuven, Yaakov's bachor and Shimon and Lewi and Yahudah and Yissachar and Zevulon:

24 The sons of Rachel; Yoseph and Benyamin:

25 And the sons of Bilhah, Rachel's handmaid; Dan and Naphtali:

26 And the sons of Zilpah, Leah's handmaid; Gad and Asher: these are the sons of Yaakov, who were born to him in Padan-Aram.

27 And Yaakov came to Yitzchak his abba at Mamre, to the city of Arbah, which is Chebron, where Avraham and Yitzchak sojourned.

28 And the yamim of Yitzchak were one hundred eighty years.

29 And Yitzchak gave up the ruach and died and was gathered to his people, being old and full of yamim: and his sons Esav and Yaakov buried him.

36 Now these are the generations of Esav, who is Edom.

2 Esav took his wives of the daughters of Kanaan; Adah the daughter of Elon the Hittite and Aholivamah the daughter of Anah the daughter of Ziveon the Hivite.

3 And Bashemath Yishma-El's daughter, sister of Nevayoth.

4 And Adah bore to Esav Elifaz; and Bashemath bore Reuel;

5 And Aholivamah bore Yeush and Yaalam and Korach: these are the sons of Esav, which were born to him in the land of Kanaan.

6 And Esav took his wives and his sons and his daughters and all the persons of his bayit and his cattle and all his beasts and all his substance, that he had gotten in the land of Kanaan; and went into the country away from the face of his brother Yaakov.

7 For their riches were more than what would allow them to dwell together; and the land in which they were gerim could not bear them both because of their cattle.

8 So Esav dwelt in Har Seir: Esav is Edom.

9 And these are the generations of Esav The Abba of the Edomites in Har Seir:

10 These are the names of Esav's sons; Elifaz the son of Adah the isha of Esav, Reuel the son of Bashemath the isha of Esav.

11 And the sons of Elifaz were Teman, Omar, Zepho and Gatam and Kenaz.

12 And Timna was concubine to Elifaz Esav's son; and she bore to Elifaz Amalek: these were the sons of Adah Esav's isha.

13 And these are the sons of Reuel; Nahath and Zerach, Shammah and Mizzah: these were the sons of Bashemath Esav's isha.

14 And these were the sons of Aholivamah, the daughter of Anah the daughter of Ziveon, Esav's isha: and she bore to Esav Yeush and Yaalam and Korach.

15 These were chiefs of the sons of Esav: the sons of Elifaz the bachor son of Esav; chief Teman, chief Omar, chief Zepho, chief Kenaz,

16 Chief Korach, chief Gatam and chief Amalek: these are the chiefs that came of Elifaz in the land of Edom; these were the sons of Adah.

17 And these are the sons of Reuel Esav's son; chief Nahath, chief Zerach, chief Shammah, chief Mizzah: these are the chiefs that came from Reuel in the land of Edom; these are the sons of Bashemath Esav's isha.

18 And these are the sons of Aholivamah Esav's isha; chief Yeush, chief Yaalam, chief Korach: these were the chiefs that came from Aholivamah the daughter of Anah, Esav's isha.

19 These are the sons of Esav, who is Edom and these are their chiefs.

20 These are the sons of Seir the Horite, who inhabited the land; Lotan and Shoval and Ziveon and Anah,

21 And Dishon and Ezer and Dishan: these are the chiefs of the Horites, the children of Seir in the land of Edom.

22 And the children of Lotan were Hori and Hemam; and Lotan's sister was Timna.

23 And the children of Shoval were these; Alvan and Manahath and Eival, Shepho and Onam.

24 And these are the children of Ziveon; both Ayah and Anah: this was that Anah that found the mules in the wilderness, as he fed the donkeys of Ziveon his abba.

25 And the children of Anah were these; Dishon and Aholivamah the daughter of Anah.

26 And these are the children of Dishon; Hemdan and Eshvan and Ithran and Cheran.

27 The children of Ezer are these; Bilhan and Zaavan and Akan.

28 The children of Dishan are these: Uz and Aran.

29 These are the chiefs that came from the Horites; chief Lotan, chief Shoval, chief Ziveon, chief Anah,

30 Chief Dishon, chief Ezer and chief Dishan: these are the chiefs that came from the Horites, among their chiefs in the land of Seir.

31 And these are the melechim that reigned in the land of Edom, before there reigned any melech over the children of Yisrael.

32 And Bela the son of Beor reigned in Edom: and the name of his city was Dinhavah.

33 And Bela died and Yovav the son of Zerach of Bozrah reigned in his place.

34 And Yovav died and Husham of the land of Temani reigned in his place.

35 And Husham died and Hadad the son of Bedad, who smote Midyan in the field of Moav, reigned in his place: and the name of his city was Avith.

36 And Hadad died and Samlah of Masrekah reigned in his place.

37 And Samlah died and Shaul of Rehovoth by the river reigned in his place.

38 And Shaul died and Ba’al-Chanan the son of Achvor reigned in his place.

39 And Ba’al-Chanan the son of Achvor died and Hadar reigned in his place: and the name of his city was Pau; and his isha's name was Mehetavel, the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Mezahav.

40 And these are the names of the chiefs that came from Esav, according to their mishpachot, after their places, by their names; chief Timnah, chief Alvah, chief Yetheth,

41 Chief Aholivamah, chief Elah, chief Pinon,

42 Chief Kenaz, chief Teman, chief Mivzar,

43 Chief Magdiel, chief Iram: these are the chiefs of Edom, according to their dwellings in the land of their possession: he is Esav The Abba of the Edomites.

Torah Parsha 10 Shavuah-Week 10-Vayeshev Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 37-40. Renewed Covenant Luka-Luke chapters 1-5.

37 And Yaakov dwelt in the land in which his abba was a ger, in the land of Kanaan.

2 These are the generations of Yaakov. Yoseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flock with his brothers; and the lad was with the sons of Bilhah and with the sons of Zilpah, his abba's wives: and Yoseph brought to his abba evil reports about them.

3 Now Yisrael loved Yoseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors.

4 And when his brothers saw that their abba loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him and could not speak nicely to him.

5 And Yoseph dreamed a dream and he told it to his brothers: and they hated him even more.

6 And he said to them, Please listen to this dream that I have dreamed:

7 For, see, we were binding sheaves in the field and, see, my sheaf arose and also stood upright; and, see, your sheaves stood all around and bowed to my sheaf.

8 And his brothers said to him, Shall you indeed reign over us? Or, shall you indeed have dominion over us? And they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words.

9 And he dreamed another dream and told it his brothers and said, See, I have dreamed yet another dream; and, see, the shemesh and the yarayach and the eleven cochavim bowed down to me.

10 And he told it to his abba and to his brothers: and his abba rebuked him and said to him, What is this dream that you have dreamed? Shall your eema and I and your brothers indeed come to bow down to you to the earth?

11 And his brothers envied him; but his abba observed the saying.

12 And his brothers went to feed their abba's flock in Shechem.

13 And Yisrael said to Yoseph, Do not your brothers feed the flock in Shechem? Come and I will send you to them. And he said to him, Hinayne.

14 And he said to him, Please go and see whether things are well with your brothers and well with the flocks; and bring me word again. So he sent him out of the Valley of Chebron and he came to Shechem.

15 And a certain man found Yoseph, as he was wandering in the field: and the man asked him, saying, What are you looking for?

16 And he said, I seek my brothers: Please tell me where they feed their flocks.

17 And the man said, They have departed from here; for I heard them say, Let us go to Dothan. And Yoseph went after his brothers and found them in Dothan.

18 And when they saw him far off, even before he came near to them, they conspired against him to kill him.

19 And they said one to another, See, the dreamer is coming.

20 Come now and let us kill him and cast him into some pit and we will say, Some evil beast has devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams.

21 And Reuven heard it and he delivered him out of their hands; and said, Let us not kill him.

22 And Reuven said to them, Shed no dahm, but cast him into this pit that is in the wilderness and lay no hand upon him; that he might remove him out of their hands, to deliver him to his abba again.

23 And it came to pass, when Yoseph came to his brothers, that they stripped Yoseph of his coat of many colors that was on him.

24 And they took him and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no mayim in it.

25 And they sat down to eat lechem: and they lifted up their eyes and looked and, see, a company of Yishmaelites came from Gilad with their camels bearing spices and balm and myrrh, going to carry it down to Mitzrayim.

26 And Yahudah said to his brothers, What profit is it if we kill our brother and conceal his dahm?

27 Come and let us sell him to the Yishmaelites and let not our hand be upon him; for he is our brother and our flesh. And his brothers were content.

28 Then there passed by Midyanite traders; and they drew and lifted up Yoseph out of the pit and sold Yoseph to the Yishma’elym for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Yoseph into Mitzrayim.

29 And Reuven returned to the pit; and, see, Yoseph was not in the pit; and he tore his clothes.

30 And he returned to his brothers and said, The child is not here; and I, where shall I go?

31 And they took Yoseph's coat and killed a kid of the goats and dipped the coat in the dahm.

32 And they sent the coat of many colors and they brought it to their abba; and said, This have we found: and we don’t know whether it be your son's coat, or not.

33 And he knew it and said, It is my son's coat; an evil beast has devoured him; Yoseph is without a doubt torn in pieces.

34 And Yaakov tore his clothes and put sackcloth upon his loins and mourned for his son many yamim.

35 And all his sons and all his daughters rose up to comfort him; but he refused to be comforted; and he said, For I will go down to Sheol mourning my son. So his abba wept for him.

36 And the Midyanites sold him in Mitzrayim to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and captain of the guard.

38 And it came to pass at that time that Yahudah departed from his brothers and turned in to a certain Adullamite, whose name was Hirah.

2 And Yahudah saw there a daughter of a certain Kanaanite, whose name was Shuah; and he took her and went in to her.

3 And she conceived and bore a son; and he called his name Er.

4 And she conceived again and bore a son; and she called his name Onan.

5 And she yet again conceived and bore a son; and called his name Shelach: and he was at Chezib, when she bore him.

6 And Yahudah took an isha for Er his bachor, whose name was Tamar.

7 And Er, Yahudah's bachor, was wicked in the sight of YHUH; and YHUH killed him.

8 And Yahudah said to Onan, Go in to your brother's isha and marry her and raise up zera for your brother.

9 And Onan knew that the zera should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in to his brother's isha, that he spilled it on the ground, lest he should give zera to his brother.

10 And the thing that he did displeased YHUH: So He killed him also.

11 Then said Yahudah to Tamar his daughter in law, Remain a widow at your abba’s bayit, until Shelach my son is grown: for he said, Lest suppose he die also, as his brothers did. And Tamar went and dwelt in her abba’s bayit.

12 And in process of time the daughter of Shuah Yahudah’s isha died; and Yahudah was comforted and went up to his sheepshearers to Timnath, he and his chaver Hirah the Adullamite.

13 And it was told Tamar, saying, See your abba-in-law goes up to Timnath to shear his sheep.

14 And she put her widow’s garments off from her and covered herself with a veil and wrapped herself and sat in an open entrance, which is by the derech to Timnath; for she saw that Shelach was grown and she was not given to him to be his isha.

15 When Yahudah saw her, he thought she was a harlot because she had covered her face.

16 And he turned to her by the derech and said, Please go get ready and let me come in to you; for he knew not that she was his daughter in law. – She said, What will you give me that you may come in to me?

17 And he said, I will send you a kid from the flock. And she said, Will you give me a pledge, until you send it?

18 And he said, What pledge shall I give you? And she said, Your signet and your bracelets and your staff that is in your hand. And he gave it her and came in to her and she conceived by him.

19 And she arose and went away and removed her veil from her and put on the garments of her widowhood.

20 And Yahudah sent the kid by the hand of his chaver the Adullamite, to receive his pledge from the woman’s hand: but he found her not.

21 Then he asked the men of that place, saying, Where is the harlot, that was openly by the wayside? And they said, There was no harlot in this place.

22 And he returned to Yahudah and said, I cannot find her; and also the men of the place said, that there was no harlot in that place.

23 And Yahudah said, Let her take them for herself, lest we be shamed: see, I sent this kid and you have not found her.

24 And it came to pass about three chodashem after, that it was told Yahudah, saying, Tamar your daughter in law has played the harlot; and also, see, she is with child by whoredom. And Yahudah said, Bring her out and let her be burned.

25 When she was brought out, she sent to her abba in law, saying, By the man, whose these are, am I with child: and she said, Please discern, whose are these, the signet and bracelets and staff.

26 And Yahudah acknowledged them and said, She has been more tzadik than I; because that I gave her not to Shelach my son. And he knew her again no more.

27 And it came to pass in the time of her travail, that twins were in her womb.

28 And it came to pass, when she travailed, that the one put out his hand: and the midwife took it and bound upon his hand a scarlet thread, saying, This one came out first,

29 And it came to pass, he drew back his hand, so that his brother came out first: and she said, How have you broken out? This breach is upon you: therefore his name was called Peretz.

30 And afterward came out his brother, who had the scarlet thread upon his hand: and his name was called Zerach.

39 And Yoseph was brought down to Mitzrayim; and Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, a Mitzri, bought him from the hands of the Yishmaelites, who had brought him down there.

2 And YHUH was with Yoseph and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the bayit of his master the Mitzri.

3 And his master saw that YHUH was with him and that YHUH made all that he did to prosper in his hand.

4 And Yoseph found chen in his sight and he served him: and he made him overseer over his bayit and all that he had he put into Yoseph’s hand.

5 And it came to pass from the time that he had made him overseer in his bayit and over all that he had, that YHUH blessed the Mitzri’s bayit for Yoseph’s sake; and the bracha of YHUH was upon all that he had in the bayit and in the field.

6 And he left all that he had in Yoseph’s hand; and he knew not what he had, except the lechem that he did eat. And Yoseph was handsome in form and appearance.

7 And it came to pass after these things, that his master’s isha cast her eyes upon Yoseph; and she said, Lie with me.

8 But he refused and said to his master’s isha, See, my master does not know what is with me in the bayit and he has committed all that he has to my hand;

9 There is none greater in this bayit than I; neither has he kept back anything from me but you because you are his isha: how then can I do this great wickedness and sin against Ahlohim ?

10 And it came to pass, as she spoke to Yoseph yom by yom, that he listened not to her, to lie with her, or to be with her.

11 And it came to pass about this time, that Yoseph went into the bayit to do his business; and none of the men of the bayit were there with him.

12 And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand and fled outside.

13 And it came to pass, when she saw that he had left his garment in her hand and had fled,

14 That she called to the men of her bayit and spoke to them, saying, See, he has brought in an Ivri to us to mock us; he came in to me to lie with me and I cried with a loud voice:

15 And it came to pass, when he heard that I lifted up my voice and cried, that he left his garment with me and fled and went outside.

16 And she placed his garment by her, until his master came home.

17 And she spoke to him according to these words, saying, The Ivri eved, who you have brought to us, came in to me to mock me:

18 And it came to pass, as I lifted up my voice and cried, that he left his garment with me and fled out.

19 And it came to pass, when his master heard the words of his isha, which she spoke to him, saying, After this manner did your eved to me; that his anger was lit.

20 And Yoseph’s master took him and put him into the prison, a place where the melech’s prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison.

21 But YHUH was with Yoseph and showed him rachamim and gave him chen in the sight of the guard of the prison.

22 And the guardian of the prison committed to Yoseph’s hand all the prisoners that were in the prison; and whatever they did there, it was his doing.

23 The guardian of the prison looked not at anything that was under his authority; because YHUH was with him and that which he did, YHUH made it to prosper.

40 And it came to pass after these things, that the butler of the melech of Mitzrayim and his baker had offended their master the melech of Mitzrayim.

2 And Pharaoh was angry against two of his officers, against the chief of the butlers and against the chief of the bakers.

3 And he put them in prison in the bayit of the captain of the guard, into the prison, the place where Yoseph was bound.

4 And the captain of the guard charged Yoseph with them and he served them: and they continued a season in prison.

5 And they dreamed a dream both of them, each man his dream in one lyla, each man according to the interpretation of his dream, the butler and the baker of the melech of Mitzrayim, who were bound in the prison.

6 And Yoseph came in to them in the boker, to check on them and, see, they were sad.

7 And he asked Pharaoh’s officers that were with him in the prison of his master’s bayit, saying, Why do you look so sad today?

8 And they said to him, We have dreamed a dream and there is no interpreter of it. And Yoseph said to them, Do not interpretations belong to Ahlohim ? Please tell them to me.

9 And the chief butler told his dream to Yoseph and said to him, In my dream, see, a vine was before me;

10 And in the vine were three branches: and it was as though it budded and her blossoms shot out; and the clusters of it brought out ripe grapes:

11 And Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand: and I took the grapes and pressed them into Pharaoh’s cup and I gave the cup into Pharaoh’s hand.

12 And Yoseph said to him, This is the interpretation of it: The three branches are three yamim:

13 Within three yamim shall Pharaoh lift up your head and restore you to your place: and you shall deliver Pharaoh’s cup into his hand, like in the past when you were his butler.

14 But remember me when it shall be well with you and show chesed, to me and please make mention of me to Pharaoh and bring me out of this bayit:

15 For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Ivrim: and here also have I done nothing that they should put me into the dungeon.

16 When the chief baker saw that the interpretation was tov, he said to Yoseph, I also was in my dream and I had three white baskets on my head:

17 And in the uppermost basket there was of all manner of baked foods for Pharaoh; and the birds did eat them out of the basket upon my head.

18 And Yoseph answered and said, This is the interpretation of it: The three baskets are three yamim:

19 Yet within three yamim shall Pharaoh lift up your head from off of you and shall hang you on an eytz; and the birds shall eat your flesh from off of you.

20 And it came to pass the third yom, which was Pharaoh’s birthday, that he made a feast to all his avadim: and he lifted up the head of the chief butler and of the chief baker among his avadim.

21 And he restored the chief butler to his butlership again; and he gave the cup into Pharaoh’s hand:

22 But he hanged the chief baker: as Yoseph had interpreted to them.

23 Yet the chief butler did not remember Yoseph, but forgot him.

Torah Parsha 11 Shavuah-Week 11-Miqeitz Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 41-44. Renewed Covenant Luka-Luke chapters 6-10.

41 And it came to pass at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed: and, see, he stood by the river.

2 And, see, there came up out of the river seven well-favored cows; and they fed in a meadow.

3 And, see, seven other cows came up after them out of the river, ill-favored and lean; and stood by the other cows upon the edge of the river.

4 And the ugly and lean cows did eat up the seven well-favored and fat cows. So Pharaoh awoke.

5 And he slept and dreamed the second time: and, see, seven ears of grain came up upon one stalk, abundant and tov.

6 And, see, seven thin ears blasted with the east wind sprung up after them.

7 And the seven thin ears devoured the seven abundant and full ears. And Pharaoh awoke and, see, it was a dream.

8 And it came to pass in the boker that his ruach was troubled; and he sent and called for all the magicians of Mitzrayim and all the wise men: and Pharaoh told them his dream; but there was none that could interpret them to Pharaoh.

9 Then spoke the chief butler to Pharaoh, saying, I do remember my faults this yom:

10 Pharaoh was angry with his avadim and put me in prison in the captain of the guard's bayit, both me and the chief baker:

11 And we dreamed a dream in one lyla, both he and I; we dreamed each man according to the interpretation of his dream.

12 And there was there with us a young man, an Ivri, an eved to the captain of the guard; and we told him and he interpreted to us our dreams; to each man according to his dream he did interpret.

13 And it came to pass, as he interpreted to us, so it was; me he restored to my office and him he hanged.

14 Then Pharaoh sent and called Yoseph and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon: and he shaved himself and changed his clothing and came in to Pharaoh.

15 And Pharaoh said to Yoseph, I have dreamed a dream and there is none that can interpret it: and I have heard it said of you, that you can understand a dream to interpret it.

16 And Yoseph answered Pharaoh, saying, It is not in me: Ahlohim shall give Pharaoh an answer with shalom.

17 And Pharaoh said to Yoseph, In my dream, see, I stood upon the bank of the river:

18 And, see, there came up out of the river seven cows, fat-fleshed and well-favored; and they fed in a meadow:

19 And, see, seven other cows came up after them, poor and very ugly and lean, such as I never saw in all the land of Mitzrayim for ugliness:

20 And the lean and the ill-favored cows did eat up the first seven fat cows:

21 And when they had eaten them up, it could not be known that they had eaten them; but they were ugly, as at the beginning. So I awoke.

22 And I saw in my dream and, see; seven ears came up in one stalk, full and tov:

23 And, see, seven ears, withered, thin and blasted with the east wind, sprung up after them:

24 And the thin ears devoured the seven tov ears: and I told this to the magicians; but there was none that could declare it to me.

25 And Yoseph said to Pharaoh, The dreams of Pharaoh are echad: Ahlohim has showed Pharaoh what He is about to do.

26 The seven tov cows are seven years; and the seven tov ears are seven years: the dream is echad.

27 And the seven thin and ugly cows that came up after them are seven years; and the seven empty ears blasted with the east wind shall be seven years of famine.

28 This is the thing that I have spoken to Pharaoh: What Ahlohim is about to do he shows to Pharaoh.

29 See, there comes seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Mitzrayim:

30 And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Mitzrayim; and the famine shall consume the land;

31 And the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of the famine following, for it shall be very severe.

32 And because the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by Ahlohim and Ahlohim will shortly bring it to pass.

33 Now therefore let Pharaoh seek for a man discreet and wise and set him over the land of Mitzrayim.

34 Let Pharaoh do this and let him appoint officers over the land and take up the fifth part of the land of Mitzrayim in the seven plentiful years.

35 And let them gather all the food of those tov years that come and lay up grain under the hand of Pharaoh and let them keep food in the cities.

36 And that food shall be a reserve for the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Mitzrayim; so that the land perishes not through the famine.

37 And the thing was tov in the eyes of Pharaoh and in the eyes of all his avadim.

38 And Pharaoh said to his avadim, Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom is The Ruach of Ahlohim ?

39 And Pharaoh said to Yoseph, Seeing that Ahlohim has showed you all this, there is none so discreet and wise as you are:

40 You shall be over all my bayit and according to your word shall all my people be ruled: only in the kesay will I be greater than you.

41 And Pharaoh said to Yoseph, See, I have set you over all the land of Mitzrayim.

42 And Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand and put it upon Yoseph's hand and prepared him in garments of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck;

43 And he made him to ride in the second mirkavah that he had; and they cried before him, Bow the knee: and he made him ruler over all the land of Mitzrayim.

44 And Pharaoh said to Yoseph, I am Pharaoh and without you shall no man lift up his hand, or foot in all the land of Mitzrayim.

45 And Pharaoh called Yoseph's name Zaphnath-Paaneah; and he gave him as his isha Asenath the daughter of Poti-Pherah kohen of On. And Yoseph went out over all the land of Mitzrayim.

46 And Yoseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh melech of Mitzrayim. And Yoseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh and went throughout all the land of Mitzrayim.

47 And in the seven plentiful years the earth brought out by handfuls.

48 And he gathered up all the food for the seven years, which was in the land of Mitzrayim and laid up the food in the cities: the food of the field, which was all around every city, he laid up the same.

49 And Yoseph gathered much grain as the sand of the sea, until he stopped numbering; for it was without number.

50 And to Yoseph were born two sons before the years of famine came, which Asenath the daughter of Poti-Pherah kohen of On bore to him.

51 And Yoseph called the name of the bachor Menasheh: For he said Ahlohim, has made me forget all my toil and all my past in my abba's bayit.

52 And the name of the second son he called Efrayim: For Ahlohim has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

53 And the seven years of plenty that was in the land of Mitzrayim, had ended.

54 And the seven years of scarcity began to come, according to what Yoseph had said: and the scarcity was in all lands; but in all the land of Mitzrayim there was lechem.

55 And when all the land of Mitzrayim was famished, the people cried to Pharaoh for lechem: and Pharaoh said to all the Mitzrim, Go to Yoseph; what he says to you, do.

56 And the famine was over all the face of the earth: and Yoseph opened all the storehouses and sold to the Mitzrim; and the famine grew very severe in the land of Mitzrayim.

57 And all countries came into Mitzrayim to Yoseph to buy grain because the famine was so severe in all the lands.

42 Now when Yaakov saw that there was grain in Mitzrayim, Yaakov said to his sons, Why do you look at each other?

2 And he said, See, I have heard that there is grain in Mitzrayim: go down there and buy from there; that we may live and not die.

3 And Yoseph's ten brothers went down to buy grain in Mitzrayim.

4 But Benyamin, Yoseph's brother, Yaakov did not send with his brothers; for he said, Perhaps mischief may befall him.

5 And the sons of Yisrael came to buy grain among those that came: for the famine was in the land of Kanaan.

6 And Yoseph was the governor over the land and it was he that sold to all the people of the land: and Yoseph's brothers came and bowed down themselves before him with their faces to the earth.

7 And Yoseph saw his brothers and he knew them, but made himself strange to them and spoke roughly to them; and he said to them, Where do you come from? And they said, From the land of Kanaan to buy food.

8 And Yoseph knew his brothers, but they knew him not.

9 And Yoseph remembered the dreams that he dreamed about them and said to them, You are spies; You have come only to see the secrets and operations of the land.

10 And they said to him, No, my master, but to buy food have your avadim come.

11 We are all one man's sons; we are upright men; your avadim are not spies.

12 And he said to them, No, but to see the operations of the land you have come.

13 And they said, Your avadim are twelve brothers, the sons of one man in the land of Kanaan; and, see, the youngest is this yom with our abba and one is not.

14 And Yoseph said to them, That is it what I spoke to you, saying, You are spies:

15 Hereby you shall be proven: By the chayim of Pharaoh you shall not go out from here, except your youngest brother come here.

16 Send one of you and let him get your brother and you shall be kept in prison, that your words may be proven, whether there be any emet in you: or else by the chayim of Pharaoh surely you are spies.

17 And he put them all into the prison for three yamim.

18 And Yoseph said to them the third yom, This do and live; for I fear Ahlohim

19 If you are upright men, let one of your brothers be bound in the bayit of your prison: but go, carry grain for the famine of your houses:

20 But bring your youngest brother to me; so shall your words be verified and you shall not die. And they did so.

21 And they said one to another, We are truly guilty concerning our brother, in that we saw the anguish of his being, when he begged us and we would not listen; therefore is this distress come upon us.

22 And Reuven answered them, saying, Did not I warn you not to sin against the child; and you would not listen? Therefore, see, now his dahm is required.

23 And they knew not that Yoseph understood them, for he spoke to them by an interpreter.

24 And he turned himself around from them and wept; and returned to them again and communed with them and took from them Shimon and bound him before their eyes.

25 Then Yoseph commanded to fill their sacks with grain and to restore every man's money into his sack and to give them provision for the derech: and this he did for them.

26 And they loaded their donkeys with the grain and departed there.

27 And as one of them opened his sack to give his donkey fodder in the inn, he saw his money; for, see, it was in his sack's mouth.

28 And he said to his brothers, My money is restored; and, see, it is even in my sack: and their levavot failed them and they were afraid, saying one to another, What is this that Ahlohim has done to us?

29 And they came to Yaakov their abba to the land of Kanaan and told him all that happened to them; saying,

30 The man, who is master of the land, spoke roughly to us and saw us as spies of his country.

31 And we said to him, We are upright men; we are not spies:

32 We are twelve brothers, sons of our abba; one is not and the youngest is this yom with our abba in the land of Kanaan.

33 And the man, the master of the country, said to us, Hereby shall I know that you are upright men; leave one of your brothers here with me and take food for the famine of your households and go:

34 And bring your youngest brother to me: then shall I know that you are not spies, but that you are upright men: so I will deliver your brother to you and you shall move around freely in the land.

35 And it came to pass as they emptied their sacks, that, see, every man's bundle of money was in his sack: and when both they and their abba saw the bundles of money, they were afraid.

36 And Yaakov their abba said to them, All of you have bereaved me of my children: Yoseph is not and Shimon is not and now you will take Benyamin away: all these things are done against me.

37 And Reuven spoke to his abba, saying, Slay my two sons, if I bring him not back to you: deliver him into my hand and I will bring him to you again.

38 And he said, My son shall not go down with you; for his brother is dead and he is left alone: if mischief befalls him by the derech in which you go, then shall you bring down my old age with sorrow to Sheol.

43 And the famine was severe in the land.

2 And it came to pass, when they had eaten up the grain which they had brought out of Mitzrayim, their abba said to them, Go again, buy us a little more food.

3 And Yahudah spoke to him, saying, The man did solemnly warn us, saying, You shall not see my face, except your brother is with you.

4 If you will send our brother with us, we will go down and buy you food:

5 But if you will not send him, we will not go down: for the man said to us, You shall not see my face, except your brother is with you.

6 And Yisrael said, Why did you deal so badly with me, so as to tell the man whether you had another brother?

7 And they said, The man asked us persistently of our state and of our mishpacha, saying, Is your abba yet alive? Have you another brother? And we answered him according to these words: how could we have known that he would say, Bring your brother down?

8 And Yahudah said to Yisrael his abba, Send the lad with me and we will arise and go; that we may live and not die, both we and you and also our little ones.

9 I will be guarantor for him; of my hand shall you require him: if I bring him not to you and set him again before you, then let me bear the blame le-olam-va-ed:

10 For if we had not lingered, surely by now we would have returned this second time.

11 And their abba Yisrael said to them, If it must be so now, do this; take of the best fruits in the land in your vessels and carry down a present to the man, a little balm and a little honey, spices and myrrh, nuts and almonds:

12 And take double money in your hand; and the money that was brought again in the mouth of your sacks, carry it again in your hand; It could have been a mistake.

13 Take also your brother and arise, go again to the man:

14 And El-Shaddai give you rachamim before the man, that he may send away your other brother and Benyamin. If I will be bereaved of my children, I am bereaved.

15 And the men took that present and they took double money in their hand and Benyamin; and rose up and went down to Mitzrayim and stood before Yoseph.

16 And when Yoseph saw Benyamin with them, he said to the ruler of his bayit, Bring these men home and make a slaughtering and make ready; for these men shall dine with me at noon.

17 And the man did as Yoseph asked; and the man brought the men into Yoseph's bayit.

18 And the men were afraid because they were brought into Yoseph's bayit; and they said, Because of the money that was returned in our sacks at the first time are we brought in; that he may seek occasion against us and fall upon us and take us for avadim and our donkeys.

19 And they came near to the steward of Yoseph's bayit and they communed with him at the door of the bayit,

20 And said, O sir, we indeed came down the first time to buy food:

21 And it came to pass, when we came to the inn, that we opened our sacks and, see, every man's money was in the mouth of his sack, our money in full weight: and we have brought it again in our hand.

22 And other money have we brought down in our hands to buy food: we cannot tell who put our money in our sacks.

23 And he said, Shalom be to you, fear not: your Ahlohim and the Ahlohim of your abba, has given you treasure in your sacks: I had your money. And he brought Shimon out to them.

24 And the man brought the men into Yoseph's bayit and gave them mayim and they washed their feet; and he gave their donkeys fodder.

25 And they made ready the present for Yoseph’s coming at noon: for they heard that they should eat lechem there.

26 And when Yoseph came home, they brought him the present that was in their hand into the bayit and bowed themselves to him to the earth.

27 And he asked them of their welfare and said, Is your abba well, the old man of whom you spoke? Is he yet alive?

28 And they answered, Your eved our abba is in tov health, he is yet alive. And he said, Blessed be that man by Ahlohim! And they bowed down their heads and made obeisance.

29 And he lifted up his eyes and saw his brother Benyamin, his eema's son and said, Is this your younger brother, about whom you spoke to me? And he said, Ahlohim give you unmerited chen, my son.

30 And Yoseph hurried; for his emotions did yearn for his brother: and he sought somewhere to weep; and he entered into his room and wept there.

31 And he washed his face and went out and restrained himself and said, Serve the food.

32 And they set the shulchan for him by himself and for them by themselves and for the Mitzrim by themselves because the Mitzrim do not eat lechem with the Ivrim, for that is an abomination to the Mitzrim.

33 And they sat before him, the bachor according to his bechora and the youngest according to his youth: and the men marveled at one another.

34 And he took and sent portions to them from before him: but Benyamin's portion was five times as much as any of theirs. And they drank and had simcha with him.

44 And he commanded the steward of his bayit, saying, Fill the men's sacks with food, as much as they can carry and put every man's money in his sack's mouth.

2 And put my cup, the silver cup, in the sack's mouth of the youngest and his grain money. And he did according to the word that Yoseph had spoken.

3 As soon as the boker was ohr, the men were sent away, they and their donkeys.

4 And when they had gone out of the city, not that far off, Yoseph said to his steward, Rise up, follow the men; and when you do overtake them, say to them, Why have you rewarded evil for tov?

5 Is not this cup the one from which my master drinks and by which he divines? You have done evil in so doing.

6 And he overtook them and he spoke to them these same words.

7 And they said to him, Why says my master these words? Ahlohim forbid that your avadim should do according to this thing:

8 See, the money, which we found in our sacks' mouths, we brought again to you out of the land of Kanaan: why then should we steal out of your master's bayit his silver, or gold?

9 With whoever of your avadim it is found, let him die and we also will be my master's avadim.

10 And he said, Now also let it be according to your words; he with whom it is found shall be my eved; and you shall be blameless.

11 Then they speedily took down every man his sack to the ground and opened every man his sack.

12 And he searched and began at the eldest and stopped at the youngest: and the cup was found in Benyamin's sack.

13 Then they tore their clothes and loaded every man his donkey and returned to the city.

14 And Yahudah and his brothers came to Yoseph's bayit; for he was still there: and they fell before him to the ground.

15 And Yoseph said to them, What deed is this that you have done? Did you not know that such a man as I can certainly divine?

16 And Yahudah said, What shall we say to my master? What shall we speak? Or, how shall we clear ourselves? Ahlohim has found out the iniquity of your avadim: see, we are my master's avadim, both we and he also with whom the cup is found.

17 And he said, Ahlohim forbid that I should do so: but the man in whose hand the cup is found, he shall be my eved; and as for the rest of you, go in shalom to your abba.

18 Then Yahudah came near to him and said, Oh my master; please let your eved speak a word in my master's ears and let not your anger burn against your eved: for you are even as Pharaoh.

19 My master asked his avadim, saying, Have you an abba, or a brother?

20 And we said to my master, We have an abba, an old man and a child of his old age, a little one; and his brother is dead and he alone is left of his eema and his abba loves him.

21 And you did say to your avadim, Bring him down to me, that I may set my eyes upon him.

22 And we said to my master, The lad cannot leave his abba: for if he should leave his abba, his abba would die.

23 And you did say to your avadim, Except your youngest brother comes down with you, you shall see my face no more.

24 And it came to pass when we came up to your eved my abba, we told him the words of my master.

25 And our abba said, Go again and buy us a little food.

26 And we said, We cannot go down: if our youngest brother will be with us, then will we go down: for we may not see the man's face, unless our youngest brother be with us.

27 And your eved my abba said to us, You know that my isha bore me two sons:

28 And the one went out from me and I said, Surely he is torn in pieces; and I saw him not since:

29 And if you take this one also from me and mischief befall him, you shall bring down my old age with sorrow to Sheol.

30 Now therefore when I come to your eved my abba and the lad is not with us; seeing that his chayim is bound up in the lad's chayim;

31 It shall come to pass, when he sees that the lad is not with us, that he will die: and your avadim shall bring down the old age of your eved our abba with sorrow to Sheol.

32 For I, your eved became guarantor for the lad to my abba, saying, If I bring him not again to you, then I shall bear the blame to my abba le-olam-va-ed.

33 Now therefore, please, let your eved stay instead of the lad as an eved to my master; and let the lad go up with his brothers.

34 For how shall I go up to my abba and the lad be not with me? For then I will see the evil that would come on my abba.

Torah Parsha 12 Shavuah-Week 12-V’lo Yachol Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 45-48. Renewed Covenant Luka-Luke chapters 11-15.

45 Then Yoseph could not restrain himself before all them that stood by him; and he cried, Make every man to go out from me. And there stood no man with him, while Yoseph made himself known to his brothers.

2 And he wept aloud: and the Mitzrim and the bayit of Pharaoh heard.

3 And Yoseph said to his brothers, I am Yoseph; does my abba still live? And his brothers could not answer him; for they were trembling at his presence.

4 And Yoseph said to his brothers, Come near to me please. And they came near. And he said, I am Yoseph your brother, whom you sold into Mitzrayim.

5 Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves that you sold me here: for Ahlohim did send me before you to preserve chayim.

6 For these two years have the famine been in the land: and yet there are still five more years, in which there shall be neither plowing nor harvest.

7 And Ahlohim sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.

8 So now it was not you that sent me here, but Ahlohim: and He has made me an abba to Pharaoh and master of all his bayit and a ruler throughout all the land of Mitzrayim.

9 Hurry and go up to my abba and say to him, This says your son Yoseph, Ahlohim has made me master of all Mitzrayim: come down to me, do not delay:

10 And you shall dwell in the land of Goshen and you shall be near to me, you and your children and your children's children and your flocks and your herds and all that you have:

11 And there will I nourish you; for there are still five years of famine; lest you and your household and all that you have, come to poverty.

12 And, look, your eyes see and the eyes of my brother Benyamin, that it is my mouth that speaks to you.

13 And you shall tell my abba of all my tifereth in Mitzrayim and of all that you have seen; and you shall hurry and bring my abba down here.

14 And he fell upon his brother Benyamin's neck and wept; and Benyamin wept upon his neck.

15 Moreover he kissed all his brothers and wept upon them: and after that his brothers talked with him.

16 And the report was heard in Pharaoh's bayit, saying, Yoseph's brothers have come: and it pleased Pharaoh well and his avadim.

17 And Pharaoh said to Yoseph, Say to your brothers, This do; load your beasts and go, into the land of Kanaan;

18 And take your abba and your households and come to me: and I will give you the tov of the land of Mitzrayim and you shall eat the fat of the land.

19 Now you are commanded, this do; take wagons out of the land of Mitzrayim for your little ones and for your wives and bring your abba and come.

20 Also do not worry about your items; for the tov of all the land of Mitzrayim is now yours.

21 And the children of Yisrael did so: and Yoseph gave them wagons, according to the commandment of Pharaoh and gave them provision for the derech.

22 To all of them he gave each man changes of clothing; but to Benyamin he gave three hundred pieces of silver and five changes of clothing.

23 And to his abba he sent the following; ten donkeys loaded with the tov things of Mitzrayim and ten female donkeys loaded with grain and lechem and food for his abba by the derech.

24 So he sent his brothers away and they departed: and he said to them, See that you don’t quarrel on the derech.

25 And they went up out of Mitzrayim and came into the land of Kanaan to Yaakov their abba,

26 And told him, saying, Yoseph is still alive and he is governor over all the land of Mitzrayim. And Yaakov's lev fainted, for he believed them not.

27 And they told him all the words of Yoseph that he had said to them: and when he saw the wagons that Yoseph had sent to carry him, the ruach of Yaakov their abba revived:

28 And Yisrael said, It is enough; Yoseph my son is still alive: I will go and see him before I die.

46 And Yisrael took his journey with all that he had and came to Beer-Sheva and offered sacrifices to the Ahlohim of his abba Yitzchak.

2 And Ahlohim spoke to Yisrael in the visions of the lyla and said, Yaakov, Yaakov. And he said, Hinayne.

3 And He said, I AM YHUH, Al, the Al of your abba: fear not to go down into Mitzrayim; for I will there make of you a great nation – a goy gadol:

4 I will go down with you into Mitzrayim; and I will also surely bring you up again: and Yoseph shall put his hand upon your eyes.

5 And Yaakov rose up from Beer-Sheva: and the sons of Yisrael carried Yaakov their abba and their little ones and their wives, in the wagons that Pharaoh had sent to carry him.

6 And they took their cattle and their items, which they had gotten in the land of Kanaan and came into Mitzrayim, Yaakov and all his zera with him:

7 His sons and his sons' sons with him, his daughters and his sons' daughters and all his zera he brought with him into Mitzrayim.

8 And these are the names of the children of Yisrael, who came into Mitzrayim, Yaakov and his sons: Reuven, Yaakov's bachor.

9 And the sons of Reuven; Hanoch and Phallu and Hetzron and Carmi.

10 And the sons of Shimon; Yemu-El and Yamin and Ohad and Yachin and Tzoar and Shaul the son of a Canaanitish woman.

11 And the sons of Lewi; Gershon, Qehath and Merari.

12 And the sons of Yahudah; Er and Onan and Shelach and Peretz and Zerach: but Er and Onan died in the land of Kanaan. And the sons of Peretz were Hetzron and Hamul.

13 And the sons of Yissachar; Tola and Phuvah and Iyov and Shimron.

14 And the sons of Zevulon; Sered and Elon and Yahle-El.

15 These are the sons of Leah, which she bore to Yaakov in Padan-Aram, with his daughter Dinah: all the beings of his sons and his daughters were thirty-three.

16 And the sons of Gad; Ziphion and Haggi, Shuni and Ezvon, Eri and Arodi and Areli.

17 And the sons of Asher; Yimnah and Ishuah and Isui and Beriyah and Serah their sister: and the sons of Beriyah; Hever and Malchi-El.

18 These are the sons of Zilpah, whom Lavan gave to Leah his daughter and these she bore to Yaakov, even sixteen beings.

19 The sons of Rachel Yaakov's isha; Yoseph and Benyamin.

20 And to Yoseph in the land of Mitzrayim were born Menasheh and Efrayim, who Asenath the daughter of Poti-Pherah kohen of On bore to him.

21 And the sons of Benyamin were Belah and Becher and Ashvel, Gera and Naaman, Ehi and Rosh, Muppim and Huppim and Ard.

22 These are the sons of Rachel, who were born to Yaakov: all the beings were fourteen.

23 And the son of Dan; Hushim.

24 And the sons of Naphtali; Yahze-El and Guni and Yezer and Shillem.

25 These are the sons of Bilhah, who Lavan gave to Rachel his daughter and she bore these to Yaakov: all the beings were seven.

26 All the beings that came with Yaakov into Mitzrayim, who came out of his loins, besides Yaakov's sons' wives, all the beings were sixty-six.

27 And the sons of Yoseph, who were born to him in Mitzrayim, were two beings: all the beings of Beit Yaakov, who came into Mitzrayim, were seventy-five.

28 And he sent Yahudah before him to Yoseph, to direct his face to Goshen; and they came into the land of Goshen.

29 And Yoseph made ready his mirkavah and went up to meet Yisrael his abba, in Goshen and presented himself before him; and he fell on his neck and wept on his neck a long while.

30 And Yisrael said to Yoseph, Now let me die, since I have seen your face because you are still alive.

31 And Yoseph said to his brothers and to his abba's bayit, I will go up and show Pharaoh and say to him, My brothers and my abba's bayit, who were in the land of Kanaan, have come to me;

32 And the men are shepherds, for their trade has been to feed cattle; and they have brought their flocks and their herds and all that they have.

33 And it shall come to pass, when Pharaoh shall call you and shall say, What is your occupation?

34 That you shall say, Your avadim’s trade has been with cattle from our youth even until now, both we and also our ahvot: that you may dwell in the land of Goshen; for every shepherd is an abomination to the Mitzrim.

47 Then Yoseph came and told Pharaoh and said, My abba and my brothers and their flocks and their herds and all that they have, came out of the land of Kanaan; and, see, they are in the land of Goshen.

2 And he took some of his brothers, even five men and presented them to Pharaoh.

3 And Pharaoh said to his brothers, What is your occupation? And they said to Pharaoh, Your avadim are shepherds, both we and also our ahvot.

4 They said moreover to Pharaoh, To sojourn in the land we have come; for your avadim have no pasture for their flocks; for the famine is severe in the land of Kanaan: therefore we ask you, let your avadim dwell in the land of Goshen.

5 And Pharaoh spoke to Yoseph, saying, Your abba and your brothers have come to you:

6 The land of Mitzrayim is before you; in the best of the land make your abba and brothers to dwell; in the land of Goshen let them dwell: and if you know any able men among them, then make them rulers over my cattle.

7 And Yoseph brought in Yaakov his abba and set him before Pharaoh: and Yaakov blessed Pharaoh.

8 And Pharaoh said to Yaakov, How old are you?

9 And Yaakov said to Pharaoh, The yamim of the years of my pilgrimage are a hundred thirty years: few and evil have the yamim of the years of my chayim been and I have not attained to the yamim of the years of the chayim of my ahvot in the yamim of their pilgrimage.

10 And Yaakov blessed Pharaoh and went out from before Pharaoh.

11 And Yoseph placed his abba and his brothers and gave them a possession in the land of Mitzrayim, in the best of the land, in the land of Raamses, as Pharaoh had commanded.

12 And Yoseph nourished his abba and his brothers and his abba’s entire household, with lechem, according to their mishpachot.

13 And there was no lechem in all the land; for the famine was very sore, so that the land of Mitzrayim and all the land of Kanaan grew weak because of the famine.

14 And Yoseph gathered up all the money that was found in the land of Mitzrayim and in the land of Kanaan, for the grain which they bought: and Yoseph brought the money into Pharaoh's bayit.

15 And when money failed in the land of Mitzrayim and in the land of Kanaan, all the Mitzrim came to Yoseph and said, Give us lechem: for why should we die in your presence? For the money is gone.

16 And Yoseph said, Give me your cattle; and I will give you food for your cattle, if the money is gone.

17 And they brought their cattle to Yoseph: and Yoseph gave them lechem in exchange for horses and for the flocks and for the cattle of the herds and for the donkeys: and he fed them with lechem for all their cattle for that year.

18 When that year ended, they came to him the second year and said to him, We will not hide it from my master, how that our money is spent; my master also has our herds of cattle; there is nothing left in the sight of my master, but our bodies and our lands:

19 Why shall we die before your eyes, both our land and us? Buy us and our land for lechem and we will be avadim to Pharaoh: and give us zera, that we may live and not die, that the land be not desolate.

20 And Yoseph bought all the land of Mitzrayim for Pharaoh; for the Mitzrim sold every man his field because the famine prevailed over them: so the land became Pharaoh's.

21 And as for the people, he removed them to cities from one end of the borders of Mitzrayim even to the other end of it.

22 Only the land of the kohanim bought he not; for the kohanim had a portion assigned to them by Pharaoh and did eat their portion which Pharaoh gave them: That is why they did not sell their lands.

23 Then Yoseph said to the people, See, I have bought you this yom and your land for Pharaoh: look, here is zera for you and you shall sow the land.

24 And it shall come to pass in the increase, that you shall give the fifth part to Pharaoh and four parts shall be your own, for zera of the field and for your food and for those of your households and for food for your little ones.

25 And they said, You have saved our lives: let us find chen in the sight of my master and we will be Pharaoh's avadim.

26 And Yoseph made it a law over the land of Mitzrayim to this yom, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part; except the land of the kohanim, which did not become Pharaoh's.

27 And Yisrael dwelt in the land of Mitzrayim, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions in it and grew and multiplied exceedingly.

28 And Yaakov lived in the land of Mitzrayim seventeen years: so the full age of Yaakov was a hundred forty seven years.

29 And the time drew near that Yisrael must die: and he called his son Yoseph and said to him, If now I have found chen in your sight, Please put your hand under my thigh for the oath and deal in chesed and emet with me. Please do not bury me in Mitzrayim:

30 But I will lie with my ahvot and you shall carry me out of Mitzrayim and bury me in their burial-place. And he said, I will do as you have said.

31 And he said, Swear to me. And he swore to him. And Yisrael bowed himself upon the bed's head.

48 And it came to pass after these things, that one told Yoseph, See, your abba is sick: and he took with him his two sons, Menasheh and Efrayim.

2 And one told Yaakov and said, See, your son Yoseph comes to you: and Yisrael strengthened himself and sat upon the bed.

3 And Yaakov said to Yoseph, El-Shaddai appeared to me at Luz in the land of Kanaan and blessed me,

4 And said to me, See, I will make you fruitful and multiply you and I will make you into a kehilla of goyim – le-kahal amim; and will give this land to your zera after you for an everlasting possession.

5 And now your two sons, Efrayim and Menasheh, who were born to you in the land of Mitzrayim before I came to you in Mitzrayim, are mine; as Reuven and Shimon, they shall be mine.

6 And your issue, which you beget after them, shall be yours and shall be called after the name of their brothers in their inheritance.

7 And as for me, when I came from Padan, Rachel died next to me in the land of Kanaan on the derech, when yet there was but a little derech to come to Ephrath: and I buried her there in the derech of Ephrath; the same is Beth-Lechem.

8 And Yisrael beheld Yoseph's sons and said, Who are these?

9 And Yoseph said to his abba, They are my sons, whom Ahlohim has given me in this place. And he said, Please bring them to me and I will bless them.

10 Now the eyes of Yisrael were dim for age, so that he could not see. And he brought them near to him; and he kissed them and embraced them.

11 And Yisrael said to Yoseph, I had not thought to see your face ever again: and, see, Ahlohim has showed me also your zera.

12 And Yoseph brought them out from between his knees and he bowed himself with his face to the earth.

13 And Yoseph took them both, Efrayim in his right hand toward Yisrael's left hand and Menasheh in his left hand toward Yisrael's right hand and brought them near to him.

14 And Yisrael stretched out his right hand and laid it upon Efrayim's head, who was the younger and his left hand upon Menasheh’s head, guiding his hands knowingly; for Menasheh was the bachor.

15 And he blessed Yoseph and said, Ahlohim, before whom my ahvot Avraham and Yitzchak did have their halacha, the Ahlohim who fed me all my chayim long to this yom,

16 The Malach who redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let my name-Yisrael be named on them, and the name of my ahvot Avraham and Yitzchak; and let them grow into a multitude like fish –vayi-dag-oo lerov in the midst of the earth.

17 And when Yoseph saw that his abba laid his right hand upon the head of Efrayim, it displeased him: and he held up his abba's hand, to remove it from Efrayim's head to Menasheh’s head.

18 And Yoseph said to his abba, Not so, my abba: for this is the bachor; put your right hand upon his head.

19 And his abba refused and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than him and his zera shall become the fullness of the goyim – melo ha-goyim.

20 And he blessed them that yom, saying, By you shall Yisrael be blessed, saying, Ahlohim make you as Efrayim and as Menasheh: and he set Efrayim before Menasheh.

21 And Yisrael said to Yoseph, See, I die: but Ahlohim shall be with you and bring you again to the land of your ahvot.

22 Moreover I have given to you one shechem above your brothers that I took out of the hand of the Amorite with my sword and with my bow.

Torah Parsha 13 Shavuah-Week13-Vayiqra Yaaqov Beresheeth-Genesis chapters 49-50. Shemot-Exodus chapters 1-2. Renewed Covenant Luka-Luke chapters 16-20.

49 And Yaakov called to his sons and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the yamim ha-acharonim.

2 Gather yourselves together, and listen, you sons of Yaakov and listen to Yisrael your abba.

3 Reuven, you are my bachor, my might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power:

4 Unstable as mayim, you shall not excel; because you went up to your abba's bed; then you defiled it: he went up to my couch.

5 Shimon and Lewi are brothers; instruments of cruelty are in their dwellings.

6 O my being, come not into their secret; let not my kavod, be united to their kehilla: for in their anger they killed a man and in their displeasure and self-will they hamstrung an ox for pleasure.

7 Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their anger, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Yaakov and scatter them in Yisrael.

8 Yahudah, you are he whom your brothers shall hallel: your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies; your abba's children shall bow down before you.

9 Yahudah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, you have gone up: he stooped down; he couched as a lion and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

10 The scepter shall not depart from Yahudah nor a lawgiver from between His feet, until Shiloh comes and the things reserved for Him; to Him shall the gathering and the expectation of the goyim be.

11 Binding his foal to the vine and his donkey's colt to the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine and his clothes in the dahm of grapes:

12 His eyes shall be red with wine and his teeth white with milk.

13 Zevulon shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be for a haven of ships; and his border shall be to Tzidon.

14 Yissachar is a strong donkey couching down between two burdens:

15 And he saw that rest was tov and the land that it was pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear and became an eved to tribute.

16 Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Yisrael.

17 Dan shall be a serpent in The Derech, an adder in the derech that bites the horse’s heels, so that its Rider shall fall backward.

18 I have waited for Your YAHUSHA-YHUH, O YHUH.

19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the end.

20 Out of Asher his lechem shall be fat and he shall yield royal dainties.

21 Naphtali is a deer let loose: he gives beautiful words.

22 Yoseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall:

23 The archers have severely grieved him and shot at him and hated him:

24 But his bow abode in strength and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty Ahlohim of Yaakov; (from there comes The Shepherd, The Stone of Yisrael)

25 Even by the El of your abba, who shall help you; and by The Almighty, who shall bless you with brachot of the shamayim above, brachot of the deep that lies beneath, brachot of the breasts and of the womb:

26 The brachot of your abba have prevailed above the brachot of my ancestors to the utmost border of the everlasting hills: they shall be on the head of Yoseph and on the keter of the head of him that was separate from his brothers.

27 Benyamin shall tear as a wolf: in the boker he shall devour the prey and at lyla he shall divide the plunder.

28 All these are the twelve tribes of Yisrael: and this is what their abba spoke to them and blessed them; every one according to their bracha, he blessed them.

29 And he charged them and said to them, I am to be gathered to my people: bury me with my ahvot in the cave that is in the field of Ephron the Hittite,

30 In the cave that is in the field of Machpelah, which is before Mamre, in the land of Kanaan, that Avraham bought along with the field of Ephron the Hittite for a possession for a burial-place.

31 There they buried Avraham and Sarah his isha; there they buried Yitzchak and Rivkah his isha; and there I buried Leah.

32 The purchase of the field and of the cave that is there was from the children of Cheth.

33 And when Yaakov had made an end of commanding his sons, he gathered up his feet into the bed and yielded up the ruach and was gathered to his people.

50 And Yoseph fell upon his abba's face and wept upon him and kissed him.

2 And Yoseph commanded his avadim the physicians to embalm his abba: and the physicians embalmed Yisrael.

3 And forty yamim were fulfilled for him; for so are fulfilled the yamim of those who are embalmed: and the Mitzrim mourned for him seventy yamim.

4 And when the yamim of his mourning were past, Yoseph spoke to the bayit of Pharaoh, saying, If now I have found chen in your eyes, please speak to Pharaoh, saying,

5 My abba made me swear, saying, See, I desire to die in my grave that I have dug for myself in the land of Kanaan, there shall you bury me. Now therefore let me go up, please and bury my abba and I will return again.

6 And Pharaoh said, Go up and bury your abba, even as he made you swear.

7 And Yoseph went up to bury his abba: and with him went up all the avadim of Pharaoh, the shamashim of his bayit and all the shamashim of the land of Mitzrayim,

8 And all of Beit Yoseph and his brothers and his abba's bayit: only their little ones and their flocks and their herds, they left in the land of Goshen.

9 And there went up with him both mirkavot and horsemen: and it was a very great company.

10 And they came to the threshing floor of Atad, which is beyond the Yarden River and there they mourned with a great and very severe lamentation: and he mourned for his abba sheva yamim.

11 And when the inhabitants of the land, the Kanaanites, saw the mourning in the floor of Atad, they said, This is a severe mourning for the Mitzrim: Therefore the name of it was called Havel-Mitzrayim, which is beyond the Yarden.

12 And his sons did to him according to all he commanded them:

13 For his sons carried him into the land of Kanaan and buried him in the cave of the field of Machpelah, that Avraham bought along with the field as a possession for a burial-place from Ephron the Hittite, before Mamre.

14 And Yoseph returned into Mitzrayim, he and his brothers and all that went up with him to bury his abba, after he had buried his abba.

15 And when Yoseph's brothers saw that their abba was dead, they said, Yoseph maybe will hate us and will certainly repay us all the evil that we did to him.

16 And they sent a messenger to Yoseph, saying, Your abba did command before he died, saying,

17 So shall you say to Yoseph, Please forgive the trespass of your brothers, for their sin; for they did to you evil: and now, we beg you, forgive the trespass of the avadim of the Ahlohim of your abba. And Yoseph wept when they spoke to him.

18 And his brothers also went and fell down before his face; and they said, See, we will be your avadim.

19 And Yoseph said to them, Fear not: for am I in the place of Ahlohim ?

20 But as for you, you thought evil against me; but Ahlohim meant it for tov, to bring to pass, as it is this yom, to save many people alive.

21 Now therefore fear not: I will nourish you and your little ones. And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them.

22 And Yoseph dwelt in Mitzrayim, he and his abba's bayit: and Yoseph lived one hundred ten years.

23 And Yoseph saw Efrayim's children until the third generation: the children also of Machir, the son Menasheh, were brought up upon Yoseph's knees.

24 And Yoseph said to his brothers, I will soon die: and Ahlohim will surely visit you and bring you out of this land to the land which he swore to Avraham, to Yitzchak and to Yaakov.

25 And Yoseph took an oath from the children of Yisrael, saying, Ahlohim will surely visit you and you shall carry up my bones from here.

26 So Yoseph died, being one hundred ten years old: and they embalmed him and he was put in a coffin in Mitzrayim. X


  • 1:1 The Hebrew word here is ET spelled Aleph Tau, which are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet and are used to describe YAH’s Son in the Renewed Covenant. Colossians 1:16 and Proverbs 30:4 confirm that The Son is the true Creator and The Father is The Master designer.

  • 1:2 The result of the first global flood spoken of in Jeremiah chapter four.

  • 1:5 Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS).

  • 1:9 DSS and LXX.

  • 1:14 YAH’s times and feasts existed even before the creation of Adam and Eve. These feasts predated the giving of the Torah as well and therefore are eternal for all of YAH’s people, for all ages, at all times.

  • 1:15 As seen in verse 3, the light existed and most likely the shemesh, moon & stars were created on the first day, but were made to function here on the fourth day. The word used here is asah which means was made, or assigned; as opposed to the Hebrew word bara, which means to create something for the first time. The lights are the shemesh and collectively the stars, as the moon is not a light but a reflector of light and reads that way in the Hebrew.

  • 1:26“Our image and Our likeness,” speaks of the plurality of the one YAH .

  • 1:27Aramaic Targum; Onkelos.

  • 1:28 To create a single family, or assembly of set apart chosen people to fill the earth.

  • 2:1 Peshitta, LXX fits the context better.

  • 2:3 Note that The Shabbat is given an eternal construct, meaning it has no evening or night as we see in the millennial kingdom.

  • 2:18 To bring forth a people after His heart and image. Ezer-ke-negdo literally means a helper who will oppose or act as a balancing counterpart.

  • 3:1 DSS.

  • 3:7 Geneva Bible.

  • 3:8 The Set Apart Spirit.

  • 3:15 The proto-evangelium, or the first proclamation of the Good News. While the Seed here is Messiah, it also speaks of the nation of Israel overcoming the serpent’s people. LXX.

  • 4:1 In the past, indicating a breakdown in communication after the fall.

  • 4:1 The first false messiah. Eve hoped that Cain was the promised seed of Genesis 3:15.

  • 4:3 YAH had already revealed the appointed times.

  • 4:8 Found in LXX.

  • 4:15 Eternal unmerited favor.

  • 4:17 His sister, which was allowed before the Torah was fully revealed in greater detail.

  • 4:24 The sin of presumption after a double murder by this seed of Cain.

  • 4:26 A long time before Moses in Exodus 3:15.

  • 5:3 Not in YAH’s image since this is after the fall.

  • 5:27 Meaning “when he dies it shall be sent,” speaking of the flood.

  • 6:1 As per YAH’s plan to fill the earth with His people.

  • 6:2 Fallen melachim/angels.

  • 6:4 Literally means “fallen ones.”

  • 6:4 To stop YAH’s eternal plan to fill the earth with one pure people.

  • 6:8 Eternal unmerited favor.

  • 6:22 Followed Torah as it was progressively revealed.

  • 7:2 Noah had a revelation of kashrut, or kosher animals.

  • 7:5 Kept Torah.

  • 7:16 More unmerited favor.

  • 8:4 During Tabernacles an appropriate time indeed for a tabernacle in the form of an ark for the fathers of the future redeemed people of Israel.

  • 8:11 A remez, or hint that after the flood, YAH would move forward to ultimately produce olive branches in the olive tree of Israel, so that they would be the only survivors after the end time destruction of the earth by fire. The dove symbolizes the Set Apart Spirit’s hold on Renewed Covenant Israel, coming safely into the ark of Messiah’s love.

  • 8:12 In the kingdom the olive tree of Israel will branch out to the whole earth, no longer limited to one spot on the map.

  • 8:13 A new year for a renewed family and earth.

  • 8:17 YAH refills the earth with Noah’s seed.

  • 8:20 Initially built by Adam and later by Abraham on the Mt. of Olives.

  • 8:20 Noah also knew the Torah method of acceptable sacrifice.

  • 9:1 See note on chapter 8 verse 17.

  • 9:4 Noah obeys Torah.

  • 9:6 YAH installs the right-ruling of capital punishment as an act of mercy to deter evil.

  • 9:7 The plan is unchanged. Israel the elect of YAH will be birthed.

  • 9:9 Duality in one.

  • 9:11 The physical multiplicity provision of the Edenic Covenant renewed in Noah.

  • 9:16 Forgiven and redeemed Israel will eventually inherit this same everlasting brit in Jeremiah 31:31.

  • 9:17 Targum Onkelos.

  • 9:19 The Hebrew word is maaleh the same root used in Genesis 48:19 for “fullness-melo.” YAH made every human after the flood from Noah, a single person. We see that again when He populates all the earth’s nations through a single person‑Jacob.

  • 9:25This is not a perpetual curse on blacks, or any race. Rather it’s a curse on one individual Canaan, who would be in servitude.

  • 9:27Jubilees Ch. 7:11-12, that shows that YAH Himself will dwell there with His people.

  • 10:5 These are the same gentile nations that would one day be filled with Shem’s seed.

  • 10:8 Worshipped as a deity. Additionally the LXX renders this verse as Nimrod became a giant or a gibbor.

  • 10:9 Nimrod was worshipped and hunted men’s souls away from YAH . The Hebrew here can mean before and, or against YAH’s face. The LXX renders this verse as Nimrod, Gibor-Tzayid, or a hunting giant.

  • 10:11 Masoretic & Peshitta rendering.

  • 10:11 Where Efrayim-Israel would be taken.

  • 10:22 The father of the Arameans, who were Semites and of the same race as the Hebrews.

  • 10:24 From the LXX that provides the missing link between Arphaxad and Salah.

  • 10:31 Shem’s seed already spread out in many nations.

  • 11:7 Plurality of YAH.

  • 11:11 From this point forward for all of chapter 11, we use the LXX rendering as the Masorite scribes changed these genealogies to make it seem like The Messiah came at the wrong time according to Daniel chapter 9 and so could not be The Messiah. We have restored the years correctly.

  • 11:12 LXX, SP.

  • 11:13 LXX, SP, Luke 3:36 agree, so we went with that.

  • 12:2 Israel. The blessed nation.

  • 12:3 Hebrew for blessed here is nivrechu and not only means “blessed” but also “mixed.” All nations will have Abraham’s seed mixed into their populations.

  • 12:8 Abraham knew the true Name.

  • 12:15 As Israel would one day be.

  • 13:15 Israel’s eternal home.

  • 13:16 A literal promise to a literal seed.

  • 14:13 Abraham was not a Jew.

  • 14:18 This was The Dabar YHUH, the Malki-Tzedek in Abraham’s day, a priestly order that YAH established and in which Messiah would later come to serve, as its eternal High Priest. See note on Hebrews 7:3.

  • 14:19 Aramaic Peshitta. Indicating Abraham being ordained by The Dabar YHUH, into the order of Malki-Tzedek, as opposed to YAH merely being Abraham’s Elohim.

  • 14:20 Tithing predates the Mt. Senai marriage to Israel.

  • 15:4 YAH tells Abraham that his house will be built with physical heirs, not only those who are spiritual heirs like Eliezer. Even though Eliezer was a member of the household of faith, YAH was planning on seeding the nations with those of Abraham’s faith and seed and so promised the birth of Isaac. This shows clearly that today members of the household of faith are considered both physical and spiritual Yisraelites/Hebrews before YAH.

  • 15:5 Not metaphorical ‑ the literal plan to fill the earth with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s seed.

  • 15:6 Aramaic Targum Onkelos.

  • 15:6 How did Abraham get saved? By trusting the promise of physical multiplicity. If you are Abraham’s seed, you must believe what Abraham believed.

  • 15:13 General approximation of Israel’s time of slavery in Egypt.

  • 15:17 The Divine Presence.

  • 17:4 These many nations would come to pass through Isaac and Jacob as we are later told, not Ishmael the father of one large nation.

  • 17:5 By adding the Hebrew letter “hey,” or the breath of YAH to give life to Abraham’s seed. Moreover, “hey” is the second letter of the Tetragrammaton, so by changing the name to Avraham he carried YAH’s Name and breath, signifying new birth and new life as a Hebrew.

  • 17:5 See note at Genesis 17:4. The promise repeated.

  • 17:7 Memra in Aramaic Targum.

  • 17:11 The Hebrew word used here and elsewhere when referring to removing the foreskin is ahrlot, which literally means harlotry, from where we get the English word harlot. YAH sees the removal of the male foreskin as a sign of a mans willingness to leave behind all spiritual and physical harlotry.

  • 17:13 Therefore the Renewed Covenant cannot possibly teach against an eternal ordinance.

  • 17:14 That has not changed for all Yisraelites.

  • 17:16 Mother of nations is vehaytah legoyim; she will become nations ‑ a promise not given to Hagar, who would mother just one nation.

  • 17:19 The promised seed of physical multiplicity goes through Isaac not through Ishmael.

  • 17:20 Notice one nation not many nations.

  • 17:21 A brit is more detailed and extensive than the mere blessing that Ishmael experienced.

  • 17:27 All who joined his faith including strangers.

  • 18:8 We see meat and dairy mixing fully legal according to Torah, with Abraham and YAH Himself in his tent.

  • 18:10 The promised seed.

  • 18:19 A Torah keeper.

  • 18:32 YAH fulfilled this promise in a sense when He spared the 10 tribes of non-Jewish Israel.

  • 18:32 If wicked mankind doesn’t need a mediator as some claim, then why was the first father of Israel allowed to be a mediator by YAH ? Abraham was a mediator here, just like Messiah would be one later.

  • 19:3 Possibly at Passover.

  • 19:16 YAH’s mercy did not start at Golgotha.

  • 19:24 Aramaic Memra, or Word.

  • 19:24 Aramaic Targum considered authoritative and used in the ancient synagogues.

  • 19:25 The Greater and Lesser YAH. The Sender and the Sent.

  • 21:13Nation, not nations.

  • 22:2 LXX

  • 22:2 YAH considers only the promised seed as Abraham’s son.

  • 22:2 Mt. of Olives or perhaps Gerazim.

  • 22:3 SP.

  • 22:5 Faith in Isaac’s resurrection.

  • 22:8 YAH Himself will become The Lamb.

  • 22:12 LXX

  • 22:14 Olivet.

  • 22:17 The Yisraelite nations would be among the world’s stronger end-time nations in most major cities. LXX.

  • 22:18 The repetition of this same promise seems redundant, but YAH knew most wouldn’t grasp its full implication. Therefore, it needed to be repeated and expanded.

  • 24:4 A Hebrew.

  • 24:6 Separation to YAH.

  • 24:20Ten camels drinking in the land from a mother of Israel, shows beautiful typology of Efrayim’s return in physical abundance and in the Spirit.

  • 24:60 Billions – Rivkah was said to have billions of biological offspring. These are those who would spring forth through Jacob/Israel and become biological Yisraelites.

  • 24:65 Sign of authority and submission.

  • 25:5 Due to brit.

  • 25.8 When a family member died in a Hebrew family he or she was placed on a burial bench in the tomb along with personal items such as vases and jewelry. After the dead body decayed, the bones were collected and placed in a bone repository located in a separate area of the same tomb, to allow for other family members to later be buried in the same tomb. This Hebraic practice is referred to as being “gathered to his fathers.” This term used here in Scripture for the first time, is used many more times in the First Covenant. This key phrase helps to strongly establish the “One Israel” doctrine. The mention here of Abraham being gathered in this matter, lends further evidence that YAH considered all those before Abraham to be faithful Torah keepers like Enoch, Noah and Shem, who all walked in His ways. He honored them by calling them Abraham’s fathers. In YAH’s view the nation and people that would become Israel, started long before Abraham and as such were the physical and spiritual fathers to whom Abraham was gathered.

  • 25.16 Tribes initially, that became Arabic nations, who will also make up the end time revived beast empire.

  • 25.20 Notice Rivkah was not Jewish, but an Aramean who crossed over to be a Hebrew.

  • 25:23 Yisraelite people and Edomite people.

  • 25.34 In the natural, the twins vied for being the chosen seed of promise. But in the spirit all things were already decided. Israel was to be the chosen seed, YAH’s Son, His firstborn.

  • 26:3 Greater Israel is a massive land including many countries of Yisraelite seed, not merely one country, as many believe.

  • 26:4 The promise of physical multiplicity renewed in Isaac.

  • 26.5 Chosen because of his obedience to Torah, as revealed to him in stages.

  • 26:13 As promised.

  • 26.25 Isaac knew YAH’s Name.

  • 27:3 Deer meat eaten as food.

  • 27:36 They go together as part of the birthright, as both were foreordained for Jacob. Both my birthright “bachorati” and my blessing “berchati” sound the same in Hebrew.

  • 27:39 A key correction found in the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) taking this statement as a withholding from Esau, rather than as a blessing. In context, since Jacob already had taken the blessing, only the lack of blessing remained for Esau.

  • 27:40 From about 600 CE with the rise of Islam to 1967 and Israel’s recapture of Jerusalem.

  • 28:3 Kahal Amem‑ an obvious reference to Messiah’s congregation, which is the physical and spiritual offspring of the redeemed remnant, from all the Yisraelite nations. Notice not a congregation of Jews only.

  • 28:14 Uparatztah – Break forth.

  • 29:31 Unmerited favor.

  • 30:14 A plant and fruit used as a love, or fertility stimulant, sought by Rachel to overcome her barren womb.

  • 32:7 Shnai Machanot ‑ two camps. This has always been one of the main reasons for Israel being divided into two houses. For preservation from attack and annihilation. Jacob here operates in the full mind of YAH.

  • 32:11 Trials from Edomites always bring two-house understanding. These events will be played out again in the last days according to the prophet Obadiah.

  • 32:24 A Man: Recognized later as Elohim Himself by Jacob, a clear reference to Messiah, since no mortal man can see The Father and live. Here Jacob sees the same one Abraham saw on His way to destroy Sedom and Amorah.

  • 32:28 “Overcoming believers” who wrestle with Messiah and are established by Him and are often sealed with a name change as a result of that regeneration experience. Returning Yisraelites from both houses should strongly consider a name change to a legal Hebrew name, as an outward seal of an inner reality and understanding concerning what Messiah has truly come to do.

  • 32:29 In other words ‑ I’m here to change your name and heart, you are not here to ask questions about My Name. That answer would be provided later in Messiah’s first advent.

  • 32:30 The visible part of YAH that was later to be sent as His Son.

  • 32:31 Physical marking is often a sign of one’s painful calling by YAH to surrender all in order to fully serve Him. YAH often gives Yisraelites a thorn in the flesh to keep them humble and submissive, marked as regenerated Israel.

  • 34:23 This hasn’t changed. Any returning Efraimite, who refuses circumcision and believes the widespread misinterpretations of the Scroll of Galatians, can never reunite with Judah, for Judah will have no part of it.

  • 35:2 This calling is ongoing to all Yisraelites in all generations, especially in the end-times, for without repentance Israel will remain divided and in exile.

  • 35:4 Notice Israel always struggled with idolatry just like the nations and instead of destroying idols they hid them.

  • 35:10 An overcomer with man and with YAH.

  • 35:11 Many of the royal houses of both the east and west came from Jacob and had Yisraelite blood. This issue has been well documented by scholars. A perfect example is the Ethiopian royalty, as well as the royalty of Western Europe.

  • 35:11 A nation, the Jews (goy) and a company of nations, or a congregation of nations (kahal goyim), a clear prophesy that from Jacob’s body would come two physical houses, one Jewish and one “gentile.”

  • 35:11Also notice that Israel is called a “goy,” just like today non-Yisraelites are called goyim/nations. So when one is called a goy, that does not by any means eliminate Yisraelite DNA, for if that were true, the Jews of today also would not be Yisraelites, as often they are referred to as a goy, or the goyim of YAH in Scripture.

  • 35:12 Israel’s homeland.

  • 36:7 Interesting text. Jacob himself is called a ger/stranger. So Hebrew gerim/strangers who settled amongst the nations were always considered Israel in Scripture’s view.

  • 36:8 Not in the land of Israel.

  • 36:43 Edom’s genealogy is included in a book about Israel in order to document that Arabs are not considered native Yisraelites. Many still erroneously teach that Edomites are part of the chosen seed emanating from Abraham. However as these genealogies show, they cannot be the chosen seed, since they do not proceed from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but merely through Abraham. Nevertheless, individuals from these Edomite tribes can and do become Israel as repentant individuals, when they place faith in Messiah The Messiah and His Torah.

  • 37:11 Because Jacob knew the promise to Israel and took the dreams in stride in a “wait and see” attitude.

  • 37:18 Joseph and his seed have always been misunderstood and separated from the rest of Israel.

  • 37:27 Historically Judah has desired separation from Joseph, not necessarily his total demise. This continues today.

  • 37:31 Today, Joseph’s gentile children become Israel again, regardless of their skin color, by the blood of salvation. The multi-colored coat represents all nations and racial colors dipped in Messiah’s blood.

  • 38:10 Not a reference to masturbation but to Onan sinning against YAH’s plan to multiply Israel among the nations and also for breaking the Torah requirement of refusing to raise up seed for a dead brother and so build his brother’s house.

  • 38:15 Facial coverings are forbidden. Head coverings are ordained by YAH. The two should not be confused.

  • 40:20 Birthdays in Scripture are never portrayed in a positive light. They are not part of Hebrew culture. Hebrews, or Yisraelites esteem the blessed memory and the day of one’s passing. This was clearly displayed in Messiah’s Memorial Supper.

  • 41:12Joseph was a Hebrew not a Jew.

  • 41:16 An alternative translation according to the DSS and the LXX: “Apart from me, Elohim will give no answer concerning the welfare of Pharaoh.”

  • 41:45 A Hebrew heir with a gentile name and gentile clothes, married to a heathen priestess, yet still a biological Hebrew man later restored to Israel, just as his offspring would one day be, as they would experience the same pattern of restoration.

  • 41:52 Despite being Hebrews by birth, Menasheh and Efrayim were assimilated into pagan society, much like their offspring, the ten tribes of Efrayim-Israel.

  • 42:3 A picture of the ten tribes in spiritual starvation in their exile.

  • 42:8 The same exact situation exists today. Efraimites, or Joseph’s seed can easily recognize Judah and their Jewish brothers. However his Jewish brothers often cannot recognize Joseph because of their strange gentile names, clean-shaven faces, clothing, foods, holidays and lifestyles.

  • 42:21 The inevitable cry of latter-day repentance among Israel.

  • 43:32 Actually it is the other way around. Yisraelites ought not to share unclean food with heathen at heathen tables of fellowship. If worldly people in Egypt understand this why don’t Yisraelites?

  • 44:33 Judah seeks leadership in the family as guardian.

  • 45:1 Declaring yourself to your Jewish brethren as Joseph returning and revealed is a painful and trying experience for many.

  • 45:3 The cry of restoration.

  • 45:5 Like their father Joseph, YAH sent Efrayim to preserve life in the world as dispersed Israel in order to preserve and proclaim eternal life through the Good News of Messiah’s kingdom.

  • 45:7 Only a remnant from both houses of physical Israel will be saved before entering the kingdom.

  • 45:15 Dialogue as equal heirs along with repentance will lead to reconciliation and

  • 45:27 Joseph's revelation of himself will bring revival to Israel.

  • 46:3 Israel called YAH’s goy/nation.

  • 46:3There (in spite of famine) physical multiplication will begin in earnest.

  • 46:12 For violating the Torah principle of physical multiplicity.

  • 46:27 According to the LXX, Dead Sea Scrolls and the Renewed Covenant.

  • 46:28 Judah will lead the way in the restoration, when they behold two-house truth and Messiah in all its fullness.

  • 46:34 Restored Israel is to be a nation of shepherds of truth and love in the midst of a pagan culture.

  • 47:9 Note the correct attitude of a born again Yisraelite. The earth is not our home in this age, but in the age to come, when the heavens and earth will become one, even as the two houses are becoming one.

  • 48:4 Le-kahal-amim, or congregation of nations as fulfilled by Messiah the Restorer of our nation, who has assembled a congregation from out of all the scattered Yisraelite nations.

  • 48:5 A profound event and declaration. They are Jacob’s physical grandchildren and as such they are already physical Israel. But here he equates them to a status of his sons, not merely his grandsons and officially places them into the tribal equation.

  • 48:6 Jacob demands that Efrayim and Manasseh be considered and verbally called Israel/Yisraelites along with all their children for all future generations.

  • 48:8 Perhaps Jacob/Israel is testing Joseph to see if he grasped the prior declarations. Of course his sight is diminishing as well.

  • 48:13 The right hand is the one of imparted favor and blessing. Reserved for the firstborn.

  • 48:14 This is no mistake. Notice the term “knowingly.” YAH was taking the next step to bring about Israel’s growth, division and end-time regathering.

  • 48:16 The Angel of His Presence, or Messiah, called the Guardian, who alone can redeem from sin’s wages.

  • 48:16 His name was Israel and he declares again that Efrayim and Manasseh’s descendants are physical Israel carrying that very literal name.

  • 48.16 Vayidagoo lerov, may they grow into a multitude of fish in the midst of the olam, or earth. This is an amazing prophecy, by which YAH through the dying man Israel, pinpoints that the offspring of the people of Efrayim and Manasseh, known later on as the 10 tribes (not two), would literally fill the globe with Yisraelites. We see the ingathering officially begin later in Mattityahu/Matthew 4:19, where the disciples are sent to fish for the men of Israel and are called to be Messiah’s fishermen, sent to catch the wandering and floating fish of Israel in the midst of all the earth.

  • 48:18 Man’s ways are not YAH’s ways.

  • 48:19 Jacob knew what he was doing in the Spirit. Do you?

  • 48.19 Could this be a specific nation?

  • 48:19 Melo ha-goyim, or the “fullness of the nations.” Efrayim’s seed later collected in the ten tribes of the northern kingdom would produce the “fullness of the nations.” This is a marvelous revelation that most so-called nations are in fact Israel’s physical children. Of course, they still need blood-atonement-salvation to become true redeemed remnant Israel. Paul confirms this clear understanding in Romans 11:25-26, when he speaks of the “fullness of the nations” as those who will come in as believing returning Israel in the last of the last days.

  • 48:20 He sealed the revelation through tefillah and the laying on of hands, a Yisraelite custom.

  • 48:20 This sealing of Israel’s non-Jewish peoples is still found in the Jewish Daily Prayer book ‑ the siddur.

  • 48:20 For Messiah’s assembly is greater than any individual physical nation. Messiah's nation is both physical and spiritual Israel, as opposed to a mere physical nation.

  • 48:21 Joseph is once again declaring this truth. Efrayim, or the ten tribes are even now returning to the land of Israel.

  • 48:22The wealth of the gentile heathen Amorites are laid up for redeemed Israel. Israel is the head and never the tail. Do not let anyone steal your birthright as the firstborn. Shechem is both the city and the shoulder or valley between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerazim, thus a double portion to Joseph.

  • 49:1 All twelve tribes will be gathered in the last days. That is why this message is in the forefront of YAH’s agenda at this point in man’s history.

  • 49:1 This bedside meeting is a plain foreshadow of Israel’s sons gathered to hear YAH’s word in the latter-days.

  • 49:2 The second time this phrase is used in these verses, signifying YAH’s desire for both houses to be active in the ingathering of the two houses into one restored nation in the latter-days.

  • 49:4 Firstborn status transferred to Efrayim.

  • 49:6 A type of an assembly, or religious institution that destroys those who teach Renewed Covenant circumcision as did these sons in the incident in Shechem (chapter 34), destroying newly circumcised brit keeping men desiring to join Israel. Let Israel heed Jacob’s warning not to be joined to such foolishness, or such a ministry.

  • 49:10 The end-time Yisraelite nations gathered into one, along with all other non-biological Yisraelite believing peoples, who have joined as friends through Messiah’s blood. See notes on Ezekiel, chapter 37:16-28. Expectation reference in the LXX.

  • 49:11 His (Messiah’s) blood likened to grapes of red.

  • 49:14 Many who love and long for Israel’s two-house restoration can be found carrying burdens and love for both houses and are from Issachar. Primarily the Swiss.

  • 49:17 Early Torah keeping believers were called the “Derech.”

  • 49:17 Dan will be primary in promoting much of Israel’s future idolatry and will bite the people of YAH , those who follow the coming Messiah, the Rider on the white horse.

  • 49:25 The promise of physical multiplicity through Joseph.

  • 49:26 Remains true today.

  • 50:9 The Book of Jasher provides much detail on this funeral procession. Amazingly it states that all 12 sons that carried the coffin were placed in the identical order in which the 12 tribes would later encamp around the wilderness Tabernacle.

  • 50:10 This is the origin of the Yisraelite custom of sitting shiva, or sitting for seven days of mourning for the dead.