Intro-RSTNE Apocrypha

INTRO-The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Apocrypha ©

Through 37 years of study, we realized that many books considered Scripture at one time were missing from most modern translations. We also realized that there was much argumentation over the so called Apocrypha books; most are now included for the first time in The Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Large Print Edition With Apocrypha ©

We leaned heavily on the Ruach-Set Apart Ruach and scholarship to discern why some books clearly once considered part of the Hebraic and Apostolic Writings or letters, were no longer held in such regard. The Ruach has led us to restore these key manuscripts, that we are certain were used by the early communities of the Nazarene Yisraelites and held in the highest regard. Historical apostolic sanction was the overriding factor, to include these manuscripts. The negation of these letters in later backslidden and agenda driven generations, far removed from the first apostles and their disciples, was not a factor. These manuscripts are most precious and must be restored before our Messiah YAHUSHA returns according to Acts 3:20-21. We have done so using the True Names of The Father and Son of course in italic letters. We plan to keep adding more scrolls & epistles, as we continue the restoration of these things in future updates. Some books that we cannot discern as holding the weight or burden of Scripture at this hour, we have not included, until more evidence can be collected and then given to the Ruach for possible confirmation.

Enoch Restored

We have restored Enoch with the True Names. This book is referred to many times by Messiah and His apostles and it is now restored in an easier to read format, with shorter verses, as opposed to the long run on sentences in most non true name versions. Chapters & verses have been rearranged to make the concepts easier to grasp. This may not match other numbering systems, but the text is intact. We do not consider 2nd or 3rd Enoch as fully valid and so only1st Enoch appears. Modern English has been inserted as well.

Jasher & Esdras

After much investigation and a reassessment of the veracity of the modern Book of Jasher, we decided to remove it from any further consideration as Scripture. There are too many details to cover, however the best scholarship with almost unanimous consent considers what we have today as pure fiction, with some few facts mixed in based on Torah, along with a lot of embellishment. No known manuscripts exist before the 1600s and modern English translations are translations from Syriac and Greek. Additionally, Jasher does not appear in any copies of the Septuagint or other Hebraic or early “Christian” literature. No copies were found at Qumran. For these reasons and more, the book no longer appears valid as Scripture and is not included in the latest printing of The Restoration Scriptures 8th Large Print Edition With Apocrypha ©.

Perhaps one yom we may have a more ancient legitimate Hebraic text yet to be discovered. There is no doubt that there was an original non-fiction book, as it is referenced several times in Scripture.

Third and Fourth Ezra [First and Second Ezra in the 1611 KJV] are not included. Third Ezra because it is a rehash of the canonical books of Ezra and Nehemiah. We have however included the account of the three guardsmen, not found in Ezra or Nehemiah, as it adds much insight and understanding. Third Ezra was used by Josephus as well. 

Fourth Ezra is omitted entirely, as it was written after the Beit HaMikdash’s destruction in 70 CE, when Ezra and any other possible ancient authors were long dead and gone. It appears to be a “Christian work”, penned years after Messiah arrived. Ezra did not speak Greek or Latin rest assured. Fourth Ezra does not appear here for those reasons and many more too numerous to mention. The same applies to Second Baruch, another “Christian” era addition, not actually written by Baruch the scribe. X