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Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Red Letter Editions

Lechem Chayim-Volume One

Lechem Chayim-Volume One

Lechem Chayim-Volume One contains the following:

1 O Hallel YHUH
2 The Faithful Witness
3 Let the People Tremble
4 Efrayim and Judah in the Light
5 May our Kingdom Go
6 Yahshua's Shalom Call
7 Can't Help Falling in Love With You
8 Let's Get Together and Feel Shabbat
9 Mi Camocha-Who is Like YHUH
10 Ki Yitaka B ' Shofar-For the Last Shofar Will Sound
11 Ana YHUH-Please YHUH
12 Shir HaLechem-Song of The Bread
-This unique initial release features 12 original Messianic/Nazarene Yisraelite songs designed to bring you into His deep manifested Presence. All of the music compositions are not only original, but are based on Scripture verses; the very words of Scripture themselves; and as we all know, the Word of YHUH can never ever return void.

-The album features a beautiful balance of both Hebrew and English lyrics by Sholiach Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky.

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