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Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Red Letter Editions

Israel's Feasts and their Fullness

Israel's Feasts and their Fullness


This book is written to show Believers how to celebrate the Feasts of YHUH in a way that esteems Yahusha and helps to restore the Two Houses of Israel. It explains what the Scriptures actually say, compares them to the traditions of Judaism and Christianity, then outlines how we can celebrate in a way that brings joy and restoration. The Abba has raised up a voice of clarity in the midst of muddied waters. In her indomitable and delightful style, Batya Wootten explains how every believer fits into the Father's Restoration Plan for His people. This is a clear, concise, informative, well researched, yet entertaining and highly enjoyable book. Decades of meticulous research have helped clear away the cobwebs, exposing ancient Jewish traditions that do not fit Scripture, bringing light and clarity to those that do, and clearly outlining new guidelines for celebration by believers, whose Messiah has given them cause for celebration!

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