First Chronicles-Divre HaYamim Alef


First Chronicles-Divre HaYamim Alef

To Our Forefathers Yisrael

1 Ahdahm, Sheth, Enosh,

2 Kenan, Mahalal-El, Yered,

3 Chanoch, Methuselah, Lamech,

4 Noach, Shem, Ham and Yapheth.

5 The sons of Yapheth; Gomer and Magog and Madai and Yavan and Tuval and Meshech and Tiras.

6 And the sons of Gomer; Ashchenaz and Diphath and Togarmah.

7 And the sons of Yavan; Elishah and Tarshishah, Chittim and Rodanim.

8 The sons of Ham; Kush and Mitzrayim, Put and Kanaan.

9 And the sons of Kush; Seva and Havilah and Savta and Raamah and Savtecha. And the sons of Raamah; Sheva and Dedan.

10 And Kush begat Nimrod: he began to be mighty upon the earth.

11 And Mitzrayim begat Ludim and Anamim and Lehavim and Naphtuhim,

12 And Pathrusim and Casluhim, from who came the Plishtim and the Caphthorim.

13 And Kanaan begat Tzidon his bachor and Heth,

14 The Yevusite also and the Amorite and the Girgashite,

15 And the Hivite and the Arkite and the Sinite,

16 And the Arvadite and the Tzemarite and the Hamathite.

17 The sons of Shem; Eylam and Ashshur and Arphaxad and Lud and Aram and Uz and Hul and Gether and Meshech.

18 And Arphaxad begat Shelach and Shelach begat Ever.

19 And to Ever were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg; because in his yamim the earth was divided: and his brother’s name was Yoktan.

20 And Yoktan begat Almodad and Sheleph and Hatzarmaveth and Yerah,

21 Hadoram also and Uzal and Diklah,

22 And Eyval and Avima-El and Sheva,

23 And Ophir and Havilah and Yovav. All these were the sons of Yoktan.

24 Shem, Arphaxad, Shelach,

25 Ever, Peleg, Reu,

26 Serug, Nahor, Terach,

27 Avram; the same is Avraham.

28 The sons of Avraham; Yitzchak and Yishma-El.

29 These are their generations: The bachor of Yishma-El, Nevayoth; then Kedar and Adveel and Mivsam,

30 Mishma and Dumah, Massa, Hadad and Tema,

31 Yetur, Naphish and Kedemah. These are the sons of Yishma-El.

32 Now the sons of Keturah, Avraham’s concubine: she bore Zimran and Yokshan and Medan and Midyan and Yishbak and Shuah. And the sons of Yokshan; Sheva and Dedan.

33 And the sons of Midyan; Ephah and Epher and Chanok and Avida and Eldaah. All these are the sons of Keturah.

34 And Avraham begat Yitzchak. The sons of Yitzchak; Esav and Yisrael.

35 The sons of Esav; Elifaz, Reuel and Yeush and Yaalam and Korach.

36 The sons of Elifaz; Teman and Omar, Tzephi and Gatam, Kenaz and Timna and Amalek.

37 The sons of Reuel; Nahath, Zerach, Shammah and Mizzah.

38 And the sons of Seir; Lotan and Shoval and Tzibeon and Anah and Dishon and Ezer and Dishan.

39 And the sons of Lothan; Hori and Homam: and Timna was Lotan’s sister.

40 The sons of Shobal; Alyan and Manahath and Eyval, Shephi and Onam. And the sons of Tziveon; Ayah and Anah.

41 The sons of Anah; Dishon. And the sons of Dishon; Amram and Eshban and Yithran and Cheran.

42 The sons of Ezer; Bilhan and Zavan and Yakan. The sons of Dishan; Uz and Aran.

43 Now these are the melechim that reigned in the land of Edom before any melech reigned over the children of Yisrael; Bela the son of Beor: and the name of his city was Dinhavah.

44 And when Bela was dead, Yovav the son of Zerach of Bozrah reigned in his place.

45 And when Yovav was dead, Husham of the land of the Temanites reigned in his place.

46 And when Husham was dead, Hadad the son of Bedad, who killed Midyan in the field of Moav, reigned in his place: and the name of his city was Avith.

47 And when Hadad was dead, Samlah of Masrekah reigned in his place.

48 And when Samlah was dead, Shaul of Rehovoth by the river reigned in his place.

49 And when Shaul was dead, Ba’al-Chanan the son of Achvor reigned in his place.

50 And when Ba’al-Chanan was dead, Hadad reigned in his place: and the name of his city was Pai; and his isha’s name was Mehetav-El, the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Mezahav.

51 Hadad died also. And the rulers of Edom were; chief Timnah, chief Alyah, chief Yetheth,

52 Chief Oholivamah, chief Elah, chief Pinon,

53 Chief Kenaz, chief Teman, chief Mivzar,

54 Chief Magdi-El, chief Iram. These are the rulers of Edom.

2 These are the sons of Yisrael; Reuven, Shimon, Lewi and Yahudah, Yissachar and Zevulun,

2 Dan, Yoseph and Benyamin, Naphtali, Gad and Asher.

3 The sons of Yahudah; Er and Onan and Shelach: the three were born to him of the daughter of Shua the Kanaanitess. And Er, the bachor of Yahudah, was evil in the sight of YHUH; and He killed him.

4 And Tamar his daughter in law bore him Peretz and Zerach. All the sons of Yahudah were five.

5 The sons of Peretz; Hetzron and Hamul.

6 And the sons of Zerach; Zimri and Eythan and Heman and Kalcol and Dara: five of them in all.

7 And the sons of Karmi; Achan, the troubler of Yisrael, who transgressed in the cursed thing.

8 And the sons of Eythan; Azaryah.

9 The sons also of Hetzron, that were born to him; Yerahme-El and Ram and Cheluvai.

10 And Ram begat Amminadav; and Amminadav begat Nachshon, leader of the children of Yahudah;

11 And Nachshon begat Salma and Salma begat Boaz,

12 And Boaz begat Oved and Oved begat Yishai,

13 And Yishai begat his bachor Eliyav and Abinadav the second and Shimma the third,

14 Natan-El the fourth, Raddai the fifth,

15 Otzem the sixth, Dawid the seventh:

16 Whose sisters were Tzeruyah and Avigayil. And the sons of Tzeruyah; Avishai and Yoav and Asah-El, three.

17 And Avigail bore Amasa: and The Abba of Amasa was Yether the Ishmaelite.

18 And Kalev the son of Hetzron begat children of Azuvah his isha and of Yerioth: her sons are these; Yesher and Shovav and Ardon.

19 And when Azuvah was dead, Kalev took Ephrath as his isha, who bore him Hur.

20 And Hur begat Uri and Uri begat Betzal-El.

21 And afterward Hetzron went in to the daughter of Machir The Abba of Gilad, who he married when he was seventy years old; and she bore him Seguv.

22 And Seguv begat Yair, who had twenty-three cities in the land of Gilad.

23 And he took Geshur and Aram, with the towns of Yair, from them, with Kenath and its towns, even sixty towns. All these belonged to the sons of Machir The Abba of Gilad.

24 And after Hetzron was dead in Kalev-Ephratah, then Aviah Hetzron’s isha bore him Ashshur The Abba of Tekoa.

25 And the sons of Yerahme-El the bachor of Hetzron were, Ram the bachor and Bunah and Oren and Otzem and Achiyah.

26 Yerahme-El had also another isha, whose name was Atarah; she was the eema of Onam.

27 And the sons of Ram the bachor of Yerahme-El were, Maaz and Yamin and Eker.

28 And the sons of Onam were, Shammai and Yada. And the sons of Shammai; Nadav and Avishur.

29 And the name of the isha of Avishur was Avihayil and she bore him Ahvan and Molid.

30 And the sons of Nadav; Seled and Appayim: but Seled died without children.

31 And the son of Appayim was Yishi. And the sons of Yishi; Sheshan. And the children of Sheshan; ahlahim.

32 And the sons of Yada the brother of Shammai; Yether and Yonathan: and Yether died without children.

33 And the sons of Yonathan; Peleth and Zaza. These were the sons of Yerahme-El.

34 And Sheshan had no sons, but daughters. And Sheshan had an eved, a Mitzri, whose name was Yarha.

35 And Sheshan gave his daughter to Yarha his eved as an isha; and she bore him Attai.

36 And Attai begat Natan and Natan begat Zavad,

37 And Zavad begat Ephlal and Ephlal begat Oved,

38 And Oved begat Yahu and Yahu begat Azaryah,

39 And Azaryah begat Heletz and Heletz begat El-Asah,

40 And El-Asah begat Sisamai and Sisamai begat Shallum,

41 And Shallum begat Yechamyah and Yechamyah begat Elishama.

42 Now the sons of Kalev the brother of Yerahme-El were, Meysha his bachor, who was The Abba of Zif; and the sons of Mareshah The Abba of Chebron.

43 And the sons of Chebron; Korach and Tappuah and Rekem and Shema.

44 And Shema begat Raham, The Abba of Yorkeam: and Rekem begat Shammai.

45 And the son of Shammai was Maon: and Maon was The Abba of Beth-Tzur.

46 And Ephah, Kalev’s concubine, bore Charan and Motza and Gazez: and Charan begat Gazez.

47 And the sons of Yahdai; Regem and Yotam and Geyshan and Pelet and Ephah and Shaaph.

48 Maachah, Kalev’s concubine, bore Shever and Tirhanah.

49 She bore also Shaaph The Abba of Madmannah, Sheva The Abba of Machbenah and The Abba of Givea: and the daughter of Kalev was Achsah.

50 These were the sons of Kalev the son of Hur, the bachor of Ephratah; Shoval The Abba of Kiryath-Yearim,

51 Salma The Abba of Beth-Lechem, Hareph The Abba of Beth-Gader.

52 And Shoval The Abba of Kiryath-Yearim had sons; Haroeh and half of the Menuhothites.

53 And the mishpachot of Kiryath-Yearim; the Yithrites and the Puhites and the Shumathites and the Mishraites; from them came the Tzorathites and the Eshtaolites.

54 The sons of Salma; Beth-Lechem and the Netophathites, Atroth, the bayit of Yoav and half of the Menahthites, the Tzorites.

55 And the mishpachot of the Sophrim who dwelt at Yavetz; the Tirathites, the Shimathites and Sucathites. These are the Kenites that came from Hamath, The Abba of the bayit of Rechav.

3 Now these were the sons of Dawid, who were born to him in Chebron; the bachor Amnon, of Achinoam the Yizreelitess; the second Dani-El, of Avigail the Karmelitess:

2 The third, Assalom the son of Maachah the daughter of Talmai melech of Geshur: the fourth, Adoniyah the son of Haggit:

3 The fifth, Shephatyah of Avital: the sixth, Yithream by Eglah his isha.

4 These six were born to him in Chebron; and there he reigned seven years and six chodashem: and in Yahrushalayim he reigned thirty-three years.

5 And these were born to him in Yahrushalayim; Shimea and Shovav and Natan and Shlomo, four, of Bat-Shua the daughter of Ammi-El:

6 Yivhar also and Elishama and Eliphelet,

7 And Nogah and Nepheg and Yaphiya,

8 And Elishama and Elyada and Eliphelet, nine.

9 These were all the sons of Dawid, beside the sons of the concubines and Tamar their sister.

10 And Shlomo’s son was Rechavam, Avia his son, Asa his son, Yahushaphat his son,

11 Yoram his son, Achazyahu his son, Yoash his son,

12 Amazyahu his son, Azaryah his son, Yotam his son,

13 Achaz his son, Hizqiyahu his son, Menasheh his son,

14 Amon his son, Yoshiyahu his son.

15 And the sons of Yoshiyahu were, the bachor Yochanan, the second Yahuyakim, the third Tzidqiyahu, the fourth Shallum.

16 And the sons of Yahuyakim: Yekonyah his son, Tzidqiyahu his son.

17 And the sons of Yekonyah; Shealti-El his son,

18 Malchiram also and Pedayah and Shenatzar, Yechamyah, Hoshama and Nedavyah.

19 And the sons of Pedayah were, Zerubbavel and Shimei: and the sons of Zerubbavel; Meshullam and Hananyah and Shelomith their sister:

20 And Hashuvah and Ohel and Berechyah and Hasadyah, Yushav-Chesed, five.

21 And the sons of Hananyah; Pelatyah and Yeshayah: the sons of Rephayah, the sons of Arnan, the sons of Ovadyah, the sons of Shechanyah.

22 And the sons of Shechanuah; Shemayah; and the sons of Shemayah; Hattush and Yigal and Bariyah and Nearyah and Shaphat, six.

23 And the sons of Nearyah; Elyoeynai and Hizqiyah and Azrikam, three.

24 And the sons of Elyoeynai were, Hodayah and Elyashiv and Pelayah and Akkuv and Yochanan and Dalayah and Anani, seven.

4 The sons of Yahudah; Peretz, Hetzron and Karmi and Hur and Shoval.

2 And Reayah the son of Shoval begat Yahath; and Yahath begat Achumai and Lahad. These are the mishpachot of the Tzorathites.

3 And these were of The Abba of Eytam; Yezreel and Yishma and Yidvash: and the name of their sister was Hatzlelponi:

4 And Penu-El The Abba of Gedor and Ezer The Abba of Hushah. These are the sons of Hur, the bachor of Ephratah, The Abba of Beth-Lechem.

5 And Ashshur The Abba of Tekoa had two wives, Helah and Naarah.

6 And Naarah bore him Ahuzzam and Hepher and Temeni and Haahashtari. These were the sons of Naarah.

7 And the sons of Helah were, Tzeret and Tsohar and Ethnan.

8 And Cotz begat Anuv and Tobevah and the mishpachot of Aharh-El the son of Harum.

9 And Yavetz was more honorable than his brothers: and his eema called his name Yavetz, saying, Because I bore him with sorrow.

10 And Yavetz called on the Ahlohim of Yisrael, saying, Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me and that You would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And Ahlohim granted him that which he requested.

11 And Cheluv the brother of Shuah begat Mehir, who was The Abba of Eshton.

12 And Eshton begat Beth-Rapha and Paseah and Tehinnah The Abba of Ir-Nachash. These are the men of Rechah.

13 And the sons of Kenaz; Othniel and Serayahu: and the sons of Othniel; Hathath.

14 And Meonothai begat Ophrah: and Serayahu begat Yoav, The Abba of Ge-Charashim; for they were craftsmen.

15 And the sons of Kalev the son of Yephunneh; Iru, Elah and Naam: and the sons of Elah, even Kenaz.

16 And the sons of Yehalele-El; Zif and Ziphah, Tireya and Asare-El.

17 And the sons of Ezra were, Yether and Mered and Efer and Yalon: and she bore Miryam and Shammai and Ishbah The Abba of Eshtemoa.

18 And his isha Yehudiyah bore Yered The Abba of Gedor and Hever The Abba of Socho and Yekuthiel The Abba of Zanowah. And these are the sons of Bithyah the daughter of Pharaoh, who Mered took.

19 And the sons of his isha Hodiyah the sister of Nacham, The Abba of Keilah the Garmite and Eshtemoa the Maachathite.

20 And the sons of Shimon were, Amnon and Rinnah, Ben-Chanan and Tulon. And the sons of Yishi were, Zoheth and Ben-Zoheth.

21 The sons of Shelach the son of Yahudah were, Er The Abba of Lecah and Ladah The Abba of Mareshah and the mishpachot of the bayit of them that worked fine linen, of the bayit of Ashvea,

22 And Yokim and the men of Chozeva and Yoash and Saraph, who had the dominion in Moav and Yashuvi-Lechem. But the records were ancient.

23 These were the potters and those that dwelt at Netaim and Gederah: there they dwelt with the melech for his work.

24 The sons of Shimon were, Nemu-El and Yamin, Yariv, Zerach and Shaul:

25 Shallum his son, Mivsam his son, Mishma his son.

26 And the sons of Mishma; Hamu-El his son, Zachur his son, Shimei his son.

27 And Shimei had sixteen sons and six daughters; but his brothers had not many children, neither did any of their mishpacha multiply, like the children of Yahudah.

28 And they dwelt at Be-er-sheva and Moladah and Hazar-Shual,

29 And at Bilhah and at Etzem and at Tolad,

30 And at Bethu-El and at Hormah and at Tziklag,

31 And at Beth-Marcavoth and Hatzar-Susim and at Beth-Birei and at Shaarayim. These were their cities until the reign of Dawid.

32 And their villages were, Eytam and Ayin, Rimmon and Tochen and Ashan, five cities:

33 And all their villages that were around the same cities, as far as Ba’al. These were their dwellings and their genealogy.

34 And Meshovav and Yamlech and Yoshah the son of Amatzyahu,

35 And Yoel and Yahu the son of Yoshivyah, the son of Serayahu, the son of Asi-El,

36 And Elyoeynai and Yaakovah and Yeshohayah and Asayah and Adiel and Yesimiel and Benyahu,

37 And Ziza the son of Shiphi, the son of Allon, the son of Yedayah, the son of Shimri, the son of Shemayah;

38 These mentioned by their names were leaders in their mishpachot: and the bayit of their ahvot increased greatly.

39 And they went to the entrance of Gedor, even to the east side of the valley, to seek pasture for their flocks.

40 And they found rich pasture and tov and the land was wide and quiet and peaceful; for some Hamites had dwelt there formerly.

41 And these written by name came in the yamim of Hizqiyahu melech of Yahudah and destroyed their tents and the homes that were found there and destroyed them utterly to this yom and dwelt in their place: because there was pasture there for their flocks.

42 And some of them, even of the sons of Shimon, five hundred men, went to Har Seir, having as their commanders Pelatyah and Nearyah and Rephayah and Uzzi-El, the sons of Yishi.

43 And they killed the rest of the Amalekites that escaped and dwelt there to this yom.

5 Now the sons of Reuven the bachor of Yisrael, for he was the bachor; but because he defiled his abba’s bed, his bechora was given to the sons of Yoseph the son of Yisrael: and the genealogy is not listed after the bechora .

2 For Yahudah prevailed above his brothers and from him came the Ruler; but the bechora was Yoseph’s.

3 The sons, of Reuven the bachor of Yisrael were, Hannoch and Pallu, Hetzron and Karmi.

4 The sons of Yoel; Shemayah his son, Gog his son, Shimi his son,

5 Micah his son, Reaya his son, Ba’al his son,

6 Beerah his son, whom Tilgath-Pilneser melech of Ashshur carried away captive: he was leader of the Reuvenites.

7 And his brothers by their mishpachot, when the genealogy of their generations was listed, were the chief, Yeiel and Zecharyah,

8 And Bela the son of Azaz, the son of Shema, the son of Yoel, who dwelt in Aroer, even to Nevo and Ba’al-Meon:

9 And he inhabited eastward to the entering in of the wilderness from the River Euphrates: because their cattle were multiplied in the land of Gilad.

10 And in the yamim of Shaul they made war with the Hagarites, who fell by their hand: and they dwelt in their tents throughout all the east land of Gilad.

11 And the children of Gad dwelt opposite them, in the land of Bashan to Salchah:

12 Yoel the chief and Shapham the next and Yaanai and Shaphat in Bashan.

13 And their brothers of the bayit of their ahvot were, Micha-El and Meshullam and Sheva and Yorai and Yachan and Ziya and Ever, seven.

14 These are the children of Avichayil the son of Huri, the son of Yaroah, the son of Gilad, the son of Micha-El, the son of Yeshishai, the son of Yahdo, the son of Buz;

15 Achi the son of Avdiel, the son of Guni, chief of the bayit of their ahvot.

16 And they dwelt in Gilad in Bashan and in her towns and in all the suburbs of Sharon, within their borders.

17 All these were listed by genealogies in the yamim of Yotam melech of Yahudah and in the yamim of Yahravam melech of Yisrael.

18 The sons of Reuven and the Gadites and half the tribe of Menasheh, of brave men, men able to bear shield and sword and to shoot with bow and skilled in war, were forty four thousand seven hundred sixty, that went out to the war.

19 And they made war with the Hagarites, with Yetur and Nephish and Nodav.

20 And they were helped against them and the Hagarites were delivered into their hand and all that were with them: for they cried to Ahlohim in the battle and He answered them; because they put their trust in Him.

21 And they took away their cattle; of their camels fifty thousand and of sheep two hundred fifty thousand and of donkeys two thousand and of men a hundred thousand.

22 For there fell down many dead because the war was of Ahlohim. And they dwelt in their place until the exile.

23 And the children of the half tribe of Menasheh dwelt in the land: they increased from Bashan to Ba’al-Hermon and Senir and to Har Hermon.

24 And these were the heads of the bayit of their ahvot, even Efer and Yishi and Eliel and Azriel and Yeremeyah and Hodavyah and Yahdiel, mighty men of bravery, famous men and heads of the bayit of their ahvot.

25 And they transgressed against the Ahlohim of their ahvot and went whoring after the ahlahim of the people of the land, whom Ahlohim destroyed before them.

26 And the Ahlohim of Yisrael stirred up the ruach of Pul melech of Ashshur and the ruach of Tilgath-Pilneser melech of Ashshur and he carried them away, even the Reuvenites and the Gadites and the half tribe of Menasheh, and brought them to Chalach and Chavor and Hara and to the River Gozan, to this yom.

6 The sons of Lewi; Gershom, Qehath and Merari.

2 And the sons of Qehath; Amram, Yitzhar and Chebron and Uzzi-El.

3 And the children of Amram; Aharon and Moshe and Miryam. The sons also of Aharon; Nadav and Avihu, Elazar and Yithamar.

4 El-Azar begat Pinchus, Pinchus begat Avishua,

5 And Avishua begat Bukki and Bukki begat Uzzi,

6 And Uzzi begat Zerahyah and Zerahyah begat Merayoth,

7 Merayoth begat Amaryah and Amaryah begat Achituv,

8 And Achituv begat Tzadok and Tzadok begat Ahimaatz,

9 And Ahimaatz begat Azaryah and Azaryah begat Yochanan,

10 And Yochanan begat Azaryah, he is the one that executed the kohen’s office in the Bayit that Shlomo built in Yahrushalayim:

11 And Azaryah begat Amaryah and Amaryah begat Achituv,

12 And Achituv begat Tzadok and Tzadok begat Shallum,

13 And Shallum begat Hilkiyahu and Hilkiyahu begat Azaryah,

14 And Azaryah begat Serayahu and Serayahu begat Yehotzadak,

15 And Yehotzadak went into captivity, when YHUH carried away Yahudah and Yahrushalayim by the hand of Nevuchadnetzar.

16 The sons of Lewi; Gershom, Qehath and Merari.

17 And these are the names of the sons of Gershom; Livni and Shimei.

18 And the sons of Qehath were, Amram and Yizhar and Chebron and Uzzi-El.

19 The sons of Merari; Mahli and Mushi. And these are the mishpachot of the Lewiym according to their ahvot.

20 Of Gershom; Livni his son, Yahath his son, Zimmah his son,

21 Yoah his son, Iddo his son, Zerach his son, Yeatherai his son.

22 The sons of Qehath; Amminadav his son, Korach his son, Assir his son,

23 Elkanah his son and Evyasaph his son and Assir his son,

24 Tahath his son, Uri-El his son, Uziyahu his son and Shaul his son.

25 And the sons of Elkanah; Amasai and Ahimoth.

26 As for Elkanah: the sons of Elkanah; Zophai his son and Nahath his son,

27 Eliav his son, Yeroham his son, Elkanah his son.

28 And the sons of Shmuel; the bachor Yoel and Aviyah.

29 The sons of Merari; Mahli, Livni his son, Shimei his son, Uzza his son,

30 Shimea his son, Haggiyah his son, Asayah his son.

31 And these are the men whom Dawid set over the service of shirim in the Bayit of YHUH, after the Ark came to rest.

32 And they served before the dwelling place of the Mishkan of the kehilla with singing, until Shlomo had built the Bayit of YHUH in Yahrushalayim: and then they performed their duties according to their order.

33 And these are they that performed their duties with their children. Of the sons of the Kohathites: Heman a singer, the son of Yoel, the son of Shmuel,

34 The son of Elkanah, the son of Yeroham, the son of Eliel, the son of Towah,

35 The son of Zuph, the son of Elkanah, the son of Mahath, the son of Amasai,

36 The son of Elkanah, the son of Yoel, the son of Azaryah, the son of Tzephanyah,

37 The son of Tahath, the son of Assir, the son of Evyasaph, the son of Korach,

38 The son of Yitzhar, the son of Qehath, the son of Lewi, the son of Yisrael.

39 And his brother Asaph, who stood on his right hand, even Asaph the son of Beracyahu, the son of Shimea,

40 The son of Micha-El, the son of Baaseyah, the son of Malchiyah,

41 The son of Ethni, the son of Zerach, the son of Adayah,

42 The son of Eythan, the son of Zimmah, the son of Shimei,

43 The son of Yahath, the son of Gershom, the son of Lewi.

44 And their brothers the sons of Merari stood on the left hand: Eythan the son of Kishi, the son of Avdi, the son of Malluch,

45 The son of Hashabyah, the son of Amatzyah, the son of Hilkiyahu,

46 The son of Amtzi, the son of Bani, the son of Shemer,

47 The son of Mahli, the son of Mushi, the son of Merari, the son of Lewi.

48 Their brothers also the Lewiym were appointed to all manner of service of the Mishkan of the bayit of Ahlohim.

49 But Aharon and his sons offered upon the altar of the burnt offering and on the altar of incense and were appointed for all the work of the Most Kadosh-Place and to make a keporah for Yisrael, according to all that Moshe the eved of Ahlohim had commanded.

50 And these are the sons of Aharon; El-Azar his son, Pinchus his son, Avishua his son,

51 Bukki his son, Uzzi his son, Zerahyah his son,

52 Merayoth his son, Amaryah his son, Achituv his son,

53 Tzadok his son, Ahimaatz his son.

54 Now these are their dwelling places throughout their settlements in their borders, of the sons of Aharon, of the mishpachot of the Kohathites: for theirs was the lot.

55 And they gave them Chebron in the land of Yahudah and the suburbs all around it.

56 But the fields of the city and the villages of it, they gave to Kalev the son of Yephunneh.

57 And to the sons of Aharon they gave the cities of Yahudah, namely, Chebron, the city of refuge and Livnah with its suburbs and Yattir and Eshtemoa, with their suburbs,

58 And Hilen with its suburbs, Devir with its suburbs,

59 And Ashan with its suburbs and Beth-Shemesh with its suburbs:

60 And out of the tribe of Benyamin; Geva with its suburbs and Alemeth with its suburbs and Anathoth with its suburbs. All their cities throughout their mishpachot were thirteen cities.

61 And to the sons of Qehath, which were left of the mishpacha of that tribe, were cities given out of the half tribe, namely, out of the half tribe of Menasheh, by lot, ten cities.

62 And to the sons of Gershom throughout their mishpachot out of the tribe of Yissachar and out of the tribe of Asher and out of the tribe of Naphtali and out of the tribe of Menasheh in Bashan, thirteen cities.

63 Unto the sons of Merari were given by lot, throughout their mishpachot, out of the tribe of Reuven and out of the tribe of Gad and out of the tribe of Zevulun, twelve cities.

64 And the children of Yisrael gave to the Lewiym these cities with their suburbs.

65 And they gave by lot out of the tribe of the children of Yahudah and out of the tribe of the children of Shimon and out of the tribe of the children of Benyamin, these cities, which are called by their names.

66 And the residue of the mishpachot of the sons of Qehath had cities of their borders out of the tribe of Efrayim.

67 And they gave to them, of the cities of refuge, Shechem in Har Efrayim with its suburbs; they gave also Gezer with its suburbs,

68 And Yokmeam with its suburbs and Beth-Horon with its suburbs,

69 And Ayalon with its suburbs and Gat-Rimmon with its suburbs:

70 And out of the half tribe of Menasheh; Aner with its suburbs and Bileam with its suburbs, for the mishpacha of the remnant of the sons of Qehath.

71 Unto the sons of Gershom were given out of the mishpacha of the half tribe of Menasheh, Golan in Bashan with its suburbs and Ashtaroth with its suburbs:

72 And out of the tribe of Yissachar; Kedesh with its suburbs, Daverath with its suburbs,

73 And Ramot with its suburbs and Anem with its suburbs:

74 And out of the tribe of Asher; Mashal with its suburbs and Avdon with its suburbs,

75 And Hukok with its suburbs and Rehov with its suburbs:

76 And out of the tribe of Naphtali; Kedesh in Galil with its suburbs and Hammon with its suburbs and Kiryathaim with its suburbs.

77 Unto the rest of the children of Merari were given out of the tribe of Zevulun. Rimmon with its suburbs, Tavor with its suburbs:

78 And on the other side Yarden by Yericho, on the east side of Yarden, were given them out of the tribe of Reuven, Bezer in the wilderness with its suburbs and Yahzah with its suburbs,

79 Kedemoth also with its suburbs and Mephaath with its suburbs:

80 And out of the tribe of Gad; Ramot in Gilad with it suburbs and Machanayim with its suburbs,

81 And Cheshbon with its suburbs and Yazer with its suburbs.

7 Now the sons of Yissachar were, Tola and Puah, Yashuv and Shimron, four.

2 And the sons of Tola; Uzzi and Rephayah and Yeriel and Yahmai and Yivsam and Shmuel, heads of their abba’s bayit. Of Tola: they were brave men of might in their generations; whose number was in the yamim of Dawid twenty two thousand six hundred.

3 And the sons of Uzzi; Yizrachyah: and the sons of Yizrachyah; Micha-El and Ovadyah and Yoel, Yishiyah, all five of them were ruling men.

4 And with them, by their generations, after the bayit of their ahvot, were bands of soldiers for war, thirty six thousand men: for they had many wives and sons.

5 And their brothers among all the mishpachot of Yissachar were brave men of might, listed in all by their genealogies sixty seven thousand.

6 The sons of Benyamin; Bela and Becher and Yediya-El, three.

7 And the sons of Bela; Etzbon and Uzzi and Uzziel and Yerimoth and Iri, five; heads of the bayit of their ahvot, mighty men of bravery; and were listed by their genealogies twenty two thousand and thirty four.

8 And the sons of Becher; Zemirah and Yoash and Eliezer and Elyoeynai and Omri and Yerimoth and Aviyah and Anathoth and Alameth. All these are the sons of Becher.

9 And the number of them, after their genealogy by their generations, heads of the bayit of the ahvot, mighty men of bravery, were twenty thousand two hundred.

10 The sons also of Yediyael; Bilhan: and the sons of Bilhan; Yeush and Benyamin and Ehud and Chenaanah and Zethan and Tarshish and Ahishahar.

11 All these the sons of Yediyael, by the heads of their ahvot, mighty men of bravery, were seventeen thousand two hundred soldiers, fit to go out for war and battle.

12 Shuppim also and Huppim, the children of Ir and Hushim, the sons of Aher.

13 The sons of Naphtali; Yachtziel and Guni and Yetzer and Shallum, the sons of Bilhah.

14 The sons of Menasheh; Ashriel, who she bore: but his concubine the Aramean bore Machir The Abba of Gilad:

15 And Machir took as his isha the sister of Huppim and Shuppim, whose sister’s name was Maachah; and the name of the second was Tzelophehad: and Tzelophehad had daughters.

16 And Maachah the isha of Machir bore a son and she called his name Peresh; and the name of his brother was Sheresh; and his sons were Ulam and Rakem.

17 And the sons of Ulam; Bedan. These were the sons of Gilad, the son of Machir, the son of Menasheh.

18 And his sister Hammoleketh bore Ishod and Aviezer and Mahalah.

19 And the sons of Shemida were, Ahyan and Shechem and Likhi and Aniyam.

20 And the sons of Efrayim; Shuthelah and Bered his son and Tahath his son and Eladah his son and Tahath his son,

21 And Zavad his son and Shuthelah his son and Ezer and Elead, who the men of Gat that were born in that land killed because they came down to take away their cattle.

22 And Efrayim their abba mourned many yamim and his brothers came to comfort him.

23 And when he went in to his isha, she conceived and bore a son and he called his name Beriyah because it went evil with his bayit.

24 And his daughter was Sherah, who built Beth-Horon the lower and the upper and also Uzzen-Sherah.

25 And Rephah was his son, also Resheph and Telah his son and Tahan his son,

26 Laadan his son, Ammihud his son, Elishama his son,

27 Nun his son, Yahusha his son.

28 And their possessions and dwellings were Beth-El and its towns and eastward Naaran and westward Gezer, with their towns; Shechem also and its towns, to Azah and its towns:

29 And by the borders of the children of Menasheh, Beth-Shean and its towns, Taanach and its towns, Megiddo and its towns, Dor and its towns. In these dwelt the children of Yoseph the son of Yisrael.

30 The sons of Asher; Imnah and Isuah and Yishuai and Beriah and Serah their sister.

31 And the sons of Beriah; Hever and Malchi-El, who is The Abba of Birzayit.

32 And Hever begat Yaphlet and Shomer and Hotham and Shua their sister.

33 And the sons of Yaphlet; Pasach and Bimhal and Ashvath. These are the children of Yaphlet.

34 And the sons of Shamer; Ahi and Rohgah, Yehuvvah and Aram.

35 And the sons of his brother Helem; Tzophah and Yimna and Shelesh and Amal.

36 The sons of Tzophah; Suah and Harnepher and Shual and Beri and Yimrah,

37 Betzer and Hod and Shamma and Shilshah and Yithran and Beera.

38 And the sons of Yether; Yephunneh and Pispah and Ara.

39 And the sons of Ulla; Arah and Haniel and Retziya.

40 All these were the children of Asher, heads of their abba’s bayit, chosen ones, mighty men of bravery, chief leaders. And the number throughout the genealogy of them that were fit for war and to battle was twenty six thousand men.

8 Now Benyamin begat Bela his bachor, Ashvel the second and Aharah the third,

2 Nohah the fourth and Rapha the fifth.

3 And the sons of Bela were, Addar and Gera and Avihud,

4 And Avishua and Naaman and Ahoah,

5 And Gera and Shephuphan and Chiram.

6 And these are the sons of Ehud: these are the heads of the ahvot of the inhabitants of Geva and they removed them to Manahath:

7 And Naaman and Achiyahu and Gera, he removed them and begat Uzza and Ahihud.

8 And Shaharaim begat children in the country of Mov, after he had sent them away; Hushim and Baara were his wives.

9 And he begat of Hodesh his isha, Yovav and Tzivia and Meysha and Malcham,

10 And Yeuz and Shachyahu and Mirma. These were his sons, heads of the ahvot.

11 And of Hushim he begat Avituv and Elpaal.

12 The sons of Elpaal; Ever and Misham and Shamer, who built Ono and Lod, with its towns.

13 Beriah also and Shema, who were heads of the ahvot of the inhabitants of Ayalon, who drove away the inhabitants of Gat:

14 And Achyo, Shashak and Yeremoth,

15 And Tzevadyah and Arad and Eder,

16 And Michel and Yispah and Yoha, the sons of Beriyah;

17 And Tzevadyah and Meshullam and Hezqui and Hever,

18 Yishmerai also and Yezliah and Jovav, the sons of Elpaal;

19 And Yakim and Zichri and Zavdi,

20 And Elieynai and Tzillethai and Eli-El,

21 And Adayah and Berayah and Shimrath, the sons of Shimhi;

22 And Yishpan and Hever and Eli-El,

23 And Avdon and Zichri and Chanan,

24 And Hananyah and Eylam and Antothiyah,

25 And Yiphedeyah and Penu-El, the sons of Shashak;

26 And Shamsherai and Sheharyah and Athalyah,

27 And Yareshyah and Eliyah and Zichri, the sons of Yeroham.

28 These were heads of the ahvot, by their generations, rulers of men. These dwelt in Yahrushalayim.

29 And at Giveon dwelt The Abba of Giveon; whose isha’s name was Maachah:

30 And his bachor son Avdon and Tzur and Kish and Ba’al and Nadav,

31 And Gedor and Achyo and Zecher.

32 And Mikloth begat Shimah. And these also dwelt with their brothers in Yahrushalayim, alongside them.

33 And Ner begat Kish and Kish begat Shaul and Shaul begat Yonathan and Malchi-Shua and Avinadav and Esh-Baal.

34 And the son of Yonathan was Meriv-Baal; and Meriv-Baal begat Micah.

35 And the sons of Micah were, Pithon and Melech and Taarea and Achaz.

36 And Achaz begat Yehoadah; and Yehoadah begat Alemeth and Azmaveth and Zimri; and Zimri begat Motza,

37 And Motza begat Binea: Rapha was his son, El-Asah his son, Azel his son:

38 And Azel had six sons, whose names are these, Azrikam, Bocheru and Yishmael and Shearyah and Ovadyah and Chanan. All these were the sons of Atzel.

39 And the sons of Eshek his brother were, Ulam his bachor, Yehush the second and Eliphelet the third.

40 And the sons of Ulam were mighty men of bravery, archers and had many sons and grandsons, a hundred and fifty. All these are of the sons of Benyamin.

9 So kol Yisrael was listed by genealogies; and, behold, they were written in the Scroll of The Melechim of Yisrael and Yahudah, who were carried away to Bavel for their transgression.

2 Now the first inhabitants that dwelt in their possessions in their cities were, the Yisraelites, the kohanim, Lewiym and the Nethinims.

3 And in Yahrushalayim dwelt some of the children of Yahudah and some of the children of Benyamin and some of the children of Efrayim and Menasheh;

4 Uthai the son of Ammihud, the son of Omri, the son of Yimri, the son of Bani, of the children of Peretz the son of Yahudah.

5 And of the Shilonites; Asayah the bachor and his sons.

6 And of the sons of Zerach; Yeuel and their brothers, six hundred and ninety.

7 And of the sons of Benyamin; Sallu the son of Meshullam, the son of Hodavyah, the son of Hasenuah,

8 And Yivneyah the son of Yeroham and Elah the son of Uzzi, the son of Michri and Meshullam the son of Shephatyah, the son of Reuel, the son of Yivniyah;

9 And their brothers, according to their generations, nine hundred and fifty six. All these men were rulers of an abba’s bayit in their abba’s houses.

10 And of the kohanim; Yedayah and Yehoyariv and Yachin,

11 And Azaryah the son of Hilkiyahu, the son of Meshullam, the son of Tzadok, the son of Merayoth, the son of Achituv, the chief of the Bayit of Ahlohim;

12 And Adayah the son of Yeroham, the son of Pashur, the son of Malchiyah and Maasai the son of Adiel, the son of Yahzerah, the son of Meshullam, the son of Meshillemith, the son of Yimmer;

13 And their brothers, heads of the bayit of their ahvot, a thousand seven hundred sixty; very able men for the work of the service of the Bayit of Ahlohim.

14 And of the Lewiym; Shemayah the son of Hasshuv, the son of Azrikam, the son of Hashavyah, of the sons of Merari;

15 And Bakbakkar, Heresh and Galal and Mattanyah the son of Micah, the son of Zichri, the son of Asaph;

16 And Ovadyah the son of Shemayah, the son of Galal, the son of Yeduthun and Berechyah the son of Asa, the son of Elkanah, that dwelt in the villages of the Netophathites.

17 And the gatekeepers were, Shallum and Akkub and Talmon and Ahiman and their brothers: Shallum was the chief;

18 Who up until then waited in the melech’s gate eastward: they were gatekeepers for the camps of the children of Lewi.

19 And Shallum the son of Korach, the son of Eviasaph, the son of Korach and his brothers, of the bayit of his abba, the Korahites, were over the work of the service, guards of the gates of the Mishkan: and their ahvot, being guards over the host of YHUH, were keepers of the entrance.

20 And Pinchus the son of El-Azar was the chief over them in times past and YHUH was with him.

21 And Zecharyah the son of Meshelemyah was gatekeeper of the door of the Mishkan of the kehilla.

22 All these who were chosen to be gatekeepers in the gates were two hundred and twelve. These were listed by their genealogy in their villages, whom Dawid and Shmuel the seer did ordain in their set appointed office.

23 So they and their children had the oversight of the gates of the Bayit of YHUH, namely, the Bayit of the Mishkan, by watches.

24 In four quarters were the gatekeepers, toward the east, west, north and south.

25 And their brothers, that were in their villages, were to come after seven yamim from time to time with them.

26 For these Lewiym, the four chief gatekeepers, were in their office of trust and were over the rooms and treasuries of the Bayit of Ahlohim.

27 And they were all lyla around the Bayit of Ahlohim because the duty was upon them, concerning the opening of them every boker.

28 And certain of them had the duty of the service vessels, that they should bring them in and out by count.

29 Some of them also were appointed to oversee the vessels and all the instruments of the Kadosh-Place and the fine flour and the wine and the oil and the frankincense and the spices.

30 And some of the sons of the kohanim made the ointment of the spices.

31 And Mattityiah, one of the Lewiym, who was the bachor of Shallum the Korahite, was entrusted with the things that were made in the pans.

32 And others of their brothers, of the sons of the Kohathites, were in charge of the Lechem ha Panayim, to prepare it every Shabbat.

33 And these are the singers, rulers of the ahvot of the Lewiym, in the rooms and were exempted from other duties: for they were employed in that work yom and lyla.

34 These rulers of the ahvot of the Lewiym were rulers throughout their generations; these dwelt at Yahrushalayim.

35 And in Giveon dwelt The Abba of Giveon, Yehiel, whose isha’s name was Maachah:

36 And his bachor son Avdon, then Tzur and Kish and Ba’al and Ner and Nadav,

37 And Gedor and Achyo and Zecharyah and Mikloth.

38 And Mikloth begat Shimeam. And they also dwelt with their brothers at Yahrushalayim.

39 And Ner begat Kish; and Kish begat Shaul; and Shaul begat Yonathan and Malchi-Shua and Avinadav and Esh-Baal.

40 And the son of Yehonathan was Meriv-Baal: and Meriv-Baal begat Micah.

41 And the sons of Micah were, Pithon and Melech and Tahrea and Achaz.

42 And Achaz begat Yarah; and Yarah begat Alemeth and Azmaveth and Zimri; and Zimri begat Motza;

43 And Motza begat Binea; and Rephayah his son, El-Asah his son, Atzel his son.

44 And Atzel had six sons, whose names are these, Azrikam, Bocheru and Yishmael and Shearyah and Ovadyah and Chanan: these were the sons of Atzel.

10 Now the Plishtim fought against Yisrael; and the men of Yisrael fled from before the Plishtim and fell down dead in Har Gilboa.

2 And the Plishtim followed hard after Shaul and after his sons; and the Plishtim killed Yonathan and Avinadav and Malchi-Shua, the sons of Shaul.

3 And the battle went strongly against Shaul and the archers hit him and he was wounded by the archers.

4 Then said Shaul to his armor-bearer, Draw your sword and thrust me through with it; lest these who are not in brit-milah come and abuse me. But his armor-bearer would not; for he was very afraid. So Shaul took a sword and fell upon it.

5 And when his armor-bearer saw that Shaul was dead, he fell likewise on the sword and died.

6 So Shaul died and his three sons and all his bayit died together.

7 And when all the men of Yisrael that were in the valley saw that they fled and that Shaul and his sons were dead, then they forsook their cities and fled: and the Plishtim came and dwelt in them.

8 And it came to pass the next yom, when the Plishtim came to strip the slain, that they found Shaul and his sons fallen in Har Gilboa.

9 And when they had stripped him, they took his head and his armor and sent into the land of the Plishtim all around, to carry the news to their idols and to the people.

10 And they put his armor in the bayit of their ahlahim and fastened his head in the bayit of Dagon.

11 And when all Yavesh-Gilad heard all that the Plishtim had done to Shaul,

12 They arose, all the brave men and took away the gooff of Shaul and the bodies of his sons and brought them to Yavesh and buried their bones under the oak in Yavesh and fasted seven yamim.

13 So Shaul died for his transgression that he committed against YHUH, even against The Word of YHUH, which he did not keep and also for asking counsel from one that had a familiar ruach;

14 And he did not ask of YHUH: therefore He killed him and turned over the malchut to Dawid the son of Yishai.

11 Then kol Yisrael gathered themselves to Dawid to Chebron, saying, Behold, we are your bone and your flesh.

2 And moreover in times past, even when Shaul was melech, you were the one that led out and brought in Yisrael: and YHUH your Ahlohim said to you, You shall feed My people Yisrael and you shall be chief over My people Yisrael.

3 Then came all the zechanim of Yisrael to the melech to Chebron; and Dawid made a brit with them in Chebron before YHUH; and they anointed Dawid melech over Yisrael, according to The Word of YHUH by Shmuel.

4 And Dawid and kol Yisrael went to Yahrushalayim, which is Yevus; where the Yevusites were the inhabitants of the land.

5 And the inhabitants of Yevus said to Dawid, You shall not come here. Nevertheless Dawid took the castle of Tzion, which is the city of Dawid.

6 And Dawid said, Whoever smites the Yevusites first shall be chief and commander. So Yoav the son of Tzeruyah went up first and was chief.

7 And Dawid dwelt in the castle; therefore they called it the city of Dawid.

8 And he built the city all around, even from Millo all around: and Yoav repaired the rest of the city.

9 So Dawid grew greater and greater: for YHUH Tzevaot was with him.

10 These also are the heads of the mighty men whom Dawid had, who strengthened themselves with him in his malchut and with kol Yisrael, to make him melech, according to The Word of YHUH concerning Yisrael.

11 And this is the number of the mighty men whom Dawid had; Yashoveam, son of a Hachmonite, the chief of the thirty: he lifted up his spear against three hundred slain by him at one time.

12 And after him was El-Azar the son of Dodo, the Achohite, who was one of the three mighty men.

13 He was with Dawid at Pas-Dammim and there the Plishtim were gathered together to battle, where there was a field full of barley; and the people fled from before the Plishtim.

14 And they set themselves in the midst of that field and delivered it and killed the Plishtim; and YHUH saved them by a great deliverance.

15 Now three of the thirty commanders went down to the rock to Dawid, into the cave of Adullam; and the army of the Plishtim camped in the Valley of Refayim.

16 And Dawid was then in the guard post and the Plishtim guard post was then at Beth-Lechem.

17 And Dawid longed and said, Oh that one would give me drink of the mayim of the well of Beth-Lechem, that is at the gate!

18 And the three broke through the host of the Plishtim and drew mayim out of the well of Beth-Lechem, that was by the gate and took it and brought it to Dawid: but Dawid would not drink of it, but poured it out to YHUH,

19 And said, My Ahlohim forbids me, that I should do this thing: shall I drink the dahm of these men that have put their lives in jeopardy? For with the jeopardy of their lives they brought it. Therefore he would not drink it. These things did these three mighty men.

20 And Avishai the brother of Yoav, he was chief of the three: for lifting up his spear against three hundred, he killed them and made a name among the three.

21 Of the three, he was more honorable than the two; for he was their commander: however he attained not to the position of the first three.

22 Benyahu the son of Yahoyada, the son of a brave man of Kavzeel, who had done many acts; he killed two lion-like men of Moav: also he went down and killed a lion in a pit on a snowy yom.

23 And he killed a Mitzri, a man of great size, five cubits high; and in the Mitzri’s hand was a spear like a weaver’s beam; and he went down to him with a staff and plucked the spear out of the Mitzri’s hand and killed him with his own spear.

24 These things did Benyahu the son of Yahoyada and had the name among the three mightiest.

25 Behold, he was honorable among the thirty, but attained not to the first three: and Dawid set him over his court.

26 Also the brave men of the armies were, Asahel the brother of Yoav, El-Chanan the son of Dodo of Beth-Lechem,

27 Shammoth the Harorite, Heletz the Pelonite,

28 Eyra the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite, Avi-Ezer the Anatothite,

29 Sibbechai the Hushathite, Ilai the Achohite,

30 Maharai the Netophathite, Heled the son of Baanah the Netophathite,

31 Ithai the son of Rivai of Giveah, that pertains to the children of Benyamin, Benyahu the Pirathonite,

32 Hurai of the brooks of Gaash, Aviel the Arvathite,

33 Atzmaveth the Baharumite, Eliahva the Shaalbonite,

34 The sons of Hashem the Gizonite, Yonathan the son of Shage the Hararite,

35 Ahyam the son of Sacar the Hararite, Eliphal the son of Ur,

36 Hepher the Mecherathite, Achiyah the Pelonite,

37 Hetzro the Carmelite, Naarai the son of Ezbai,

38 Yoel the brother of Natan, Mivhar the son of Haggeri,

39 Tzelek the Ammonite, Naharai the Berothite, the armor-bearer of Yoav the son of Tzeruyah,

40 Eyra the Yithrite, Gareb the Yithrite,

41 Uriyah the Hittite, Tzabad the son of Ahlai,

42 Adina the son of Shiza the Reuvenite, a commander of the Reuvenites and thirty with him,

43 Chanan the son of Maachah and Yoshaphat the Mithnite,

44 Uzzia the Ashterathite, Shama and Yehiel the sons of Hothan the Aroerite,

45 Yediya-El the son of Shimri and Yoha his brother, the Titzite,

46 Eli-El the Mahavite and Yerivai and Yoshavyah, the sons of Elnaam and Yithmah the Moavite,

47 Eli-El and Oved and Yasi-El the Metsovite.

12 Now these are they that came to Dawid to Ziklag, while he yet kept himself hidden because of Shaul the son of Kish: and they were among the mighty men, helpers of the war.

2 They were armed with bows and could use both the right hand and the left in hurling stones and shooting arrows out of a bow, even of Shaul’s brothers of Benyamin.

3 The chief was Ahiezer, then Yoash, the sons of Shemaah the Giveathite; and Yeziel and Pelet, the sons of Atzmaveth; and Berachyah and Yahu the Anatothite,

4 And Yismayah the Giveonite, a mighty man among the thirty and over the thirty; and Yirmeyahu and Yahazie-El and Yochanan and Yosavad the Gederathite,

5 Eluzai and Yerimoth and Bealyah

and Shemaryah and Shephatyahu the Haruphite,

6 Elkanah and Yesiah and Azare-El and Yoezer and Yashoveam, the Korachites,

7 And Yoelah and Tzevadyah, the sons of Yeroham of Gedor.

8 And of the Gadites there separated themselves to Dawid at the stronghold in the wilderness men of might, men of war fit for the battle, that could handle shield and spear, whose faces were like the faces of lions and were as swift as the gazelles upon the mountains;

9 Etzer the first, Ovadyah the second, Eliav the third,

10 Mishmannah the fourth, Yirmeyahu the fifth,

11 Attai the sixth, Eli-El the seventh,

12 Yochanan the eighth, Elzavad the ninth,

13 Yirmeyahu the tenth, Machvanai the eleventh.

14 These were of the sons of Gad, commanders of the army: the least was over a hundred and the greatest over a thousand.

15 These are they that went over the Yarden River in the first chodesh, when it had overflowed all its banks; and they put to flight all of them of the valleys, both toward the east and toward the west.

16 And there came of the children of Benyamin and Yahudah to the stronghold to Dawid.

17 And Dawid went out to meet them and answered and said to them, If you are come in shalom to help me, my lev shall be knit to you: but if you are come to betray me to my enemies, seeing there is no violence in my hands, the Ahlohim of our ahvot look, see it and rebuke it.

18 Then The Ruach came upon Amatsai, who was chief of the commanders and he said, Yours we are, Dawid and we are on your side, you son of Yishai: shalom, shalom be to you and shalom be to your helpers; for your Ahlohim helps you. Then Dawid received them and made them commanders of the band.

19 And some of Menasheh went over to Dawid, when he came with the Plishtim against Shaul to battle: but they did not help Shaul: for the leaders of the Plishtim upon advisement sent him away, saying, He might go to his master Shaul with our heads.

20 As he went to Ziklag, those of Menasheh who went over to him, Adnah and Yozavad and Yediya-El and Micha-El and Yozavad and Elihu and Tzilthai, commanders of the thousands that were of Menasheh.

21 And they helped Dawid against the band of the raiders: for they were all mighty men of bravery and were commanders in the host.

22 For at that time yom by yom men came to Dawid to help him, until it was a great army, like the host of Ahlohim.

23 And these are the numbers of the tribes that were ready armed to the war and came to Dawid to Chebron, to turn the malchut of Shaul to him, according to The Word of YHUH.

24 The children of Yahudah that bore shield and spear were six thousand eight hundred, ready and armed for war.

25 Of the children of Shimon, mighty men of bravery for war, seven thousand one hundred.

26 Of the children of Lewi four thousand six hundred.

27 And Yahoyada was the leader of the Aharonites and with him were three thousand seven hundred;

28 And Tzadok, a young man mighty in bravery and of his abba’s bayit twenty- two commanders.

29 And of the children of Benyamin, the relatives of Shaul, three thousand: for until then the greatest part of them had guarded the duties of the bayit of Shaul.

30 And of the children of Efrayim twenty thousand eight hundred, mighty men of bravery, famous throughout the bayit of their ahvot.

31 And of the half tribe of Menasheh eighteen thousand, who were designated by name, to come and make Dawid melech.

32 And of the children of Yissachar, who were men that had binah of the times, to know what Yisrael should do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brothers were at their commandment.

33 Of Zevulun, such as went forth to battle, expert in war, with all the instruments of war, fifty thousand, who could keep rank: they were not of a double lev.

34 And of Naphtali a thousand commanders and with them with shield and spear thirty seven thousand.

35 And of the Danites expert in war twenty eight thousand six hundred.

36 And of Asher, such as went forth to battle, expert in war, forty thousand.

37 And on the other side of Yarden, of the Reuvenites and the Gadites and of the half tribe of Menasheh,

with all manner of instruments of war for the battle, a hundred twenty thousand.

38 All these men of war, that could keep rank, came with a perfect lev to Chebron, to make Dawid melech over kol Yisrael: and all the rest also of Yisrael were of one lev to make Dawid melech.

39 And there they were with Dawid three yamim, eating and drinking: for their brothers had prepared for them.

40 Moreover they that were near them, even from as far away as Yissachar and Zevulun and Naphtali, brought lechem on donkeys and on camels and on mules and on oxen and meat, flour, cakes of figs and bunches of raisins and wine and oil and oxen and sheep abundantly: for there was simcha in Yisrael.

13 And Dawid consulted with the commanders of thousands and hundreds and with every leader.

2 And Dawid said to all the kehilla of Yisrael, If it seems tov to you and that it be of YHUH our Ahlohim, let us send abroad to our brothers everywhere, that are left in all the land of Yisrael and with them also to the kohanim and Lewiym who are in their cities and suburbs, that they may gather themselves to us:

3 And let us bring again the Ark of our Ahlohim to us: for we sought Him not with it in the yamim of Shaul.

4 And all the kehilla said that they would do so: for the thing was right in the eyes of all the people.

5 So Dawid gathered kol Yisrael together, from Shihor of Mitzrayim even to the entering of Hamath, to bring the Ark of Ahlohim from Kiryath-Yearim.

6 And Dawid went up and kol Yisrael, to Baalah, that is, to Kiryath-Yearim, which belonged to Yahudah, to bring up from there the Ark of Ahlohim,YHUH, that dwells between the cheruvim, whose Name is called on it.

7 And they carried the Ark of Ahlohim in a new cart out of the bayit of Avinadav: and Uzza and Achyo led the wagon.

8 And Dawid and kol Yisrael played before Ahlohim with all their might and with singing and with harps and with lyres and with timbrels and with cymbals and with shofars.

9 And when they came to the threshing floor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to hold the Ark; for the oxen stumbled.

10 And the anger of YHUH was lit against Uzza and He killed him because he put his hand to the Ark: and there he died before Ahlohim.

11 And Dawid was displeased because YHUH had broken out upon Uzza: therefore that place is called Peretz-Uzza to this yom.

12 And Dawid was afraid of Ahlohim that yom, saying, How shall I bring the Ark of Ahlohim home to me?

13 So Dawid brought not the Ark home to himself to the city of Dawid, but carried it aside into the bayit of Oved-Edom the Gittite.

14 And the Ark of Ahlohim remained with the mishpacha of Oved-Edom in his bayit three chodashem. And YHUH blessed the bayit of Oved-Edom and all that he had.

14 Now Chiram melech of Tzor sent messengers to Dawid and timber of cedars, with masons and carpenters, to build him a bayit.

2 And Dawid perceived that YHUH had confirmed him as melech over Yisrael, for his malchut was lifted up on high because of His people Yisrael.

3 And Dawid took more wives at Yahrushalayim: and Dawid begat more sons and daughters.

4 Now these are the names of his children which he had in Yahrushalayim; Shammua and Shovav, Natan and Shlomo,

5 And Yivhar and Elishua and Elpelet,

6 And Nogah and Nepheg and Yaphiya,

7 And Elishama and Beelyada and Eliphalet.

8 And when the Plishtim heard that Dawid was anointed melech over kol Yisrael, all the Plishtim went up to seek Dawid. And Dawid heard of it and went out against them.

9 And the Plishtim came and made a raid in the Valley of Refayim.

10 And Dawid inquired of Ahlohim, saying, Shall I go up against the Plishtim? And will You deliver them into my hand? And YHUH said to him, Go up; for I will deliver them into your hand.

11 So they came up to Ba’al-Peretzim; and Dawid killed them there. Then Dawid said, Ahlohim has broken in upon my enemies by my hand like the breaking forth of the mayim: therefore they called the name of that place Ba’al-Peretzim.

12 And when they had left their ahlahim there, Dawid gave a commandment and they were burned with fire.

13 And the Plishtim yet again made a raid in the valley.

14 Therefore Dawid inquired again of Ahlohim; and Ahlohim said to him, Go not up after them; turn away from them and come upon them over against the mulberry eytzim.

15 And it shall be, when you shall hear a sound of howling in the tops of the mulberry eytzim, that then you shall go out to battle: for Ahlohim has gone forth before you to smite the army of the Plishtim.

16 Dawid therefore did as Ahlohim commanded him: and they killed the army of the Plishtim from Giveon even to Gazer.

17 And the fame of Dawid went out into all lands; and YHUH brought the fear of him upon all goyim.

15 And Dawid made for himself houses in the city of Dawid and prepared a place for the Ark of Ahlohim and pitched for it a tent.

2 Then Dawid said, None should carry the Ark of Ahlohim but the Lewiym: for YHUH has chosen them to carry the Ark of Ahlohim and to attend to Him le-olam-va-ed.

3 And Dawid gathered kol Yisrael together to Yahrushalayim, to bring up the Ark of YHUH to the place, which he had prepared for it.

4 And Dawid assembled the children of Aharon and the Lewiym:

5 Of the sons of Qehath; Uri-El the chief and his brothers a hundred and twenty:

6 Of the sons of Merari; Asayah the chief and his brothers two hundred and twenty:

7 Of the sons of Gershom; Yoel the chief and his brothers a hundred and thirty:

8 Of the sons of Elizaphan; Shemayah the chief and his brothers two hundred:

9 Of the sons of Chebron; Eli-El the chief and his brothers eighty:

10 Of the sons of Uzzi-El; Amminadav the chief and his brothers a hundred and twelve.

11 And Dawid called for Tzadok and Aviathar the kohanim and for the Lewiym, for Uri-El, Asayah and Yoel, Shemayah and Eli-El and Amminadav,

12 And said to them, You are the heads of the ahvot of the Lewiym: set yourselves apart, both you and your brothers, that you may bring up the Ark of YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael to the place that I have prepared for it.

13 For because you did it not the first time,YHUH our Ahlohim broke out against us, for that we sought not the right-ruling.

14 So the kohanim and the Lewiym set themselves apart to bring up the Ark of YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael.

15 And the children of the Lewiym bore the Ark of Ahlohim upon their shoulders with the poles on it, as Moshe commanded according to The Word of YHUH.

16 And Dawid spoke to the heads of the Lewiym to appoint their brothers to be the singers with instruments of music, lyres and harps and cymbals, sounding, by lifting up their voices with simcha.

17 So the Lewiym appointed Heman the son of Yoel; and of his brothers, Asaph the son of Berechyahu; and of the sons of Merari their brothers, Ethan the son of Kushayah;

18 And with them their brothers of the second rank, Zechariyh, Ben and Yaazi-El and Shemiramoth and Yehi-El and Unni, Eliav and Benyahu and Maaseyah and Mattityahu and Eli-Pheleh and Mikneyah and Oved-Edom and Yei-El, the gatekeepers.

19 So the singers, Heman, Asaph and Ethan, were appointed to sound with cymbals of bronze;

20 And Zecharyah and Azi-El and Shemiramoth and Yehi-El and Unni and Eliav and Maaseyah and Benyahu, with harps according to Alamoth;

21 And Mattityahu and Eli-Pheleh and Mikneyah and Oved-Edom and Yei-El and Azazyah, with harps on the Sheminith to excel.

22 And Chenanyah, chief of the Lewiym, in songs: he instructed about the songs because he was skillful.

23 And Berechyahu and Elkanah were doorkeepers for the Ark.

24 And Shebanyah and Yahushaphat and Nethane-El and Amasai and Zecharyah and Benyahu and Eliezer, the kohanim, did blow with the shofars before the Ark of Ahlohim: and Oved-Edom and Yehiyah were doorkeepers for the Ark.

25 So Dawid and the zechanim of Yisrael and the commanders over thousands, went to bring up the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH out of the bayit of Oved-Edom with simcha.

26 And it came to pass, when Ahlohim helped the Lewiym that bore the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH, that they offered seven bullocks and seven rams.

27 And Dawid was clothed with a robe of fine linen and all the Lewiym that bore the Ark and the singers and Chenanyah the master of the shir with the singers: Dawid also had upon himself a shoulder garment of linen.

28 So kol Yisrael brought up the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH with shouting and with sound of the horn and with shofars and with cymbals, making a noise with harps and lyres.

29 And it came to pass, as the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH came to the city of Dawid, that Michal the daughter of Shaul looking out from a window saw melech Dawid dancing and playing: and she despised him in her lev.

16 So they brought the Ark of Ahlohim and set it in the midst of the tent that Dawid had camped for it: and they offered burnt sacrifices and shalom offerings before Ahlohim.

2 And when Dawid had made an end of offering the burnt offerings and the shalom offerings, he blessed the people in the Name of YHUH.

3 And he dealt to every one of Yisrael, both man and woman, to every one a loaf of lechem and a tov piece of meat and a container of wine.

4 And he appointed certain of the Lewiym to attend before the Ark of YHUH and to bring to remembrance and to offer hodu and give tehilla to YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael:

5 Asaph the chief and next to him Zecharyah, Yei-El and Shemiramoth and Yehi-El and Mattityahu and Eliav and Benyahu and Oved-Edom: and Yei-El with harps and with lyres; but Asaph made a sound with cymbals;

6 Benyahu also and Yahazi-El the kohanim with shofars continually before the Ark of the Testimony of Ahlohim.

7 Then on that yom Dawid first delivered this psalm of hodu to YHUH into the hand of Asaph and his brothers.

8 Give hodu to YHUH, call upon His Name make known His deeds among the goyim.

9 Sing to Him, sing melechim to Him, talk of all His wondrous works.

10 Tifereth in His kadosh Name; let the levavot of those that seek YHUH rejoice.

11 Seek YHUH and His strength, seek His face continually.

12 Remember His marvelous works that He has done, His wonders and the mishpatim of His mouth;

13 O you zera of Yisrael His eved: you children of Yaakov, His chosen ones.

14 He is YHUH our Ahlohim; His mishpatim are in all the earth.

15 Be you mindful always of His brit; the word that He commanded to athousand generations;

16 Even of the brit that He made with Avraham and of His oath to Yitzchak;

17 And has confirmed the same to Yaakov for a Torah and to Yisrael for an everlasting brit,

18 Saying, To you will I give the land of Kanaan, the lot of your inheritance;

19 When you were but few, even a few and gerim in it.

20 And when they went from nation to nation and from one malchut to another;

21 He allowed no man to do them wrong: yes, He reproved melechim for their sakes,

22 Saying, Touch not My anointed, and do My neviim no harm.

23 Sing to YHUH, all the earth; show forth from yom to yom His YAHUSHA.

24 Declare His tifereth among the goyim; His marvelous works among all goyim.

25 For great is YHUH and greatly to be praised: He also is to be feared above all ahlahim.

26 For all the ahlahim of the goyim are idols: but YHUH made the shamayim.

27 Tifereth and kavod are in His presence; strength and simcha are in His place.

28 Ascribe to YHUH, you families of the goyim, give to YHUH tifereth and strength.

29 Ascribe to YHUH the tifereth due to His Name: bring an offering and come before Him: worship YHUH in the tifereth of set apartness.

30 Fear before Him, all the earth: the olam also shall be established, that it is not moved.

31 Let the shamayim be in simcha and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the goyim,YHUH reigns.

32 Let the sea roar and the fullness of it: let the fields gilah and all that is in it.

33 Then shall the eytzim of the forest sing out at the presence of YHUH because He comes to judge the earth.

34 O hodu le YHUH; ke tov; for His chesed endures le-olam-va-ed.

35 And say, Save us, O Ahlohim of ourOSWHY and gather us

together, and deliver us from the goyim, that we may give hodu to Your kadosh Name, and boast in Your tehilla.

36 Blessed be YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael le-olam-va-ed. And all the people said, Ahmein and gave tehilla to YHUH.

37 So he left there Asaph and his brothers; before the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH, to attend before the Ark continually, as each yom’s work required:

38 And Oved-Edom with their brothers, sixty-eight; Oved-Edom also the son of Yeduthun and Hosah to be gatekeepers:

39 And Tzadok the kohen and his brothers the kohanim, before the Mishkan of YHUH in the high place that was at Giveon,

40 To offer burnt offerings to YHUH upon the altar of the burnt offering continually for shacrit and maariv and to do according to all that is written in the Torah of YHUH, which He commanded Yisrael;

41 And with them, Heman and Yeduthun and the rest that were chosen, who were designated by name, to give hodu to YHUH because His rachamim endures le-olam-va-ed;

42 And with them Heman and Yeduthun with shofars and cymbals for those that should sound aloud and with musical instruments for the songs of Ahlohim. And the sons of Yeduthun were gatekeepers.

43 And all the people departed every man to his bayit: and Dawid returned to bless his bayit.

17 Now it came to pass, as Dawid sat in his bayit, that Dawid said to Natan the navi, See, I dwell in a bayit of cedars, but the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH remains under curtains.

2 Then Natan said to Dawid, Do all that is in your lev; for Ahlohim is with you.

3 And it came to pass the same lyla, that The Word of Ahlohim came to Natan, saying,

4 Go and tell Dawid My eved, This says YHUH, You shall not build Me a bayit to dwell in:

5 For I have not dwelt in a bayit since the yom that I brought up Yisrael even until this yom; but have gone from tent to tent and from one sukkah to another.

6 Wherever I have walked with kol Yisrael, did I ever speak a word to any of the shophtim of Yisrael, whom I commanded to feed My people, saying, Why have you not built Me a bayit of cedars?

7 Now therefore this shall you say to My eved Dawid, This says YHUH Tzevaot, I took you from the sheepfold, even from following the sheep, that you should be ruler over My people Yisrael:

8 And I have been with you wherever you have walked and have cut off all your enemies from before you and have made you a name like the name of the great men that are in the earth.

9 Also I will ordain a place for My people Yisrael and will plant them and they shall dwell in their place and shall be moved no more; neither shall the children of wickedness ruin them anymore, as in the beginning,

10 And since the time that I commanded shophtim to be over My people Yisrael. Moreover I will subdue all your enemies. Furthermore I tell you that YHUH will build you a bayit.

11 And it shall come to pass, when your yamim are expired that you must go to be with your ahvot, that I will raise up your zera after you, which shall be from your sons; and I will establish His malchut.

12 He shall build Me a bayit and I will establish His kesay le-olam-va-ed.

13 I will be His Abba and He shall be My Son: and I will not take My rachamim away from Him, as I took it from him that was before you:

14 But I will settle Him in My bayit and in My malchut le-olam-va-ed: and His kesay shall be established le-olam-va-ed.

15 According to all these words and according to all this vision, so did Natan speak to Dawid.

16 And Dawid the melech came and sat before YHUH and said, Who am I, O YHUH Ahlohim and what is my bayit, that You have brought me this far?

17 And yet this was a small thing in Your eyes, O Ahlohim; for You have also spoken of Your eved’s bayit for a great while to come and have regarded me according to the position of a man of exalted position, O YHUH Ahlohim.

18 What can Dawid speak more to You for the kavod of Your eved? For You know Your eved.

19 O YHUH, for Your eved’s sake and according to Your own lev, have You done all this greatness, in making known all these great things.

20 O YHUH, there is none like You, neither is there any ahlahim beside You, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

21 And what one nation in the earth is like Your people Yisrael, whom Ahlohim went to redeem to be His own people, to make Yourself a Name of greatness and awesomeness, by driving out the goyim from before Your people, whom You have redeemed out of Mitzrayim?

22 For Your people Yisrael did You make Your own people le-olam-va-ed; and You, YHUH, became their Ahlohim.

23 Therefore now, YHUH, let the thing that You have spoken concerning Your eved and concerning his bayit be established le-olam-va-ed and do as You have said.

24 Let it even be established, that Your Name may be magnified le-olam-va-ed, saying, YHUH Tzevaot is the Ahlohim of Yisrael, even an Ahlohim to Yisrael: and let the bayit of Dawid Your eved be established before You.

25 For You, O my Ahlohim, have told Your eved that You will build him a bayit: therefore Your eved has found it in his lev to make tefillah before You.

26 And now, YHUH, You are Ahlohim and have promised this tov to Your eved:

27 Now therefore let it please You to bless the bayit of Your eved, that it may be before You le-olam-va-ed: for You blessed it, O YHUH and it shall be blessed le-olam-va-ed.

18 Now after this it came to pass, that Dawid killed the Plishtim and subdued them and took Gat and its towns out of the hand of the Plishtim.

2 And he killed Moav; and the Moavites became Dawid’s avadim and brought gifts.

3 And Dawid killed Hadadezer melech of Tzovah to Hamath, as he went to establish his dominion by the River Euphrates.

4 And Dawid took from him a thousand mirkavot and seven thousand horsemen and twenty thousand footmen: Dawid also hamstrung all the mirkavah horses, but left from them a hundred mirkavot.

5 And when the Arameans of Dameshek came to help Hadadezer melech of Tzovah, Dawid killed of the Arameans twenty two thousand men.

6 Then Dawid put watch-posts in Aram of Dameshek; and the Arameans became Dawid’s avadim and brought gifts. So YHUH preserved Dawid wherever he went.

7 And Dawid took the shields of gold that were on the avadim of Hadadezer and brought them to Yahrushalayim.

8 Likewise from Tivhath and from Chun, cities of Hadadezer, Dawid brought very much bronze, with which Shlomo made the bronze basin and the pillars and the vessels of bronze.

9 Now when Tou melech of Hamath heard how Dawid had killed all the army of Hadadezer melech of Tzovah;

10 He sent Hadoram his son to melech Dawid, to inquire of his welfare and to congratulate him because he had fought against Hadadezer and killed him – for Hadadezer had war with Tou – and with him all manner of vessels of gold and silver and bronze.

11 Them also melech Dawid set apart to YHUH, with the silver and the gold that he brought from all these goyim; from Edom and from Moav and from the children of Ammon and from the Plishtim and from Amalek.

12 Moreover Avishai the son of Tzeruyah killed of the Edomites in the Valley of Salt eighteen thousand.

13 And he put watch-posts in Edom; and all the Edomites became Dawid’s avadim. So YHUH preserved Dawid wherever he went.

14 So Dawid reigned over kol Yisrael, and executed mishpat among all his people.

15 And Yoav the son Tzeruyah was over the army; and Yahushaphat the son of Ahilud, recorder.

16 And Tzadok the son of Achituv and Avimelech the son of Aviathar, were the kohanim; and Shavsha was Sopher;

17 And Benyahu the son of Yahuyadah was over the Cherethites and the Pelethites; and the sons of Dawid were heads all around the melech.

19 Now it came to pass after this, that Nachash the melech of the children of Ammon died and his son reigned in his place.

2 And Dawid said, I will show chesed to Hanun the son of Nachash because his abba showed chesed to me. And Dawid sent messengers to comfort him concerning his abba. And the avadim of Dawid came to Hanun in the land of the children of Ammon to comfort him.

3 And the heads of the children of Ammon said to Hunan; Is Dawid giving kavod to your abba in your eyes because he has sent comforters to you? Have not his avadim come here to spy out the land?

4 So Hanun took Dawid’s avadim and shaved them and cut off their garments in the midst at their buttocks and sent them away.

5 Then there went certain men, who told Dawid how the men were served. And he sent to meet them: for the men were greatly ashamed. And the melech said, Stay at Yericho until your beards are grown and then return.

6 And when the children of Ammon saw that they had made themselves a bad stench to Dawid, Hanun and the children of Ammon sent a thousand talents of silver to hire them mirkavot and horsemen out of Mesopotamia and out of Aram-Maachah and out of Tzovah.

7 So they hired thirty two thousand mirkavot and the melech of Maachah and his people; who came and camped before Medeva. And the children of Ammon gathered themselves together from their cities and came to battle.

8 And when Dawid heard of it, he sent Yoav and all the army of the mighty men.

9 And the children of Ammon came out and put on the battle array before the gate of the city: and the melechim that had come were by themselves in the field.

10 Now when Yoav saw that the battle was set against him before and behind, he chose out of all the choice men of Yisrael and put them in battle array against the Arameans.

11 And the rest of the people he delivered to the hand of Avishai his brother and they set themselves in battle array against the children of Ammon.

12 And he said, If the Arameans are too strong for me, then you shall help me: but if the children of Ammon are too strong for you, then I will help you.

13 Be of tov courage and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people and for the cities of our Ahlohim: and let YHUH do that what is tov in His sight.

14 So Yoav and the people that were with him drew near before the Arameans to the battle; and they fled before him.

15 And when the children of Ammon saw that the Arameans were fled, they likewise fled before Avishai his brother and entered into the city. Then Yoav came to Yahrushalayim.

16 And when the Arameans saw that they were being killed before Yisrael, they sent messengers and brought the Arameans that were beyond the river: and Shophach the commander of the army of Hadadezer went before them.

17 And it was told to Dawid; and he gathered kol Yisrael and passed over Yarden and came upon them and set up in battle array against them. So when Dawid had put the battle in array against the Arameans, they fought with him.

18 But the Arameans fled before Yisrael; and Dawid killed of the Arameans seven thousand men who fought in mirkavot and forty thousand footmen and killed Shophach the commander of the army.

19 And when the avadim of Hadadezer saw that they were killed by Yisrael, they made shalom with Dawid and became his avadim: neither would the Arameans help the children of Ammon anymore.

20 And it came to pass, at the turn of the year, at the time that melechim go out to battle, Yoav led the power of the army and wasted the country of the children of Ammon and came and besieged Rabbah. But Dawid tarried at Yahrushalayim. And Yoav killed Rabbah and destroyed it.

2 And Dawid took the keter of their melech from off his chief and found it to weigh a talent of gold and there were precious stones in it; and it was set upon Dawid’s chief: and he brought also exceedingly much plunder out of the city.

3 And he brought out the people that were in it and put them to work with saws and with harrows of iron and with axes. This is how Dawid dealt with all the cities of the children of Ammon. And Dawid and all the people returned to Yahrushalayim.

4 And it came to pass after this, that there arose war at Gezer with the Plishtim; at which time Sibbechai the Hushathite killed Sippai, that was one of the children of the giant: and they were subdued.

5 And there was war again with the Plishtim; and Elchanan the son of Yair killed Lahmi the brother of Golyat the Gittite, whose spear staff was like a weaver’s beam.

6 And yet again there was war at Gat, where was a man of great size, whose fingers and toes were twenty-four, six on each hand and six on each foot: and he also was the son of the giant.

7 But when he defied Yisrael, Yonathan the son of Shimea Dawid’s brother killed him.

8 These were born to the giant in Gat; and they fell by the hand of Dawid and by the hand of his avadim.

21 And s.a.tan stood up against Yisrael and provoked Dawid to number Yisrael.

2 And Dawid said to Yoav and to the rulers of the people, Go, number Yisrael from Be-er-Sheva even to Dan; and bring the number of them to me, that I may know it.

3 And Yoav answered, YHUH make His people a hundred times so many more as they be: but, my master the melech, are they not all my master’s avadim? Why then does my master require this thing? Why will he be a cause of trespass to Yisrael?

4 Nevertheless the melech’s words prevailed against Yoav. Therefore Yoav left and went throughout kol Yisrael and came to Yahrushalayim.

5 And Yoav gave the sum of the number of the people to Dawid. And all those of Yisrael were one million one hundred thousand men that drew sword: and Yahudah was four hundred seventy thousand men that drew sword.

6 But Lewi and Benyamin he did not count: for the melech’s word was abominable to Yoav.

7 And Ahlohim was displeased with this thing; therefore He smote Yisrael.

8 And Dawid said to Ahlohim, I have sinned greatly because I have done this thing: but now, I beg You, do away the iniquity of Your eved; for I have done very foolishly.

9 And YHUH spoke to Gad, Dawid’s seer, saying,

10 Go and tell Dawid, saying, This says YHUH, I offer you three things: choose one of them, that I may do it to you.

11 So Gad came to Dawid and said to him, This says YHUH, Choose for yourself ,

12 Either three years of famine; or three chodashem to be destroyed before your foes, while the sword of your enemies overtakes you; or else three yamim of the sword of YHUH, even pestilence, in the land, with the Heavenly Malach of YHUH destroying throughout all the borders of Yisrael. Now therefore consider yourself what word I shall bring again to Him that sent me.

13 And Dawid said to Gad, I am in a great trouble: let me fall now into the Hand of YHUH; for very great are His rachamim: but let me not fall into the hand of man.

14 So YHUH sent pestilence upon Yisrael: and there fell of Yisrael seventy thousand men.

15 And Ahlohim sent a Heavenly Malach to Yahrushalayim to destroy it: and as He was destroying,YHUH beheld and He relented of the evil and said to the Heavenly Malach that was destroying, It is enough, hold back now Your hand. And the Heavenly Malach of YHUH stood by the threshing floor of Ornan the Yevusi.

16 And Dawid lifted up his eyes and saw the Heavenly Malach of YHUH stand between the earth and the shamayim, having a drawn sword in His hand stretched out over Yahrushalayim. Then Dawid and the zechanim of Yisrael, who were clothed in sackcloth, fell upon their faces.

17 And Dawid said to Ahlohim, Is it not I that commanded the people to be numbered? I have sinned and done evil indeed; but as for these sheep, what have they done? Let Your hand, I make tefillah to You, O YHUH my Ahlohim, be on me and on my abba’s bayit; but not on Your people, that they should be plagued.

18 Then the Heavenly Malach of YHUH commanded Gad to say to Dawid, that Dawid should go up and set up an altar to YHUH in the threshing floor of Ornan the Yevusi.

19 And Dawid went up at the saying of Gad, which he spoke in the Name of YHUH.

20 And Ornan turned back and saw the Heavenly Malach; and his four sons with him hid themselves. Now Ornan was threshing wheat.

21 And as Dawid came to Ornan, Ornan looked and saw Dawid and went out of the threshing floor and bowed himself to Dawid with his face to the ground.

22 Then Dawid said to Ornan, Grant me the place of this threshing floor, that I may build an altar here to YHUH: you shall grant it me for the full price: that the plague may be removed from the people.

23 And Ornan said to Dawid, Take it for you and let my master the melech do that which is tov in his eyes: look, I give you the oxen also for burnt offerings and the threshing instruments for wood and the wheat for the grain offering; I give it all.

24 And melech Dawid said to Ornan, No; but I will truly buy it for the full price: for I will not take that which is yours for YHUH, nor offer burnt offerings without cost.

25 So Dawid gave to Ornan for the place six hundred shekels of gold by weight.

26 And Dawid built there an altar to YHUH and offered burnt offerings and shalom offerings and called upon YHUH; and He answered him from the shamayim by fire upon the altar of burnt offering.

27 And YHUH commanded the Heavenly Malach; and He put up his sword again into its sheath.

28 At that time when Dawid saw that YHUH had answered him in the threshing floor of Ornan the Yevusi, then he sacrificed there.

29 For the Mishkan of YHUH, which Moshe made in the wilderness and the altar of the burnt offering, were at that time in the high place at Giveon.

30 But Dawid could not go before it to seek Ahlohim: for he was afraid because of the sword of the Heavenly Malach of YHUH.

22 Then Dawid said, This is the Bayit of YHUH Ahlohim and this is the altar of the burnt offering for Yisrael.

2 And Dawid commanded to gather together the gerim that were in the land of Yisrael; and he set stonemasons to cut stones to build the Bayit of Ahlohim.

3 And Dawid prepared iron in abundance for the nails for the doors of the gates and for the clamps; and bronze in abundance without weight;

4 Also cedar eytzim in abundance: for the Tzidonians and those of Tzor brought much cedar wood to Dawid.

5 And Dawid said, Shlomo my son is young and tender and the bayit that is to be built for YHUH must be exceedingly great, for a great Name throughout all the countries; I will therefore now make preparation for it. So Dawid prepared abundantly before his death.

6 Then he called for Shlomo his son and commanded him to build a bayit for YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael.

7 And Dawid said to Shlomo, My son, as for me, it was in my mind to build a bayit to the Name of YHUH my Ahlohim:

8 But The Word of YHUH came to me, saying, You have shed dahm abundantly and have made great wars: you shall not build a bayit to My Name because you have shed much dahm upon the earth in My sight.

9 Behold, a son shall be born to you, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies all around: for his name shall be Shlomo and I will give shalom and rest to Yisrael in his yamim.

10 He shall build a Bayit for My Name; and he shall be My son and I will be his Abba; and I will establish the kesay of his malchut over Yisrael le-olam-va-ed.

11 Now, my son,YHUH be with you; and prosper you and build the Bayit of YHUH your Ahlohim, as He has said to you.

12 Only YHUH give you chochmah and binah and give you charge concerning Yisrael, that you may guard the Torah of YHUH your Ahlohim.

13 Then shall you prosper, if you take heed to fulfill the chukim and mishpatim that YHUH commanded Moshe concerning Yisrael: be strong and of tov courage; fear not, nor be dismayed.

14 Now, behold, in my trouble I have prepared for the Bayit of YHUH a hundred thousand talents of gold and a million talents of silver; and of bronze and iron without weight; for it is in abundance; timber also and stone have I prepared; and you may add to it.

15 Moreover there are workmen with you in abundance, hewers and workers of stone and timber and all manner of skilled men for every manner of work.

16 Of the gold, the silver and the bronze and the iron, there is no number. Arise therefore and build and YHUH be with you.

17 Dawid also commanded all the leaders of Yisrael to help Shlomo his son, saying,

18 Is not YHUH your Ahlohim with you? And has He not given you rest on every side? For He has given the inhabitants of the land into my hand; and the land is subdued before YHUH and before His people.

19 Now set your lev and your being to seek YHUH your Ahlohim; arise therefore and build the Kadosh-Place of YHUH Ahlohim, to bring the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH and the kadosh vessels of Ahlohim, into the Bayit that is to be built for the Name of YHUH.

23 So when Dawid was old and full of yamim, he made Shlomo his son melech over Yisrael.

2 And he gathered together all the leaders of Yisrael, with the kohanim and the Lewiym.

3 Now the Lewiym were numbered from the age of thirty years and upward: and their number chief by chief, man by man, was Thirty-eight thousand.

4 Of which, twenty-four thousand were to set forward the work of the Bayit of YHUH; and six thousand were officers and shophtim:

5 Moreover four thousand were gatekeepers; and four thousand praised YHUH with the instruments which I made, said Dawid, to offer tehilla with it.

6 And Dawid divided them into courses among the sons of Lewi, namely, Gershon, Qehath and Merari.

7 Of the Gershonites were, Laadan and Shimei.

8 The sons of Laadan; the chief was Yehi-El and Zetham and Yo-El, three.

9 The sons of Shimei; Shelomith and Hazi-El and Charan, three. These were the heads of the ahvot of Laadan.

10 And the sons of Shimei were, Yahath, Zina and Yeush and Beriyah. These four were the sons of Shimei.

11 And Yahath was the chief and Zizah the second: but Yeush and Beriyah had not many sons; therefore they were reckoned, as one abba’s bayit.

12 The sons of Qehath; Amram, Yishar, Chebron and Uzzi-El, four.

13 The sons of Amram; Aharon and Moshe: and Aharon was separated, that he should sanctify the most kadosh things, he and his sons le-olam-va-ed, to burn incense before YHUH, to attend to Him and to bless in His Name le-olam-va-ed.

14 Now concerning Moshe the man of Ahlohim, his sons were named of the tribe of Lewi.

15 The sons of Moshe were, Gershom and Eliezer.

16 Of the sons of Gershom, Shevuel was the chief.

17 And the sons of Eliezer were, Rehavyah the chief. And Eliezer had no other sons; but the sons of Rehaviah were very many.

18 Of the sons of Yitzhar; Shelomith the chief.

19 Of the sons of Chebron; Yeriyahu the first, Amaryahu the second, Yahazie-El the third and Yekameam the fourth.

20 Of the sons of Uzzi-El; Michah the first and Yesiyah the second.

21 The sons of Merari; Machli and Mushi. The sons of Machli; El-Azar and Kish.

22 And El-Azar died and had no sons, but daughters: and their brothers the sons of Kish took them.

23 The sons of Mushi; Machli and Eder and Yeremoth, three.

24 These were the sons of Lewi after the bayit of their ahvot; even the heads of the ahvot, as they were counted by number of names, chief by chief, that did the work for the service of the Bayit of YHUH, from the age of twenty years and upward.

25 For Dawid said,YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael has given rest to His people that they may dwell in Yahrushalayim le-olam-va-ed:

26 And also to the Lewiym; they shall no more carry the Mishkan, nor any vessels of it for the service of it.

27 For by the last words of Dawid the Lewiym were numbered from twenty years old and above:

28 Because their duty was to wait on the sons of Aharon for the service of the Bayit of YHUH, in the courts and in the rooms and in the purifying of all the kadosh things and the work of the service of the Bayit of Ahlohim;

29 Both for the Lechem ha Panayim and for the fine flour for the grain offering and for the unleavened cakes and for that which is baked in the pan and for that which is fried and for all manner of measures and sizes;

30 And to stand every shacrit to give hodu and tehilla to YHUH and likewise at maariv;

31 And to offer all burnt sacrifices to YHUH on The Shabbats, on the Chodashim and on the Moadeem, by number, according to the order commanded to them, continually before YHUH:

32 And that they should keep the duty of the Mishkan of the kehilla and the duty of the Kadosh-Place and the duty of the sons of Aharon their brothers, in the service of the Bayit of YHUH.

24 Now these are the divisions of the sons of Aharon. The sons of Aharon; Nadav and Avihu, El-Azar and Ithamar.

2 But Nadav and Avihu died before their abba and had no children: therefore El-Azar and Ithamar executed the kohen’s office.

3 And Dawid divided them, both Tzadok of the sons of El-Azar and Achimelech of the sons of Ithamar, according to their offices in their service.

4 And there were more leaders found of the sons of El-Azar than of the sons of Ithamar; and so were they divided. Among the sons of El-Azar there were sixteen chief men of the bayit of their ahvot and eight among the sons of Ithamar according to the bayit of their ahvot.

5 So they were divided by lot, one group with another; for the officials of the Kadosh-Place and officials of the Bayit of Ahlohim, were of the sons of El-Azar and of the sons of Ithamar.

6 And Shemayah the Sopher the son of Natan-El, one of the Lewiym, wrote them before the melech and the leaders and Tzadok the kohen and Achimelech the son of Aviathar and before the heads of the ahvot of the kohanim and Lewiym: one principal household being taken for El-Azar and one taken for Ithamar.

7 Now the first lot came forth to Yehoyariv, the second to Yedayah,

8 The third to Harim, the fourth to Seorim,

9 The fifth to Malchiyah, the sixth to Miyamin,

10 The seventh to Hakkoz, the eighth to Aviyah,

11 The ninth to Yeshua, the tenth to Shecanyah,

12 The eleventh to Eliashiv, the twelfth to Yakim,

13 The thirteenth to Huppah, the fourteenth to Yesheveav,

14 The fifteenth to Bilgah, the sixteenth to Immer,

15 The seventeenth to Hezir, the eighteenth to Aphses,

16 The nineteenth to Pethahyah, the twentieth to Yehezkel,

17 The twenty-first to Yachin, the twenty-second to Gamul,

18 The twenty-third to Delayah, the twenty-fourth to Maazyah.

19 These were the offices in their service to come into the Bayit of YHUH, according to their ordinance, under Aharon their abba, as YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael had commanded him.

20 And the rest of the sons of Lewi were these: Of the sons of Amram; Shuvael: of the sons of Shuva-El; Yehdeiyahu.

21 Concerning Rehavyahu: of the sons of Rehavyahu, the first was Yishiyah.

22 Of the Yitzharites; Shelomoth: of the sons of Shelomoth; Yachath.

23 And the sons of Chebron; Yeriyahu the first, Amaryahu the second, Yahazie-El the third, Yekameam the fourth.

24 Of the sons of Uzzi-El; Michah: of the sons of Michah; Shamir.

25 The brother of Michah was Yishiyah: of the sons of Yishiyah; Zecharyahu.

26 The sons of Merari were Machli and Mushi: the sons of Yaaziyahu; Beno.

27 The sons of Merari by Yaaziyahu; Beno and Shoham and Zakur and Ivri.

28 Of Machli came El-Azar, who had no sons.

29 Concerning Kish: the son of Kish was Yerahme-El.

30 The sons also of Mushi; Machli and Eder and Yerimoth. These were the sons of the Lewiym after the bayit of their ahvot.

31 These also cast lots as did their brothers the sons of Aharon in the presence of Dawid the melech and Tzadok and Achimelech and the heads of the ahvot of the kohanim and Lewiym, even the heads of the ahvot as well as his younger brothers.

25 Moreover Dawid and the commanders of the army separated for the service some of the sons of Asaph and of Heman and of Yeduthun, who should prophesy with harps, with lyres and with cymbals: and the number of the workmen according to their service was:

2 Of the sons of Asaph; Zakur and Yoseph and Nethanyah and Asharelah, the sons of Asaph under the hands of Asaph, who prophesied according to the order of the melech.

3 Of Yeduthun: the sons of Yeduthun; Gedalyahu and Zeri and Yeshayahu, Hashavyahu and Mattityahu, six, under the hands of their abba Yeduthun, who prophesied with a harp, to give hodu and to offer tehilla to YHUH.

4 Of Heman: the sons of Heman; Bukkiyahu, Mattanyahu, Uzzi-El, Shevu-El and Yerimoth, Hananyah, Hanani, Elyathah, Giddalti and Romamti-Ezer, Yoshbekashah, Mallothi, Hothir and Mahaziyoth:

5 All these were the sons of Heman the melech’s seer in the Words of Ahlohim, to lift up the horn. And Ahlohim gave to Heman fourteen sons and three daughters.

6 All these were under the hands of their abba for singing in the Bayit of YHUH, with cymbals, harps and lyres, for the service of the Bayit of Ahlohim, according to the melech’s order to Asaph, Yeduthun and Heman.

7 So the number of them, with their brothers that were instructed in the songs of YHUH, even all that were skilled, was two hundred eighty eight.

8 And they cast lots, for their duty, the small as well as the great, the moreh, as well as the student.

9 Now the first lot came forth for Asaph to Yoseph: the second to Gedalyahu, who with his brothers and sons were twelve:

10 The third to Zakur, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

11 The fourth to Yitsri, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

12 The fifth to Nethanyahu, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

13 The sixth to Bukkiyahu, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

14 The seventh to Yesharelah, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

15 The eighth to Yeshayahu, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

16 The ninth to Mattanyahu, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

17 The tenth to Shimei, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

18 The eleventh to Azar-El, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

19 The twelfth to Hashavyah, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

20 The thirteenth to Shuva-El, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

21 The fourteenth to Mattityahu, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

22 The fifteenth to Yeremoth, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

23 The sixteenth to Hananyahu, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

24 The seventeenth to Yoshbekashah, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

25 The eighteenth to Hanani, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

26 The nineteenth to Mallothi, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

27 The twentieth to Elyathah, he, his sons and his brothers,

were twelve:

28 The twenty-first to Hothir, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

29 The twenty-second to Giddalti, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

30 The twenty-third to Mahaziyoth, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve:

31 The twenty-fourth to Romamti-Ezer, he, his sons and his brothers, were twelve.

26 Concerning the divisions of the gatekeepers: Of the Korachites was Meshelemyahu the son of Korach, of the sons of Asaph.

2 And the sons of Meshelemyahu were, Zecharyahu the bachor, Yediya-El the second, Zevadyahu the third, Yathniel the fourth,

3 Eylam the fifth, Yehohanan the sixth, Elioeynai the seventh.

4 Moreover the sons of Oved-Edom were, Shemayah the bachor, Yehozavad the second, Yoah the third and Sakar the fourth and Natan-El the fifth,

5 Ammi-El the sixth, Yissachar the seventh, Peulthai the eighth: for Ahlohim blessed him.

6 Also to Shemayah his son were sons born, that ruled throughout the bayit of their abba: for they were mighty men of bravery.

7 The sons of Shemayah; Othni and Repha-El and Oved, Elzavad, whose brothers were strong men, Elihu and Semachyah.

8 All these of the sons of Oved-Edom: they and their sons and their brothers, able men for strength for the service, were sixty-two of Oved-Edom.

9 And Meshelemiyah had sons and brothers, strong men, eighteen.

10 Also Hosah, of the children of Merari, had sons; Simri the chief, for though he was not the bachor, yet his abba made him the chief;

11 Hilkiyahu the second, Tevalyahu the third, Zecharyah the fourth: all the sons and brothers of Hosah were thirteen.

12 Among these were the divisions of the gatekeepers, even among the chief men, having duties like their brothers, to attend in the Bayit of YHUH.

13 And they cast lots as well, the small as the great, according to the bayit of their ahvot, for every gate.

14 And the lot eastward fell to Shelemyahu. Then for Zecharyah his son, a wise counselor, they cast lots; and his lot came out northward.

15 To Oved-Edom southward; and to his sons the porches.

16 To Shuppim and Hosah the lot came forth westward, with the Shallecheth-Gate, by the ascending highway, guard corresponding with guard.

17 Eastward were six Lewiym, northward four a yom, southward four a yom and toward the porches two and two.

18 At Parbar westward, four at the highway and two at Parbar.

19 These are the divisions of the gatekeepers among the sons of Korach and among the sons of Merari.

20 And of the Lewiym, Achiyah was over the treasures of the Bayit of Ahlohim and over the treasures of the kadosh things.

21 As concerning the sons of Laadan; the sons of the Gershonite Laadan, heads of their ahvot, even of Laadan the Gershonite, were Yehi-Eli.

22 The sons of Yehi-Eli; Zetham and Yo-El his brother, which were over the treasures of the Bayit of YHUH.

23 Of the Amramites and the Yitzharites, the Hevronites and the Uzzielites:

24 And Shevuel the son of Gershom, the son of Moshe, was chief of the treasures.

25 And his brothers by Eli-Ezer; Rechavyahu his son and Yeshayahu his son and Yoram his son and Zichri his son and Shelomith his son.

26 Shelomith and his brothers were over all the treasures of the kadosh things, that Dawid the melech and the heads of the ahvot, the commanders over thousands and hundreds and the commanders of the army, had set apart.

27 Out of the plunders won in battles did they set apart to maintain the Bayit of YHUH.

28 And all that Shmuel the seer and Shaul the son of Kish and Avner the son of Ner and Yoav the son of Tzeruyah, had set apart; and whoever had set apart anything, it was under the hand of Shelomith and of his brothers.

29 Of the Yitzharites, Chenanyah and his sons were for the outward duties over Yisrael, for officers and shophtim.

30 And of the Hevronites, Hashaviyahu and his brothers, men of bravery, a thousand seven hundred, were officers among them of Yisrael on the west side of the Yarden in all the duties of YHUH and in the service of the melech.

31 Among the Hevronites was YeriYah the chief, among the Hevronites, according to the generations of his ahvot. In the fortieth year of the reign of Dawid they were sought for and there were found among them mighty men of bravery at Yazer of Gilad.

32 And his brothers, men of bravery, were two thousand seven hundred heads of the ahvot, whom melech Dawid made rulers over the Reuvenites, the Gadites and the half tribe of Menasheh, for every matter pertaining to Ahlohim and in the affairs of the melech.

27 Now the children of Yisrael after their number, the heads of the ahvot and commanders of thousands and hundreds and their officers that served the melech in any matter of the divisions, that came in and went out chodesh by chodesh throughout all the chodashem of the year, of every division were twenty four thousand.

2 Over the first course for the first chodesh was Yashoveam the son of Zavdiel: and in his course were twenty four thousand.

3 Of the children of Peretz was the chief of all the commanders of the host for the first chodesh.

4 And over the course of the second chodesh was Dodai an Ahohite and of his course was Mikloth also the chief: in his course likewise were twenty four thousand.

5 The third commander of the army for the third chodesh was Benyahu the son of Yahuyadah, a chief kohen: and in his course were twenty four thousand.

6 This is that Benyahu, who was mighty among the thirty and above the thirty: and in his course was Ammizavad his son.

7 The fourth commander for the fourth chodesh was Asah-El the brother of Yoav and Zevadyah his son after him: and in his course were twenty four thousand.

8 The fifth commander for the fifth chodesh was Shamhuth the Yizrahite: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

9 The sixth commander for the sixth chodesh was Eyra the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

10 The seventh commander for the seventh chodesh was Heletz the Pelonite, of the children of Efrayim: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

11 The eighth commander for the eighth chodesh was Sibbechai the Hushathite, of the Zerachites: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

12 The ninth commander for the ninth chodesh was Aviezer the Anetothite, of the Benyamites: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

13 The tenth commander for the tenth chodesh was Maharai the Netophathite, of the Zerachites: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

14 The eleventh commander for the eleventh chodesh was Benyahu the Pirathonite, of the children of Efrayim: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

15 The twelfth commander for the twelfth chodesh was Heldai the Netophathite, of Othni-El: and in his division were twenty four thousand.

16 Furthermore over the tribes of Yisrael: the chief of the Reuvenites was Eliezer the son of Zichri: of the Shimonites, Shephatyah the son of Maachah:

17 Of the Lewiym, Hashavyah the son of Kemu-El: of the Aharonites, Tzadok:

18 Of Yahudah, Elihu, one of the brothers of Dawid: of Yissachar, Omri the son of Micha-El:

19 Of Zevulun, Yishmayahu the son of Ovadyahu: of Naphtali, Yerimoth the son of Azri-El:

20 Of the children of Efrayim, Husha the son of Azazyahu: of the half tribe of Menasheh, Yoel the son of Pedayahu:

21 Of the half tribe of Menasheh in Gilad, Iddo the son of Zecharyahu: of Benyamin, Yaasi-El the son of Avner:

22 Of Dan, Azar-El the son of Yeroham. These were the leaders of the tribes of Yisrael.

23 But Dawid took not the number of them from twenty years old and under: because YHUH had said He would increase Yisrael like the cochavim of the shamayim.

24 Yoav the son of Tzeruyah began a census, but he did not finish because wrath fell against Yisrael; neither was the number put in the account of the chronicles of melech Dawid.

25 And over the melech’s treasures was Azmaveth the son of Adi-El: and over the storehouses in the fields, in the cities and in the villages and in the castles, was Yehonathan the son of Uziyahu:

26 And over them that did the work of the field for tilling the ground was Ezri the son of Cheluv:

27 And over the vineyards was Shimei the Ramathite: over the increase of the vineyards for the wine cellars was Zavdi the Shiphmite:

28 And over the olive eytzim and the sycamore eytzim that were in the low plains was Ba’al-Chanan the Gederite: and over the stores of oil was Yoash:

29 And over the herds that fed in Sharon was Shitrai the Sharonite: and over the herds that were in the valleys was Shaphat the son of Adlai:

30 Over the camels also was Ovil the Yishmaelite: and over the donkeys was Yehdeyah the Meronothite:

31 And over the flocks was Yaziz the Hagerite. All these were the rulers of the property that was melech Dawid’s.

32 Also Yonathan Dawid’s uncle was a counselor, a wise man and a Sopher: and Yehi-El the son of Hachmoni was with the melech’s sons:

33 And Ahithophel was the melech’s counselor: and Chushi the Archite was the melech’s companion:

34 And after Ahithophel was Yahuyadah the son of Benyahu and Aviathar: and the general of the melech’s army was Yoav.

28 And Dawid assembled all the leaders of Yisrael, the leaders of the tribes and the commanders of the companies that ministered to the melech by division and the commanders over the thousands and commanders over the hundreds and the stewards over all the substance and possessions of the melech and his sons, with the officers and with the mighty men and with all the brave men, to Yahrushalayim.

2 Then Dawid the melech stood up upon his feet and said, Hear me, my brothers and my people: As for me, I had in my lev to build a Bayit of rest for the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH and for the footstool of our Ahlohim and had made ready for the building:

3 But Ahlohim said to me, You shall not build a Bayit for My Name because you have been a man of war and have shed dahm.

4 But YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael chose me in front of all the bayit of my abba to be melech over Yisrael le-olam-va-ed: for He has chosen Yahudah to be the chief; and of the bayit of Yahudah, the bayit of my abba; and among the sons of my abba, He was pleased with me to make me melech over kol Yisrael:

5 And from all my sons, for YHUH has given me many sons, He has chosen Shlomo my son to sit upon the kesay of the malchut of YHUH over Yisrael.

6 And He said to me, Shlomo your son, he shall build My Bayit and My courts: for I have chosen him to be My son and I will be his Abba.

7 Moreover I will establish his malchut le-olam-va-ed, if he is steadfast to do My mitzvoth and My mishpatim, as at this yom.

8 Now therefore in the sight of kol Yisrael, the kehilla of YHUH and in the audience of our Ahlohim, keep and seek for all the mitzvoth of YHUH your Ahlohim: that you may possess this tov land and leave it as an inheritance for your children after you le-olam-va-ed.

9 And you, Shlomo my son, know the Ahlohim of your abba and serve Him with a perfect lev and with a willing mind: for YHUH searches all levavot and understands all the intents of the thoughts: if you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off le-olam-va-ed.

10 Take heed now; for YHUH has chosen you to build a Bayit for the Kadosh-Place: be strong and do it.

11 Then Dawid gave to Shlomo his son the pattern of the porch and of the houses of it and of the treasuries of it and of the upper rooms of it and of the inner parlors of it and of the place of the rachamim seat,

12 And the pattern of all that he had by The Ruach, of the courts of the Bayit of YHUH and of all the rooms all around, of the treasuries of the Bayit of Ahlohim and of the treasuries of the kadosh things:

13 Also for the divisions of the kohanim and the Lewiym and for all the work of the service of the Bayit of YHUH and for all the vessels of service in the Bayit of YHUH.

14 He gave of gold by weight for things of gold, for all instruments of all manner of service; silver also for all instruments of silver by weight, for all instruments of every kind of service:

15 Even the weight for the menorahs of gold and for their lamps of gold, by weight for every menorah and for its lamps: and for the menorahs of silver by weight, both for the menorah and also for the lamps of it, according to the use of every menorah.

16 And by weight he gave gold for the shulchan of the Lechem ha Panayim, for every shulchan; and likewise silver for the tables of silver:

17 Also pure gold for the forks and the bowls and the cups: and for the golden basins he gave gold by weight for every basin; and likewise silver by weight for every basin of silver:

18 And for the altar of incense refined-gold by weight and gold for the pattern of the mirkavah of the cheruvim, that spread out their wings and covered the Ark of the Testimony of YHUH.

19 All this, said Dawid,YHUH made me understand in writing by His hand upon me, even all the works of this pattern.

20 And Dawid said to Shlomo his son, Be strong and of tov courage and do it: fear not, nor be dismayed: for YHUH Ahlohim, even my Ahlohim, will be with you; He will not fail you, nor forsake you, until you have finished all the work for the service of the Bayit of YHUH.

21 And, behold, the divisions of the kohanim and the Lewiym, even they shall be with you for all the service of the Bayit of Ahlohim: and there shall be with you for all manner of work every willing skillful man, for any manner of service: also the leaders and all the people will be fully at your command.

29 Furthermore Dawid the melech said to all the kehilla, Shlomo my son, whom alone Ahlohim has chosen, is yet young and tender and the work is great: for the palace is not for man, but for YHUH Ahlohim.

2 Now I have prepared with all my might for the Bayit of my Ahlohim the gold for things to be made of gold and the silver for things of silver and the bronze for things of bronze, the iron for things of iron and wood for things of wood; onyx stones and stones to be set, glistering stones and diverse colors and all manner of precious stones and marble stones in abundance.

3 Moreover because I have set my affection to the Bayit of my Ahlohim, I have provided from my own possessions, gold and silver, that I have given to the Bayit of my Ahlohim, over and above all that I have prepared for the Kadosh Bayit,

4 Even three thousand talents of gold, of the gold of Ophir and seven thousand talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the Bayit:

5 The gold for things of gold and the silver for things of silver and for all manner of work to be made by the hands of craftsmen. And who then is willing to consecrate his service this yom to YHUH ?

6 Then the heads of the ahvot and leaders of the tribes of Yisrael and the commanders of thousands and of hundreds, with the rulers of the melech’s work, offered willingly,

7 And gave for the service of the Bayit of Ahlohim of gold five thousand talents and ten thousand darics of gold and of silver ten thousand talents and of bronze eighteen thousand talents and one hundred thousand talents of iron.

8 And those who had precious stones gave them to the treasury of the Bayit of YHUH, by the hand of Yechi-El the Gershonite.

9 Then the people had gilah, for they offered willingly because with perfect lev they offered willingly to YHUH: and Dawid the melech also rejoiced with great simcha.

10 And Dawid blessed YHUH before the entire kehilla: and Dawid said, Barchu-et, YHUH Ahlohim of Yisrael our Abba, le-olam-va-ed.

11 Yours, O YHUH, is the greatness and The Power and the tifereth and the victory and the majesty: for all that is in the shamayim and on the earth is Yours; Yours is the malchut, O YHUH and You are exalted as head above all.

12 Both riches and kavod come from You and You reign over all; and in Your hand is Power and might; and in Your hand it is to make great and to give strength to all.

13 Now therefore, our Ahlohim, we hodu You and tehilla the tifereth of Your Name.

14 But who am I and what are my people that we should be able to offer so willingly like this? For all things come from You and of Your own have we given You.

15 For we are gerim before You and sojourners, as were all our ahvot: our yamim on the earth are as a shadow and without permanence.

16 O YHUH our Ahlohim, all this in store that we have prepared to build You a Bayit for Your kadosh Name comes from Your hand and is all Your own.

17 I know also, my Ahlohim, that You try the levavot and have pleasure in uprightness. As for me, in the uprightness of my lev I have willingly offered all these things: and now have I seen with simcha Your people, who are present here, to offer willingly to You.

18 O YHUH Ahlohim of Avraham, Yitzchak and of Yisrael, our ahvot, keep this le-olam-va-ed in the intent of the thoughts of the levavot of Your people and prepare their levavot toward You:

19 And give to Shlomo my son a perfect lev, to keep Your mitzvoth, Your testimonies and Your chukim and to do all these things and to build the palace, for which I have made provision.

20 And Dawid said to all the kehilla, Now bless YHUH your Ahlohim. And the entire kehilla blessed YHUH Ahlohim of their ahvot and bowed down their heads and worshipped YHUH and honored the melech.

21 And they sacrificed sacrifices to YHUH and offered burnt offerings to YHUH, the next yom, even a thousand bullocks, a thousand rams and a thousand lambs, with their drink offerings and sacrifices in abundance for kol Yisrael:

22 And did eat and drink before YHUH on that yom with great simcha. And they made Shlomo the son of Dawid melech the second time and anointed him to YHUH to be the chief leader and Tzadok to be the kohen.

23 Then Shlomo sat on the kesay of YHUH as melech instead of Dawid his abba and prospered; and kol Yisrael obeyed him.

24 And all the leaders and the mighty men and all the sons of melech Dawid, submitted themselves to Shlomo the melech.

25 And YHUH magnified Shlomo exceedingly in the sight of kol Yisrael and bestowed upon him such royal majesty as had not been on any melech before him in Yisrael.

26 So Dawid the son of Yishai reigned over kol Yisrael.

27 And the time that he reigned over Yisrael was forty years; seven years he reigned in Chebron and thirty-three years he reigned in Yahrushalayim.

28 And he died in a tov old age, full of yamim, riches and kavod: and Shlomo his son reigned in his place.

29 Now the acts of Dawid the melech, from the first to the last, behold, they are written in the Scroll of Shmuel the seer and in the Scroll of Natan the navi and in the Scroll of Gad the seer,

30 With all his reign and his might and the times that passed over him and over Yisrael and over all the malchutim of the countries. X


  • 1ˢͭ 4:10 Physical multiplicity.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:1 As the firstborn, Reuben son of Leah was the true birthright recipient. But he had sex with Bilah Jacob's concubine and therefore the mishpat bachor/firstborn status, was given to Yoseph/Joseph. But then Jacob bypasses Joseph and gives it to Efrayim in Genesis 48:18-19. This is confirmed in Jeremiah 31:9 where Efrayim is reckoned as Israel’s firstborn. In the Renewed Covenant all believers are called the “congregation of the firstborn,” showing clear evidence that the writer of Hebrews considered non-Jewish believers in Messiah as the descendants of Efrayim-Israel (Hebrews 12:23). So Efrayim from Joseph’s loins is recorded in Israel’s history as the firstborn, even though Reuben was the true biological firstborn.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:2 Messiah.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:2 Actually given by Jacob to Efrayim, Joseph’s son.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:6 In phase one of Efrayim’s exile that took place in several stages over about 15 years.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:26 The first to settle in Moses’s day now became the first to leave in a limited phase to an exile that would be complete in 721 BCE with the fall of Samaria.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:26 Around 440 BCE, Ezra (the probable writer of Chronicles) said that Efrayim (ten tribes) was scattered in “Halah, Habor, Hara and to the River Gozan to this day.” The prophet Ezra penned these words more than 250 years after (Efrayim) the House of Israel was scattered and more than 50 years after Judah’s return from Babylon to rebuild the Temple. So Ezra, the leader of the Jewish post-Babylonian return, did not consider Israel reunited at the time of the Second Temple’s restoration. Steven M. Collins, in his book The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Found, states “Halah, Habor and Gozan were in the Mesopotamian region of the Assyrian empire, but the cities of the Medes were located southeast of the Caspian Sea in modern Iran. It is likely that the Assyrians settled the Yisraelites in many different areas of their empire (not just Nineveh), in order to prevent them from consolidating their strength.

  • 1ˢͭ 5:26 They went to Assyria and the towns of the Medes in the east; NIV Study Bible 1995 p.550.

  • 1ˢͭ 7:22 A type, or foreshadow of some of Judah, that would come to comfort their brothers Efrayim in the latter-day two-house restoration.

  • 1ˢͭ 7:23 A prophecy revealing that Efrayim’s House, though chosen, would experience much trouble and anguish in their future.

  • 1ˢͭ 9:3 Even before King Dawid’s reign, some of the tribes of the north settled amongst Judah. That is clear. Also some from the south migrated north. So that is also clear. What is clearer still is that both houses have a small representation of all 12 tribes, but certainly not the full number of those tribes.

  • 1ˢͭ 9:33 Musicians were full-time employees.

  • 1ˢͭ 10:12 The tradition of seven days of sitting shiva.

  • 1ˢͭ 11:10 United monarchy as both houses submit to Dawid.

  • 1ˢͭ 12:32 Many leading the end-time two-house revival are most likely from Yissachar. Though small in number, as seen here with only 200 sent to Dawid, they knew what Israel had to do in uniting the House of Dawid with the House of Saul, later to become the House of Israel and they had a keen understanding of the times that they were in, knowing that unity was at hand. Today, many of Yissachar are leading the two-house restoration, as they know both the times we are in, as well as what Israel has to do. Primarily the Swiss peoples.

  • 1ˢͭ 12:33 Many in the two-house restoration movement who are faithful warriors and know how to keep rank are from Zevulon. These Yisraelites are tireless workers for the restoration, yet do not seek leadership positions and avoid double-mindedness in their calling.

  • 1ˢͭ 12:38 The days of Israel’s splendor, unity and might, as all 12 tribes were in harmony and unity.

  • 1ˢͭ 12:40 Two-house advocates strive to recapture that joy as we prepare the way for Messiah’s return.

  • 1ˢͭ 13:2 The call to all Israel to become one.

  • 1ˢͭ 14:17 Israel became a global colonizing power under King Dawid, with the seed of Israel sprinkled in all nations.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:2 There remains no other way to seal Israel but by the true Name.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:8 Israel must call upon his Name, not His title.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:13 His eternal collective bride. He has no other elect.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:17 The land of Israel belongs to Israel forever.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:22 Israel the nation.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:29 Enjoy the beauty of His true Name.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:31 We are to proclaim YAH’s Name and kingdom in all nations, not suppress it in any nation.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:35 Those who are regathered from the nations back to the things of Israel will give praise and esteem to His true Name.

  • 1ˢͭ 16:35 Our thanksgiving is to be directed to His Name.

  • 1ˢͭ 17:9 See notes on Second Samuel 7:10.

  • 1ˢͭ 17:9 Deuteronomy 29:28, eretz acheret, or “another land,” or “new world land.” See note at Deuteronomy 29:28.

  • 1ˢͭ 17:13 Messiah.

  • 1ˢͭ 17:21 YAH chose Israel to make His true Name great.

  • 1ˢͭ 17:22 Only Israel is ever referred to as YAH’s elect in both covenants. Any other man-made reference to an elect separate from historic Israel is a doctrine of deception and anti-Semitism.

  • 1ˢͭ 17:24 Nothing can be clearer. His Name did not change when Messiah arrived. It is found more than 200 times preserved in the Aramaic Peshitta as Mar-YAH.

  • 1ˢͭ 18:14 United nation.

  • 1°CHRON. 19:5 Yisraelite men must wear beards and not be clean-shaven.

  • 1ˢͭ 21:1 See note on Second Samuel 24:1.

  • 1ˢͭ 21:10 Mercy.

  • 1ˢͭ 21:19 A true prophet does not prophesy in any other name.

  • 1ˢͭ 21:26 Dawid bought two altars. One on Mt. Moriah, the other on the Mt. Of Olives.

  • 1ˢͭ 22:2 This stone cutting is strictly forbidden in Torah in such places as Exodus 20:25. In addition, verses 8-11 here are the exact opposite of Nathan’s prophecy, found in 2nd Samuel Chapter 7 and 1st Chronicles Chapter 17. YAH clearly forbid David from building Him a house and stated clearly that only the Messiah, His Son, would be allowed to do so. How David twists these verses is beyond the realm of reason.

  • 1ˢͭ 23:13 Blessings that are Biblical and eternal are done only in YAH’s Name.

  • 1ˢͭ 27:23 Dawid believed in the promise of physical multiplicity.

  • 1ˢͭ 28:18 The chariot ride into the eternal blood atonement of our Messiah.

  • 1ˢͭ 29:26 The very words we long for in the work of Messiah.

  • 1ˢͭ 29:29 These two scrolls are missing.

  • 1ˢͭ 29:30 Dawid’s kingdom included more than just the land of Israel. It included many of the earth’s known nations. Surely Yisraelite seed has been deposited in all those nations through assimilation and forbidden intermarriage and sexual relations.