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Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Red Letter Editions

Jerusalem Rivers-Apocalyptic Horsemen

Jerusalem Rivers-Apocalyptic Horsemen

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Apocalyptic Horsemen is Ron & Jean Amodea's latest masterpiece. It's is a brand new release in the Messianic Nazarene Yisraelite world. These progressive and upbeat sounds proclaim the whole message and vision in one package. They shout aloud the message of YHUH, HIS Son, and His nation Yisrael in every single cut. The lyrics are cutting to the bone, as they call Yisrael out of paganism such as pagan sabbaths and false holy days. The message and the music are both crystal clear, with the listener being faced with a clear choice to follow the false mighty ones of this age or YHUH Elohim the true Creator of heaven and earth. If you like your scriptures loud and clear along with modern accompaniment, this album contain 10 original cuts for you and your family. All songs use only YHUH's true Name!

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