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Restored Apocrypha True Name Red Letter Edition With Study Notes-Hardcover

Restored Apocrypha True Name Red Letter Edition With Study Notes-Hardcover

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The only restoration of the Apocrypha books with the following highlights. We consider all those included as Scripture. Apocrypha means hidden and as Daniel and others promised, is now being restored as seen in Acts 3:21. MULTICOLOR BOOK!! Please note. This book only contains 18 Apocrypha books verified as restored Scripture. This is not the RSTNE Large Print Edition With Apocrypha, which has the full 84 books in black font. 

  • True Names Restored in Paleo Hebrew!

  • Red Letters For the Father and The Son's Words!

  • Thick non bleed white paper!

  • Modern English replaces archaic English! 

  • All Restored Manuscripts Have Been Verified For Multiple Sources Such As The Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls! Only manuscripts Confirmed by 2 or more historical witnesses are included!

  • New never before books included, such as Susanna, Manasseh and Azaryah, Third Corinthians all included for the first time. 

  • The only MULTICOLOR version ever produced of the Apocrypha. Blue, Red And Purple For The Study Notes.

  • New updated study notes!

  • Now in one easy to use lightweight book.

  • Glossy 7 by 9 Hardcover assures long usage. 546 pages.

  • No bleed through bible pages. Books are bubble wrapped for safe  shipping.

  • Gorgeous 5 colored ribbon bookmark with each copy.

  • Order 2 or more and free shipping kicks in!

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