The RSTNE In Audio On You Tube

This is TALORAH's RSTNE FREE AUDIO READING with soaking background music, Voiced by Mayah מַאיָה (Kathy Adea), our scripture avower and member of the RSTNE.COM team. This remains an ongoing work in progress!

YHUH's Word is alive and must remain with us. May it allow us to live our lives in His righteousness and set-apartness. Please allow us to continue to update the RSTNE free online in text and now in beautifully prepared audio on You Tube. Become a monthly kingdom investor and get a free hardcopy with every monthly gift of just $50 or more!

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Genesis-Beresheet Chapters 1-10

Genesis-Beresheet Chapters 11-20

Genesis-Beresheet Chapters 21-30

Genesis-Beresheet Chapters 31-40