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Restoration Scriptures True Name 8th Red Letter Editions

Septuagint-LXX Restored Name Version in Modern English

Septuagint-LXX Restored Name Version in Modern English

BASED ON A HEBREW MANUSCRIPT SOME 1,000 YEARS OLDER THAN THE ANTI YAHUSHUA MASORETIC TEXT REDACTIONS! BASED ON A FAR MORE RELIABLE HEBREW TEXT! This is the scriptures, the Greek-LXX used by Yahusha Himself as well as the apostles! Now translated into modern English for you!

Brenton's Septuagint in modern English delivers the Scriptures that the New Testament writers read and was that the authoritative Scripture of the early Yisraelite believers. Adding the original Hebrew names gives this work the same flavor of the Hebrew Scriptures that the Messiah and his disciples heard and read. Most importantly the name of our Creator YHUH or YHWH has been restored.

The new 3rd edition 2016, has over 1,000 Hebrew and Greek footnotes. 617 pages printed in large type on brilliant white bond paper ensures ultimate readability and is comfortably portable. Additionally it includes a six page learning objective to encourage Scripture reading.

The LXX is the Tanach or First Covenant translated from Hebrew to Greek and now to English!

Item Weight : 2.37 pounds
Hardcover : 618 pages
Product dimensions : 5.98 x 1.5 x 9.02 inches

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